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Mid Rim


Halori sector


Velm system


1: Velm

Orbital Position


  • 3 moons (Agiar, Opel, Uzen)
  • 7 asteroid moonlets
Grid Coordinates


Rotation Period

26 standard hours

Orbital Period

297 local days



Equatorial Diameter

11,788 km


Type I (Breathable)




0.92 standard

Primary Terrain
  • Forests
  • Grassland
  • Oceans
  • Arctic polar regions
Points of Interest
  • Tol Velmoc Mountains
  • Great Forest of Lorac
Native Species


Immigrated Species

Velmorians (Humans)

  • Twi'lek
  • Rodian
  • Selkath
  • Zeltron
  • Muun
  • Togruta
  • Ithorian
  • Bith
  • Wookiee
Primary Language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard (Primary)

  • Huttese
  • Selkatha
  • Ithorese
  • Twi'leki
  • Mando'a
  • Bith
  • Togruti
  • Muun
  • Rodese
  • Shyriiwook

Three branch system:

  • Monarchy
  • High Command
  • Federation of Commerce

12.9 billion; Uzen-3.2 million

Major Cities
  • Den Velmor (capital)
  • Asole
  • Disra
  • Helium
Major Imports

High technology

Major Exports
  • Art
  • Literature
  • Foodstuffs
  • Velmstone
  • Precious metals
  • Precious stones
  • Old Republic Era
  • Rise of the Empire Era
  • Galactic Empire
  • New Jedi Order
  • Alliance of Free Planets
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Galactic Federation Triumvirate

Velmor was a planet located within the Velm System in the Mid-Rim of the known galaxy. She was surrounded by three moons named: Agiar, Opel and Uzen being the largest of the three. Throughout her years, Velmor grew in size and scope. With the passing of years and those who governed her, she became a renowned planet with a rich ecology almost similar to that of Alderaan. She became home to various races from different parts of the galaxy, who sought nothing more then a tranquil place to form a new living for themselves and their loved ones. However, during the many years of peace she accumalated a reputation that would eventually land her as a victim in the war against the Mandalorians and the rising new Empire. Though, this reputation would also land her in an alliance with the Galactic Triumvirate that governed the greater galaxy, an alliance that would be better suited not having been formed at all.

The reputation of the Galactic Triumvirate on Velmor was sketchy, and often times many citizens believed the powers of the Triumvirate to be weak and fruitless. Needless to say..Velmor, as well as other planets within the Velm System relied heavily upon themselves and each other for trade, or protection. With this being said; Velmor became the predominant leading figure of the Velm System, of whom various planets looked to for guidance and support. Having acquired a vast sum of wealth, the ability to provide such assets to other planets did not pose to be much of a problem.

Within the Velm System there lied numerous renowned corporations and companies that provided a vast array of weapons, technology and even starships. Just a few of these places would include: Antias Corp. and Azure Inc. Both of whom continually competed for the top dollar, but they would at times work in unison, especially during the rising conflicts against the Velm Systems greatest foes.

Amongst all the assets that Velmor had at its disposal, so too did they have the aid of some of the most ancient and respected of orders. Those being the Jedi Order and Jensaarai, both of whom had set up perminent temples within the capital of Den Velmor. Here is where they provided guidance and wisdom to the noble rulers and leaders of the planet.

Velm System BoundariesEdit

  • Velmor (Capital of Velm System)
  • Azure (Home of Azure Inc.)
  • Garos
  • Anteevy
  • Gromas

(Expansion is ongoing, includes Perlemian Trade Route)

  • Roche
  • Abhean
  • The Wheel
  • Centares
  • Sarka
  • Metalorn
  • Anzat
  • Ultaar
  • Shall expand further with time and alliances made*

Ranking SystemsEdit

Jensaarai Ranking SystemEdit

Prospects- These are composed of individuals who desire to become a part of the order. That being said; they have numerous restrictions as to what they can and can not do within the temple. Their equivalents would be the initiates of the Jedi Order.

Apprentice- Still having limited power, these individuals are undergoing official training within the order in hopes of one day taking on the rite of passage to be a full fledged member. Their masters are usually those who are part of the Ring or Shield Defenders, however, it is possible for someone much higher to take an apprentice as well. As an Apprentice, one may delve into the vast teachings of the order and prepare themselves for their future trial. Missions can also be taken on, but only when accompanied by their masters.

