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Yilaou Aari
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As a child, she was separated from the others of her tribe when a herd of beasts (Akul) went on a rampage nearby due to a failed hunt. No one seemed to be capable of finding her amongst the chaos, nor did they seem very willing to look as Togruta had an outlook of those that fell behind were to be left behind due to survival of the fittest; not to mention with her being born blue, a clear genetic mutation, she was undesirable, a weak link in their tribe. Thus she was assumed dead. Had the carnivores not moved on or found other prey, Yilaou wouldn't have awoken later. In fact, it was the will of the Force, in her mind's eye, that she hadn't met her end by being trampled to death.

Not knowing how far away she was from the nearest village, the femme had to learn to provide for herself, learn how to keep herself safe. After surviving and living off the land for a few years after that incident, she had yet another encounter with the Akul creature, a great part of the Togruta culture as an initiation into adulthood, which strengthened her already strong connection with the force. She fought with the beast, and slew it once it began to tire. She had been injured fairly badly, and used the flora on the planet to help ease her pains and stop the bleeding, but without proper care it caused some scars to remain on her right arm and torso. The Akul gave her fur for warmth, and she made a headdress out of its teeth with some beads and string she had from a necklace she wore the day she was separated from everyone.

Venturing further and further each day, she came upon civilization, a village that was larger than the one she had once resided in, one that seemed to be a bit more technologically advanced in their ways of thinking and acceptance. Having gone without much as far as clothing was concerned, the Togruta ended up snatching some clothes hung outside of some homes before slipping aboard a ship that had stopped to fuel up and trade with the locals. It would have been easy for her to hide her presence if she didn't stand out so very much in the small space that was the inside of the vessel. When confronted, she was ready to defend herself, and ended up using the force to knock some crates over without fully registering that it was her that did anything. Whether the pilot was a Jedi, or a friend of one, the femme still isn't sure of today. All Yilaou knows is that after that day, she was taken under the wing of a complete stranger with the promise of being properly trained in the ways of the Force. Intrigued, and with blind faith, she agreed, accepted this person's kindness.

Jedi LifestyleEdit

Instructors, while she was still a youngling, looked down on her for the way her wildness stood out, the way she struggled to be civilized. Other students made fun of her, and so she stopped speaking, did her best to fade into the background. Each chance she got, the Togruta would study, her curiosity being piqued rather frequently, although what she read in the Archives would often confuse her - and real life experience versus what you read makes a great difference.

When she was in her late teens, a prime age for being a Padawan, Yilaou came to learn under the man Slaine Drucker. He was the first to see her for who she was in her heart instead of seeing her as an animal. It was something that connected the two, that allowed her to speak her mind and relax around the man, that allowed her to smile for the first time in years. Her instructor soon became the only family she had, as he often reminded her of a father or brother figure, the way he would give her the good with the bad, would help her perfect her techniques, would be unafraid to scold her as needed. With how close they had become, one would think that the Togruta would confide in the man, would tell him anything and everything. But she still had secrets.

Dreams quickly turned into nightmares, a repetitious one in particular began to haunt her, to take its toll on the young woman. They consisted of being suffocated by darkness, of a man that would save her. At first they started off as glimpses, would jump around, nothing being in focus. As time went on, few details began to become clear, yet it was still a confusing dream. She had asked about visions, was able to research them, yet Yilaou didn't understand what it was she was being shown by the Force, and so things were brushed aside.

Having come back from a mission, an assignment her instructor sent her on - one that was as successful as it could be, terrible news arrived along with her. In the infirmary, recovering from injuries, she was informed of her master's death. One of the troopers she had saved happened to be his sister, and so she was not the only one to lose it, yet she was the only one with abilities in utilizing the Force around her; her control loosed, the victims of a sudden invisible attack being the doctors - she would not be sedated, she would see her master's body if it was the last thing she did. Yet words of a Jedi Knight that had delivered the news stung her, and she allowed herself to be sedated, had regained control over her powers. One thing that this death caused, however, was the cracking of her heart, the opening of a doorway to the Darkside.

Upon inspection of the man's body, the Togruta picked up on a very faint signature, one that was nearly invisible, yet she knew whom it belonged to for she had encountered this particular female before. The woman had been imprisoned, but the desire for vengeance was strong. Yilaou went to the prison, seeking out Felony Serano to "talk" with her. This only led to the femme attempting to kill the other, not wanting to hear a word she said, her anger blazing, burning through her veins, her aura dark, menacing. The troopers that were guarding the place were no match for her, not when she was in such a state. Yet before she could finish squeezing the life from the beautiful woman's throat, the former Battlemaster Isabelle Rieva interfered. The blonde was powerful, far too powerful for Yilaou, and her hunger for more strength began to show its ugly face.

After that incident, the female was no longer trusted, put on silly minute missions, always being watched. Only a few that she had been in classes with, that she had befriended remained positive around her. The nightmares worsened, intensified. It took time for her to prove herself worthy of being admitted into Muse Squadron. The woman had potential to be great, if trained properly, yet her health began to decline, her mind and heart growing darker. She was plagued by her nightmares, her appearance changing, taking on traits of those tainted with the Darkside. Her leader tried to assist, helped her in times of need, yet it wasn't enough. Yilaou needed answers, and the man she would dream of was the only one she felt could save her. The Force was guiding her to him, and only when she was on the brink of losing her mind did she call in favors from a particular male friend so as to gain access to a ship that would take her wherever she needed to go.

These visions of hers led her to Nogatan's station, deep into the heart of the Empire.

Dark BeginningsEdit

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. Encountering Wray . Trials put through . Being beaten by others due to being an alien . Point of No Return (Killing of Lizzie Craig, former lover)