Mitsunarius Maximus
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Vornu (Former)

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

Unknown, up to forty years before Crassus

Date of Death

3,639 BBY

Physical Description








Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Color

Sickly Pale-Yellow


Prosthetic arms & lower apparatus

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic Era


Neutral, formerly Algethiius Empire


Hired Sorcerer (former)

Known Apprentices

Julius Crassus Algethii III

Relationship Information

Christopher Algethii (At death)


Julius Crassus Algethii III

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Makashi, Jar'Kai, & Saberstaff (Lightsaber).


Many Light, Dark Side, & Neutral abilities



Other Skills

Lightsaber maintenance, cybernetic ability, & survival

Miscellaneous Information

Saberstaff that can split into two traditional blades

Mitsunarius MaximusEdit

Born somewhere up to four hundred years before the attack on Coruscant, Mitsunarius Maximus was brought into the Sorcerer caste of Planet Algethiius, destined to serve the Algethii Kings for as long as he lived. Initially, he did so with content and zeal, training a benevolent and wise King to rule fairly but as time went by, malcontent gnawed at him. By the time his final apprentice Crassus came, he had delved into the Dark Side so much that he used his Master's soul to become immortal so long as no one killed him. Mitsunarius would attempt to usurp the throne from Crassus but the young man cunningly challenged him to a duel for the seat and banished the older sorcerer, slicing him in half and severing his arms in the process.

Disappearing into the jungles of Mantiev for two-hundred and sixty years, the Zabrak mechanically restored his lost limbs and began harnessing the minds of the local animals to his servitude. But he was driven away when Jedi Knights Mathes Colunga and Jaden Ezio revealed his existence to higher authorities who chased him away. But Mitsunarius would not give up: he decided to track down his old apprentice and kill him in vengeance. However, he was intercepted by the grandson of Crassus, Christopher Algethii, who also wanted to kill Crassus.

The two of them dueled ferociously in Crassus' old temple for a long time but when it was over, Christopher had one and killed Mitsunarius. But not before Mitsunarius revealed that Chris would bring balance to the Maximus and Algethii clans, healing the rift that both he and Crassus had forged with their fighting long ago.

Early LifeEdit


Mitsunarius Maximus displayed prowess in many Dark Side powers and wasn't afraid to show it off every now and then.

Mitsunarius Maximus was born of a relatively wealthy caste on Algethiius no later than four-hundred years before the Sacking of Coruscant. He was trained in the arts of the Dark Side but was also taught to use his powers only for the good of his people and the protection of whoever was King at the time. These teachings would then be transferred by him unto Kings who proved attunement to the Force, a somewhat common thing of royalty with a few exceptions. He was a gifted teacher and well-respected by many but his heart became troubled when he realized his standing. 

Though he was from a wealthy family, he was far from royalty and thus, far from being the most powerful politician on Algethiius. The desire for power felt by all Sith Lords began to grow within him, initially minute enough to avoid being emulated by the first two Kings that he trained. However, his hunger for power came to fruition when he began training the third generation of Kings and was especially embodied by the oldest and most powerful heir to the throne. Learning the gateway to immortality, Mitsunarius bided his time and slowly poisoned Crassus' mind with promises of power and grandeur that he would ultimately throw away, the Dark Side also corrupting his mind during the training. 

But it would all come to a head when Crassus was of age to ascend to the throne and his father laid ill, the crown at its most vulnerable moment in the history of any monarchy in existence. Here, the Dark Side ensnared Mitsunarius completely and it made him desire for a power that he had never known before. 

Banishment & RetreatEdit

Crassus' father laid dying from the illnesses of old age, a very vulnerable time for any young Prince desiring to
Photo of Crassus

Crassus was Mitsunarius' finest apprentice and the first to successfully defeat him. This defeat would cause Mitsunarius to leave Algethiius and live in exile.

seize the throne. In a bid for power, Mitsunarius decided to take advantage of this vulnerability in a very special way unlike his predecessors before him. His cunning led him to poison the King's cup of drinking water, knowing the custom that the Prince would hydrate and feed his dying father whenever possible. The idea was to set Crassus up for being so power hungry that he couldn't wait for the natural illness of his father's age to take its toll on him and killed him.

His scheme only worked to the extent that he managed to imprison Crassus in a cell, knowing full well that Princes received equal punishment to the common man and exploting the opportunities accordingly. However, he had not expected Crassus to be as persistent in his desire for the throne as he would eventually prove to be. The young Prince, in a fit of rage, would use the Force to break out of his confines and retrieve his lightsaber from the guards. Then he stormed the Palace, cutting down any who escaped his Force-imbued wrath and making it all the way to the throne room without much of a challenge.

