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Vorro Rayden
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" these loved ones you speak of, their death provides you the need for vengeance. So long as you seek retribution, you have purpose in your life. In fact, when you no longer have anything to fight for, you have nothing to live for."-Lord Tyberius 

"Vengeance is no good to me."-Vorro Rayden

Vorro Rayden is a Sith recruit within the sith academy. He is previously a psychatrist that struggles to deal with his past emotions and struggles to find others within his same social group.


Vorro was born on NarShadda to two loving parents: Louis and Marylin Rayden. He also had a younger siste Le-an that he cared for deeply. The start of his childhood was quite enjoyable. His family was tight knit, yet also verry poor. His parents could not afford for their children to be sent for proper education so Vorro took it upon himself to teach his sister the best he could. Around this time was when Vorro found his love for knowledge and he began to build his IQ drastically. 
Vorro used to use his force abilities to steal Datapads to teach his younger sister and his best friend, Kemvo. As a child Vorro exceled in history and sciences. He also developed a taste for classical arts and music. His parents never fully caught onto his secret teachings as they were busy making ends meat to provide for their small family.

Vorro's younger sister Le-an

When Vorro was around eight years old his father would begin to fall into debt with the Hutt Cartel. One day when Vorro was preparing his classroom session he noticed a group of thugs lingering around their home. Vorro went to confront the men when his younger sister was kidnapped by the men.
Vorro followed the men for several hours. Eventually he arrived to the hutt cartel headquarters. He watches as she was butchured and torn apart. One of the thugs through pieces of her limbs to a group of slaves who began to eat the meat. This is where he developed a fond sense of cannibalism. Eventually the hutt cartel shipped the remaining pieces back to his parents house as a message from the Hutt. 
Vorro became quite traumatized from the incident. He began to imagine and develope an idea that his parents had began to abuse and accuse him of his sister's death. One day Vorro became so angry that he began to slowly kill his parents in the living room. He drank their blood and he also ate his father's liver. In order to escape the house, Vorro went into hiding developing his IQ. His whereabouts were unknown, but it is belived in local legend that he lived in the sewers of NarShaddaa. 
Vorro focused his anger and ended up hunting down the bounty hunters that killed his sister when he was ten years old. He killed them slowly and painfully. Vorro cut apart and later cooked the brain of the lead thug, a devorian by the name of Hendrik Valf. Vorro then stumbled upon a refugee camp that taught and educated young and forgotten orphans. Here Vorro began to get a some what form of proper education.

The Thug Leader Hendrik

Teenage Years (13-17 years)Edit

Around thirteen years of age Vorro began to develope a fond passion of Psychology, he would often study and be seen in avid discussion with the refugee scientists. With Vorro's rare gift in retaining knowledge he became a psychologist around fifteen years old. Even with this new and improved life Vorro continued his murdering spree. He would often kill people that were distasteful in his eyes. He also felt very protective over children and killed many pedohebephile's. This is due to his deep bond and love of his sister. 
Around this time Vorro also gained a scraped HK-51 droid. It took him a few short months, but he was able to reprogram the droid to serve as a protocol droid. The droid became his closest ally and friend. Vorro would often be seen talking to it. He was also known to sometimes even give the droid a hug. 
Vorro would begin to earn the reputation as Doctor Rayden around sixteen years of age. He eventually began to build a client base of his psychological expertise. This is around the time he began to become truly fascinated with human nature and the way the mind thinks. He became a hero in the eyes of the refugee camp, and was quite known around NarShaddaa. 

Arrest and Life SentanceEdit

Vorro's killing spree would eventually begin to take a downfall when he was around seventeen years old. This all started when a rich bachelor by the name of Skemo Tendrik had begun to take a liking to Vorro. Vorro saw him as his patient only, but the young man saw him as much more. Skemo was known to have obsessed over Vorro. His house was full of news pads and pictures of the doctor.
One day Vorro invited the young man to his home for some dinner. Vorro was polite and curtious to the man. But, when they went to eat, Vorro filled the man's dinner with a drug. After a few hours the effects began to kick in and Vorro pounced on his opportunity. He tried to bite at the man's face, but there was a struggle. Eventually the man became free and fled the home. The only victim to have ever escape his grasp.
Jagged fel

Skemro Tendrik

Skemro reported Vorro to Imperial Intellegence. It took them many months to search and find Vorro, but they eventually arrested the young serial killer.

