Isabelle Rieva
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Enclave Battlemaster

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  • Half-Human (father)
  • Half-Zeltron (mother)



62 inches

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The Old Republic

  • Republic Council Member
  • Enclave Battlemaster
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Venii Drosur

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Early LifeEdit

"I'm Isabelle, but everyone just calls me Izzie."
―Isabelle to her instructor, Venii Drosur

Tyner Rieva, father to Isabelle Rieva, is a Human farmer on the planet Zeuta. He never had a drive to join the Republic and fight in the war that raged on between the Republic and the Empire, and so never did. He met Isabelle's mother, Yasmine, when she had come to the planet for business. The pair met and it was believed that Isabelle was conceived then. Though because Isabelle is Force-sensitive, it's speculated that Yasmine was already pregnant when she met Tyner.

Isabelle can only remember her mother as having purple eyes and bright, vibrant, pink skin. The rest of her body was covered with baggy material and a face mask as a form to try and hide what she was and avoid any sort of physical attraction that males naturally had to Zeltrons. Isabelle always remembers her father as a hard worker, who was always out in the fields to ready the crops and selling them at the market places to the best buyers.

Isabelle was loved by both parents though and it was difficult for Isabelle to be sent to the Enclave on Vornu. But both parents saw it fit to do so, rather Isabelle be aligned Republic than a Sith either find interest in her and take her or for a Sith to see her as a threat and kill her.

The EnclaveEdit


"Um, sorry Master I...slept in?"
"Of course you did," her voice was not as mean as it might have been, "You do so every day."
-Isabelle and Venii Drosur

Isabelle's first interaction with the Battlemaster as an Initiate was not a good one. Venii Drosur easily quieted the Initiate's voices and inticed them with their words. All of Isabelle's class drawn into the Mirialan's voice, except for Isabelle. The Initiate had been looking out a window at the sun, completely ignoring the Master as she spoke, longing to be outside instead. And the Battlemaster had confronted her, but instead of scolding Isabelle, she had actually shown great interest in the child.

After their first interaction with one another Venii Drosur called her to her chambers where she had to answer riddles. Though Isabelle struggled a bit, she proved her understanding and in turn completed Venii's assignment for her. At this time she also proved her joking and trickster nature, when Venii questioned her what a Jedi's shield was, Isabelle simply grinned and said "a padawan." Though most Master's would scold Isabelle in her goofy nature, Venii seemed to always indulge her trickster ways and naivety.

At this time too, Isabelle and Venii shared a vision of the future. And though it didn't seem to affect Venii that much, it bothered Isabelle relentlessly. She had nightmares and feared that the vision meant more than a simple interaction with the man that they had both seen. But when Venii dismissed her questions the first time, Isabelle decided it wasn't worth bringing up anymore than it already was.

Her next interaction with Venii Drosur was the Instructor teaching her how to move objects with the Force, though her overconfidence finally pushed her to ask to move something more challenging than rocks. Venii obliged and took her to a small man made pond where she instructed her to use the Force to make the water rise. Her overconfidence made the Initiate fail, which disheartened her greatly. But with a little bit more motivation and another trial a

Venii Drosur - Isabelle's Instructor, Master, and former Battlemaster

nd error, Isabelle finally did so.

Her last and final assignment with her Master was in a cave. Venii had been teaching her saber techniques and so Isabelle had believed that the pair would be sparring once more, but the Battlemaster had instructed her Initiate to venture into the cave and retrieve a box. At first Isabelle was wary of her instruction, only having a training saber with her, but Venii Drosur encouraged her that she would be waiting for Isabelle on her return. And so Isabelle went to do as she was instructed.

Walking through the cave, Isabelle's minor fear of the dark was known as she had been singing horribly off key and to a tune only she could hear to fill the silence as she moved on, using her saber as a light so that she could see. She didn't come across any trouble finding the box, and she was fine until she fell and hit her head clumsily. When Isabelle came around, the man in her dream was there and ignited a crimson blade. The two battled with the man being the victor, but Isabelle woke up, revealing it to be nothing more than a dream. When she returned the box to Venii, the Battlemaster revealed the box to be empty. And if Isabelle wasn't scared from the dream that she had just had she probably would've given Venii a sarcastic remark, Isabelle couldn't even thank her properly when she gave the Initiate one of her sabers that could be attached for a duel saber staff.

