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</p>Galactic Timeline

(Red=Major Events, Green=Involvement of main characters, Blue=Birth, Yellow=Author's note)

  • 1 ABY, A good number of survivors of the destruction of Alderaan arrive to Velmor in an attempt to seek out a new home.
  • 5 - 15 ABY, The planet and its people go through a decade of prosperity under the ruling of King Denid. Velmor undergoes major expansion in all fields of trade and political standing with the rest of the Alliance. Efforts are doubled to make even further progress.

- 8 ABY, King Denid forms an alliance with Queen Ta'a Chume as does the rest of the Galactic Republic, in an attempt to further increase resources and political standing.

- 9 ABY, The Thrawn Crisis begins, but Velmor takes a position of neutrality as it attempts to build further. A growing fear washes over the citizens as they begin to feel as though their government is unable to defend them.

-10 ABY, Galactic Empire recaptures Coruscant and the New Republic seeks out sanctuary among the allied planets. Velmor becomes one of the few allied planets that aids in said sanctuary. Forcing their hands to take action, Velmor offers aid to the New Republic to thrawt the efforts of galactic domination under the resurrected Emperor Palpatine.

-11 ABY, Palpatine launches Operation Shadow Hand against the core worlds and rest of the galaxy, however, his fleets fail to take Velmor, as it has amassed a fleet of its own for defense. Close to nearly being defeated, King Denid and Velmorian High Command, make preparations for the installation of a planetary defense station which would ultimately take the better part of two decades.

Authors note: 

 (The fleet was made through trade and acquired wealth gained from that of the rest of the Galactic Republic. They used their amassed wealth from alliances to build a fleet, and even continued to use these resources to gain further supplies to build the ships to comprise the fleet. As it was stated much earlier in the timeline, Velmor went through a period of prosperity which in laymens terms means they went through an economic boom, to which they took full advantage of and used the vast wealth to build the fleet and defense system. In all, Velmor acquired the necessities for these things from all the planets they readily traded with from the different quadrants of the galaxy. Having the reputation that they did allowed them to readily make more allies with further trade.)

-14 ABY, News of the planet reach the Jensaarai, of whom also seek to gain further resources for their growing order. They seek out Velmor as it has a rich culture and society that is open to most all members of the greater galaxy. A place they can reach out to for support without fear of reprasel. Somewhere they can grow even more then they have been and find even more supporters for their cause. The first Jensaarai arrive on Velmor and are welcomed as their Jedi predecessors before them. (Disciples of Ragnos reek havoc across the galaxy and ultimately find Velmor, however the newly accepted Jensaarai aid the military and strike down the menice from conquering the planet.)

  • 18 ABY, The Velmor system has gained a full armada and capable of wartime with any threats against itself and that against its neighboring systems.

Authors note: 

(Velmor gained an armada from the fleets it built all those years dating back to 10 ABY, if not a few years prior to that. They continued to build upon their fleets until they had a full amassed armada in 18 ABY. They also used other means, such as shipyards and factories, using their funds to further build up the fleets to their standing size)

  • 20 ABY, King Denid is assassinated by Imperial Remnant sympathizers, leaving behind a dream and legacy with those who would usurp his mantel. The High Council of Den Velmor inaugurates a statue in his owner before the royal palace.
  • 21-24 ABY, A period of infighting within the Tetan form of government is waged as nobles seek to take the crown. Jensaarai Defenders are saught out to defend the royal family.
  • 25 - 29 ABY, The planetary defense station is finally completed and used to defend against the Yuuzhan Vong. The armada is put into full service to aid the Republic.

- Elayus T'renok, takes on the crown as King of Velmor and pours further resources into the military and planetary defense.

  • 30 - 40 ABY, A period of embargo takes over the planet as King T'renok believes that the only measure of ensuring their growth is to focus solely inward and away from the rest of the galaxy. The High Council seeks to remove the King from office, but all efforts come with high costs as opposition is seen as treason. King T'renok rules with an iron fist, putting the role of the High Council in hibernation.

- 36 ABY, The Swarm Wars arise in the galaxy and due to the planets embargo, Den Velmor is taken hostage, forcing King T'renok to flee off planet to a neighboring system. High Command is forced to take action and calls forth the bulk of the armada to deal with the Verpine blockade over the planet. Resistance forces coordinate with the Velmor fleet and eventually reclaim Den Velmor.