Mitsunarius' Cavern Hideout

Caves like this were where Mitsunarius would stay during his exile caused by his defeat at the hands of Crassus. Here, he ruled supreme as the King of the lower levels of the Mantiev forests.

Here, he challenged his old Master to a duel by the lightsaber and by the Force power, the strongest being the victor as well as the one who ruled Algethiius. Overconfident and eager to set an example, Mitsunarius agreed to the challenge which would be his biggest mistake in his plans. Fighting with the saberstaff and his sorcery, the Zabrak initially did very well against his former apprentice but it was Crassus' cunning that allowed him several advantages. First, he reduced the saberstaff to such that it would be better used as two separate lightsabers as the magnetism of the pummels would allow Mitsunarius to do.

From here, he managed to counter every single Force power that Mitsunarius could throw at him with either an opposite of that power (i.e. Force Absorption for Force Lightning) or something similar to the power itself. Crassus also found a weakness in his Master's fighting: he was weakest with a single blade. He then managed to destroy one of Mitsunarius' blades and force him to rely on his skills in Makashi whenever he had to use a lightsaber. Though Maximus still held well against the younger Crassus, the Prince's brute strength and aggressive use of Juyo eventually overwhelmed the older Zabrak and his skills as a sorcerer and swordsman.

Despite unwittingly sparing his life, Crassus severed both of Mitsunarius' arms and bisected him at the waist before taking the crown for himself. Crippled and humilited, Mitsunarius used his application of telekinesis to escape Algethiius on a transport that crashed on Mantiev. Using the broken parts of the crashed ship and its cargo, he created mechanical arms and a two-legged lower apparatus that gave him a new body. But it wasn't without its price: he could never again hope to use any application of Force Electricity again though he could use all other powers.

For two-hundred and fifty-five years, Mitsunarius would remain on Mantiev, seeing the Republic begin creating a base on it and retreating into the darker parts of the forests for his own protection. However, even so, it wouldn't be too much longer before the Jedi found him out and would drive him out of Mantiev and back into the galaxy. 

Return to the GalaxyEdit

Master Colunga

Mathes, an ally of Christopher, would be one of the first and only Jedi to face Mitsunarius in this new time. Despite the two of them having the same enemy, Mitsunarius would probably have not liked collaborating with a Jedi.

After spending many years on Mantiev, Jedi Knights by the name of Jaden Ezio and Mathes Colunga would discover Mitsunarius' presence on the planet. They would do this when they killed one of the animals that he had befriend over the years and he would demanded to know who came to his kingdom uninvited. After the Jedi introduced themselves and demanded to know why he called Mantiev his home, he introduced himself and explained. Then he sicked several more specimens of the animals that the two Jedi had killed, forcing them to retreat to their ship and leave.

Jaden Ezio

Jaden Ezio, alongside Mathes, also fought Mitsunarius and was one of the few Jedi who would. This man neither had connections with Christopher nor even knew that Mathes did.

He even went as far as to use his telekinesis to attempt preventing them from leaving from the planet to warn the Republic of his presence. However, Jaden's excellent piloting made sure that they did escape and get Mathes to an infirmary since he had been wounded by the animals during the initial attack. Healing in the infirmary, Mathes agreed with Jaden that something had to be done about the pestilant sorcerer living on a Republic world. They consulted Commanding Officer Tali Kuti on the matter and she approved a motion to have forces comb the planet for this man.

Namari Nerys

Namari Nerys was one of the assassins that Mitsunarius attempted to recruit for his revenge against Crassus. She ultimately turned him down for medical reasons but was the more reluctant of the two to refuse.

His ability to slip into Force Concealment just after taunting the Jedi upon their return made it difficult for them to pinpoint where he was. As if that wasn't challenging enough, his relationship with the animals killed many of the soldiers that had bravely accompanied the Jedi into the darker parts of the forest to find Mitsunarius. When they finally did find him, a massive duel ensued in the underground cave where Mitsunarius nearly succeeded in defeating his Jedi opponents. However, their numbers and their relentlessness combined with the strength of their soldiers forced Mitsunarius to give up his hideout on Mantiev and return to the known galaxy once more.

Once more exiled from a home, Mitsunarius had a revelation: that in order to quell his inner demons, he would need to either find Crassus who had apparently survived just as long as he had or die. But he knew his old apprentice would be too powerful for him to confront alone and intended to recruit allies as a result. The assassins that he intended to recruit were named 

Haakon Voldaren

Haakon was the second of two assassins that Mitsunarius would attempt to recruit in his plot for revenge. He was the least reluctant to refuse the offer and the one who sent the most disappointment to Mitsunarius.

