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T'lanna Harran
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Nar Shaddaa

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Blue with black stripes

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The Old Republic


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Apparel: Tight fitting leather halter top, either fishnet leggings or leather leggings depending on location. Headband that wrapes around her ear cones (not sure how else to describe the headgear). Rough leather boots with a half inch platform heel to them. Leather elbow length gloves with finger holes.

Possessions: Two serrated daggers that strap into her boots. A formal civilians outfit, a more combative garb underlined with leathers to cover the flesh, and a really expensive looking dress. She also has two Tonfa Blades.


Before Pravus AxiomEdit

T'lanna was born into slavery on Nar Shaddaa and spent the vast majority as the slave to a minor crime boss in the underworld. When she got old enough she became his personal dance slave, entertaining him and any guests he had over. If she didn't please any of her masters guests with her dancing, she was punished with a severe shock from her collar. Needless to say, the guests found some delight in the slave's pain and so would often say that they were not pleased even if they were. And her master for the smallest infractions would apply the collar's shocking capabilities on her.

When she turned 18, her masters personal Mandolorian bodyguard came into her cell and attempted to rape her. T'lanna was in a state of absolute fear. This was a man she thought she could trust since he had known her since she was 12, and here he was... using her like one of the whore slaves. She looked over to the door of the slave cells and saw her master standing there. Smiling. He said that for excellent service to him so far, he was giving her to his bodyguard as a present.

Fear was soon joined by anger. T'lanna knew she was a slave and had seen the few others in her master's employ given to those in his cartel that had pleased him... but never her. Not his dancing queen as he'd called her. And here she was... being traded off like.. like... a sack of meat. Like a common slave whore...

She screamed for all she was worth as the bodyguard began his work. Her fear and anger unlocked something inside her... as she screamed at the man, his skin began to shred and peel from his muscles, his muscles then began to rip from his bones. All the while his mind began to scramble, blood pouring from his eyes, ears and nose. The master looked on in fear as he tried to escape from what he had seen, desperately trying to find the collar control switch in his belt. T'lanna not understanding what she had just done, panicked, took a dagger from the bodyguards corpse and wildly stabbed into the man she once called master even as he pressed down on the shock button. As the pain from the electrocution soared through her body she screamed once more, and once more the process was repeated of skin, muscle, brains and blood followed by death.

She stood there in shock, looking at the two skeletons and the pools of blood around her, blood which was on her as well. She looked up as she saw some of the master's thugs rush to the door wondering what the screaming had been about, before quickly grasping for their blaster pistols. T'lanna did the only thing she could think of.

She screamed once more.

A few hours later she ran from the building she had once called home all her life, garbed in a leather halter top and trousers with fishnet leggins underneath the trousers, a pair of leather boots on her feet, and the collar removed from her neck once she'd found the right button on the control device. She took with her enough credits to last a month and a pair of daggers which she tucked into her boots.

A week after the incident she found herself sleeping in a box in an alley, lost and confused about what she was supposed to do now. A pair of hunters walked by and spotted the lost twi'lek. One of them, the Zabrak crouched down to get a better look at her, and joked to the other one, a Chiss, about keeping her poking his finger towards T'lanna's face. She promptly bit it and curled up deeper into her box causing the Chiss to laugh at his friend's misfortune with the woman. They soon enough introduced themselves as Narus (the Chiss) and Zoren (the Zabrak). They offered her a place to stay whilst she figured out what to do with her life. At first she referred to them as Master since she thought this was another arrangement like that, but they swiftly remedied her of that.

They taught her how to fight dirty, how to know when someone was lying or telling the truth, and most importantly, they showed her how to live.

Night out
For two years she roamed Nar Shaddaa, swiftly gaining the moniker of "Banshee" for her screams of death that followed whenever anyone tried to use her or attack her. She survived by stealing and occasionally working as a dancer in bars, never staying at the same bar for too long.

