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Kenshin "Keda" Takeda
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Muse Squadron Mechanic

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Kenshin Takeda aka Keda or Kenny.

Kenshin is currently a mechanic for the Muse Squadorn, but his skill also includes inventing most anything in relation to droids, ships and cybernetics. However, his weakness in the mechanic world is programming and full neural interfaces as his own implant is purely connected at the nerves.

Combat wise, he lacks any skill that proves truly advantageous against opponents. However, he is not defenseless. He is highly acrobatic and when forced into a fight employs many traps and gadgets while making an escape, rarely if ever fighting head on.

He is considered force sensitive, but his power is just to “hear” the song of machines.


Kenshin was born and raised in an asteroid salvage colony. The colony was originally a mining complex, but when the ore ran out they needed to find a new method of income, it was a simple task to shift the smelter for the ore to fit scrap; and the colony had all the necessary tools to convert to a salvage operation. That was Kenshin's entire life, spending all day in zero gravity working on cutting apart old ships and droids to be thrown into the smelter. Over time he learned the workings of the machines, it also became apparent of his Force gift, the ability to “hear” the songs of machines. He built many small creations while at home but personal ambitions led him to leave his home to explore the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the only transport off his home he could acquire was to work as a mechanic for a large freighter, unknown to him the same freighter was used as a pirate vessel while he was onboard. Kenshin, in anger at being tricked, sabotaged the ship, killing the majority of the crew and leaving on an escape pod. From there the only place he could get to was the Enclave. From there he was mentored under Master Rieva.

Since his time after training he has created a variety of weapons and droids and his inventions now tend to lead towards offesive stuff, often experminting with new forms of weaponary and then creating a system to protect those from his own weapons designs. 

His current fields of study for weapons and ideas are: Sonic weaponary, Hologram technology, Slug throwers. Gravity manipulation tech. 


Kenshin is a highly outgoing and carefree person. This does tend to be a problem as he rarely ceases to talk. Also some find his relaxed nature at the most dire of times to be offensive. He sees everything as either a potential story to make or a test of his prototype gadgets. However his true home is in his workshop and he feels most at home surronded by tech he can cut apart and put back together and his ideas of value is based upon the design of a machine rather then actual the actual cash value of certain machines. 


Kenshin is at the basic level a human but his family are decendents of miners of a corporation which felt the need to gene splice its workers to develop better bodies for the work conditions. The genes were modified to be dominante should two people with them create a child and that child is guranteed to have those genes. To better exist in zero gravity Kenshin has slightly thicker bones to resist zero grav bone degrading, he does however need to take regular calicum tablets to replenish them as it only slows the process. His skin is also resistant to freezing so while he needs to cover his eyes and ears while he goes into space he doesnt have to cover his face or hair. 



Kenshin is a borderline master of cybernetic upgrades, needing to learn the field in order to maintain and adapt his own missing right arm. He only takes custom orders for his designs and none of his creations are just a limb, always having weapons or tools built into them to better suit the user. Currently has 2 designs and both belong to himself. Edit

Omnitool: His first arm was created to act as a singlur tool kit for the inventor. The arm has a series of devices that his arm can deploy. The grip is tight enough to squeeze bolts and the servos within the wrist allow it to act as a powerful wrench. Hidden along the bottom of his hand (the space between  pinkie and wrist along bottom of the hand) can deply a power saw and upon activation is strong enough to cut through steel. His whole arm can fold back into the forearm and deploy a sodering tool to weld steel back in place. Within the elbow is a power drill for situations that require it. Finally within the upper arm just after the shoulder is a single ion charger that upon voice activation pulses disabling nearby devices, primarily used for rogue droids. 
DJ/Soundwarfare: This arm looks rather strange as it has elongated slender hand with a bulky forearm. Upon activation the forearm deploys a hovering computer while at the shoulder two hovering disks deploy. The computer folds creating three surfaces. It creates a screen, keyboard and a speaker system with the keyboard intersecting the other two at nighty degrees. The two disks both house small simple AI's as well as their own sound systems and holographic displays and when all three work in unision can create music and excellent light shows. However on command Kenshin can amplify the sound output of the three sound systems. Each making use of different frequency for combat as well as using their holograms for offensive purposes and while he uses his computer as a mixing board for music it can be used to hack nearby terminals. 


