Negotiation at Serenno
Events Before: Truce at Yavin 4 Events Concurrent: None Events After: Defense at Manaan Results: Serenno agrees to aid Tirumvirate conquest
Vital statistics
Participants Julius Crassus Algethii III, Noblemen of Serenno
Date 2 ABD
Location Royal Palace on Serenno 

The Negotiation that took place on Serenno was a political contract between Crassus and the Noblemen of Serenno and their families. The terms were to be for them to provide resources and soldiers for the fight of the Triumvirate of Vengeance against their personal and political enemies. Crassus would also order for Tenebrosi to be allowed to rule Serenno for whatever his personal designs, unrelated to the Triumvirate or not, might be. However, what Tenebrosi didn't know was that Crassus allowed this simply so that Lord Cortenebrae would sense his old apprentice and deal with him personally. 

However, this would not happen until after the Triumvirate failed to take Manaan for their designs thanks to Christopher's efforts in helping the Selkath military repel Crassus' forces. Nonetheless, Crassus was glad to have it happen and made it clear that just because he was willing to ally himself with Tenebrosi and Arecio, didn't mean he was going to share the galaxy with them when the conquest was over.

Palace on Serenno

This ancient Palace on Serenno was the place where Crassus persuaded the families to join him in exchange for all previous debts to him being paid.