Julius Crassus Algethii III
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Yavin 4 (Former)

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3,820 BBY (First Body)

Date of Death

3,639 BBY

Physical Description





6'5 (Final Body)


Likely 310 lbs of muscle (Final)

Hair Color

Blackish-Grey (At Final Death)

Eye Color

Blue-Green (Former). Yellow-Orange (Sith)


Unknown (Former Algethiius King)

Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic Era


Formerly Algethiius Empire


Former King, Rogue Sith Lord

Known Masters

Mitsunarius Maximus

Known Apprentices

General Nobunaga, Hyperion Algethii (Very indirectly)

Family Information





Several (All bodies)

Elder Siblings


Twin Siblings


Younger Siblings



Julius Marcius Algethii, Caius Corialanus Algethii IV, and nine others


Dantius Octavian, Hyperion Algethii, & Christopher Algethii (Grandsons).


First of Algethiius line


Connor Talos (Through Dantius)

Relationship Information

Several (All bodies)


Many (All bodies)


General Nobunaga (Eventually).


Arek (Pre-Onderon), Tenebrosi Sanctuarium (Triumvirate)


Varoh Tihber (Pre-Triumvirate), Numerous Shadow Wraiths (Servants)


Christopher Algethii


Arek (Post-Onderon) & Mathes Colunga

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Juyo & Jar'Kai (Lightsaber). Echani (Hand-to-Hand)


Various Dark Side & Neutral powers with a couple Light Side.



Other Skills

Etiquette & Lightsaber management skills

Miscellaneous Information

Lightsaber whose hilt is shaped like that of a sword (Last Life).


Julius Crassus Algethii III was born to a long and ancient line of Kings on a world now forgotten to history and initially ruled as a kind and even-handed Prince. But his heart became dark and corrupted when a Sith sorcerer appeared and trained him in the ways of the Dark Side. After he usurped his father's throne, he ruled tyrannically to the point of killing any who dared to so much as question him whether by running them through his blade or strangling the life out of them with the Force. This especially proved so when any who questioned him also mentioned that his father was a kinder man than he was now. He would go through several bodies, see the fall of his Empire, and remained trapped on Nathema for nineteen years before his grandson finally found him and brought him to Nogatan. From there, he traveled to his estate on Yavin 4 and began a campaign whose sole agenda was to destroy his grandson who was destined by prophecy to destroy him. Crassus would duel with the younger boy on more than one occasion and keep up his campaign with the help of his small droid army, Shadow Wraiths, and Elite Guards from his days as King. He would keep up the fight until he eventually died, his soul unable to escape from its current host and his fate sealed forever.

Early lifeEdit

Lord Crassus was born nearly 260 years ago on Algethiius, beyond Known Space. When he was born, his father built him estate on Yavin 4, Taris, Kamino, and Mustafar for his own use later on. Throughout all of his childhood, Crassus was a kind, wise, and even-handed child who knew when to be gentle and when to be firm. But his heart began to grow dark with a greed that came with the vast wealth he had collected both at his father's expense and of his own design. 

By the time he reached his twenties, with the aid of a Sith sorcerer named Mitsunarius Maximus who has long since been forgotten by him, Crassus not only became aware of his connection to the Force but also how he could use his greed, anger, and hatred as a fuel. After the construction of his first and only lightsaber, mastery of many of his current powers and saber techniques, Crassus defeated and banished the sorcerer and usurped the throne from his father. Then he assured his reign by violently executing any and all supporters of either his father or his three brothers. Marrying off all seven of his sisters so as to form ties with neighboring monarchies, Crassus began a conquest that succeeded in uniting his people through violent bloodshed and hate. 

When he was ninety years old, however, he became deathly ill and upon touching a young boy who had no ability to resist his power, he transferred his essence and cast the boy's soul into obilivion. Realizing the convenience in having young boys who had no willpower to resist him when he replaced their souls with his own, he started picking orphans off his streets and preparing them for becoming his next host. Many of these lads rebelled even when he offered them leisure for the rest of their existences and he killed them all himself. The rest were subdued as a result of the fate of their more resistant peers, only one of them becoming the host when it was time.