Ring/Shield Defenders- These men and women name up the bulk of the order and are in a station between they of Jedi Knight and Jedi Master. The Ring Defenders are more like a star fighter corps that oversees pirate crimes and escaped criminals. A police force as it were, while the Shield Defenders are those who are a bit more of an elevated level. Their workings are numerous and those who are above this title are also a part of the Shield Defenders. With all this being said; this area is the most renown, as their duties are numerous.

Assistants- Here is where one may assist the honorable secretary of the order. Their workings are predominantly within the temple and capital city of Den Velmor. They hardly ever leave outside these places unless the secretary wishes to have them along. This station is far more diplomatic in nature.

Secretary- A high station that requires much work and dedication on those who pursue it. The Secretary is the left hand of the Saarai'kar and oversees all diplomatic relations with governments, factions, planets and entire systems. To have this station is to be one who is truly dedicated to the order and its cause. A stressful workload should be expected by all who seek to acquire this title.

Elite Guard- The guardsmen of the entire temple, but most importantly-that of the Saarai'kar. They may also escort the Secretary on diplomatic missions. Their station is overseen by the Saarai'kar himself, who personally hand picks those who qualify for the title.

High Defender- The right hand of the Saarai'kar, who is practically mentored their entire time in office in the hopes of them taking on the position of Saarai'kar. Their are the second in command when the Saarai'kar is away.

Saaraikar- The supreme leader of the order who's title is renown and respected by all. This individual is charged with ensuring the legacy of the Jensaarai survives even long after their death. They are to know everything if not more then all those who comprise the order. Their workings are unlimited and they may choose to take on any mission, at any time. Their equivalent would be the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. As there is no council (save for those he seeks to gain advice from; typically the High Defender and Secretary), their station is not an easy one.

Current number of Jensaarai: (Exact number unknown) Estimated over 120,000

Jedi Order of Velmor rankingsEdit

All credit goes to Xaja Taerich

Initiate/Youngling- The lowest rank of those in the Order, Initiates are the newest students. Most Initiates are raised from childhood in the Order, and therefore also carry the rank of Youngling- however, it's not uncommon for adults to become part of the Order at this rank. Basic training includes the beginning lessons in lightsabre combat and Jedi philosophy.

Padawan- After initiation training, Initiates are chosen by a Knight or Master for further one-on-one study in the galaxy at large. Younglings who've been raised in the Order since birth are generally chosen between ages 10-16, although exceptions are made for those who join at later ages. Padawans accompany and learn from their Masters on galaxy-wide missions, or stand as assistants to those Jedi who focus their time on the Archives or Healing Ward. Most Padawans are Knighted during their twenties after a series of trials, at their Master's discretion.

Knight- This rank is synonymous with adulthood for lifelong Jedi. At this rank, Jedi cease to learn under specific Masters (although they are always welcome to return to the Temple for advanced training in new skills, should they wish) and focus their time on active field missions, usually in their areas of expertise. If desired, a Knight may at this stage choose a Padawan for themselves.

Jedi Master- The rank granted to Knights upon the successful training and graduation of their Padawans. However, sometimes the rank of Master is conferred upon non-teaching Knights for acts of valour or dedication, or for discoveries that greatly benefit the Order or the galaxy at large.

Velmor Council- Every Jedi Enclave or Temple in the history of the Order has had its own miniature Council to govern it, subject to the Coruscant High Council. However, Velmor's Jedi Order is completely independent of the one on Coruscant. This being said; the Order on Velmor is structured with its own set of rules and regulations that almost closely mimic that of the main Order. At times, the Council members of Velmor may, on occasion, travel to Coruscant to meet with the prime Jedi Order in search of guidance or to relay information that would prove fruitful to their relations.

Grand Master- The one most in contact with the Coruscant Temple and the one most responsible for the runnings of the order on Velmor. They are the heads of the Velmor Council and oversee the prosperity of their respective order through guidance, knowledge and further enlightenment.

Military RankingsEdit

  • Private
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Colonel
  • General
  • Marshal

High Command RankingsEdit

(Are the prime enforcers of the standing army of Velmor. The sword and shield against all threats both foreign and domestic.)

(*=means the ranks used by Elite and VSF)

  • Petty Officer*
  • Warrant Officer*
  • Ensign*
  • Lieutenant*
  • Commander*

HC-Elite and VSF (Velmor Security Force)

  • Captain
  • Commodore
  • Admiral
  • Vice Admiral

Federation of CommerceEdit

(The basis of what can be called a senate. They oversee all diplomatic endeavors and galactic trade)

  • Assisstant
  • Secretary
  • Diplomat
  • Ambassador
  • Administrator
  • Minister


This is everything which comprises the royal palace and serving ruling of Velmor.