It was at one such bar that on her 20th she was performing when a bounty hunter came walking in and spotted her face. "Oi! Banshee! I'm here to collect bitch!" he cried before opening fire with his rifle. T'lanna dived off the stage and behind one of the tables, knocking it over to act as a shield. She poked her head round and began to scream at the man, snarling as she was out of range and only succeeded in destroying any obstacles between the two of them, the customers having long since ran away.

The table began to splinter and crack under the withering blaster fire, T'lanna trying to push the table towards the hunter as a moving source of cover. Soon though the blaster fire stopped with a sickening crack as if a neck had been snapped. T'lanna curiously poked her head around the table, her eyes widening with dread and fear at the sight she saw.

The hunter was hanging limply in the air, his head twisted at an impossible angle. But that was not what caused her dread. No, it was the robed humanoid holding his hand out towards the hunter that terrified her.

"Sith..." she whispered before starting to make a break for the back door, screaming as she found herself being lifted off the floor and flung into the wall, her arms and legs spread so she couldn't reach her weapons. The Sith strode up to her, the hunters body dropping onto the floor like a sack of meat and rocks.</span>

"So, you are the infamous Banshee of Nar Shaddaa?" the Sith said in a non-descript voice, the helmet concealing their race and masking their gender. The robes too seemed to aid in masking if the person was male or female.

T'lanna did the only thing she could do. She screamed, but the Sith simply waved their other hand anticipating this and stopped her assault.

"Please...please... don't kill me..." she begged, her eyes wide with fear. She couldn't fight... she couldn't hide... she couldn't run... she was helpless...

"So much raw power, so much fear, so much anger... it would be a waste to kill you now." the Sith said almost sounding amused at the notion of killing her. "No child... What if I told you, you could hone your Scream? Control it better? And learn other powers as well?"

Other powers? What did this Sith mean, other powers? Her eyes betrayed her confusion.

"What if I told you, you could become Sith?" they said sensing the confusion. T'lanna's eyes widened at the prospect. Her?! A Sith?! "Unless of course you like being hunted like a common womp rat? Treated like dirt, no, less than dirt by these misbegotten whores and addicts?"

The Sith made a point. She was tired of that... she hated being hunted down... T'lanna looked at the Sith.

"How?" she asked. She could almost feel a smile forming behind the Sith's mask.

"Come with me, and I'll show you how." they said letting her fall to the floor. She landed in a crouch then stood up watching the Sith leave the bar. T'lanna took one last look around and quickly caught up to the departing Sith.

"Where are we going?" T'lanna asked as they walked to the spaceport.

"The Academy." the Sith replied.

Recruit DaysEdit

Upon joining Pravus Axiom, she was sent to Instructor Lucian to perform an assignment to prove her worth. She passed, but it left her with a desire for retribution. She sends some of her credits to the family, even though it won't replace the mother they lost.

Next she was sent to Instructor Y'ar. This task and outcomeproved much more pleasant for the Twi'lek if somewhat, degrading due to her having to utilise... unconventional tactics to defeat the Abyssin.

Afterwards came Instructor Scarden's assignement. This one proved much more... challenging, to say the least. Zombie apocalypse. Enough said.

Between these missions and tasks, she met some people, a couple of whom she came to consider, if not friends, then close allies within the Academy. One of whom was a Rattaki woman by the name of Voska. Both of them struck up a friendship, based on their mutual pasts as slaves.

Joining the LegionEdit

Upon entering the Legion she set about improving her weapons. But not before she got dragged along by Voska to the local bar Serreco 34. There they found themselves enjoying a few drinks and some dancing. However, that was not all that the dice had in store for the twi'lek. She found herself becoming... interested in a mandalorian girl named Genny. The girl confused her with her innocence and sense of naivety, and they shared a few kisses in the bathroom before returning to the others.

T'lanna undertook odd jobs such as testing out a new battlesuit that the NCR were working on named, the EMI. It was during this testing that she met the Vizier Nakiya Bre'tak. After being escorted to Bre'tak's office and a series of questions, the woman gave T'lanna a communicator and told her to hold onto it.