This act offended the priests he consulted so much that they even prophesied that should one of his eleven sons have an illegitimate son of their own, that child would grow up to destroy him. Immediately, he married off his ten existing sons so as to also further strengthen his ties with the peoples he conquered. But each of these sons would eventually disown him and he was forced to use his superior power to quash them all. His youngest son, Julius Marcius Algethii, not only fearing what would happen if he was caught but also heeding the warnings that came with his brothers' demises, met in secret with a woman named Beatrice and conceived a son with her. 

Crassus eventually found out by means of the Shadow Wraiths he had created from each dismembered piece of his previous sons and razed the planet looking for this bastard grandson of his. But thanks to his then-current wife's defiance, as well as that of his second youngest current son and his family, both the child and its parents escaped. Though Chris escaped, Crassus caught up with with his second youngest son and his family, killing his son and his daughter-in-law. However, he took his eldest grandson Hyperion to his temple on Yavin 4 and left his younger grandson Dantius to remain in a seven-year coma before vowing to pursue Chris.

Shortly thereafter, Crassus' empire fell apart and his transport crash landed in Nathema where he would be stranded for nineteen years. In the meantime, Dantius found his own way to survive and thrive whilst Hyperion slipped further and further into darkness as he intended. 

Rescue From NathemaEdit

Not much is known of what happened to Crassus during his stay on Nathema but it is certain that he sustained himself on meditation imbued with the power of the Dark Side whenever necessary. He also took this time to master the lightsaber styles with which he was gifted even before being forced to depart his homeworld forever. Fortunately, he also had enough time on his hands to develop mastery of more than a few of the Force powers he would eventually use against Christopher. But before he was trapped, he developed a holocron and six messenger pearls that, if obtained, would reveal who the prophesied grandson was to the Dark Lord so he could begin his plans immediately.

Chris found the holocron and all six pearls, finding Crassus on Nogatan and rescuing him. Initially, he welcomed the boy with warm arms as he was likely the only family that was alive until he found out about Chris' mother. And initially, he also allowed Christopher to make Crassus' existence known to the Sith Academy Instructor known as Lucian Eidolon , who would eventually become the Kaar of Discipline in the new order of the Axiom. Then, one night, he and Christopher came into a disagreement and the boy vowed never to rest until he fulfilled his destiny and destroyed the older man. 

Vengeance on TarisEdit

As a retaliation for Christopher's hostility towards him, Crassus went to Taris with a single objective in mind: kill Beatrice and settle the score with her if he could not do so with his son. Via the help of a young boy with a record a mile long or more, Crassus found where Beatrice was hiding. But before he could go in, the boy demanded more than he had originally asked for; this defiance forced Crassus to take back the credits he gave and throw the boy over the bridge connecting Beatrice's apartment to the rest of Taris.

The boy would fall at least three miles to his death in the Lower City while Crassus dealt out punishment to Beatrice in the Upper City. While she did manage to put up more of a fight than he had anticipated, she was no match with her blaster pistol (a gift from Christopher). Her firing arm was severed from her body as was her head, sealing the fate of the love couple that destroyed Crassus' original empire. Then he left as though nothing had happened and gave no external indication that something had indeed happened.

The events that followed would eventually culminate into a duel between the Dark Lord and Christopher, who was assisted by a Mandalorian warrior named Je'ka Cuyot. This happened shortly after Crassus restored his Temple on Yavin 4 and began making preparations for the successful deliverance of his vengeance and other plans of his own design. 

Duel on Yavin 4Edit

It wasn't long before word of Beatrice's death had reached Christopher's ears nor long before the boy tracked him down to his estate on Yavin 4. By this time though, he had acquired the services of a Mandalorian warrior named Je'ka Cuyot who had met him by chance back on Nogatan and agreed to help him. After a brief exchange of words, Crassus sent several dozen droid soldiers from his days as King against the boy and his friend. While they destroyed them with relative ease, Crassus laid a trap for them both and waited until they were in the right spot for it to be sprung.

