Venii Drosur
Axiom Information

Battlemaster - Deceased

Biographical information

Dromund Kaas


27 BBD (3,669 BBY)


0 BBD (3, 642 BBY)

Physical description






Hair color

Dark green

Eye color


Skin color
  • Green
  • Traditional black tattoos
Chronological and political information

The Old Republic



Known apprentices

Isabelle Rieva


Early LifeEdit

Venii Drosur has one twin, Johl Drosur. At a young age, the twins both showed the common signs of being able to use the Force. Reflexes were quicker, some times see things before they happen, and if ever feeling threatened, could use such. Though the twins always knew that they had a cousin whom they had never met, Kam Drosur ( Cideon ), Kam never knew of the twins.

The Jedi Order - CoruscantEdit

Both twins, when of the proper age, were taken from their parents like most younglings were and brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. They were raised as Jedi, trained as Jedi, and learned as such as well. Both learnign to the use the Force and obey a Code. The pair strictly followed the Jedi Code, becoming the perfect example of what Jedi should be.

Sacking of CoruscantEdit

Neither of the Drosur twins agreed with the alliance that the Republic offered the Empire. The twins both felt the Empire would use their show of compassion against them, as a vulnerable weakness and attack when their guard was down. Already people were beginning to celebrate the end of the war that they had fought in for so long.

Infuriated when the Jedi Order supported the Republic's decision, the Drosur twins decided they should leave the Jedi Order on Coruscant and search for a new home. The twins joined other Jedi, troopers, and otehr citizens of the Republic who felt the same. And when the sacking occured, the Drosur twins officially left their allegiance to the Jedi Order and decided to start their own Order elsewhere. One that wouldn't so naively be fooled by the Empire.

Vornu - Battlemaster of the EnclaveEdit

With the help of Grandmaster Ulysseus, Venii and Johl found Vornu. A calm planet that was aligned with the Republic, but also keeping their own peace. Venii and Johl spoke with the residence there, and with the permission  from their capital, constructed an Enclave for their own Jedi Order.