Saber was a Force-imbued planet located in the Sednain Rift in the Faberian sector in Unknown Regions. It was the home planet of the Saberians and possibly midi-chlorian life forms. Saber was a harsh world of desert and mountains. Saber is the sister planet of Taber and Faber.

Geographic FeaturesEdit

Saber covered mainly by desert and mountains, with some quick sand pits located in the desert.


Early historyEdit

Saber was founded by Force-sensitive human colonists, no knows what planet they originally came from as they did not keep records of their creation that goes that far back, and as the Saberians were getting into power they were always being invaded but had managed to warded off their would-be invaders until the Great Sith War.

First Great Sith WarEdit

The Jedi and Sith brought the war to the Faber Sector and nearly wiped both races into extinction. After the Great Sith War, Saber was badly damaged and had gone into a deep trance to heal its wound, though the Saberians were not affected by this but they too were trying to heal the injuries that they had received as well. 

Mandalorian WarsEdit

Both planets were invaded by Mandalorian Empire and was almost driven to its knees and using guerrilla tactics, the Faberians and Saberians were able to drive the Mandalorian Empire from their sector.

Second Great Galactic WarEdit

Both planets were invaded by the Sith Empire but after a long fight they were getting the upper hand and then had turned around and drove the Sith Empire out of the Faberian Sector. 

Cold War (Post-Great Galactic War)Edit

Light battles between the Sith Empire and the Faberian Empire were happening during the Cold War as the Sith Empire tried to make Saber submit to Sith rule.

New Sith WarsEdit

Both planets was dragged into the New Sith Wars when a Sith fleet lead by Lord Kaan appeared outside their system and tried to invade Faber and Saber but was driven back by both guerrilla armies.

Clone WarsEdit

Both planets was brought into the Clone Wars, Saber, Taber and Faber didn't join either side, it remained neutral and fought against Separatist using weapons that they had bought from other planets.  

Declaration of a New OrderEdit

Saber and Faber sort of withdraw from the rest of the galaxy with a declaration of war when Emperor Palpatine had the Faberian Empress Regnant T'lana assassinated and put an outsider on the throne of Faber, the Faberians and Saberians retaliated by sending the heart of the false ruler back to Emperor Palpatine. 

Galactic Civil WarEdit

Faber and Saber, despite the death of the Empress Regnant, is still neutral during this point. The Faberians and Saberians were hostile towards the Galactic Empire.

The New RepublicEdit

Faber and Saber is not a part of the Republic or what is left of the Empire, both planets are still  neutral planets as it always had been and is not interested in forming any allegiance to any planet.

Galactic AllianceEdit

Faber and Saber is still not a part of the Galactic Alliance. 

The Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

Both planets were brought into the Yuuzhan Vong war because of the force-sensitive natives that lived on it.

The Swarm WarEdit

Both planets were brought into the Swarm war because the Faberians and Saberians feared that Faber and Saber were going to be invaded once again so in order to make sure that it didn't happen again they joined this war.

The Second Galactic Civil WarEdit

Faber and Saber was brought into the Second Galactic civil war because of the close ties that the Empress Regnant has with the Skywalkers and Solos. 

Sith-Imperial WarEdit

Faber and Saber at this time was dealing with its own problems; pirates were trying to invade Faber. And The New Sith Empire had ordered an genocide against the Faberians and Saberians, ordering that they were all to be killed.


The main and only inhabitants of Saber were the Saberians, a culturally distinct branch of humans that all had impressive force abilities. There are Faberian and Saberian hybrids as well as Taberian and Saberian hybrids.

Fauna and FloraEdit

Saberian Jha’durs is a canine-like creature with black fur all over their bodies. They had extremely sharp teeth that ran along the length of their snout, with four fangs protruding over their lower lip, each ending in a double point. And they have a long whiplike tails. Their claws are 5 inches long and are very sharp. Though they are different from Faberian Jha’durs in only one feature: the inside of their mouth glows in a bright neon blue color.