The unfortunate detail of this trap was that the younger men would be surrounded by more droids to the point where they ran out of thermal detonators, ammo for their pistols, and were forced to resort to vibroblades and hand-to-hand techniques. Then he decided, for honor's sake, to take them on himself and was disappointed at how Christopher and Je'ka fell before him with relative ease. He even had Chris under a punishing volley of Force lightning for several minutes before he used Force Rage to free himself and escape alongside the Mandalorian. Shortly thereafter, Chris and Je'ka would go their separate ways whilst Crassus eventually made a new friend: an Arkanian Sith Warrior named Varoh Tihber. 

Reunion on ManaanEdit

Before meeting Tihber, however, Crassus would have a healthy suspicion that he could not fight against his grandson alone and thus sought to have recruits. He tried Manaan, a water world not too far away from Yavin 4 and not entirely unlike the estate he had on Kamino. Immediately, upon asking, he was directed to a bar known for having many smugglers, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and other scum. Coincidentally, Chris was there and had by then made acquaintances with a Jedi-in-training named Mathes Colunga

Together, the two of them fought against Crassus and his ability of Force Illusion, which forced the two to flee after he used it to gain an advantage over them. And when his enemies arrived at Mathes' ship, Chris stayed to stall him until Mathes was ready for quick exit. Though he would not be able to take Chris' life today, he did manage to slash him diagonally across the chest, above his right eye, and stab him in a non-fatal area, inflicting the most severe pounding that Chris had received to date. But Mathes bravely saved Chris' life by firing his ship's turrets at Crassus though he had no intention of killing him. 

Once again, Christopher had escaped Crassus and the Dark Lord figured it was not best to stay on Manaan any longer. He returned to Yavin 4 just in time to meet Varoh, who had been brought to Yavin by the Force energy given off by the duel in Crassus' temple. Their first and only dealing together was a simple one: dispatch Christopher on Naboo, where his Wraiths had located him to be by that time. But by then, Christopher had recovered from the beating on Manaan several months before and would be ready to face Crassus and Varoh just in time.

Skirmish on NabooEdit

"Shall I pursue him, Master?" "No, let him go. His failures and misdeeds will catch up to him faster than you can. Be sure of that." -a Shadow Wraith and Crassus on Varoh Tihber.

With recruitment at Manaan impossible, Crassus returned to Yavin 4 briefly and realized that he had done so in time to meet an Arkanian warrior named Varoh Tihber. Tihber was gifted with the use of Makashi and the double-sided lightsaber, the former being another style Crassus knew and the latter being one he knew how to counter. Together, the two of them gathered resources that could easily topple a small planetary government in the form of one cruiser known as the Titan, droid soldiers and guards from Crassus' days as King and the Shadow Wraiths who were beings created from each of two hundred pieces of Crassus' ten oldest sons. After that, they tracked Chris to Naboo where the three had a duel with him after an attempted ambush failed.

By wielding two vibroblades to a proficiency that surprised both of them, Chris managed to sever Varoh's left arm, forcing Crassus to issue a retreat. After that, Varoh replaced his arm but also lost faith in Crassus' ability to be a ruthless Sith Lord but was only truly triggered into action when Crassus killed his pet howlrunner Vetreo and decapitated him. The two dueled but Crassus proved too powerful for Varoh when he used Force Illusion to create three duplicates of himself and fought him with Juyo as four people. The Arkanian then beat a hasty retreat and used an escape pod to evade Crassus' killing blow.

Immediately thereafter, a Wraith asked if he should give pursuit to the Arkanian to which Crassus stated that it was better to let his "failures and misdeeds" catch up to him. They did when Sedita Helion exacted revenge on Lord Tihber for a previous offense. 

A New AllianceEdit

After absorbing all of Varoh's assets and making them his own (including the smuggler Captain Lani Escora), Crassus would find himself troubled by the lack of usage of his resources. While he had managed to reactivate his droid foundry on Yavin 4 and Kamino as well as the cruiser assembly line on Mustafar, his Wraiths could not find Christopher. Worse still, he was stuck without a plan for retaliation or escaping the scrutiny of both the Republic and the Sith Empire. But then, as the will of the Force would have it, a demonic warrior named Arecio Antipas and the enemy of an Imperial soldier known as Tenebrosi arrived.