  • Governors(Close to a 200)
  • Hand of the Queen/King*
  • Aide to the Hand (secretary)
  • The Hand's Guard (6 members total)
  • Queen/King

The Royal Guard (consists of 13 members, including the Captain of the Guard) Handmaidens/Kingsmen (assist the Queen/King with day to day activities such as dressing, etc.)

Top PositionsEdit

  • Marshal
  • Vice Admiral
  • Minister, Saarai'kar, and Grand Master
  • Primarch
  • Monarchy

  • Standing Army: 3 million
  • Standing Militia: 1.2 Million
  • Standing Armada: 1.5 million (total personel)
    • 50 Priem Star Destroyers (200,000 ea. alone)
    • Rest: standard cruisers, corvettes and frigates

VSF: 800,000

HC-Elites: 700,000

Assets of VelmorEdit


Name: CG-150 (AKA: ARK RIFLE)
219 max
  • Size: 1.25 meters
  • Rate of Fire: 5 rounds in 25 sec.
  • Accuracy Range: 2200 yards
  • Manufacturer: Antias Corp.

Games2 gun1

Name: Titan

  • Size: .65 meters
  • Rate of Fire: 150 rounds per min
  • Accuracy range: 700 yards
  • Manufacturer: Velm Enterprises

Multi-purpose weapon as it is equipped with two chambers. One for high rate of fire, while the second deals more close range fire with wider impact radius.

Bp 01 jpg3e0e0159-ec32-4ac3-ba9a-da830a04ae09Larger

Name: RD-367 (AKA: Prime Enforcer)

  • Size: 11.5 in.
  • Rate of Fire: 22 rounds per minute
  • Accuracy range: 400 yards
  • Manufacturer: Azure Inc.

Sci fi CA Nano sniper long range laser beam cannon rifle blaster futuristic gun weapon by jimsvanberg

Name: DSNG-Supremacy

  • Size: 1 meter
  • Rate of Fire: 6 rounds per minute
  • Accuracy Range: 250 yards
  • Manufacturer: Ros Fieldyards (Garos)


Star wars yun harla starfighter commission by adamkop-d5vfa8o


Name: AT-Justice

Classification: Enforcement Speeder

  • Manufacturer: Azure Inc.
  • Size: 3 meters wide, 5 meters long
  • Crew: 1 pilot
  • Weapons:
    • 2 laser canons
    • 2 rapid repeater canons
    • 1 concussion missile bay (6 max missiles)
  • Engines: Drive Core enabled (350km/phr, max speed)
  • Hyperdrive capable: No
  • Shield Tech: 3.0 (Medium Shields)
  • Tech: -Hover capability

Starfighter zero by meckanicalmind-d5ijywd

Name: XF-250, Triton

  • Classification: Starfighter
  • Manufacturer: Velm Enterprises
  • Size: 7 meters wide, 15 meters long
  • Crew
    • 1 pilot
    • 1 gunner
  • Weapons
    • 2 Medium laser canons
    • 1 Mini-ion canon
    • 2 Concussion missile bays (12 missiles max)
  • Engines: Turbo-Drive core enabled (500km-700km/phr, max speed)
  • Hyperspace capable: Yes
  • Shields: 5.0
  • Medium Tech: Max Overdrive (Pushes engines to 1200km/phr)

Manzawing fighter P01 by solidgrafi


  • Classification: Prototype Starfighter
  • Manufacturer: Antias Corp.
  • Size (3.5 meters wide(at helm), 7 meters wide (wing span), 13 meters long)
  • Crew: 1 pilot
  • Weapons:
    • 2 Medium laser canons
    • 2 Rapid Repeater canons
    • 2 Concussion missile bays (7 max)
    • 1 Proton Torpedo bay (2 max)
  • Engines: Ultra-Drive Core (1000km/phr, max velocity)
  • Hyperspace capable: Yes
  • Shields: 8.0 Medium
  • Tech
    • Stealth Matrix (Allows for camaflouge and stealth drive)
    • Infrared Systematic Software (Can be shut on and off)

-Anti-Detection system (due to anvanced alloid)


