Mathes Armand Colunga
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339 Years BBD

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The Old Republic


Galactic Republic

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  • Kerrick D'dal
  • Kylin K'dan
  • Arimand Surik

Early Life

Mathes was born in the capital city of Coruscant to a most prestigious political family. His father and mother were both advisors to various politicians who served in congress. During his youth he demostrated strong connections to the Force.Both of his parents were astounded by the abilities he was able to perform, such as levitating small toys and objects. On one occasion he was even able to lift a small coffee table without exhausting himself at all. This one isolated incident would not be so isolated as it would soon catch the attention of a wondering Jedi Knight.

On that day, a young man by the name Kerrick D'dal would be the Jedi Knight who discovered the small force-sensitive amongst the middle class district of the upper city.

After having sensed the signature of the young child, D'dal proceeded to inform the Jedi Council. Upon his delivery of the potential young Jedi, the Council was in awe and gave the young Jedi Knight permission to confront the
The jedi order2

Jedi Temple

family of the child. Having returned to the district he met with the parent of the youth and introduced himself as a member of the Jedi Order. Kerrick informed them of what the Order was all about and what it was they sought for not just the Republic but the entire galaxy as a whole. Having given a brief overview of what the Jedi did and hoped to accomplish he then went on to discuss how the child had caught the interest of the Order and how he might be able to aid them in their dream.

Both parents were sad at the fact that they would loose their son, but knew that the Jedi could provide a much greater life for young Mathes then they ever could. He would provide a service for many who could not do so for themselves and in the end perhaps he would be one of the great legends of their time. They agreed to leave the child in the charge of the Jedi and asked but only one thing; that the young Jedi Knight be the one to mentor their son.

Kerrick would eventually agree to their terms and so would later on watch over young Mathes' progression through the Temple. Once Mathes had become of age, Kerrick spoke with him of a possible mentorship between the two of them. From this conversation an apprenticeship would be forged and later accepted by the Council. Becoming his Padawan, Mathes only further accelarated in his teachings, far surpassing any expectations of his Master. Through his training his connections to the Force were substantially doubled in comparison to his younger years and within a few years time Kerrick found that he could mentor Mathes no longer.

Twi lek Jedi by kiwihobbit


Before their final mission together to the planet of KhormMaster D'dal instructed Mathes that his training was coming to an end and that soon he would be ready for the Trials. Mathes felt both overjoyed, yet sadened at the fact that his Master would no longer be his Master. Though he would thank Kerrick for all he had done for him and taught him, saying that every teaching he had learned would be taken to heart. Although, there were some things that not even his Master knew about. Some of those concerning another young Padawan by the name Asati. A beautiful young Twi'lek that he had come to meet during his younger years in the Temple, but it was only now that their attachment was coming into full blossum. What was more was the fact that both Padawans and their Masters had been sent on the same mission, to the exact same world. That being the case, their attachment would be all that much more difficult to conceal and in the end they would be discovered one fateful night in the confines of one of the hutts they had been provided. It would be Mathes' own Master to be the one in discovering their secret..and it would not be in the most prettiest of ways.

After discovering what was going on between them, Kerrick had decided to say nothing to Asati's Master but would instead keep things quiet if the two Padawans would ensure that these actions, as well as their bond would no longer persist. Both would regrettably agree to his terms and their love would be left to burn out over the next few weeks and even months to follow.

New Friend & Mandalorian Wars

Shortly after having completed his mission with Master D'dal on the planet Khorm, Mathes would be apprenticed to Kerrick for only two more months before finally returning to Coruscant to complete the Trials. Upon his return he would undergo vigorous tests to see just how much he had learned during his tutelage, as well as seeing just how much further he could go with his training. To the Councils great surprise, Mathes completed the Trials much quicker then anticipated and soon the young Padawan was Knighted. Master D'dal was more then happy to see his apprentice achieve full Knighthood with the Order and even bestowed upon the young Knight a gift. The greatest gift that could be bestowed from Master to apprentice; a small holocron in the form of green stone. Within this stone would reside Kerrick's will and part of his entity, along with all the teachings and knowledge he so possessed. From this he would instruct Mathes to hold onto it dearly and treasure the gift he had given him, saying that when the need was most dire he would know what to do with it.


The Beginning of the end, Dxun

A few years after acquiring his Knighthood, Mathes would be forced into making a decision that would defy his teachings and the will of the Council. With the full outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars and the increasing threat against the Republic, the Council was torn in half by whether to get involved in the war or not at all. In a unanimous vote by the Council they had decided to wait it out and see how things transpired, finding that plan of action was needed before jumping into the flames of chaos. They would not say it, but their greatest concern was that by joining in the war there was a possibility of many Jedi falling to the lure of the Dark Side.