Kenshin loves droids the way the walk talk and go about their days and from that love he enjoys creating a variety of them for just about any situation he could use them for. He does focus on using them for combat situations that he himself would be worthless in and while each one is to him a work of art he doesnt mind watching them be destoryed as to him it means their design was flawed and was in needed of upgrading. He also tends to shy away from a mass produced model, thinking each should be a unique creation rather then a run of the mill build by the dozens make, with a few small expections. Edit

Salus: This droid is a concept Kenshin realized he was weak in and acts as his ships medic or even field medic should the need arise. The droid is a backpack sized droid that Kenshin packed a full medical suit into and designed it like a spider. Each of Salus's eight legs have a spefific tool for the job of healing but when not in use they can all click together letting it cling to the back of who ever brings him. The abdomen also houses a small but precise medical suit Salus can use for the more aggersive injuries that it cant fix via its external arms. Its had as 3 rotatting eyes that provide it different levels of zoom to access damage and housed within its head is a dart launcher to provide short range seditives or posion depending on orders to slightly protect those its in the process of healing. 
Jeetar: Kenshin's first attempt at a combat droid. Jeetar is a humanoid designed droid with a large bazooka connected to his right arm but has to lift and use it manually, those allowing the arm to be used while the cannon isnt in effect. His left arm conceals a pile driver allowing the droid to make rather powerful punches in combat. Finally over his left shoulder is a rapid firing blaster that can swivel to face almost 360 around the droid to shoot at sepreate targets. Design flaws are that the droid while reinfornced from blaster fire can easily be disabled via ion or EMP's. Also all of his vital components are housed within the head making headshots against the droid a weakness. 
Contago: This droid was designed with defense first and combat second. The droid has thick bulkly limbs and within its chest houses a strong generator to power a personal shield. This droids tatics is to march forward, acting as a shield for the others on the team and upon the loss of its shield it stops hunkers down, tucking its limbs in to become a large chunk of cover once the shield is recharged it stands back up and keeps marching forward. The only weapons the droid carries is a large combat knife and a high voltage castor over its right shoulder, unforuntatly in order to fire it must deactivate its shield. Primary weaknesses of the droid is a lack of heavy combat power and the while its shield is powerful upon shutting down it does take fifteen seconds to power back up. 
Alexander: Easily the droid carrying the most firepower of all his designs Alexander was bult to handle a highpowered blaster rifle as his primary and utilizes four long range missles that rest in "wings" along both of his shoulders. While frail the droid works best at long range and struggles to make good in close range situations. The droid's eyes also deply a variety of scanners to keep tabs on its targets including night vision thermal and light x-ray scanner. The primary weakness of this droid is that in close range its useless as none of its weapons are effective in close range and the design is light and offers little protection as its supposed to hang far back and provide long range support. 
Banshee: This droid was the first creation that was designed with the concept of anti force weaponary in mind. With that concept the droid makes use of three highpowered sonic cannons mounted in both hands and head. The droid is also light and very frail, barely a skeleton under the shawl it wears as part of the theme to try and make its victim uncomfortable. To provide some resistance against force attacks the droid uses a jetpack to hover and only stands on its own two legs if its either out of fuel or the jetpack is damaged. The weakness of the droid is that it lacks a truly lethal weapon as sonics are not effective killing tools and that it relies on fast attacks and flying to harrass and disable targets rather then stay in prolonged combat. 
Attack Swarm: A series of small droids that are about the size of cell phones. They take the form of large beetles and but made of steel that Kenshin allows to crawl under his clothing and are on standby for combat situations. During a grapple the droids will eagerly transfer from their host onto the attacker and use their small  but sharp manibles to bite and tear at the target. They are not intelligent machines and have two simple voice activated commands of attack and stop. If damaged or in risk of being pulled off their victims the droids detonate like small grenades in an attempt to take their target with them.

