Shadow Squad symbol

Shadow Squadron's Forest and Jungle symbol

Formation and membersEdit

Shadow Squadron, originally Rancor Battalion before the devestation of Dathomir and the devestation 18 years previous, was formed upon Mer'eth'skul's defection to Vornu and their allowign of him into their ranks. Given the rank of Sergeant, he was given a rather....disorderly....bunch of misfits. He was given command over Private Darren Kota, volunteer Silan Rezin, Padawan Sedita Helion, and Padawan Jaden Ezio. Shortly after the formation, they were joined by Padawan Ellina Kast and a few months later, were joined by Ellina's sister, Solei Pavan. Serving as Cheif medical officer and mechanic.

successful missions include:

Shadow Strike- respond to Distress signals on Bespin to free a world occupied by the Vitiate Empire.

summary: forces pushed off of Bespin by Shadow Squad, backed up by several republic squads, rescued a republic senator, killed a Sith Lord of the Shistavanen Species


Shadow Squadron was disbanded shortly after the Rakatan invasion of Vornu and the odd disappearence of its captain. It was reformed into Rancor Battallion once more with the addition of Adonis Thade as head and later Tali Kuti as Battallion commander.

Known appearences of membersEdit

Solei Pavan

Solei Pavan, Shadow Squadron private

Darren Trooper

Darren Kota: Shadow Squad Sergeant


Sedita: Shadow Squad private

Jaden Ezio

Jaden Ezio: Shadow Squadron Private

Ellina actress

Ellina Kast: Shadow Squad Private


Anya S. Maverick: Shadow Squadron Medical officer

Reths Front days before defection

Mer'eth'skul: Shadow Squadron Captain

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