The Trial of the CenturyEdit

Vorro was eventually brought in front of the judges within NarShaddaa. The trial was extremely popular and widely watched throughout the planet. Vorro plead guilty to all the actions. But, the tough descision was what to do with the young teenager. The judge eventually decided that he would serve life in a maximum security asylum. Vorro was moved too Nogtan where he would serve five years in Nogaton Maximum Security Correction Facility. 
Vorro met his new rivial and enemy Doctor and fellow psychatrist, Wes Childen. Child would eventually state,
"Doctor Rayden is one of the most sadistic and highly infamous members to have been sent to NMSCF. This doctor is nothing, but a pure psychopath."
It is unclear whether Vorro suffers any form of mental health issues. Many considered him a psychopath, when most likely that he suffers is in some form a sociopath. Vorro would serve five years in solitude. He spent most of his time reading about the sith and things within in the universe. Here Vorro learned that he was gifted in the force.  

Hunting down a former patientEdit

Three years into Vorro's imprisonment he would be contacted by Imperial forces. Lead under Officer Henth Rekett they began to send agents to probe Doctor Rayden on his knowledge of one of his former patients, a human named Galek Yunith. Galek had gone a killing spree. 
Vorro declined to talk to any of the agents. He considered them in his memoirs to be weak and arrogant. Eventually the pleads for answers would eventually come when more often when Galek had kidnapped the daughter of a prominent Sith Lord. Instead of agents, a Sith Lord would come that would change Vorro's life. Master Djam Konta arrived at his cell, along with a sith apprentice, Alina Hem. 
Master Konta promised that he would free Vorro if he was able to help stop the maniac Galek. Vorro at first was not pleased with the offer. He saw it as a threat and a trap. But, it turned out that Konta sensed Doctor Rayden's abilities with the force. 
Master Djam Konta would never return for the rest of the meetings, instead his Sith apprentice Alina would come to exchange information. Vorro was quiet intrigued by the young woman. He wrote in his memoir that he felt a strong connection with the girl.
She was an intellectual girl, clever and witty. She held secrets that I wanted. She was a lonely girl... In a way she connected and bonded with me because, I sensed what she needed... I could understand her.

The Sith Apprentice, Alina Hem.

The young woman was very weary of Vorro. She had read his files. The way he killed his victims disturbed her slightly. The way he spoke unsettled her slightly, but she could not ungrip her ignominy in her life. Vorro sensed this and began to break her down slightly. Learning her secrets. 
As time progressed Vorro would share tidbits concerning Galek in exchange for more personal looks into her history. They would spend many hours down in the deep and dark dungeon discussing her past. 
Alina began to open up to Vorro in a strange way. She was scared of him slightly. Mainly on what he could do to her. But, she also felt attracted to him. She could never understand why she was, but it felt natural. 
Doctor Wes Childen watched and documented every discussion that Vorro had with Allina. In Doctor Wes Childen's datapad on the life of Vorro Rayden he described that Vorro had a deep passion with the sith woman. Doctor Childen believed that Vorro had a deep connection with Alina due to his past tramua with his sister. Vorro saw part of Le-an in the woman. It was hightly debated at the time whether he had secretly loved the woman. It would not be until one year after their visits that his true feelings would show. 
Eventually Doctor Rayden had given enough information to the Sith's that they began to hunt down Galek. He was hidden deep within Nar Shaddaa. Alina took it upon herself to track down Galek. She would eventually kill the sadistic transient, but would suffer a fatal blaster shot to the stomach. 
Doctor Wes Childen would provide the sorrow news to Vorro. He told her that she accomplished the goal, but was too weak to survive the fight. Childen was happy that Alina had died because he wanted to see Vorro suffer. To feel the pain and to be jealous. 
It became a daily habit between Docctor Childen and Rayden, with Childen trying to plunge into Vorro's thoughts and mind. But, with every passing discussion Vorro's hate for Childen grew. During every discussion with Childen, Vorro planted seeds of fear and doubt within Childen's mind. Vorro also began to plot the future murder of Childen with every passing moment.
When Vorro was not being proped by the jealous Childen, he spent his times thinking about Alina. He drew pictures of Aline. After nearly a year of no contact with Alina or Konta he had begun to realize that her death was a reality. He tore the pictures he drew of her apart and began to wipe her clean of his memory. He eventually convinced himself that she did not exist and the infamous lie had sprouted that he had not seen a woman in over five years. 