- 38 ABY, A new structure of government washes over the planet as the High Council is brought back into full swing. With the loss of their king to a 'Hive' new efforts are made to formulate a new structure of government that will better benefit all interests of Velmor.

  • 41 - 43 ABY, The High Council takes full command of all dealings with the planet of Velmor and High Command is given further jurisdiction in times of war. The ruling of a monarchy is suspended for nearly a century.

- 42 ABY, The High Council works to maintain a neutral side between the Galacatic Alliance and the Confederation. Efforts in doing so prove difficult and force High Command to take action, eventually resulting in Velmor nearly claiming a colony world. However, negotiations with the Obroan's government would grant them to keep Obrao-skai's independency.

  • 44 - 126 ABY, This period is known as, "The Time of Renewal." The people of Velmor go through an awakening and seek a form of government ruled by the people. The High Council restructures itself to fulfill such wishes and as a result, various new changes occur:

- 50 ABY, The Jensaarai, take an active role upon the planet of whom have set up a small outpost about the outskirts of Den Velmor. They also compose plans and the beginning construction of a temple which would take the better part of nearly a century.

- 63 ABY, Velmor has undergone major expansion into neighboring systems. The High Council is struck down and the Council of Free Peoples takes office, running a more democratic form of government. A system of checks and balances takes full effect over the three ruling offices: Council of Free Peoples, High Command, and Federation of Commerce.

Authors note:

 The systems include the following: Azure, Garos, Anteevy, Gromas and even as far as reaching the Perlemian trade route (to which they do not cross but they do maintain the borders, Rouche is another one as well) They do not hold absolute control over these areas, but they do hold some cultural influence over them as they continually trade throughout the years. This will change even more so as Velmor continues to reach out even further and extend its reach (especially with its acquried fleet

- 117 ABY, Vlamre's father, Urathel is born.