And with that Isabelle was the first graduate of the Enclave.


Isabelle's Spire is called Patience after one of her main characteristics. Many people, even Jedi who are

expected to be patient are surprised at Isabelle's ability to stay calm in any situation and be patient with others and situations. Whereas her Master's Chambers was in an enclosed area, Isabelle decided to favor her love for being outdoors and made her Spire the perfect garden that anyone could be jealous for. When Initiate's first walk into the Spire they see the Pond where Isabelle usually greets them. Once through the arcs, a forest maze is kept to some times be used to test an Initiate's patience to move through the maze, usually retrieve something that was valuable to them that they had given to Isabelle to hold in possession, and then return it. And finally a small hidden area that no one knows about besides Isabelle and her own apprentices.

The Enclave Instructor took on many Initiates, most of them being Jedi. And in her time, Isabelle found out how lucky she was to have a loving Instructor like Venii Drosur. Most of the Initiate's she came across either lost their Masters during the sacking, or had their Masters turn into Siths. Leaving Isabelle uncertain how to go about training them, and unsure if they would have walls that would be put up. But Isabelle got through any and all barriers and was able to graduate her Initiates if she felt that they should.

It was during this time that she boasted her own view of Venii Drosur, and thought of her as much stronger because of her survival during the sacking and still being alive today. Which would be her ultimate downfall when having to face Dathomir.


"The other Jedi was of no consequence - he sensed some power inside the blonde, but it was not significant enough to pose any threat."
Darth Cideon on Isabelle

The Republic had surprise on their side, and their greatest weapon: Venii Drosur. The Battlemaster at the time would go into a Battle Meditation to help defeat the Empire who attacked the planet. Isabelle Rieva chose to stay with her Master and accompany her on a war vessel, considering she had little to none experience at all, she felt it was for the best.

Two Sith, one Isabelle recognized from a vision, another she had never seen entered their war vessel. At first Isabelle was worried of blocking them off somehow so that they wouldn't hurt the rest of the crew of the vessel. But it turns out the two Sith were looking for the pair, or at least one of them. At first the group chose to stare each other down, measuring each other's power and uncertain with how to react.

Finally, the first attack was thrown, the apprentice Rae Nolvi threw up her two blasters and shot at Isabelle. Isabelle deflected the attack before the two apprentices completely engaged one another. At first just going back and forth, looking for one to falter so another could gain the upper hand in the situation. Rae saw her oppurtunity and shot Isabelle's lightsaber from her hand, making her weaponless. Isabelle's Master, Venii Drosur, saw her chance though and quickly blocked back two attacks that the Sith's apprentice shot and knock
Rae Nolvi

Rae Nolvi, Sith apprentice.

ed Rae's own weapons from her hand before Venii returned to engaging the Sith Lord.

Isabelle Rieva and Rae Nolvi then engaged in hand to hand combat. Their small match ending in Isabelle's favor where she then went to engage her Master's opponent in an attempt to simply distract the Darth - the one which she did not know his name - all Isabelle was trying to do was give her Master an opening. She fought with the form Soresu though much as when he gazed upon her, he only fought her to almost humor her, though his irritation at how she dared to challenge him was slowly growing. But, the Sith apprentice was able to come to from Isabelle's hit against her head and looked on to see her Master fighting the two Jedi. Hoping to make things even and possibly make an opening for her Master, Rae Nolvi stabbed Isabelle in her shoulder to the point where there was bone. Venii Drosur seeing the attack as well, cried out for her padawan, the Darth saw his chance and attacked Isabelle's Master killing her.

Being left with two Sith to one, Isabelle knew she was outmatched. With the insistance of Venii Drosur that Isabelle believed to be a Force Ghost, she hit an exposed pipe to distract  Rae Nolvi and then fled quickly to avoid the Darth though he held no interest in Isabelle whatsoever.


After Dathomir and the loss of her Master, Venii Drosur, Isabelle didn't have the ability to accept her Master being dead. In doing so, she created a Venii within her own mind who still spoke with Isabelle and consouled her on her every move. And because she believed that Venii was a Force Ghost, and strong enough to only make herself visible to Isabelle, she didn't follow in her Master's footsteps and take her position as "Battlemaster of the Enclave".

