The Galactic Standard Calendar was the standard measurement of time in the Galaxy. It centered around the Coruscant solar cycle. The Coruscant solar cycle was 368 days long with a day consisting of 24 standard hours. The standard unit of time was the standard second. Sixty standard seconds made up each standard minute, and sixty minutes made up each standard hour. Each day consisted of 24 standard hours. A standard week was 5 standard days, and each month was seven standard weeks (consisting of 35 standard days each month). A standard year was 368 days, composed of ten standard months, three fete weeks, and three holidays.

Days of the WeekEdit

  • Primeday
  • Centaxday
  • Taungsday
  • Zhellday
  • Benduday

Months of the YearEdit

  • Month 1: Elona
  • Month 2: Kelona
  • Month 3: Selona
  • Month 4: Telona
  • Month 5: Nelona
  • Month 6: Helona
  • Month 7: Melona
  • Month 8: Yelona
  • Month 9: Relona
  • Month 10: Welona

Holidays & FestivalsEdit