Salvation of Onderon
Events Before: 2nd Duel on Yavin 4, Events Concurrent: None, Events After: Duel at the Hapes Cluster Results: Onderon rescued, Arecio is redeemed and reclaims his name as Arek, Christophe decides to join the party on Onderon.
Vital statistics
Participants Mathes Colunga, Claudia Elesion, Felony Serano, Commander Cassis, Queen Tela, Arecio Antipas
Date 2 ABD
Location Onderon
The Salvation of Onderon was the first event to see the dissolution of the Triumvirate of Vengeance and second to last event before Crassus was destroyed forever. It was also the most massive counterattack of the Triumvirate enemies against their operations and also saw Arecio Antipas turn back from the dark path and become a Jedi once again. Before the operation began, Claudia Elesion went to rescue Queen Tela from her prison in the Iziz Palace and brought her to Vornu, where she and Commander Cassis helped formulate a plan to free the planet from Arecio. The plan intelled meeting the Selkath forces from Manaan at the Delphi system where all officers who were to be involved would be informed of the plan for stalling Arecio's fleet until Claudia took the Iziz Palace and retaking the Defense Station as well.

Background and StrategizingEdit

After the conquering of Onderon, Arecio had imprisoned Queen Tela in order to lure out his enemy Mathes into fighting on his terms. But before he had the chance, Crassus warned the younger warrior not to let her live too long or else someone would surely rescue her from beneath Arecio's nose. Sure enough, Claudia snuck through the lines and grabbed the Queen in the guise of the executioner that the Dark Lord had chosen. After returning to Vornu safely, the women immediately met Mathes at his dormitory and gathered information Claudia and Chris had obtained.

Then the trio agreed to meet in the Courtyard with Commander Cassis to make a plan. When they did, the plan was to stall the forces at the Defense Station, infiltrating it in the process and hacking into its systems. The idea behind this would be for its weapons to be turned on the mercenaries and their ships for the fleet to survive engagement. Meanwhile, Claudia and Tela would take several platoons below the atmosphere, meet with the rebels that the Queen had mentioned arising after her reign ended, and retake the Iziz Palace.


Onderon's surface.

Capturing Arecio, if redeeming him was out of the question, was an objective they hoped to achieve by the end of the engagement. As it turned out, the band would be forced to take a different path in order to obtain victory against the Dark Lord's forces.

Actual EngagementEdit

The band first met above the OSS Norman, Mathes & Cassis' personal cruiser, despite a delay caused by Felony arriving late. After that, they met with the Selkath forces that Christopher had ordered to be sent to the Delphi system when he had become fatigued from the battle at Manaan and Admiral Okeer wished to repay him. Setting aside formalities that included Okeer bestowing gratitude for Chris' leadership upon meeting Claudia, they headed straight to Onderon. Finally, Mathes and the other members settled or temporarily resolved any differences they might have had before arriving near the Defense Station of Onderon.

Upon arrival, the remaining Onderonian forces immediately began stalling the Defense Station's forces and covering the entrance that Felony and Commander made into the facility. And initially, Mathes followed with the plan to go with Claudia and Queen Tela to the surface but became afraid of Felony perishing in the battle and piloted his ship back to the Station. Claudia and Tela continued without him, meeting up with the rebels and combining their strengths with that of the Selkath forces before storming Iziz Palace. They took it with relative speed, efficiency, and ease since Arecio had chosen to abandon the Palace in favor of confronting his old nemesis as Claudia had hoped.

After that, Claudia tried to get in touch with Mathes though he had engaged Arecio with Felony's attempt at aid since Cassis had backed down to try and mend a wound he had obtained. But when he didn't respond, she feared that he had been killed and sped back to the Defense Station just in time to see Arecio redeemed to the Light. However, Felony had been temporarily corrupted beforehand and she engaged Mathes to his great sadnesss. But she returned to normal in time for Claudia to not only fail to notice but to also knock her into a Stava-induced unconsciousness.

The mercenaries were routed out on both the surface and the Defense Station soon after and the entire band headed for the Palace for both repair and celebration. However, there would soon be no time for that for celebration with Christopher's arrival to Onderon from his travels after going to Manaan.


With the Salvation of Onderon completed, the band headed out to rest with Arecio redeemed and renamed as Arek which had been his birthname. Mathes and Claudia reconciled the assault on Felony in addition to Mathes thanking Claudia for twice saving his life (she had given Arecio a shot to the leg when he was about to kill him). But just as Felony was awakening, Christopher arrived and was introduced to all the members of the gang, including Cassis. While Claudia and Chris had their reunion, Arek and Cassis decided to go ahead and begin planning the stages for the assault on the Hapes Cluster to catch Crassus.

But an additional reunion was taking place: Mathes and Felony were reconnected with Felony's mother and one of Mathes' lovers, Asya K'tani. She too was introduced to Claudia, Christopher, and the rest of the gang soon enough though it wouldn't be long before they completed their plans for the Hapes Cluster attack. With them completed, Mathes temporarily said goodbye to the woman he loved and his daughter before joining, Chris, Claudia, and Arek for the duel with Crassus that was sure to come.