After the EMI debacle, she went alongside her friend Drak to a remote world where he had a contact for some mission or other. However, things didn't quite go as planned and T'lanna wound up on the verge of death if not for the assistance of the Jedi healer Kylin Kdan who was on the same world trying to reach a friends village to aid with her skills. (insert more info once that thread is complete)

Soon afterwards she went with Toclafane to the Republic Capital world of Coruscant to find a gift for his anniversary with her friend Voska. The trip went well, aside from almost getting blown to pieces by the mechanic Kenshin Takeda during their escape from an old enemy of his. On the plus side they got themselves a ship for Voska as a present. They compared histories after T'lanna had seen and been scared by his empathic abilities in the cell. On that ship however they discovered it was booby trapped by its previous owner and would immediately destroy itself as it exited hyperspace. After the device was disarmed she and Toclafane shared a joyous moment of elation, which caused her to kiss him on the lips, sending his empathic abilities into an overload. After seeing him like that and realising what she had done, she quickly set about trying to fix the problem by calming herself down before making skin contact again. After some reassurances that T'lanna did not in fact feel for him in the way that Voska did, the pair went to seperate parts of the ship for the night primarily for Toclafane's well-being.

T'lanna paid Toclafane a visit after that to call in the favour he said he owed her for saving Voska from Je'ka's Folly. The initial idea had been just to get an upgrade or two for the prototype EMI armour that Alomund had let her keep. However, Toclafane and Vedra had other ideas. Soon enough she found herself testing out an armoured suit designed for Orbital Drop missions that the empathic overseer called The Valkyrie. During the testing the pair of them discovered something unusual. T'lanna's mind seemed to almost connect innately with the armours design, even going so far as to make her feel discomfort when the wings of the suit were severed from her. Whatever the reason behind it, the twi'lek proved quite adept at controlling the suit once she got the hang of it. Of course this was all simulation and the real deal wouldn't be completed for quite some time.

It wasn't long before she was sent out on another mission, this time partenered with the Sith smuggler called Marrika Nerys. However, this mission proved to be nothing more than a trap set up by a greedy Imperial officer and slavers.

After these harrowing events, she drew into herself frequenting the 34 more often to drown out the memories with ale. T'lanna and the barkeeper grew an understanding very quickly when she swiftly broke several bar-goers wrists whenever they came near her... She sat alone and the crowds would make space for her lest they feel her dispassionate wrath. It was when Voska came by that she finally broke down and let her grief and shame roll out before the woman.

The Rakata WarEdit

When Nogatan found itself invaded by the Rakata's Remnant Empire, T'lanna's abilities were pushed to their utmost limit as she fought. However, all wars have their tragedies. The children of the Zabrak woman Cloud'ia that she had killed under Lucian's orders found their lives lost as a Basilisk droid crashed into their home after T'lanna offered them a safe haven. Fueled by this grief and rage, the twi'lek soon made her way to the Palace as ordered by her commanding officers. It was there that she discovered Bre'tak's true meaning behind giving her the communicator. She intended to make T'lanna her apprentice.

Soon though the war continued around them, the twi'lek finding herself drained and exhausted after using the Force so much and often that Sharalek had to guide her body to the new rendevous point for Nightmare Squadron. Once there she took what small rest she could before the next engagement. After using the enemie's rancor like her personal mount, per Symoria's orders, and wiping out the central group, T'lanna made her way towards the eastern group. After using the Force from a high vantage point to use the weapons of the dead she slumped down on the rooftop exhausted once more, glad that her mission was accomplished and that maybe, just maybe, she could finally recover properly.

However, the time for rest was short. Soon after the success of the mission, all of Nogatan's forces were called to the steps of the Palace for an announcement and declaration of war. T'lanna was assigned to work alongside Je'ka, Miki, Drak, Joric and Instructor Scarden as part of Strike Team Rage, en route for the world of Geeton IV.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Force Scream: T'lanna can sometimes utilise a Force Scream with a varying degree of success or failure. It's not a controllable power and is as much up to the luck of the roll of a die if it works or not.
  • Force Push: T'lanna can Push objects and people around, however repeated use is quite draining at this time.
  • Force Levitate: Given enough time and focus, she can make an object her own weight slowly lift into the air. Although, she still requires practice with this power.