Name: V-170, Sword

  • Classification: Heavy Starfighter/Bomber
  • Manufacturer: Antias Corp.
  • Size: 20 meters wide, 7 meters long
  • Crew: 1 pilot, 1 gunner
  • Weapons:
    • 2 Heavy Repeater canons
    • 4 Laser canons
    • 2 Concussion missile bays (10 ea.)
    • 1 Proton Torpedo bay (4 max)
  • Engines: Quad-Turbo Drive core (600km/phr, max velocity)
  • Hyperspace capable: Yes
  • Shields: 3.7 Heavy
  • Tech
    • Stealth Matrix (allows for camaflouge and stealth drive)
    • Heat-seeking missiles
    • Advanced plating (shock absorbtion)
Priem Star Destroyer
TKP-Concept-Art 2 Rail-Guns-610x330
  • Classification: Battlecruiser (Carrier/Support Vessel)
  • Manufacturer: Antias Corp. & Velm Enterprises
  • Size: 1,200 meters
  • Crew size: 4,200
  • Compliments
    • 8,000 troops
    • 25 landing shuttles
    • 32 fighters
    • 22 Bombers
    • 150 Walkers/speeders/tanks
  • Weapons:
    • 1 large rail gun
    • 10 Heavy Ion canons
    • 22 Heavy Quad laser canons
    • 45 Medium Dual laser canons
    • Multiple laser canons & Point Defense turrets (40+)
    • 10 Proton Torpedo bays (100+)
    • 20 Concussion Missile bays (150+)
  • Technology: High
  • Hyperdrive capable: Yes
  • Shields: Yes
  • Heavy Atmospheric flight capable: Yes
  • Targeting Systems: Advanced
  • Navigation System: Navicomputer
  • Consumables: 5 months


Mobile ion destroyer by karanak-d48xnyv

Name: Mobile Ion Destroyer (Only 6 in existance)

  • Manufacturer: Azure, Inc.
  • Size: 95m tall, 35m wide
  • Crew/Pilots: 100 full, 25 minimum-(limited weapon use)


  • Top side armaments
    • 24 quad blaster stations divided into 12 gun emplacements giving each gunner 2 to work with, primarily for anti air.
    • 20 Anti missile octets that can disable any warheads that might pierce the shields to protect the vital top of the walker which houses the command and control for the vessel.
  • Underside armaments
    • 4 Hx.6 Turbo laser batteries (high powered Gatling lasers)
    • (2 in the front of the body and 2 in the back.)
    • 25 automated anti infantry gauss cannons (5 on the underbelly of the walker and 5 along each leg.)
    • 20 antimissle octects (split among the legs. 5 each.)
    • 1 Solar Ionization cannon (on the direct front of the walker)
  • Engines: Dual Nuclear Reactor
  • Shields:

- Patented "Stone Wall" defense shield, incredibly potent shield that protects walker from nearly all energy based attacks

  • Tech:

-Patented "red eye" scanner orb that sweeps ground in constant scanning pattern, scans on nearly all known freqeuncies, if a beam hits something it sees it.

Security Forces/Troops:Edit


The VSF (Velmor Security Force)- The Law & Order of the planet Velmor, who's jurisdiction is spreadout throughout the Velm System. They maintain the stability of the entire sector and neighboring worlds alongside their own law enforcement devision. The main headquarters of the VSF can be found on the colony moon of Uzen. These headquarters are closely monitored and managed by the Primarch himself. Their influence and reach is as vast as the Armada. Their motto: "Truth, Service and Leadership"

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HC-Elites (High Command)- The top of the notch devision within the Military arm of High Command. These men and women are the first and last line of defense. They are renown for their accomplishments in their past involvements in the previous wars and founding during the Yuuzhan Vong Crises. The same could be said when the Imperial Remnant layed a temprorary hold on Velmor, but were soon struck down from their mantle of power. These efforts of liberation would not have been accomplished without the success of HC's Elite Devision. As of this moment they are spread throughout the sector in an attempt to stay the hand of the Mandalorians from pushing into Velmor's Allied Space.


Archangel-Trooper (Military)- These men and women make up the bulk of Velmor's standing army. As their name implies; they are responsible for the defense of Velmor and her colonies during times of war. Even during times of peace they help maintain the borders against any imposing threats that may come their way. Equipped with the best that High Command can provide, they are first faces that citizens come across. Due to their efforts in recent years; they have gained profound respect and trust from those they protect.

Alliance marine mass effect by fonteart-d5bp6d9

Velmor Militia- The Velmor Militia is entirely that. Made up of volunteering men and women who have taken up arms in the defense of the planet they hold so dear. Their numbers are numerous and almost up there with the main army. Their equipment is standard issue, but upgrades are made available with status and veterancy. The Militia is known for their stead fast dedication in times of war, and the citizens of Velmor can be rest assured that they are indeed in good hands.