A recent topic of interest for Kenshin is the protection of others and thus has been experminting with various armor types and developing an understanding for the weakness and strengths of various types and has a few ideas in mind for combining his skills in hypertech to create powersuits that are a cut above the standard armor types. Edit

Techweave: His own personal armor that he wears for himself, while it lacks any effective combat use the thin fibers is air tight and upon activation can seal up creating an airtight suit for him to go out into space as he often does for both fun and to work on his ship. When combined with his rebreather goggles and earplugs he has an easily working space suit on a moments notice. 

Hypertech: Edit

Ships and vechicles have always been a facination and love for Kenshin, having been around them since a child and learned how to build and use them from the ground up. He understands how they work and operate as well as a doctor understands a body and his skills allow him to repear maintain and upgrade them and in some cases with enough time and materials build his own models. He treats each project like an augmentation, they need a purpose beyond just being a ship be it for cargo warefare of speed his makes tend to have one idea in mind. Edit

The Tale: This ship was orginally a gift from his mentor Rieva and she took great pride in the fact that none of the orginal parts were from a combat ship thus giving the ships song to Kenshin a wonderful feeling of flight and freedom. It broke his heart when due to upcoming battle Kenshin in order to make use of her in combat added a series of weapons to its design. However despite his additions the ship only has four heavy blasters along its wings (2 each). The ship allow has an elongated corrider between the cockpit and the main body which on the outside has a dozen attack droids that can be deployed to attack and protect the ship. In the inside of the ship the corrider provides storage and a micro workshop for Kenshin. The body has four rooms in the each corner which make use of folding funiture to provide the people inside a refresher, a cabniet and a bed. However only one of these items can be out at a time as the room cant fit all of them at the same time. The ships design prevents it from being the most agile of all the vessels but its engines are strong allowing Kenshin to make long trips with a little less difficulty. Also the ship makes use of his AI partner Karen and has a weapon just under the cockpit which fires harpoons designed to create a system bridge between his ship and theirs and from that bridge letting Karen mess with and disable the ship under Kenshin's orders. 
Indignationem: Kenshin was given acess to a battle tank to provide a way for Kenshin to provide support during a mission as his skill set prevents him from engaging in direct conflict effectivly. Once the tank was in his workshop Kenshin got to work on it in an effort to create a tank and he took great effort to cram enough firepower into it to act as a group of tanks in a singular package. However due to the overabundance of firepower Kenshin relies on Karen to assist him and he drives while she controls the guns under his orders. The main cannon has a rapidly adaptable cannon allowing it to not only fire different ammo types but differnent weapon types. Like splitting down the middle to from a rail gun or sealing up with a series of barriers to act as a amplifying chamber to create a sonic round. It also has a varity of missles hidden beneath the hull at several locations. The ship has both hover and direct contact modes of transport for speed and control depending on which he is using. He also modified the ship to work well with The Tale to allow orbital drops and triangulation between the tank and the ship to allow long range attacks with the longer ranged shells the tank provides. However the ship is very suspectable to EMP's as many of the systems are automated and require a reset should they be taken off line. Also while it has many ammo's and attacks at its disposal the flaw Kenshin failed to address is its lack of ammo allowing the tank to be a whirling storm for a few minutes but then runs out of ammo shortly after. 

Character Sheet

-Droid tech (Expert) -2

-Cyber tech (Expert) -2

-Cybernetic implant (x 3)3

-Musical Instrument 1

-Piloting (expert)-2

-Light armor- 1

-Hyper tech (expert)-



-Armortech (Master)3


--- Subtotal Points (Skills): --15


Total Points Spent: --15


Base Rank Points: --

Bonus Points (Veterancy): --

Bonus Points (Posts): --

Bonus Points (Membership): --

Bonus Points (Accolades): --

Bonus Points (Competitions): --

Bonus Points (Referrals): --4

Bonus Points (Random): -- 1

= Total Points Earned: -- 3


Power -6

Agility -10

Will -4






- -





-Areana (his ship)

-Omni tool arm

-DJ arm