Because she could see, feel, and hear Venii, Isabelle was certain that she was indeed alive. So it wasn't rare to see Isabelle talking to herself, many brushed it off as she just simply rambling her thoughts, but upon closer inspection, she was having a full conversation on her own. And when a member of the Enclave, Ethane Fallenstar called Isabelle crazy and then attacked Venii, Isabelle became defensive and attacked the member as well to stick up for her fallen Master. When Gil-ch found the pair, he broke them up and it was only then that Isabelle was able to accept that Venii was dead and her mind was working against her.

She left the Enclave with him to sort out what was going on in her psych.

Upon returning, Isabelle Rieva took up the position that her Master had been training her for since she was an Initiate and became the Enclave Battlemaster where she strives to still be as great as a battlemaster as her former Master. Isabelle likes to think that she has come to terms and accepted her Master's death, but often time Isabelle has thought of revenge upon the Sith that had slain her Master in front of her.


Gil-ch "Fallenstar" Giauc

Gil-ch "Fallenstar" GiaucEdit

First MeetingEdit

"So Isabelle, Izzy? May I call you that? So much easier than saying the whole name. And of course you can call me 'Gil' if you so desire."
Gil-ch 'Fallenstar' Giauc| Gil-ch]]'s first meeting with Isabelle

During a time when Isabelle's Instructor and a fellow Initiate's Instructor, Slaine Drucker's, were both on leave, both Initiates wound up meeting one another. Uncertain with what else to do with themselves, Isabelle convinced Slaine to go out into the capital city of Vornu with her, Damphi. Upon exploring the city, the pair both found "Serrocco 34" a club that was actually run by Slaine's Instructor at the time, Sylen. The pair entered, danced, and enjoyed themself before parting to get some air.

As Slaine went to get Isabelle a drink, she noticed a man watching her. Earlier she had noticed a man following them, and so her curiosity led her to approach him and speak with him. She found his name to be Gil-ch. The pair exchanged words, Gil-ch appearing to be quite interested in her, though at the time she naively thought it was simply because two Jedi were in a club, it wasn't necessarily against a Code but it was against the rules for an Initiate to leave the Enclave. The two were able to keep each other entertained, unshamefully flirting with one another before it was broken up by none other then the owner and Slaine's Instructor himself, Sylen.

After getting in trouble, Gil-ch revealed himself as Sith and with the help of Ethane Fallenstar the group was able to get the Sith to leave with the least amount of violence as possible. Gil-ch revealed the soft spot that he held for Isabelle when he was about to harm another Jedi for trying to stop him, but she intervened and insisted he was a stronger, and even better person then that. Not wanting to risk destroying the trust he had created with Isabelle, he didn't harm the Jedi, much. This wasn't the last meeting between the pair, but definitely an opening to the pair to grow.


After their first meeting, it seemed as though the two somehow managed to meet each other over and over again. Their next meeting, Gil-ch had been the one to find her. His interest in the female Jedi and curiosity had him meet her in her own bedroom at the Enclave on Vornu. The pair spoke with one another, mostly talking about their views, Isabelle inquiring as to why Gil-ch "fell" as it was mentioned in their first meeting that he had fallen as a Jedi. He explains that it wasn't because of "love" and that love wasn't what led others to the dark side, hate and anger, maybe, but not love.

Their next meeting wasn't an official meeting. After Gil-ch had met Isabelle on an occassion, she naively believed that she could also go to Nogatan (where the Sith reside) and see him as well. On the way there, she met Ikus Ra who was in the sparring room and caught the presence of the Jedi. But a Jedi in the Temple wasn't that hard to spot and quickly Isabelle had the attention of not only Ikus, but the Temple Lord Silan. Ikus broke the control panel to the sparring chambers and demanded information from the Jedi for her safety, Isabelle didn't understand what he wanted from her, and naively mentioned she was just looking for Gil-ch. The female Temple Lord finally got into the sparring chamber and found the pair. Ikus had been trying to help Isabelle escape but couldn't do much, as him helping a Jedi would get him killed as well. When Gil-ch's besfriend Verrin stormed through the Temple at the presence of a Jedi in his home, wanting bloodshed and vengance on any Jedi that might have killed his daughter, Gil-ch quickly to try and help Verrin in anyway possible. When Gil-ch finally found out that it was Isabelle that was in the Temple, he found himself battling his friend in order to stop him from attacking Isabelle. The fight distracted the Temple Lord, giving Isabelle the chance she needed to leap out the window, using the Force to slide down the towards of the Temple and run to her ship and return to Vornu.