Namari Nerys and Haakon Volderan, both efficient and skilled in what they did. He offered them both the chance to face a man who might possibly be their own deaths, an offer that interested them and even came close to persuading them to join him.

However, Namari refused due to having recently lost her eye and being forced to get used to wearing an eyepatch. True that her skills were great and indeed, she did want to help Mitsunarius but medically speaking, she couldn't. Haakon also refused but for more selfish reasons: he was on vacation and didn't want it interrupted for any reason. What confirmed its selfishness was when he stated that he normally would accept this kind of job though he wouldn't at the moment.

Mitsunarius didn't push the matter though he could have very easily have persuaded them with the power of the Force. Instead, he thanked them, bowed, and headed out of the bar where he had met them to face Crassus on his own if he could find him. Tracking his old apprentice's presence in the Force, he followed the aura all the way to Yavin 4, confident that he would surprise him with his existence and destroy him with relative ease. However, what he would find there would actually turn out to be his undoing in the long run rather than a benefit fo him.

The Final Fall at YavinEdit

Arriving at Yavin 4 via traces of Crassus' presence there, Mitsunarius hoped to trap his old apprentice in the Temple and surprise him with his existence long enough to kill him. Instead, he found a vacated place and no sign of his old apprentice who had removed himself and his possessions and relocated to the Hapes Cluster. However, the Temple was not completely empty as he had been led to believe: Christopher had also come from Manaan to find him there.

Unfortunately, both were disappointed to find that Crassus had vacated the Temple and taken most of his possessions with him in the process. Mitsunarius sensed that Christopher's aura was similiar to Crassus' although less corrupted by the Dark Side. He even foresaw that this man was to bring on fundamental changes to Mitsunarius' plan and his own family but he didn't want it to happen. In fact, when Christopher offered him a chance to join his alliance after realizing they had an enemy in common, the Zabrak not only outright refused but also attack him.

Christopher held back, still wanting diplomatic relationships with Mitsunarius but Mitsunarius himself did not. Instead, he chose to let all his powers out on the younger boy who either dodged or defended them all with relative ease. They engaged in a lightsaber duel that somewhat mirrored everything that Crassus had done to him centuries before. One of his lightsabers was destroyed and he was forced to rely on his skills in Makashi against Chris' Niman mastery.

However, even here, Christopher tried to be diplomatic and told him there was still a chance to join the alliance meant to see Crassus' destruction. But Mitsunarius stated that it was "too late" for him and continued the attack until he gave Christopher an opening he could exploit. Christopher slashed him through the heart, slicing it in half just as Crassus had sliced Mitsunarius in half at the pelvis years before. However, this was a wound the old Zabrak was not bound to recover from and Christopher lamented what he had done though Mitsunarius told him not to.

Instead, Mitsunarius related to him the true meaning of Christopher's destiny to destroy Crassus: Chris was meant to be the rebirth of Algethiius, the namesake of the planet whilst Crassus meant to be the rebirth of his brother. When Chris stated that he didn't understand, Mitsunarius explained the story of how Algethiius and his brother's souls were locked in combat, neither winning until they found a host with greater willpower to do it. He also related that Chris was meant to end the feuding between the Maximus and Algethii families by killing Crassus and Mitsunarius. Then he laid back down on the cold temple floor where they fought and exhaled his last breath before dying, at last, as Christopher helplessly watched it all.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Before succumbing to the Dark Side of the Force, Mitsunarius was a wise and powerful figure in the Algethiius courts and trained two Kings to be wise and evenhanded in their reign. But his heart became troubled with his placing in the court and he slowly began seeking to gain greater power than his birth status could allow him. He slowly began molding the heir of the third generation of Kings he would train in the hopes of making him his pawn. However, Crassus was resilient and didn't succumb to Mitsunarius' desires, ultimately defeating him in single combat.

During his stay on Mantiev, he found it easier to control the animals there than he ever did controlling Crassus who had resisted him in every way. His stay also marked the beginning of a long insanity from which he wouldn't return until the Jedi forced him to leave Mantiev in order to secure their base for the Republic. But even after he left, he still had intents for killing Crassus and anyone else who got in the way of his path to ultimate power.


Julius Crassus Algethii IIIEdit

Photo of Crassus

Once, Crassus and Mitsunarius were the best of friends even when the latter was teacher to the former.

Though Crassus would mark the beginning of the end for any goodness left in Mitsunarius' heart, it wasn't always that way. Crassus and Mitsunarius were once the best friends even as the latter trained the former in all he needed to know to be King. But when Mitsunarius' heart became corrupted with the lust for power, Crassus was the first one to face the wrath of his vengeance. However, the younger Prince was resilient and fought back with the throne until Crassus won it from him and wounded him severely in the process.

