Tyia Navarr
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Sith Lord

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1.72 m

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Originally green, now corrupted golden

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Pravus Axiom

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Nakiya Bre'Tak

Tyia Navarr was a Sith Lord, suffering from Moderate Vampirism. Supposedly born on Arkania, she joined Pravus Axiom in search for knowledge of Sith culture, having been intrigued by it since discovering her connection to the Force. She then became the director of the Imperial Research Center. 

Early yearsEdit

Her first memories start on Arkania, specially marked by the time she witnessed her uncle, Arek – a secret supporter of the Republic –, Force-pushing and striking someone who had attacked her on the streets with a blue lightsaber . Nobody she knew wanted to detail the subject, thus forcing her to do research on her own, which was a quite difficult task for a simple child, especially if having to do it in secret. Tyia was able to learn of the two main ways of the Force, and as resources were more detailed on the Dark Side, she was immediately sucked into the religion, ending up developing a secret desire to follow it. Her parents being neutral and preferring not to have anything to do with the Force, they did not react well when finding out about her secret passion. Although many of her studies may have turned out inaccurate, or incomplete, she did not want to give up on anything, and pursued her dream of becoming a true Sith after leaving home in a violent manner.

Life on her own, more or lessEdit

"I begin to think that leaving home was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made."
―Tyia Navarr

The fifteen year old girl that she was back then, she managed to find work in a Cantina, and lived in a small apartment during her days alone. Of course, a simple waitress' salary could not suffice, therefore putting her in the need of offerinc other... services as well, to her customers. She met Darryn Moryne the same way, a supposed apprentice to a not-so-famous Sith Lord, the same way, on a late night. Quickly, she began feeling infatuated with him, more after he left her alone for several month, in search for more practise on his own.

Those months, Tyia spent them at the edge of depression, only to be part of a horrible tradgedy when he returned.

Going back homeEdit

Alone once again, she began having horrible nightmares regarding possible deaths of her parents, struck by a blue lightsaber, Force-choked, or simply shred to pieces. She returned home at the age of eighteen, only to find nobody waiting for her, but her uncle.

She was calmly explained to that he had killed them off for opposing the Republic, and hiding her existence and passion from the rest. Seeing she was to shocked to react, he decided to tell her he killed them off simply to lure her back home, so he could do the same to her. That had managed to touch a nerve, and she immediately ignited her stolen lightsaber to try and defeat him.

None of them was a proper Jedi or Sith, so the battle seemed ridiculous, at first. They both knew only simple tactics, the only advantage Tyia had being her youth and freedon to move. Therefore, the young woman managed to strike him down, losing her saber in the process.

New beginnings; The AcademyEdit

The young woman gave into rumors about Pravus Axiom, and eventually ended up heading off to Nogatan, in search for the infamous Sith Academy it harbored.

Her first assigned Instructor being Jesck Ke'Saan, she involuntarily developed a crush for the Mandalorian, having been the first to show any sign of the much needed kindness she needed inside the Academy. She was tasked to hunt down a Rancor, together with another Recruit, Ira Solaris, task which they both successfully completed. Her second encounter with him was a simple battle with the Sith Lord residing within him, marking the first meeting she had with the Dark Lord Azek Tempest, who played an important role in her future.

Her next assigned Instructor was, at that time, Honorary Instructor Muriel Yar, who tasked her with finding the meaning within the lines of an ancient Sith Code. They shared point of views and ideas, and she completed the task rapidly.

She was eventually assigned a task by the Academy Commander, Darth Cideon, to fight her own mirrored image in a dark cave on Korriban. As well, she managed to defeat the illusion, and was sent back to Nogatan.

Upon her arrival back to the Academy, she was greeted by a message on her datapad, sent by Jesck Ke’Saan to invite her to celebrate his liberation. Unknown to her, it had been sent by Azkaelon, to lure her into the Dark Lord’s grip. She was knocked unconscious and drugged by Azek Tempest, becoming a test subject to his ambition of creating a Force Vampire, a creature that became more powerful by drinking the blood of Force-sensitive individuals.

To get used to the idea, after waking up alone in her chamber again, was, probably, one of the hardest tasks. For several days she sought to get her revenge, which she did only in a simulation, powered by the very same Instructor that had served as leverage for the Dark Lord towards her.

Affiliation with Nogatan TempleEdit

Upon graduating, Tyia was assigned to the Sadow Squadron, led by Rae Nolvi. Since the woman did not believe that Tyia needed other's blood to survive, she wishes to witness it. She decides taking Tyia to Serocco 34 is the best idea, and there Tyia feasts on a depressed Force sensitive. 

She later stumbles upon Bar 9, which she finds on the edge of bankruptcy. After several negotiations with the desperate owner, Tyia schedules her visit to the Temple Lord, Darth Abraxas, to discuss lowering the fees for the space. Her conditions are accepted in exchange of a favour to be granted whenever it is needed. The business flourishes again, and Marrika Nerys is hired as barmaid, though she later quits due to her promotion to Imperial Guard.

Later, Jesck Ke’Saan sets up a meeting with Darth Abraxas in Bar 9, and as she guides the two to the private balcony, she is requested to stay for a while. Thus, she finds out about Jesck’s wish to become the Temple Lord’s apprentice, and after a long discussion is offered the same. However, they first are needed to be put under several tests, the first and last one being the capability to learn Juyo.

Not long after, having both been invited to the Imperial Ball, Abraxas offers to be her ‘date’ during this event. They both spend a wonderful day trying out clothes, and share much personal information during said dinner. Tyia ends up proving her disease by feeding off a certain Manayeus Valotaire.

However, Darth Abraxas dies during Operation: Dead Air, a mission to infiltrate a top secret imperial research facility on Tatooine, and the bond that had started to forge between the two withers in uncertainty. 

Apprenticeship to Nakiya Bre'TakEdit

Shortly after having joined Sadow Squadron, Tyia pledges loyalty to Legion Vizier Nakiya Bre’Tak, now Imperial Guard and known as Lord Aeryes. The apprenticeship is kept secret however, as it would most likely have attracted curious gazes, since they belonged to different branches. After having been taught Deadly Gaze, a useful ability for one such as Tyia, they travel to Illum, where she passes as an expert belonging to ‘Magnum Opus’, together with Nakiya’s official apprentice, Lucian Eidolon. During her quest to find two crystals to use for her lightsaber, she notices the man’s attraction to her and slowly begins to return it. The mission ends before anything happens, though.

After forging her lightsaber, using the two crystals and a staff that had belonged to Nakiya’s sister – one that bore the Vizier’s crest, she is invited on a mission to Dantooine by Lucian. She accepts the offer, yet what seems to begin as innocent and pure as teenage love ends up in a war between bloodthirsty animals. Corrupted by dark powers, they feed on one another, yet she ends up confessing her affiliation with the Vizier. Their relationship ends up in ruins, though she seems to recover much faster than him.

She meets Zekail during the Lockdown, a surprise test Nakiya puts the Legion under as to confirm their abilities in case of an emergency, which she recognizes as being the Jedi she had first been given blood from.

Following the Imperial Ball, Tyia is summoned to finally fight Azek Tempest, the Sith Lord that had put her under that curse. However, she hesitates in the last moments, and Nakiya gives up on her as apprentice.