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38 Years BBD (3,678 BBY)

  • Galaksi kills his mentor, Jedi Master Serrel, and flees Coruscant.
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36 Years BBD (3,676 BBY)

  • Learning of an underground sect of fallen Jedi on Corellia, Galaksi travels to the planet and joins them as a Dark Jedi.

33 Years BBD (3,673 BBY)

  • Galaksi returns to his home planet of Nar Shadaa, and with his new dark powers, murders his father and inherits his estate and fortune. Using his new found wealth and power, Galaksi returns to Corellia and transforms the dark Jedi into his own personal army.

32 Years BBD (3,671 BBY)

  • After a short bout of civil unrest between the members of the sect, Galaksi executes his rivals and gains the loyalty of the remaining dark Jedi. With cult-like devotion, they follow Galaksi back to Nar Shadaa where under the guise of his family business, he creates a standing military and begins funding work on a secret complex in the deep jungles of Corellia.

30 Years BBD (3,669 BBY)

  • Galaksi names himself Emperor, and calls his new army the "Black Empire". Together they leave Nar Shadaa forever, moving to their new base of operations on Corellia.
  • Further efforts are made in enlisting soldiers for their Imperial army

27 Years BBD (3,666 BBY)

  • The Sith Empire attacks the Republic, starting what would become known as the Great War. Word reaches Emperor Galaksi on Corellia of the opposing Empire suddenly coming out of hiding, and all efforts in the building of his own army are doubled. It is decided that the Black Empire would not join forces with the Sith Empire, instead they would wait for both armies to destroy themselves before taking over the galaxy themselves.

26 Years BBD (3,665 BBY)

  • Emperor Galaksi takes the idea from the Sith Empire to fashion his own Council. He appoints Oskid the Hand of the Emperor, Decimus the leader of the Imperial Academy, as well as Shem-Ra, Rico and Kamen as leaders of his army.
  • As the war continues, the Black Empire sees more and more Jedi and Sith outcasts and runaways join their army, and their power continues to grow.

23 Years BBD (3,662 BBY)

  • Oskid is found murdered with no suspect ever found. Galaksi chooses not to replace him, as he suspects a member of his Council to be responsible.
  • Decimus disappears a short time later and is replaced by Morvina as Academy Commander.

20 Years BBD (3,659 BBY)

  • Under orders given by the Emperor, Brahlis Lydeck executes Academy Commander Morvina for treason. Lydeck then replaces her with one of his own agents, Rune Marr.

15 Years BBD (3,654 BBY)

  • Brahlis Lydeck names himself Jen'ari, challenges Emperor Galaksi to a duel, and beats him to become the new Emperor. Galaksi, spared from death, flees Corellia with grievous wounds.
  • Emperor Lydeck then makes his apprentice, Vakar Sadarii, the new Hand of the Emperor and exiles Shem-Ra, replacing him with Drackonis, Lord of the Temple.

12 Years BBD (3,653 BBY)

  • Emperor Lydeck works closely with the Krull Consortium to fashion an alliance that will bolster the Imperial Army. Unexpectedly, the Krull Consortium betrays the Empire and attempts to kidnap it's members to transform into slaves. Emperor Lydeck rallies the remainder of his army and assaults Nogatan, the home planet of the crime lord Voren Krull.
  • Under the Emperor's direction, Pollux Trajan leads a rescue operation that frees the imprisoned Imperial Army while Kamen falls in battle. Pollux is promoted to General of the Imperial Army, and with the freed soldiers, leads an attack on Nogatan's moon which would later come to be known as the "Genocide of Dagan".
  • Voren Krull reveals himself as Pollux's father and is subsequently executed by the General, while his second-in-command, Krey'lun, faces off against Lydeck in single combat and is killed. Emperor Lydeck then seizes Nogatan and Dagan for the Empire, and Novus Vires becomes the new Imperial capital.

11 Years BBD (3,652 BBY)

  • Galaksi's apprentice, Winter Tel'ana, tracks down the Empire on Nogatan and, being incredibly powerful in the Force, manages to skip the Academy and infiltrate the Empire. She immediately finds her way into Lydeck's favor and becomes the first member of the Emperor's "Royal Guard".

