Harvest Day was an annual Galactic holiday originating from the Tapani Sector. Although the exact origins of the holiday have been lost over time, it was known that it was first observed by the original settlers of the sector, commemorating the first harvest.


Harvest Day fell between the months of Yelona and Relona and was celebrated with feasts or banquets. The holiday marked the beginning of the harvest season, and was a public holiday with businesses, shops and schools closed for the duration. For farmers, it marked the beginning of the harvest season.

Harvest Day was typically spent amongst family and friends, with large dinners being prevalent amongst observers. Once night fell, children would dress up in various costumes and visit neighbouring households for toys and sweets. This practice was the adoption of another festival named Hallowe'en, which was first observed in other parts of the Galaxy.

Other NamesEdit

Harvest Day was also known as "Thanksgiving" and "Hallowe'en" by some citizens.