Ruins of Dantooine

"What's wrong with me? Do you know what the Sith do to those they think are just traitors!"
―Gil-ch to Isabelle

Isabelle wouldn't hear from Gil-ch in a long time, as she had gotten him in a lot of trouble with her accidental slip up. When she finally did see him again, it was after settling a diplomatic relations on Dantooine. Sensing Gil-ch, she found him in the ruins there where she confronted him, he snapped at her in anger (which was reasonable as it was Isabelle who had not only gotten Gil-ch in trouble with his Vizier, but also made him go through pain that Isabelle could never imagine). At first his anger getting the best of him and the pair getting in a verbal assualt, but when it was obvious that Isabelle was scared that the Sith Lord would attack her, he reminded her that he would keep his word upon their second meeting (the one at night), "I said I'd never hurt you, Izzie, I'm a man of my word." Afterwards, Gil-ch convinced her into a spar, Isabelle at first being hesitant to fight him, but soon accepting it. The small spar quickly turned into an emotional battle as he trained her, telling her to allow herself to feel when she fought, to not just be an emotionless brick wall, that if she kept everything pent up, it would be a distraction. The only reason why it had ended in a draw was because Isabelle delivered a head-butt to Gil-ch when he believed her to be down.

Afterwards, Gil-ch revealed his "disease" to Isabelle. After their sparring match it seemed as though Gil-ch had simply over done himself, but after the persistance of Isabelle, Gil-ch perfermed a Force Drain upon Isabelle, enough just to make him be able to last until he could find a better fit but it still left Isabelle feeling as though she had just ran ten miles, yet was still cold. Afterwards, the pair were broken apart from Ethane, who had went on the assignment with her, he returned her to the Enclave and Isabelle would wait until they met once more.

The fourth, and final time they met was on Isabelle's home planet, where her parents resided, Zueta. Gil-ch insisted on sparring with her once more after hearing that she had gotten away from a Bounty Hunter, he wanted to ensure that the Jedi could protect herself without him there. But because Isabelle was new to allowing her emotions to roam free, she became too aggressive and failed to pay attention, she landed a hit on his ri

Isabelle's mother, Yasmine.

b cage. Immediatly, Isabelle turned off her saber and went to his aid, but he would need rest. The only place she could think to go to would be her parent's home, she took him there which only seemed to allow her parents to jump to odd conclusions about Isabelle and Gil-ch (her mother, though only knowing Isabelle as a baby and the woman she had grown into be, was excited at the idea of grand children). After the night had gone, Isabelle had slept in the same bed with him, Isabelle's mind wondered to the Code and how she was uncertain with what they were doing was wrong. When Gil-ch was returning her to her ship, Isabelle brought up they shouldn't be friends anymore, the reason she gave him was because she was a Jedi and he was a Sith. Unknowingly, Isabelle didn't want to be an obiligation to Gil-ch, or a weak spot for him. She also hoped that maybe if she told him them being on opposing sides of the war would convince him to join the Republic.

But he had left.


Once Darth Feralis, Grand Vizier of the Legion, had heard of one of his underlings ( Gil-ch ) had some sort of connection with a Jedi, he hunted down Gil-ch and put him on trial. But the Council couldn't prove anything, and Gil was able to easily talk his way through the Council, explaining he was just getting close to the Jedi so that he could use her. The Council was unable to pin anything on Gil-ch and therefore simply gave him a warning to end whatever he had with the Jedi completely, which he agreed to (as they weren't even seeing each other anymore anyways). But Darth Feralis wasn't at all satisfied with the outcome the Dark Council chose to take, even deciding to go against the Emperor himself.