As fate would have it, Arecio and Master Colunga were old enemies that had nearly fought and destroyed each other. Better yet, Tenebrosi had some relations with a member who knew Christopher called Caxkj that ended up becoming revenge against the man. Crassus, seeing that they had hardly a strategy or resources to sustain galactic conquest, offered his droid foundries and assembly line as well as the entirety of his wealth and his skill in Battle Meditation to assist them.

Unfortunately, the Triumvirate was only able to acquire Onderon, the Hapes Cluster, and a handful of other systems before they were forced to stop in their path of conquest. Beforehand, Crassus had attempted to acquire the aid of the Nobles of Serenno and the members of the Inter Galactic Banking Clan on Muunilinst before concluding his accumulation of resources with his obtainment of his stockhold facility. Unfortunately, the stockhold was no longer worth any money and had been that way for eighty years and the Muuns refused to join Crassus, stating there was less to be gained by doing so than by not. He would reveal his failures to Lord Antipas when it was more convenient to do so but informed Lord Sanctuarium that he could use Serenno for his own designs which would conclude in conquering Manaan for the Triumvirate. 

Shortly after the success of conquering Manaan and the Hapes Cluster, however, Christopher was spotted rallying the people of Manaan to freedom. At the same time, Chris' fiancee Claudia was spotted with several Republic allies, aiding a revolution to topple Lord Antipas on Onderon. The latter deed was completed first but during the former, Captain Escora was killed when Christopher destroyed the Titan in the skies above the waterworld. These failures surrounding him and the likeliness of his defeat being imminent high now consumed him. 

This was especially confirmed when both Tenebrosi and his enemy Cax were beaten into submission by their former master, Cortenebrae. Combined with that, Arecio returned from Onderon for the last time to report that the revolution had successfully routed his forces and driven him to the Hapes Cluster. Crassus let him live after beating him in a duel but vowed that should he and Arecio be separated in their duel with Christopher, Crassus would not hesitate to simply step back and let Christopher cut him down; it was something he would come to regret doing. 

Death by Christopher's handEdit

Though Crassus had been forced to abandon his temple on Yavin 4, he was more than compensated with the Hapes Cluster. Sweeping aside the old matriarchy and establishing a rule not unlike what had been created on Algethiius before his destruction of it, he was ruthless and efficient in his conquering of it. He enslaved those he could and killed the rest whilst making the men of the Hapes Cluster his officers and his slavers with them answering to his guards and the Wraiths. All, however, would answer to him in the end and for a couple months, it was the way of things in the Hapes Cluster.

But an event was brewing on the horizon and Crassus knew it was only a matter of time before Christopher found him again. It happened after Onderon was salvaged from Arecio Antipas who was redeemed to the Light and reclaimed his identity as Arek. After having Commander Cassis stall Crassus' fleet, Christopher and both of his Jedi friends were transported by Claudia to the capital world of the Hapes Cluster. However, Crassus ordered no opposition to their arrival and additionally desired a Wraith to show them to the Throne Room for the final confrontation.

Upon arrival, he examined Christopher, Mathes, & Arecio who had decided to go by his birthname of Arek once more after abandoning the Dark Side. After the examination and a brief speech about the inevitability of a final confrontation, he rammed into Christopher with Force Step before seeing the Jedi face him alone. But instead of withdrawing his lightsaber, he used Tear Knowledge to extract all the information about their past that he could possibly obtain. He then concluded the attack by throwing them out with Telekinesis and setting in motion the illusions he would use to break them.

His plan was simple: he would use the illusions, imbued with the information he extracted, to break the Jedi and bend them to his will. He would then make them a deal based on what they had gone through which involved one killing the other in exchange for beneficial gain. Though Arek was weaker of will, he was not broken due to the fact that he had the least to lose of the two Jedi however, the same could not be said of Mathes. After supposedly experiencing the death of his daughter Felony by his own hand, Crassus came to Mathes through one of his Wraiths.

The deal was simple: kill Arek and he would levitate Mathes, his family, and his beloved Bay into a paradise so grand that it would make the netherworld of the Force look like a common pearl. And the paradise would be so eternal that he and all the people he loved would live in it even when all else presently alive was not even dust. Mathes agreed and hunted down Arek for a duel though Christopher intervened and violently purified Mathes of his desire for the Paradise before ordering Arek to take him and retreat to the ship.