Infuriated by the Council's decision to not be involved Mathes would seek out others who were apathetic to the war effort, eventually finding his way to very renowned Jedi such as Revan, Meetra Surik and Alek.

From his meeting with such Jedi, Mathes would come to join in their cause as would countless other Jedi Knights and Masters who had found that action was necessary in the defense of the Republics citizen's. Many believed that it was their duty to join in the war, finding that in doing nothing they would only be supporting the Mandalorian's effort in galactic domination. On top of that many would come to suffer from the Order's hesitation.

Second Battle of Dxun

With enough support and resources, the rogue Jedi would join the Republic forces in their first full out conflict on the moon of Dxun. Here is where Mathes would come to command various battlalions of troops in a campaign that would last a few months before the Republic at last would win a major victory that would cause the Mandalorian's to fall back to the Outer Rim. It would also be here on this very moon that the young Jedi Knight would become great friends with another young Jedi by the name of Arek. Both warriors would fight alongside one another winning various battles against the Mandalorians and even gaining recognition by their superiors. However a conflict would arise between the two companions which would cause a splinter between them and their friendship. Only about two months prior to the events at Malachor V, Mathes would begin to sense a severe turn within the interets of the Republic and even more so within the ranks of the Jedi. Many had began to be corrupted by greed and a blood lust for battle, Arek being included. Fearing that he himself was turning for the worst, Mathes withdrew from the war, fleeing off into exile. In the process he abondoned Arek, who now felt anger toward his friend for having leaving at a time they needed him most.

The Republic would eventually win the war, but only a greater darkness would come to follow in an event known as the Jedi Civil War. A war in which Mathes would be forced to choose duty over friendship..

Imprisonment & Rebirth

With the conclusion of the Mandalorian Wars, another war would rise in which the once known heroes would become conquers. Those who had once been fighting to preserve the Republic from the Mandalorian threats had now become the very things they had saught to destroy. Already weakened from the previous war efforts, the Republic was completely caught off guard by Revan's desire for galactice domination. Those who had previously not taken part in the Mando Wars were now lining up to defend the Republic from the new threat that would come to be called the Jedi Civil War . A war in which the Jedi Order would be split by those who followed Revan and his minions and those who still followed the old ways of the Order. 

During the beginnings of the war, the Order struggled to maintain hold of key locations. Eventually loosing control of the planet of Taris . Here is where Revan's primary operations would be housed and maintained. Though still the Republic was amazed at how quickly the savior had managed to acquire so many resources. With the passage of time the Republic as well as the Jedi Order would slowly come to crumble by overwhelming forces. Thus causing them to seek out those who they otherwise would not previously go to for aid. Such examples would be fallen Jedi that had been exiled for their previous involvement in the Mandalorian Wars and others who had simply fallen from the teachings of the Order. Mathes would come to be included amongst the ranks of such individuals. 

Jedi Sentinal by defcombeta

Bay Analli

After having left the Mando Wars only a few months before its conclusion, Mathes had chosen exile into the Mid-Rim of the galaxy. His only desire now was to make amends for the decisions he had previouly made. Even with his self-exile he found it hard to cope with the sins of his past and even still when a young Jedi by the name of Bay Analli, came to find him in the Mid-Rim

At first he wished nothing more then to be left alone, but when Bay went on to explain the pressing situation he slowly came to understand that this was by far his greatest chance at making amends for what he had done. After a bit more covincing a bit of heart-felt words, Mathes chose to return to Coruscant, where he would face the Jedi Council for his past as well as be offered the cruelest deal of all. Upon meeting with them they would agree to wave his sins if he would do but one thing; aid them in quelling the threat by Revan and his overwhelming forces. The Jedi Knight would come to agree to these terms and quickly went to join into the war. Through the months that came to follow he came to love Bay just as much as she came to love him and both stayed close to each other, fitting alongside one another in attempts to liberate the Republic from the rising threats of Revan's Empire. However, their bond of love would come to a terrible end on the planet of Taris just a few weeks after the incident of the Endar Spire . There, Malak had taken over the rising Empire who's previous leader was now (by most accounts, dead). After having discovered that Bastilla Shan was on the planets surface, Malak went to all ends to capture the young Jedi. 

When he came to learn that Bastilla had a possibility of escaping his grasp he ordered the all out disctruction of the city below. Mathes and Bay would be the victims of such atrocity, Bay becoming one of the fatalities and
Jedi or Sith by Dark thief

Dark Jedi

leaving Mathes all the more more miserable then he had been before their meeting. Still, he stuck to his word and would eventually help to bring about the downfall of Malak and other Dark Jedi (with the help of a newly awakened and redeemed Revan & company). At the conclusion of the war, Mathes would be rewarded for his galant heroism alongside many other Jedi Knights who still remained. There would be peace for two years before yet another out break would result in which the Jedi Order would be almost completely wiped out from existence. 

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