Korra Quinn
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Jedi Novice

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17 Years BBD

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The Old Republic


The Enclave

In his early years as a child, Korra and his family moved to Tython after its immediate rediscovery under the provisions of the master Jedi and his father, Alto Quinn. They saw the rediscovery of this ancient and mystical home world of the Jedi as a sign. Spreading the news, many more Jedi flocked to the once lost planet. It was at this time when Korra and his eldest brother began to train under the tutelage of the Jedi masters that made council on Tython.

The world of Tython was long un-kept and the large structures built by the ancestors had become overrun by nature. Un-phased by the hostile environment, the ancient and broken halls became home to many Jedi seeking wisdom and enlightenment from their forefathers.

In matters of training, it was a great ground for Korra to practice and hone his skills. Quickly showing a natural sense for close combat fighting, his lightsaber skills soon followed with the same technique and execution.

The precision and power of Korra's strikes were his strong points, however even after being subjected to the force aura on the mystical planet for some years; he still struggled in connecting with the force and harnessing the power that was adrift in the air.

Alto could sense the frustration and knew that it would be the greatest obstacle for Korra to overcome. Seeking council with some of the other Jedi masters, Alto sent Korra to train in other ways than the physical nature that he was used to. He began to meet with an older Jedi, very quiet and mysterious. This Jedi taught Korra everything to know about the lightsaber he wielded, including how to improve, customize and create his own lightsabers.

Although very brief in his words, the master Jedi had a great influence on Korra and it was the wisdom of his words that forged the moral compass of Korra. The Jedi frequently spoke of duty, allegiance and the responsibilities attached to being a Jedi. He talked about the varying Jedi and their temperament. How the Jedi only own a single alligiance, to the innocent, those who cannot protect themselves and those who shy away from conflict.

The Jedi elder explained that it was his responsibility to protect all within the galaxy, and sometimes he must even protect those against themselves.

In the coming years, Korra grew in mind, gaining wisdom and formulating his own moral compass which focused on duty, alligiance and responsibility.