Skirmish on Naboo
Events Before: 1st Duel of Yavin 4 & Duel on Manaan Events Concurrent: Conquest of Onderon Events After: Truce at Yavin 4 Results: Varoh wounded, Crassus issues retreat
Vital statistics
Participants Christopher Algethii, Julius Crassus Algethii III, Varoh Tihber
Date 19 ATC
Location Elesion Tomb on Naboo
After escaping Crassus on Manaan and healing on Vornu, Christopher recalled that it was time to return to Naboo and pay homage at the shrine of Claudia's ancestors as per annual custom. He went to the shrine, deep in the jungle, and knelt before the shrine of his fiancee's parents in prayer, the intent being to do so for three hours. Meanwhile, Crassus found a new ally in an Arkanian rogue named Varoh Tihber who had been drawn to Yavin by the Force. After a brief exchange, Crassus persuaded Varoh to ally with him for the cause of destroying his grandson wherever he was.

Crassus' Shadow Wraiths soon found Chris praying on Naboo and the two Sith Lords went there to finish him off. Before they did, however, Crassus went to gather resources on the worlds that Chris had explored in order to rescue him and stockpiled his armies as a direct result of it. Varoh also found a Thranata-class ship he dubbed the Titan and captained it with a human woman named Lani Escora who would perish along with the other crew members at Manaan. 

Duel and AftermathEdit

After gathering resources and locating Christopher, the Sith Lords chased him down to the Elesion shrine and made a plan of ambush. Crassus would go in the direct way whilst Varoh would go around and ambush Chris from behind on Crassus' signal. Another conversation showed how much Christopher was beginning to hate his grandfather and when the duel commenced, the older man and his ally initially had the advantage even when Chris began using Jar'Kai. However, Chris outsmarted his grandfather and severed Varoh's left arm with the vibroblade of Claudia's father whilst using his own to pin the Arkanian's saberstaff away from him. 

The defeat made the two powerful Sith Lords retreat and Varoh assembled a mechanical arm to replace the one he lost before Crassus goaded him into a fight. Crassus then defeated the Arkanian through the use of illusions combined with his skills in the lightsaber combat style known as Juyo. This marked the end of their alliance though Crassus would possess everything that came from it and, in concurrence with the conquest of Onderon, would be the final event before the formation of the Triumvirate of Vengeance. 

Elesion Shrine

For five-hundred generations, members of Claudia's family served in the Republic military. Whenever they died, they were brought to this shrine that Christopher honored them in annually. So much so, in fact, that he left his vibroblade there in repentance for fighting Crassus and Varoh Tihber on sacred ground.