Though they started out as friends and even lifelong companions, Crassus would become the epidemy of the corruption that began with Mitsunarius' malcontent. One could even argue that because of Mitsunarius, Crassus was ultimately the one to destroy Algethiius and force himself to find new beginnings elsewhere in the galaxy.

Christopher AlgethiiEdit


Initially, Mitsunarius was aggressive towards Chris and forced him to kill him. However, upon being close to death's door, Mitsunarius realized Christopher would be destined for much more than the Zabrak ever would be.

Mitsunarius didn't know of the existence of Crassus' grandson until they met on Yavin 4 for the first time. However, they didn't even have a good exchange and it quickly got out of hand to the point of combat by Force Powers and the lightsaber. They fought hard and Mitsunarius was determined to kill Christopher so as not to have him in the way of his revenge. But Chris was persistent and did not stop until he had slashed Mitsunarius through the heart, killing him almost instantly.

However, before he died, Mitsunarius was enlightened that Christopher would be the one to heal the rift between the Maximus and Algethii families forevermore. He would be destined to kill Crassus by becoming the rebirth of Algethiius and temporarily surrendering to the power that it brought within him. It was at this point that he accepted his death as it came and rested peacefully after centuries of harsh existence and the toll they took on his body.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Due to his extensive training on Algethiius, Mitsunarius was gifted in many powers and skills that quintessentially decided his place in the court as a powerful sorcerer and mentor to the Kings. Had he joined the Imperial Sith, he would have undoubtedly been dubbed a Sith Inquisitor as a result of the abilities he posessed.

Force PowersEdit

Considering that he was a sorcerer before he was exiled, Mitsunarius was gifted in many rare but dangerous powers that allowed him to hold his own even if his former apprentice proved superior. As he would prove when he was forced to rebuild himself on Mantiev, Mitsunarius was gifted in telekinesis to the extent that he could use to build his arms and legs as well as fuse them with what remained of his biological body. He used Levitation extensively during this time due to the sheer helplessness that he experienced without any limbs to use for fighting. Though he would ultimately be outsmarted by Crassus' ability to absorb and reflect powers thrown at him, Mitsunarius was also an excellent practitioner of Force Protection and was often impossible to kill behind his shield.

Other powers he practiced included Kinetite, a dangerous Dark Side power, and was also very adept in Teleportation and Force Step . And because he trained his apprentice in these powers, he was also capable of conjuring Force Storms before he lost his arms and remained very much able to use Force Crush even after Crassus defeated him. He survived in the jungles of Mantiev by also gaining the trust of many animals and controlling them accordingly but it wasn't without its price. He was forced to learn how to conceal his presence to the Jedi in order to survive longer when they first came to Mantiev, a hundred years after he did but he mastered this relatively quickly.

Lightsaber and Other SkillsEdit

Due to having searched the wreckage of the Mantiev transport for the parts needed to create his new body, Mitsunarius had a very keen eye for scavenging and adjusted according to the quality of what he had. Combined with this and his control of the animals, he was an excellent survivalist and did well on very little for decades.

Mitsunarius' Saberstaff

Though a very basic design, Mitsunarius was highly proficient with this saberstaff which could also be broken into two regular lightsaber for Jar'Kai use. Their yellow blades were famed across Algethiius for the order and justice they used to bring with them.

However, his ultimate specialty was his lightsaber combat skill which he managed to use well against both of the Algethiis that he would face as well as the Jedi that would drive him away from Mantiev. He had a basic understanding of all the forms but only enough that he knew how to counter them when and where necessary to. His specialties lied with wielding the saberstaff and Jar'Kai (his saber was modified to fit both specialties) but he had a great enough understanding of Makashi to wield it masterfully if one of his blades were lost or destroyed. This would happen when he dueled with both Crassus and Christopher so as a result, he would often have an extra saber ready in case it did occur. 


Mitsunarius' first name is an honorary reference to Japanese daimyo Mitsunari Ishida, who led an army to oppose Tokugawa Ieyasu to the Shogunate. Mitsunari was defeated by Ieyasu at Sekigahara in 1600 and sentenced to death by slow decaptiation. For three days, Ishida was buried up to his neck in sand and his neck was sawed at by passing villagers until his head was full removed from his shoulders on the fourth. However, even when he was successfully decapitated and his head was placed on a pike, the head disappeared in the following day for reasons that are still debated.

Maximus is another common surname of Roman citizenry and nobility that has been used in countless media though one of the most famous examples belongs to Russell Crowe's character in Gladiator.

His role in Algethiius society as well as the abundance of powers that he knew even after his exile is a reference to how some individuals were trained to teach Princes the fighting arts in many Middle Eastern societies.