Saberians have a Matriarchy Hereditary government, they are a tribal race.

Culture and SocietyEdit

The Saberians are a race of beautiful, seductive and dangerous human women who have shun males because of their belief that all men lie and are violent, whether this is true or not.

The Saberians all live in tribes that only consists of their direct family (such mothers, aunts, grandmothers, daughters and sisters), the great-great grandmother is the chieftain of their tribe and they all obey the Queen Mother, the true ruler of all Saberian tribes. The Saberian is an all women society, ruled by a female ruler.

The Saberians evolved in order to survive on a forever nocturnal planet, they have night-vision, keen hearing and excellent sense of smell. They, like the Faberians, are strong force-sensitivity due to the Dark Planet, and are able to mask their presence to hide from other force-sensitive beings or creatures on or off their planet. The Saberians are quiet as they move; they are an uncanny ability to walk silently across rocks and pebbles.

Saberians are natural and nurture Farmers, Huntresses, Warriors and Trackers, born and bred to hunt and kill their enemies and prey. All Saberians are raised with a motto 'Only the strong and cunning survive and the weak and foolish die.'

Saberians are fast, strong and agile; their only means of transport is their entire bodies. The rocky surface is like a exercise gym for the Saberians, they show such acrobatic skill when they move across the rocky surface of the planet and the maze-and-cliff-like structure of the caves and caverns in which they live.

When Saberian girls reach the age of sexual maturity, which is sixteen years of age, she is allowed to travel off-world with a Faberian woman in order to mate and conceive a baby with a male, of any race. The gene of the Saberian is stronger and dominant, so the baby will be born a female and would look like their mother.

Saberian girls are actually considered adults when they reach thirteen but sexual maturity doesn't come in until later in life; so when they turn thirteen, they are accepted to help out in hunting and protecting the tribe, but in order to prove themselves, the Saberian girls are casted out into the wild, alone and armed only with her speed and intelligence. They are only considered women if they survive the two months out in the wild and when they return the Great-Great Grandmother would hand them a mask that has the Clan's symbol on its forehead and they would reserve the tattoos of womanhood, the four black dots and black four black strips on their nose and cheeks.

When Saberians babies are born, they are actually transparent and are birthed in the darkest and deepest section of the underground caverns. The babies and mothers stay here until the baby is strong enough and non-transparent. During the transparent months of their life, Saberians infant are extremely valuable and weak at this point so mothers are very protective of them to the point of being feral-like in their protecting nature.

The Oracles, Saberians women who are unable to birth due to freakish strong force-powers, stay within these parts and act as midwives to the would-be mothers; but the Oracles even act as Teachers, Trainers and Priestess to the Saberians. They are what the Jedi are to the people.

While they do not trust the outsiders, the Saberian Queen Mother knows that she must have an Ambassador to the outside and always has a tournament, which is part of their culture, in order to choice their Ambassador to the outside. The Tournament is a way for a Saberian warrior to show that she is agile, fast, quiet, and intelligent in order to mingle among men and women of other worlds and galaxies. The Queen Mother's daughters are forbidden to enter the tournament but during the Old Republic, The Queen Daughter (their word for Princess), Desideria, entered the tournament and won the entire test that her mother had set out for them to pass and won the title of Ambassador of Saber. Her name would later be given to three other Queen Daughters who dared to change the strict traditions of the Saberian Culture, her direct descendants.

Any male born into their tribe is quickly sent off to the father, or sometimes the Faberians, to rise.

Character traitsEdit

By nature the Saberians are an extremely matriarchal race. They have a powerful and commanding presence. They are serious-minded and outspoken in their views. With their deep sense of honor, they are easily offended when they are not accorded the respect that they feel that they deserve, and they do not suffer fools gladly. Yet beneath this imposing exterior, they have a sly sense of humor. Saberians are always mischievous, preferring to play with their prey before they kill it. They are mainly quiet, preferring to observe people before making a move against them.


They have a farming economy and they sell beautifully made statues.