9 Years BBD (3,650 BBY)

  • Through the help of his subordinate, Vakar Sadarii is brought back to life. He works from the shadows to infiltrate the Royal Guard with his own acolytes, eventually revealing himself to the Emperor and and starting a small civil war. Despite a valiant effort to save him on Winter's behalf, the Lydeck is overthrown by Vakar who proclaims himself the new Emperor. The armies are quick to accept him, but Pollux Trajan refuses to kneel. Lydeck is presumed dead.

8 Years BBD (3,649 BBY)

  • Civil war plagues Nogatan as those loyal to Emperor Vakar compete against those rebelling against his rule. The rebel army is lead by Pollux Trajan and Winter Tel'ana, who fight a losing battle until Lydeck reveals himself as alive. The tide quickly turns in the rebel's favor, but for reasons unknown, Winter murders Pollux on Lydeck's orders. Lydeck quickly crushes Vakar's forces from there, eventually meeting his former apprentice in a duel. Vakar is cut down by his master, who reclaims his throne and proclaim's Vakar's rule as invalid. He then promotes Winter to Director of Imperial Intelligence, as well as a Jenet/Zeltron hybrid by the name of Belhom to Overseer of the Royal Labs. Belhom eventually kills Winter, tying up the last of the Emperor's loose ends.

6 Years BBD (3,647 BBY)

  • It is revealed that Vakar Sadarii survived his death at the Emperor's hands by using essence transfer. He returns to the Empire and is immediately made Temple Lord, replacing Drackonis. It is widely believed that they had been working together all along through the civil war and that the deaths of Pollux and Winter were premeditated.
  • He marries a woman named Zeerah, who suddenly replaces Rune Marr as Academy Commander. Both Drackonis and Rune continue to work under their successors, sparking further questions about the controversy.

5 Years BBD (3,646 BBY)

  • Belhom marries Lydeck and assumes control of the Imperial Army, the proceeds to start fueding with Vakar which drags into a year long rivalry between the Temple and Army.
  • The Temple is forced to move to Dagan, where it is hoped tensions between the two branches will subside.
  • Together, the Emperor and his consort sire two children before Belhom releases a disease on the general populace of Nogatan, turning Humans into mindless beasts. Vakar refuses to lend aid during the time of crisis, and alone, the Army manages to bring the disease under control. Belhom blames the incident on Trase Scarden and has him publicly emasculated as punishment.
  • In retaliation for Vakar's refusal to aid her, Belhom fires the Army's orbital cannon at Dagan. The damage to the Temple is miniscule, but Vakar takes the attempt on his life seriously. Suddenly an army of Jedi "discover" Nogatan, and take over Dagan with no resistance from Vakar or the Temple. Instead, Vakar and his subordinates are allowed to flee to Korriban, where Vakar remains for the duration of the battle.
  • Meanwhile, the Jedi take Dagan and launch their assault on Nogatan from there. Belhom's army and the Jedi fight a gruesome battle, but the Jedi are finally defeated and driven from Nogatan, where they then disappear into space. Vakar returns once more after the battle has subsided, and convinced Vakar was behind the attack, Belhom has the Temple on Dagan bombed. A warrant for Vakar's capture is put out, and together with his wife, the Sadarii's flee Nogatan and are not heard from again.

4 Years BBD (3,645 BBY)

  • The Empire is forced to rebuild. With Vakar and Zeerah gone, Lydeck decides to finally replace the vacant Hand position, and he chooses Dash Thanos as his new apprentice. Together they rebuild the Temple on Nogatan, and raise the Sith Lord, Darth Zafrax, as Temple Lord. They then raise Zeerah's disciple to Academy Commander and grant him the title, Darth Trihilus. Together with his secret apprentice, Hesina Valenti, as well as Trihilus and Zafrax, Dash betrays Lydeck and exiles him from Nogatan, along with Belhom, forever. Darth Excrucio replaces Belhom as General of the Army, and given the new title of Grand Vizier, while Sephlyl Sejo was also elevated to the Council. During this time it is suspected that Valenti is the true power in the Empire, controlling Dash like a puppet, while the Empire around them suffers an all-time low. Petty squabbles, inner strife and conflict and power plays dominate Dash's reign.

