Reths Front days before defection
Axiom Information

Renegade Cyborg Enforcer

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Hair color

Black, short

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Skin color

Deep blue



Chronological and political information

Old Republic


Unknown Crime syndicate (current)

Pravus Axiom (former)

  • Nightmare Squadron
  • Nogatan Cybernetic Research facility.

Puris Axiom (former) Shadow Squad (former)

Known masters
  • Darth Cideon (Strengthened will)
  • Actuarius (manipulating your allies)
  • Nakiya Bre'tak (absolute hatred)
Known apprentices
  • Darren Harkness (incomplete)
  • Solei Pavan (incomplete)
"How did they know we were here, Senator? Our operation was silent until the moment shots were fired and even then we appeared as rebels. so how did they know we'd landed. No senator, there is a traitor in our ranks and I will have answers. and why is it that a planet supposedly under our control was able to send out a transmission for help in ridding themselves of the Imperials yet not one Republic officer batted an eyelash until it reached Vornu?"
―Mer'eth'skul to a Republic diplomat on Bespin, shortly before her capture

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Anya in combat

Anya S. Maverick: Reths thought of her as a co-worker at first, they flirted after meeting on Nal Hutta, and ended up dating after he awkwardly asked her out. They had a nice dinner and the scene faded to black. beyond that, they continued to work together in NCR until the security breach that changed reths forever and ended up with him trying to kill her. He proposed to her a few weeks after defecting with her to Puris Axiom. They didn't get the chance to marry before he went AWOL.

"I wanted to be the awkward man that asked you over for dinner...that held you tightly and loved you and loves you as no one else has...I wanted to be here in a place that symbolizes a very monumental point in our life...a lake, much like the one on for now there are laughing children instead of screeching mynocks..."

                      -Mer'eth'skul to Anya before he proposed

Isabelle Rieva: from their first meeti
ng on Vornu, he didn't like Izzy. She treated Sera and he like prisoners of war despite the fact that they'd defected. Reths understood she held a higher rank, but once he was placed in charge of one of the Vornu military squads and made it to the rank of Captain, he called it exactly as he saw it. on several occasions, the two have butted heads, generally ending with the Battlemaster or pulling in someone to pull rank on him.

Rae Nolvi

Rae Nolvi, Sith apprentice.

Darth Avaris (Rae Nolvi): Prior to her becoming a Dark Council member, Rae Nolvi and Mer'eth'skul did not interact much, however, they did meet after the former had begun to investigate the latter's defection and its relation to Nakiya Bre'tak. They, at that time, seemed to have a mutual respect in all regards but Darth Cideon.

Darth Cideon: Prior to becoming the Emperor, Cideon was the Academy commander, and was the first member of the Axiom that Reths met. Reths swung over Cideon's moat of doom and incured the Sith's Wrath, nearly ending in Reths' death. Reths has many goals in life, one of them to see the death of Cideon..preferably by his own hands.

Chosaik'osis'naroudo: Saikosis was not a man that Reths was very familiar with, however, He knew that Saikosis was his ranking officer that he answered to when in Nightmare Squadron. Knowing that another Chiss was so high in the gave him hope that he might one day be high in the ranks of Nightmare Squadron. Currently, he considers Saikosis to be a high value target due to his orders from an unknown source.

Xaja render

Padawan Xaja Taerich during the Rakata War

Xaja Taerich: He has no ill feelings towards the red headed Jedi, as long as she never distracted Darren from a mission.

Darren Kota out of his armor

Darren Kota: Reths feels as though Darren is a son to him, He feels there's some resentment due to Reths' Imperial background...but hopes that won't get between them. Darren is his go to guy, the guy he counts on to get things done. The mission that clinched this was the mission to Bespin, where, despite being ordered by a Republic diplomat to stand down, Darren opened fire upon an Imperial diplomat, killing him (so they thought.)

[IMAGE REDACTED] Alesha: Reths' sister, who hated him...he had no idea why and never found out what she meant by he killed her clan, before killing her in a cruel, and painful manner.

Solei Pavan

Solei Pavan, Jedi and Trooper

Solei Pavan: Reths' second, yet unofficial, apprentice. She came to him for information on her slain father, a man that Reths had tortured and murdered along with the man's squad so many years ago. The two flew to Dromund Kaas to retrieve the man's rotting corpse, which they returned to Vornu to bury with full military honors. Reths offered her a position as a Private in the Vornu Defense Forces, which she accepted. She soon formed a sort of crush on the Chiss, to which he was oblivious. For a short time, it seemed as though the two might have an intimate relationship, but the idea was scrubbed from minds, as Reths is not the kind that would cheat on his fiancee.


Reths was the first Chiss character made by the roleplayer that was not either a Mandalorian, Bounty Hunter, or Sith.

Reths has the shortest name for Chiss characters the rper has created. the longest was Mita'rash'athyn.

Reths was never really intended to become a republic based character, however, The rper believed that it would make for some very interesting roleplay opportunities. two weeks later, he was offered the oppotunity to form the Republic's first military squad.