Christopher & Crassus would first start their duel through Jar'Kai-Jar'Kai combat before Crassus would shift into his mastery of Juyo with Christopher shifting into Niman. The duel would last until Christopher managed to outsmart Crassus by first blinding him with his own blade and then impaling him with it as well as his purple saber. However, the old man outlasted this and even touched Christopher in order to begin Essence Transfer upon the boy. In the Cosmos of Chris' Mind, Crassus first told Christopher of how their fighting was based on their willpower.

Then he also compared Christopher's deeds to his own and told him of how they weren't all that different from each other like Christopher believed. But Christopher rebuffed this and the duel began with their skills in martial arts being the means by which they fought while their willpower and their Force attunement would enhance their fists. However, after several long moments of exchanging blows through their martial arts and the fury of their hearts, Christopher triumphed over Crassus and cast him into the vortex of oblivion behind them. But before accepting his fate and after having his powers absorbed by the vortex, he became enlightened as to the evils of his deeds.

He warned Christopher to always remain between the Light and the Dark, never once stepping into one or the other for any extended time as was the true meaning of being an Algethiius child. Then he accepted his fate and died after 258 years of existence as a bearer of the Dark Side of the Force and a fallen Prince of Algethiius.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

As a result of having lived as a prince his entire childhood and having been a King for all of his youth, Crassus is

Crassus was a man of thought and often displayed as much whenever he was not involved in a duel against his grandson.

not used to things going according to plan unless he has preparations for something better. He also hates being caught by surprise for any reason and often makes preparations to fight the enemies he has to destroy before actually fighting them. And when allies turn on him and attempt to kill him, he is able to quickly calculate what abilities and what style of lightsaber combat he may need to deal with them. This is evident when Varoh Tihber lost faith in him after the duel on Naboo and attempted to assassinate him.

Christopher AlgethiiEdit


Crassus often has visions of Chris destroying him and foresees this upon his demise.

Christopher is Crassus' grandson, born illegitimately by his youngest son and a woman named Beatrice. Because of his parental status, Christopher was chosen to fulfill a prophecy foretelling the death of Crassus at the hands of a firstborn bastard child of one of his sons. The two of them have dueled on several occasions with either Crassus gaining the upper hand and severely injuring the younger Algethii or Chris injuring an ally of his and forcing him to retreat. Initially, Chris looked upon Crassus with respect and honor but when Crassus insulted him in a duel in the simulation chamber, they became enemies and continued to fight each other on several occasions until at last, Christopher fulfilled the prophecy and ended Crassus' life forevermore. 

The younger Algethii is the first since Crassus himself to have attunement to the Force. He would also prove to be the far more powerful of the two of them in their final duel where he managed to beat Crassus in saber combat and resist his attempt at essence transfer to perfection.

Varoh TihberEdit

Varoh Tihber

Crassus' first ally, Varoh Tihber eventually attempted to betray Crassus after losing faith in him during the duel on Naboo. However, he was forced to retreat by Crassus' lightsaber skills in combination to his use of Force Illusion.

While he gave the Arkanian Sith Lord known as Varoh Tihber more freedom for insult than most, Crassus viewed him as little more than a pawn with bonus privileges. He established no special ties to the Arkanian and took over his cruiser, the Titan, along with the captain and crew after Varoh attempted to murder him. But Crassus had enough respect for his skill in combat that when one of his Shadow Wraiths offered pursuit, Crassus let him go and state that the Arkanian's "failures and misdeeds will catch up to him" faster than the Wraith could. True to form, Varoh was eventually killed by a vengeful Republic soldier named Sedita Helion.

Arecio Antipas

The second member of the Triumvirate, Arecio nearly attempted to assassinate Crassus but was dissuaded when the man laid out an entire conquest plan for the galaxy. He would eventually be defeated and redeemed to the Light during the Salvation of Onderon. He would help Chris and Mathes in the Hapes Cluster but was forced to carry both out of the Palace after Mathes was wounded and Chris rendered comatose.