2 Years BBD (3,643 BBY)

  • After only two years as Emperor, Dash's reign comes to an end as civil war breaks out once more. Hesina Valenti replaces Sephlyl with her own disciple, Extal Fel, and then reveals herself as an agent of a rival Sith Emperor, Vitiate.
  • The Empire itself breaks into two groups - those who choose to follow Hesina back to her own Emperor, and those who object to her schemes. Dash attempts to leave with them but is betrayed, left on Nogatan with the people he had chosen to betray.
  • Pollux Trajan, who had been in hiding since his "death" and was revived through means unknown, chooses this time to reveal himself and lead the armies of Sith. He murders Dash Thanos in his throne room and proclaims himself the new Emperor, to which nobody objects.
  • Meanwhile Trihilus makes an attempt to convince the Academy's Recruits to follow him back to Dromund Kaas with the others, but is challenged to combat by the Academy's doctor, Cideon. Cideon manages to cut down the arrogant Sith Lord and prevent the loss of thousands of Recruits, and is therefore recognized by the new Emperor and given the task of rebuilding and maintaining the Academy.
  • Afterward, Adonis Thade is made the Hand of the Emperor, and first member of the new Imperial Council, joined by Cideon who is made Academy Commander soon after. Thade takes the name Tyberius, and both he and Cideon are made Darths.

1 Year BBD (3,642 BBY)

  • Two new members join the Dark Council - Darth Feralis, who is made Grand Vizier of the Army, now named the "Legion", and Darth Siren, who becomes the new Temple Lord.
  • With a full Council, Emperor Trajan manages to repair the damage caused by Dash and the previous Council, as well as lead the Empire into it's most glorious age. The armies post record numbers of soldiers, the Academy is overfilled with Recruits and the Empire becomes more prosperous than ever before.

0 Years BBD (3,641 BBY)

  • Several Jedi land on Nogatan's surface, to which there is an immediate response by a number of nearby Sith. After a short battle, the Jedi retreat and manage to escape. Questions are asked, but nobody seems to know who the attackers were. Darth Cideon recognizes the presence of his cousins, who he knows had affiliations with the Jedi. He begins to suspect that they are the remnants of Vakar's mysterious Jedi army from five years previous, the only group of Jedi to know the location of Novus Vires.
  • Not long after, there are reports of attacks on Darth Cideon's research labs located on the planet Dathomir. He calls the armies of the Empire together to respond to the attacks after he experiences a premonition of outside forces being involved. It is later discovered that the planet's natives, along with the help of the Jedi from the Nogatan incident, have been causing trouble to lure the Empire to Dathomir. Once they arrive and are engaged planetside, the Jedi forces led by the Jedi Master Uldsseus, drop out of hyperspace on top of the Imperial fleet and commence a well-coordinated strike. Caught unaware and spread too thin, the Imperial armies are unable to fight back and nearly destroyed.
  • At the last moment, a group of Sith from Hesina's converts rush to the Empire's aid, locking the Jedi between two flanks and force them to retreat. It is learned that through sorcery, Hesina was able to brainwash her followers into following Vitiate, but due to further conflict between the converts, a large number had been freed from the sorcery. The Empire had little time to breathe however, as Hesina and the rest of the former Council appeared around them, having followed her escaped mindslaves. Together, Darth Cideon, Darth Feralis, Bain Noronel, Bronin and Joric Dryran faced off against Hesina Valenti, Darth Trihilus, Darth Zafrax, Extal Fel and Vendal Kest and managed to kill them all without suffering any casualties. With the numerous threats ended, the Imperial Army retreated to Nogatan to lick it's wounds.
  • At this time Darth Tyberius is replaced by his own disciple, who keeps the same title and rank.

1 Year ABD (3,640 BBY)

  • Darth Siren releases an unknown chemical in the Temple and affects numerous underlings. Her apprentice, Ahashra Vitriarius, gathers the infected and leads them against the deranged Temple Lord. A cure is produced and distributed amongst the infected and together, the group is able to defeat Siren. She is spared by Ahashra, who proclaims herself the new Temple Lord and takes the name Darth Abraxas.
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