Rosemary Cosgrove
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Enclave Instructor

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Current Residence





27 Years BBD

Physical description

Human (1/4 Zeltron)





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Eye color


Skin color

Light tan

Family information

Kalyani Cosgrove


Rohan Cosgrove


Meredith Cosgrove

Chronological and political information

The Old Republic

  • Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic
Known masters

Jaster Rebeyr

Known padawans

Kael Midanyl

Rosemary Cosgrove, nicknamed Rose for the very few who were close to her, was an Instructor and Battlemaster for the Jedi Enclave of Vornu.


Cosgrove was of average height, with blue-grey eyes from her father and moderately light brown hair from her mother. She sometimes wore it ou but it was more commonly in a tight bun. She wore simple, rectangular glasses and Jedi robes. Off-duty, she liked to don a floral pattern dress or simply keep her robes on for their comfort.


Cosgrove was a firm but fair teacher who could not stand any rule-breaking. She was interested in understanding each of her students very well.

Cosgrove was something of a perfectionist. 


Family HistoryEdit

Ruby Barah was a Zeltron woman who worked as an escort, hailing from Zeltros. 

Zeltron by JenkiMimay

Ruby Barah as a young woman.

Midori Cosgrove travelled there as a joke with his mates and hired Ruby. He soon became a regular client and they fell in love for a time.

After she gave birth to their child, he took the little boy to raise as his own, away from the "sick Zeltron prostitute" on his homeworld, Carida. He married a human and tried to hide the fact that his son was anything but. The child had inherited his genes predominantly and his appearance could be passed off as human. 

Rohan Cosgrove grew to become a man of minor influence and married another human, Kalyani, and they had two children together: Rosemary, and Meredith, who was eleven years her sister's junior. 

Early LifeEdit

Rosemary was taken to Coruscant at the age of four when her Force-sentitivity was discovered. As such, her parents' prejudicial opinions of races other than human were not passed onto her. 


Initiateship and ApprenticeshipEdit

She learnt the ways of the Jedi under Master Woodridge as an initiate, then under Master Rebeyr as a padawan.

Jaster Rebeyr was a strict teacher, and Cosgrove was ready and willing to take his instruction. She was a good, level-headed student who was eager to learn and follow the rules. In her time as a padawan, she would often talk to the other padawans and give lessons to the younger initiates to help them along.


Tumblr mgbvch6oIj1qh3x1zo1 500 ps

Rosemary at 25.

Cosgrove passed her Trials with determination. She completed tasks and assignments with clean efficiency and a drive for perfection. From early on in her knighthood, she epxressed interest in having a padawan. The Council solicited her request, and she was soon guiding her apprentice, Kael Midanyl, on the path to becoming a Jedi Knight.

Instructor on CoruscantEdit

After Midanyl's graduation, she appealed to the Council for another apprentice, for she found much reward in teaching students. They suggested that she might become an Instructor instead, to which she agreed. 

For several years she taught initiates from three years old up until they had reached padawan age. She enjoyed her job greatly and she took up a slightly motherly role towards the initiates, as she could have no children of her own.


Cosgrove was transferred from Coruscant to the Enclave on Vornu in 3ABD to teach as an Instructor. There she met her employer, Ellina Kast.


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