Gil-ch 'Fallenstar' Giauc

When Gil-ch saw the Grand Vizier once more, Darth Feralis interrogated him further about the Jedi, but Gil-ch refused to give away anything in fear that he would risk the safety of Isabelle, and of course the safety of himself. When Feralis attacked out of pure rage, he beat the Sith into a bloody mess. In his rage, Feralis used Force drain to drain Gil's force energy, close to the point where he was almost dead. Once the anger and rage had finally disappeared, Darth Feralis knew that if Gil-ch had been found, that he would face trials himself for defying the will of the Emperor. In a final attempt to hide his own mess, he called upon Kaos, one of Feralis' servants, and ordered her to take him away, far away into Republic territory to be executed and for the Jedi to be framed as the one's that had murdered Gil-ch.

HK-50, Gil's handy assassin droid, awoke when the ship was in movement to find Kaos. The pair battled before HK-50 gained the upperhand and knocked the woman unconscious. But because Gil-ch held the Echani in such high regard, the droid knew better than to kill the woman, so instead tossed her into an escape pod and sent her on her way. The assassin droid had been preprogramed, just in case something did happen to himself, Gil-ch had programmed his droid to take him to Vornu, where Isabelle was. The droid did as he was told and took his Master to the hospital in the Capital city of Vornu, Damphi. Once there, he ordered the nurse to contact the Enclave and get ahold of Isabelle as well.

Once Isabelle had arrived to the hospital, she had confronted Gil-ch but found that he didn't remember anything (not his name, not who she was, where he was, etc). Isabelle took it upon herself to name him Leon, and give him a fresh start that he had said that he had wanted so long ago.

Recovering MemoriesEdit

During his time at the Enclave, Gil-ch didn't remember anything about himself. Isabelle took it upon herself to be certain that no one told him of who and what he really was. This proved difficult as Ethane Fallenstar was the son of Gil-ch (unknowingly, though they shared a strikingly close physical resemblance), but Ethane harbored a very strong dislike towards Gil-ch as it was the older Fallenstar who had embarrassed and beat Ethane in some sort of confrontation. But somehow Isabelle managed handling Ethane, keeping Gil-ch's true identity a secret, and being the Instructor (she was not yet promoted) of the Enclave.

Isabelle always knew there was something, or someone, trapped in Gil's mind. But the ex-Sith Lord had never told her what was trapped, and with his memories, Isabelle dare not ask him about it or accidentally remind him of what he once was. And Isabelle didn't learn of what was in his mind, until that someone had grabbed control of Gil's mind.

Isabelle and Arkanus Serren, a former Initiate of Isabelle's, found Gil-ch in a secluded area. And because Arkanus let it slip what Gil-ch really was, " Leon's " control over his own mind was gone and Gaap, an ancient Sith Lord and what was hidden inside Gil's mind, had broken free of his chains and now had control over Gil's body. Arkanus and Gaap had an epic duel where Arkanus was stabbed and nearly killed. Isabelle took the time to confront Gaap, who, though powerful, was not stronger than Isabelle. But when Gaap acted as Gil-ch it made her falter, but that was also when Gil-ch took control to restrain Gaap. Isabelle then used the Force to force Gaap back into a cage in Gil's mind, binding him with strong Jedi powers before going to Arkanus for him to be healed.


After Gil-ch recovered his memories, the pair returned to their normal lives and picked up where they had left off months ago. The pair secretly shared Isabelle's large apartment, provided to her through the Enclave. The pair got into small spats, Gil-ch jealous of Isabelle spending time around Tabasco Jones, Isabelle becoming jealous of him spending time over Rebeth, and aftter a few arguments the two put it in the past.

Because of her title as Battlemaster, Isabelle was often away from work, though. This brought more tension upon their relationship as Isabelle was often very tired, though she never was too tired for their p

Isabelle's wedding dress (designed by her mother, Yasmine)

hysical relationship. But the stress soon became that that was all their relationship, physical. But Gil-ch patiently waited nights alone until finally he had a night alone with her.

It was here that Gil-ch proposed to the Battlemaster with a beautiful ring made of silver with a blue lightsaber crystal. Isabelle said "yes" and was scared, nervous, and excited to finally be a bride-to-be. She kept the engagement a secret, keeping her ring hidden beneath her tunics but always kept it on her person. Of course Isabelle would be inviting her parents to come to the wedding, and she encouraged Gil-ch to bring someone as well. At first Gil-ch attempted to bring his close friend, Verrin but because his new alliance to the Republic, he wasn't able to do so. Gil-ch then went with his first apprentice, Arkanus Serren who was happy to join and keep their engagement a complete secret, as he saw Isabelle as a little sister. And so with her parents, Arkanus, and Gil's HK droid, Isabelle became "Isabelle Rieva-Fallenstar".