- 120 ABY, Vlamre's mother, Aranya is born. </p>

  • 127 - 130 ABY, The Sith-Imperial War wages across the galaxy with the reformed and contesting Empire. The Council of Free Peoples calls in the full measure of their forces to pour into the war effort, nearly loosing them half the armada.
  • 131 - 137 ABY, Velmor falls into the hands of the Imperial remnant and the Council of Free Peoples is forced to go underground.
- 132 ABY, Urathel joins the ranks of the Jensaarai on Susevfi. -134 ABY, Efforts to liberate Velmor are put into full swing starting from the outer cities. General Eraith takes command of the 'Resistance' and strategically assaults outposts and bases of the Imperials. Guerilla warfare is used most readily to systematically obliterate Imperial control over the planet. - 135 ABY, General Eraith gains a major victory over the cities of Asole and Disra. The Imperials are forced to concentrate their efforts in defending the capital, as they encounter further resistance from the combined powers of the Triple Alliance (Jensaarai, High Command, and Resistance) - 137 ABY, With the combined efforts of the Triple Alliance; General Eraith, Saarai'kar Urza and Vice Admiral Ithor, they are at last able to reclaim the Den Velmor after a two year campaign upon the city.
  • 138 - 141 ABY, Velmor goes through a period of rebuild having once more gained its independence.
-138 ABY, The first Jedi arrive on Velmor and are welcomed by the already prospering Jensaarai order. The two orders begin to work in unison; sharing teachings and other knowledge. This marks the beginnings of the first unified alliance between the two on the planet, although relations were sketchy at times, over all dealings were handled with the upmost care. The two orders upon the planet decide to forge a unified order that would unite their two peoples even further. As result, the Jedi on Velmor cease ties to their High Council on Coruscant and begin to work as an independent order. They come together to form, The Grey Order. - 139 ABY, Aranya joins the ranks of the newly formulated Jedi Enclave in Den Velmor at the age of nineteen. - 140 ABY, Urathel is bestowed the honor of being High Defender within the ranks of the Jensaarai by the standing Saarai'kar, Urza on Susevfi.   
  • 142 - 145 ABY, The Council of Free Peoples is restructured after an appeal for something far more centralized as its form of rule having failed to stay the hand of the Imperial Remnant. As a result, a ruling monarchy is once more implemented under Queen Eliasse.
- 143 ABY, High Defender Urathel is sent to Velmor to speak with Queen Eliasse and Master of the Order, Azanti. An effort to make an allied treaty is made in order to ensure the stability between the two orders and gain further resources for the growing numbers of the Jensaarai. - 144 ABY, A formal treaty is made and signed by all parties. Urathel first meets Aranya within the courtyard of the Jedi Enclave and convinces her to join the ranks of the Jensaarai. - 145 ABY, Queen Eliasse begins the complete rebuilding of the once and formidable armada. High Command is restructured into the Republic military form. The defense station is abondoned and instead used as an academy for naval forces. An orbital defense project is made to surround the planet around its equator.
  • 146 - 155 ABY, Den Velmor reaches a population of over 10.7 million. With the neighboring cities already consumed by the capital and the planets continual growth, Queen Eliasse is forced to shut off any more residents into the capital. Those who wish to live on Velmor must seek residence within the smaller cities. This was done to maintain the planets ecology and rich natural forests and plains, however, realization that the planet may not stay this way forever begins to be realized. Colonization on other planets begins to be a major stepping stone in the right direction. Efforts to colonize the only habitable moon of the three is done immediately.
-146 ABY, The Grey Order crumbles with disagreements in teachings and doctrine amongst the council. A three way split is made in which the Jensaarai and Jedi comprise the two largest portions. A small faction (more like a cult) form to make The Grey. - 147 ABY, Vlamre U'toni is born. - 148 ABY, Daenril Elrodion is born - 152 ABY, Victor Ilisar is born. - 154 ABY, Janasen Istasia is born.
  • 156 - 180 ABY, Velmor has become a well renown political figure and military force throughout the Trium.
- 158 ABY, The moon of Uzen is colonized with a standing population of 2.5 million inhabitants. A small ruling figure is placed to watch over the colony. Their title bestowed as Primarch, responsible for maintaing the order and laws of the that given upon the citizens of Velmor. Underneath them are Mayors who monitor sectors about the colony. - 160 ABY, The Orbital Defense Grid is finally completed around the planet, with the armada at full force as it had been so many years ago. - 164 ABY, U'toni joins the ranks of the Jensaarai. - 171 ABY, Vlamre becomes the new standing High Defender of the Jensaarai. - 174 ABY, Vlamre is summoned by Saarai'kar Urza. This meeting would ultimately see to him becoming the new Saarai'kar of the Jensaarai on Susevfi. He would be come to be known as the youngest standing Saarai'kar in the orders history. - 175 ABY, Queen Eliasse seeks another to take on the mantel as ruler of the free people. She would find her answer with the finding of a missing relative named Istasia. - 176 ABY, The base of operations for the Jensaarai would be moved from Susevfi and onto the planet of Velmor under the guidance of Saarai'kar U'toni. - 177 ABY, A new temple for the standing Jensaarai order has been completed and built only kilometers from the royal palace. Having been started as far back as 50 ABY. The temple would be come to be called, Temple of Saraai, literally translated: Temple of Truth. While the Jedi Enclave was made in a way to mimic that of the main temple on Coruscant, the Temple of Saraai, was made to mimic the old ruins of Ossus. However, there would be three sections or spire's that would surround the main body. The tallest of these to the north would be the Central Spire of Qyâsik. - 180 ABY, The order of the Jensaarai is formally recognized by all as a legitimate faction and Temple of Saraai as a place of enlightenment for all who seek the truth of the Force. Under the watchful eye of Saarai'kar U'toni, the order is growing in knowledge and greater understanding of the unifying Force and all life that comprises it. The alliance with the Trium and that of the Jedi Order is sketchy at times, but the Saarai'kar maintains a position of diplomacy between all as he senses a growing disturbance on the horizon. His efforts to maintain the alliances strong for the troubles ahead never seemed more dire.
  1. Queen Istasia, and Saarai'kaar U'toni forge what could be called an alliance with a doctor by the name of Damien Von Hugo. A treaty is signed that would greatly aid Velmor in acquiring medical supplies for all the citizens of Velmor, the military and the rest of the Velm System. The Istasia also provides a highly technological medical research facility that would be constructed within the capital. A place where the latest experiments for both health and secret initiatives would take place.