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138 ABYEdit

Mandalorian Civil War begins shortly after the fall of Krayt’s Galactic Empire.

139 ABYEdit

Imperial Remnants attempt invasion of Mandalore system in the hopes of catching them at their weakest. This proves foolhardy as Mandalorians band together long enough to push the Imperials out of the system.

141 ABYEdit



The Truce of Concordia is reached between Mandalorian clans as clans Vizsla and Kryze are disbanded and those that aren’t executed are taken into other Mandalorian clans. The ori'ramikad codex is decided to be an ancient flimsi text of a bygone era with Death Watch destroyed.  Additionally, Mandalorian attitude begins to shift to one of low tolerance towards those that put themselves before Mandalorians as a whole.  Mando’ad Jetiise and Mando’ad Siit are hunted down and butchered along  with anyone wearing the armor that has either never proved themselves worthy of it or proved that they were not deserving of it.

142 ABYEdit

The first Mandalorian crusade in over 4000 years is started by Mandalore, Kad Ordo, in a simultaneous strike on Vanquo and Bandomeer. The Imperial Remnant, of the former Galactic Empire as lead by Darth Krayt, attempts to, once more, take Keldabe, managing to land several All Terrain Armored Heavy Transports along with several divisions, supported by two squads of Storm commandos and AT-STs. Those that survive are interrogated and many willingly join the service of the Mandalorians rather than return empty-handed.

146 ABYEdit

after conquering the Meerian and well into the territory surrounding Vjun, Mandalore te Buurenaar (Mandalore, the Storm), as Ordo goes by at this point, Declares sovereignty over the entirety of the space along the middle and outer rims of the galaxy along the Daragon Trail and Hydian Way.

166 ABYEdit

After conquering their way all the way through the Illisurevimurasi sector, the great Mandalorian Crusade of the era ends, though Mandalorians treat their newly subjugated territories with respect save for the Sith and Jedi planets. With much of the area except for the Quelii sector Under Mandalorian control, the warriors stick to defending their planets with an influx of new recruits and their heavily upgraded shield technology thanks to the Ionite of Bandomeer’s mines. Due to the prosperity of each planet under Mandalorian rule, this Golden Age of Mando’ade continued on for thirteen years, bringing about advances in defensive and weapons technology along with new ships and armor.

179 ABYEdit

The Mandalorian Fleet and army is said to rival that of even the Krayt Empire at its full strength.  Ordo, at 68 years old, dies at the hands of his Lieutenant, Atin Fett, during an argument over restarting the Mandalorian Crusades once more. This leads to yet another Mandalorian Civil War which rages still in 180 ABY.

Kal Ordo

Kal Ordo, Mandalorian Al'verd of Mirial

180 ABYEdit

Clans Ordo and Vevut stand against Fett and Skirata in a bitter war, causing the Secession of Thule and Korriban, which now attempts to destroy Mandalorians as they are busy with infighting. However, with the advanced research and technology thanks to advances made during their golden age prevents their overwhelming.

Tensions additionally mount against the Dathomirian Nightsister empire which peaked in the skirmish over Dathomir involving the Mother's Love, the Beskar Marev, and the Buurenaar Marev.

In this time, the Battle for Nierport VII occured, resulting in a victory for the Ordo clan and its supporters.

Kal Ordo Goes missing shortly after the battle for Nierport VII, Ordo Alor'ad, Sevs Ordo is placed in command in his stead.