Almost immediately after their marriage, things only seemed to go down hill from there. Isabelle insisted that she go with Gil-ch to help find his son, Ethane Fallenstar, who had fled Vornu in plans of going to seek some sort of power that Lyria, Gil's ex-wife, promised him. Though Gil-ch didn't want to, Isabelle said that she wasn't leaving her seat, and dared him to make her move. Knowing she was stronger in the Force than he, he allowed Isabelle to come.

Isabelle had just found out two weeks ago she was pregnant, but her Masters had only taught Isabelle celibacy. The battlemaster understood what a pregnancy was, and hse understood a miscarriage could occur if her abdomen was somehow damaged. But Isabelle rarely ever got injured on the battlefield, and desperately wanted to be there for her husband for support. What she didn't understand, nor know, was that if her body was to fall under immense strain or be in a stressful environment, she could indeed have a miscarriage.

The pair met up with Verrin who too wanted to support his friend. The pair ended up being seperated, Verrin going with Isabelle and Gil-ch going alone. Isabelle was tasked with fighting, and not blowing Verrin's cover, which she was able to do, though cutting it close a couple of times. When they arrived to the main chamber, they ended up joining once more, but that was also where they confronted Xaphans, Lyria, and Ethane. Isabelle accidentally let it slip that Ethane was the son of Gil-ch in a snarky remark, which immediately angered Ethane as he charged his father. Isabelle cursed, but was quickly attacked by Lyria and was soon stuck in her own brawl, while Verrin took on Xaphan (who had fought him years before.

Gil-ch managed to gain the upperhand in his fight against Ethane, who then promptly ran to fight another day. Isabelle knocked out Lyria, too much of a Jedi to actually kill the woman who had once saved her life, and with the two free helped Verrin defeat Xaphan.

His spirit lived on though, as he quickly went for the most powerful of the three, Isabelle. When he attempted to take over her body, Isabelle promptly fought back to free herself of his cltuches. Her fighting back resulted in a miscarriage, and when Isabelle saw the death of her unborn child, Xaphan took over her body and threw her in the darkest pits of her own mind where she promptly grieved her loss, not wanting to fight anymore. As Gil-ch was forced to fight off Isabelle, Verrin having been injured, he demanded that Xaphan release Isabelle at once. But it would be the spirit of Venii that knelt beside her and told her that she needed to regain herself once more, with encouraging words from her fallen mentor, Isabelle fought off Xaphan in her own mind and sent him away, but not dead.

The EndEdit

After her miscarriage many fights ensued where Isabelle was too depressed to argue with. She allowed Gil-ch to yell at her, as all she could do was apologize. Afterall, when she learned him to merely be a ghost, Isabelle had wanted to give him a child to look after so that he had someone to love him still when she passed. Gil-ch was infuriated with his wife, upset that she didn't tell him that she was pregnant, and even more upset that she came along, not understanding the sheltered life she had lived and how she had been ignorant about a pregnancy.

While Gil-ch grieved over his loss, Isabelle didn't have time to. Her job demanded that she put on a proper smile and continue to teach to the Enclave. Which she did so, Gil-ch said that her wife didn't care for the death of their child, even though it kept Isabelle up late into the night. Only when her body was exhuasted from sleepless nights and crying did it promptly shut down on her and force her to sleep and regain her strength, only to go through the same routine of mourning.

When Gil-ch had started being more and more abscent from their home, Isabelle thought that he simply had gotten rather busy with his life and was moving on from Isabelle's mistake. Afterall, he had a club to run (Nightcore), and was taking on apprentices quicker than Isabelle could graduate them from her Enclave. It wasn't until her friend one night, Zeric, came up to her and explained what he had seen, or rather heard: Gil-ch and a woman entering Nightcore's elevator and then getting a bit more than friedly with one another.