Arecio AntipasEdit

Like Varoh before him, Crassus would view Arecio as little more than a pawn to be used to gain his vengeance against Master Colunga for preventing Crassus from killing Christopher on Maanan. While Arecio had managed to take Onderon and its resources for himself, he knew that the wealth and abilities of one planet would be insignificant if trumped down by the Republic or the Sith. So he offered his own wealth as a bargaining chip in forming an alliance with the demonic Sith warrior. Crassus would eventually dispose of this pawn just as he had seen to Varoh's elimination but not before the demon had served his purposes well.

However, a change of events compelled him to force his own hand upon the darksider when Arecio saw the light and returned to his former identity, vowing to help Mathes and Christopher in Crassus' destruction. It was during the following duel in the Hapes Cluster that Crassus nearly managed to kill Arek by turning Mathes on him through the usage of Tear Knowledge and Force Illusion. But Christopher's intervention prevented this from happening and Arek retreated with a wounded Mathes in tow before facing Crassus alone.

Tenebrosi SanctuariumEdit

Tenebrosi Santuarium

Initially only desiring revenge against his enemy Caxkj, Tenebrosi was persuaded by Crassus into becoming the third member of the Triumvirate. Unlike the other two, he would survive the dissolution of the Triumvirate only to disappear thereafter.

Like Arecio alongside him, Tenebrosi was little more than a pawn to Crassus and in comparison to the demon, not as powerful. In fact, Crassus was far more fearful of Arecio becoming too out of control than he was about Tenebrosi though he watched both with an alert eye wherever possible. Tenebrosi would be convinced to join him with the same offer that he extended out to Arecio and the boy approved, saying it would work to their mutual benefits to unite against the people they hated most. Like Arecio, Crassus planned to eventually dispose of Lord Sanctuarium but was beaten to it when Tenebrosi's former Master (who also trained Caxkj ) arrived and defeated them both in a three-way fight. Tenebrosi's fight after that, remained a mystery to Crassus but it set in motion the end of the organization as would eventually come to fruition thanks to Christopher and Mathes Colunga

Dantius Caius Octavian AlgethiiEdit

Axiom Photo 1

Younger brother of Hyperion Algethii, Dantius would prove to be the one that Crassus desired to pass the throne to more. However, Chris' birth thwarted these plans forever.

"In a holorecording he left me, Crassus told me of how I was the only who could ever persuade him to feel remorse with just my presence. While he could be affectionate for Hyperion in the grandfatherly sense of the word, he never could get that way with him. I wonder... why me?" -Dantius' private thought on his grandfather's ways.

Though he was only there for the first five years of Dantius' life, it was enough to where Crassus decided that Dantius himself would be the best candidate to succeed the throne when he decided it was time to leave. Not only would this settle any grudges that he and his tenth son had between each other, it would also mean that the most qualifying candidate for succession to the Algethiius throne. However, sometime after he announced that Dantius was destined to succeed him on the throne, Christopher (Dantius' younger cousin) was born and Crassus razed the planet to the ground in a struggle to find him. The struggle was lost though and soon, both Crassus and Dantius' parents were back to feuding against each other though this time, Crassus finished them off for good.

Not long after Christopher's successful escape with his parents, Dantius and his brother were led away to do the same by their parents before it was too late. But Crassus caught on, shot down their shuttle, and pursued them himself. In the chaos of it all, Dantius had had a shard of durasteel sent into his head which would have killed him had Crassus decided to take the strip out of his head and bring him back from the brink enough to where Dantius landed in a coma. After that, Crassus only left behind a holorecording in his temple explaining why he made that choice and the hope that Dantius would understand. Nineteen years later, Dantius found the holorecording after a fight with Seth al Ugolio and did eventually find out why Crassus saved his life.

Hyperion Corialanus AlgethiiEdit

"If all goes well, both Hyperion and Dantius may yet prove to be my greatest successes. Even with the Empire destroyed, they both are still of use to me and I intend to squeeze every ounce of that usefulness out of them even if I must award them for their efforts posthumously."

-A statement that Hyperion would read in a memo he would eventually find of Crassus after a scuffle with his brother that'd cost him his legs.

