Winter Fete was an annual holiday originating in the Tapani Sector. It originally marked the winter equinox on the planet of Pelagon. The settlers there were the first to celebrate Winter Fete, and when they began settling other planets in the sector, the holiday went with them. Over time, the holiday was modified to coincide with Coruscant's Fete Week. In the Galactic standard calendar, Winter Fete fell on the very last week of the year, following the month of Welona.


The Winter Fete celebrated the end of one year and the beginning of another. It was typically a week off work and school, with family and friends spending the time together. Gift-giving was typically observed during the week, especially where children were concerned. On Tatooine, the last day of this holiday coincided with a local celebration of Boonta's Eve, which was known for the grand podracing event "The Boonta Eve Classic".

Other NamesEdit

Some citizens knew the period of celebration as "New Year's Fete".