Isabelle had simply given him a "thank you" and then allowed him to leave. She had stayed up waiting for him to return from Nightcore, asking him how his day went as he promptly went to shower. She smelled his clothes, and indeed there was perfume on them. After that, Isabelle grew more obsessed and paraonoid of her husband's whereabouts, like any wife would. She would track him in the Enclave's securiety, smell his clothing for more perfume, and some times even quietly stalk him. With the storm of emotions that settled into her own mind, she blocked him from their bond (painful to both parties) in order to shield him from her anger with him. But when she did so, Gil-ch was furious with her for doing so and kept away from her as some sort of payback. The two, stubborn, ended up being silent towards one another. It was during this time that Isabelle found comfort in her former Initiate and brother-like friend, Arkanus Serren. He comforted her and allowed her to stay in his apartment until she was able to face Gil-ch once more.

But when she was able to face him once more, he was not there.


Isabelle has many abilities through the Force due to her training from her Master, Venii Drosur. Though she struggled as a Padawan, that only served to feed her determination more so. Now she can use Telekenises without a flaw, some minor telepathy to communicate with others, she prides herself in making a Force shield that's able to withstand plasma rounds (though is shattered immediately afterwards), and many more abilities.

Because of her persistance and hard work with the Force, Isabelle had to give up soemthing. Isabelle is strongly against violence, like most Jedi. She will only use her saber when it is absolutely necessary, and therefore made sure that she had a strong defense and didn't use as much offense with her lightsaber. Even in lightsaber combat, Isabelle will attempt to use the Force (persuade them to become more civil,  try to distract them with a simple mind trick to disarm them, or even manipulate the environment to her advantage). And because of her small size, Isabelle is quicker and more flexible with her movements, but doesn't pack much of a punch.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Isabelle usually prefers simple Jedi tunics and pants. She wears glaves that travel up to her elbows, that hide a scar given to her, courtesy of Gaap. Some times she might wear Jedi Master robes, or even a skirt if she needs to be professional (mostly to Council meetings or to greet a Senator). But she always wears brown laced boots, that are worn from all the battle that they and she have seen.

Isabelle naturally has pink hair, like her mother. But because she fears that others might look down upon her if they knew she was half-Zeltron (for example, slept with the previous Grandmaster, Ulysseus, to get her position as battlemaster), she bleaches her her hair so that it comes off as more of a white. Some times she'll dye her hair as well, so that it looks a bit more blonde even. She has bright brown eyes, that often time in proper lighting could look crimson. She has a scar that is blackened, running from the crevice between her middle and ring finger, spiraling up and coiling around her elbow. She also has a scar on her shoulder, courtesty of  Rae Nolvi.

She is not curvacious at all, which is surprising with all the attention from men she receives. Someone might assume she has something on her body because of it. But no, her chest is small and barely noticeable in her thick tunics (if she wore her hood up she could be mistaken as a very young male), and she has a very flat abdomen. The only thing big on her is wide set hips, but even those are bony and look as though they might puncture her very own skin.


Isabelle is a ver
y brightly spirited person. She wants to live every moment that she can to the fullest because she knows as a Jedi she makes very many enemies and strongly believes that she doesn't know when her death would come. Because she's half-zeltron, Isabelle is often known as being rather "dim-witted" and quite naive, but unlike most, Isabelle realizes she's both of these traits and works in an attempt to hopefully no longer become them. She had a very innocent view of the world, but after Venii Drosur's death, Isabelle came to understand that good doesn't always triumpth over evil.

Isabelle, though greatly innocent, pure, and naive, can be very wise and calm when it is expected of her. Often times when she is addressing politics or someone who is being rather immature, Isabelle falls into this mode as she knows that it works for the best. Most would say that her suddenly changing into this calm, mature figure head is scary because it is unexpected from such a bright person all the time.


  • The only reason why Isabelle was named such, was because I wanted the nickname "Izzie".
  • Isabelle started out as a very two dimensional character. She had a name and a personality, nothing more. She didn't have much history (no parents, date of birth, home planet, etc), and because of this plain-ness of my character, I had every intention of killing her off the moment I graduated. I'm glad I didn't.
  • Isabelle wasn't originally a hybrid, she was originally just Human. She also wasn't intended to be seen as sexual, at all. As she was flat chested and barely had any sort of figure. But because she did so, she was changed 3 months after she was created, into a hybrid.
  • Isabelle is scared of flying.