Doctor Wes Childen

Eventually Master Djam Konta would arrive at the Asylum and grant Vorro his freedom. He also gave Doctor Rayden a gift of his gratitude. A state of the art simulator that saved the progress of a dynamic world. Inside an AI that was mirrored after himself was encoded into the program. Djam sensed great potential and felt with the proper teachings he could be molded into a proprer Sith, one that he would come to watch througout the years. But, the master made one fatal mistake that would trigger his demise. 
Before parting he told Doctor Rayden how he sensed the realtionship between Alina and Vorro had grown. Konta told Vorro that Alina had been weak and never really deserved to live. This angered Vorro to the point that he killed Djam Konta in his hotel room while he slept. Vorro then took the cordinates that the Sith master had given him along with the lightsaber and traveled to the Sith academy. 
Ra's al Ghul Neeson

Master Djam Konta.

The Sith AcademyEdit

Early DaysEdit

Vorro arrived at the sith academy not knowing what to truly expect. He never considered himself one for groups or politics. When he first arrived at the station sentinel's office he ran into a long time trainning partner, Skalm. They started out rough, with Vorro playing many mind games on Skalm. 
When Vorro arrived at the academy classroom for the first time he was quite ammused. He felt the whole vibe was cliche and mellowdramatic. When he first met his overseer, Lord Tyberius he actually had given her a kiss on the hand. She did not like that and threw him across the room using the force. She threatend to kill Vorro if he had ever attempted such a move again. 
Vorro and Skalm continued to squabble, Vorro at the start of his academy days felt that Skalm was nothing but white trash. But, in all reality Vorro thought this of himself deep down, but he was able to hide his past after many years of killing and living what he believed as an elequent life style. 

Resolving DiffucltiesEdit

Vorro and Skalm's first misson in the academy involved passing the trials by the sith instructor, T'lanna Harran. Within this trial Skalm and Doctor Rayden had to acomplish disarming your foe without killing or using the force before the music ended.. 
Vorro took his first mission quite seriously and began to think on the fly calling out to Skalm the weaknesses of the enemies. Eventually using brute force Vorro tackled the simulated enemy and disarmed it. But, the tides turned when T'lanna had called out a twist. Vorro and Skalm were to fight.
Vorro held his arms out feeding Skalm doubt and anger. Eventually Skalm became so angry that he snuck a blow with a viroknife into the side of Vorro's ribs. Vorro was suprised that Skalm had the courage for such a gutsy move. Vorro applauded Skalm for his acts and considered him an ally. After this mission Vorro had become on mutual and eventual friendship with Skalm. 

A Little Hard Work Never Killed AnyoneEdit

After an accomplished mission Vorro had no time to rest between his second mission. This mission had Vorro returning to his home world of Nar Shadda via simulation. When Vorro first arrived he couldn't help, but return to his old home. He entered the apartment to find it the way he left it. Doctor Rayden became overcome by the emotions. After viewing the house for one more time he decided to light it on fire closing that stage in his life. 
After meeting with his instructor Wraythos Vi'garion he was tasked in finding an important datapad within an Exchange Warehouse.