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A D-5 Mantis Patrol Craft, this vessel was used by Gane Norvak until it was nosedived into the surface of Nogatan by his copilot, Graktalon, during the Rakatan Invasion. Originally belonging to Gane's father, the ship was passed down to him upon his father's death. Gane did not actually use the Ascent until he journeyed to Nogatan to join the Academy there, and was stolen shortly after. It was reaquired by a raid on the spaceport where it was being held, and it's usage was continued for the seven years up to it's demise. Primarily used as a bounty hunting ship, it was outiftted with a remote autopilot, allowing Gane to call the ship to his current position using his datapad. It also boasted three turbolasers and three missile pods, each holding thirty-six missiles, on each weapon foil.