Axiom Photo 2

Older brother to Dantius Octavian, Hyperion was denied the throne in exchange for indirect apprenticeship under Crassus after the destruction of Algethiius. This would have severe consequences for both brothers, later on.

Born as the elder brother to Dantius, (by three years) Hyperion would be denied his birthright to the throne by order of Crassus when it became clear that Dantius had superior potential as a King of Algethiius. The reason this was so important to Crassus was because he had plans to leave the Empire and see if he could start again in Known Space, expanding his grasp on the galaxy from the inside out and eventually uniting both Known Space and his Empire. As such, he needed someone who could continue the Empire and keep his line going long enough without losing the dignity of the Algethii clan. But this did not mark the end of any usefulness that Crassus saw in Hyperion, in fact, it had only barely begun the potential usefulness Hyperion held for him.

After the shuttle crash that would see Dantius rendered comatose and the murder of Hyperion's parents at Crassus' hands, the King decided to take his grandson to a secret facility he had at an undisclosed location where he would have two Wraiths and the Algethiius' own Captain of the Guard train him in his present-day skills. Once Hyperion's training began, Crassus set out after Christopher and his parents but would crash on Nathema until Christopher arrived (nineteen years later) to rescue him. Though he was slated to die before he could see the fruition of Hyperion's harsh training, Crassus would likely have been pleased to see Hyperion contrast Dantius on everything in as radical a way as he did.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Though he would eventually lose this ability except to try it on Christopher, Crassus displayed prominence in Essence Transfer which allowed him to expand his life far beyond its natural boundaries. Beyond that, he proved gited in many forms of lightsaber combat and several of the deadlier Force powers such as Force Illusion and Battle Meditation. But some of these abilities would be discarded as his Battle Meditation eventually would be until his death.

Force PowersEdit

Force Protection was one of the few powers that Crassus did not use (besides an incident with Arecio rebelling against him). He only used Force Choke once against Mathes and used Force Lightning on Chris during the duel on Yavin 4. His skills in Battle Meditation helped Arecio in succeeding in his military campaigns for the Triumvirate and even gave Tenebrosi some greater influence over the recruitment of Black Sun. However, this was also never used again like many of his abilities.

He used Force Illusion whenever he was about to combat a skilled Sith Warrior such as Varoh or the other members of his Triumvirate. Coupled with one of the more aggressive forms of Lightsaber Combat, Crassus was able to overcome alomst all opponents he faced or force them on the retreat. Some might have considered such a strategy to be overkill but Crassus replies to this by saying that he uses what he knows to work and nothing more. Crassus also used Tear Knowledge in combination to Force Illusion in an attempt to destroy Arek and Mathes Colunga when they arrived to the Hapes Cluster with Christopher.

He successfully turned Mathes over to the Dark Side with promises of a paradise that would last eternity and would see Mathes remain with his family in exchange for Arek's blood. Though neither Jedi died, its purpose had been fulfilled when both men retreated and Christopher fought him alone.

Towards the final moments of his life, Crassus attempted to conduct Essence Transfer on Christopher and nearly succeeded. However, Christopher found the power to beat him back via willpower and his love for Claudia, casting Crassus into oblivion forever and fulfilling the prophecy at last. 

Lightsaber SkillsEdit

Crassus was trained in every style to at least the extent that he could counter outside use of them if need be. However, he specialized in Juyo which  would make him a more-than-adequate killer. Though he was often regarded as an excellent wielder of any of the seven main forms, he mainly stuck to using Juyo. He would use only Juyo (despite his esteemed understanding of all the forms) against Christopher in their final duel though it would be to no avail as Chris had gathered the skills and power he needed to finish off Crassus in that duel. Nonetheless, he was able to give his grandson a good final show before his departure from the realm of the living and into that of the dead at last. 


Both appearance and middle name is an honorary reference to the Laurence Olivier portrayl of the villain in Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Spartacus where Kirk Douglas played the titular character. 

Julius is a generally used name for many Roman officials along with names like 'Marcus' and 'Caius'.

The fact that Crassus is the third to bear his full name is a reference to how Roman nobles frequently had up to a minimum of nine people who bore one whole name in particular. Cleopatra's full name (Cleopatra VII Thea Philopater) is an example of this same thing happening not only in men but women as well.