Fondor Wastes

"War…war never changes."

In the aftermath of the misnamed “Second Galactic Civil War” Fondor struggled to make ends meet due to under the table deals with numerous organizations. The short story is that the planet went bankrupt and its citizens began to tear each other apart. 

In 85 ABY, the Guildmaster of Fondor was forced to let many shipyard workers go under the guise of replacing the workers with droids. This was the first in a long series of layoffs, though no one knew the reason other than those in higher positions.Two years later, in 87 ABY, the Guild governing structure and economy of Fondor completely collapsed. The shipyards had become the targets of pirate raids and frequently could not be used any longer…the Academy of Engineering and Design had become nothing more than a boarded up shell of its former glory. The native Fondorians went extinct due to the immigrated species blaming them for the collapse as well.

Within four years, upkeep of the reactors all over the planet was at 0% and as such…they melted down, causing cataclysmic destruction across the planet, converting it totally to the desert wasteland that it once only partially was…save for the few areas that were simply toxic wastelands. However, there were various underground shelters with botanical gardens and several other accessories necessary for sustaining life.

At this point, there were only drones above the ground, Drones powered by an unknown force, carrying out an unknown will..

By 125 ABY, some of the landscape had been reclaimed by nature itself, restoring its previous state before mass industrialization. Some smaller factions had formed aboveground as well.

Wasteland scavenger by jflaxman-d535uvf

Brotherhood merchant

Brotherhood of Salvage: an organization that made their living by travelling from place to place, trading and selling what they found at each stop and every ruin. They are respected by most factions as they provide supplies where they can in exchange usually for a place to rest, food, and water.

Wasteland by lindbalk-d30o129

Only known image of the seekers captured Via remote drone

The Seekers: A wandering Force using faction…they traditionally destroy any that stand in their way. However…there are never more than two…making them the smallest faction to be counted amongst the factions at the time.

The Hunters: heavily mutated immigrants from other worlds that were caught in the fallout of the exploding reactors, Hunters were the fastest and deadliest of the three factions. Tales of their destructive nature were legendary among Brotherhood merchants within the underground shelters. While nearly blind, their senses of smelling and hearing were unmatched.

By 140 ABY, the Seekers had vanished and were replaced by more factions as nature reclaimed more of the planet and the debris in orbit was still thick enough that no ships larger than a small strikefighter could manage to get through….only to have the pilot killed or eaten…sometimes they were dead when the Hunters began feasting on them…

Wasteland scouts by derbz-d342f3q

Captured still of one of the Akk Dog patrols covering a Brotherhood caravan

Breyn's Akk Dogs: What few offworlders were able to make it past the debris of the shipyards formed the Akk Dogs. Originally they were simply mercenaries, protecting Brotherhood merchant caravans. Later in their history, they became full fledged members of the Brotherhood and both Breyn and his group name were lost in the sands of the barren desert that covered much of the planet.

One Shelter moved aboveground and reformed the first city since the planet’s collapse:

1200x711 203 Dead city IDsoftware 2006 2d sci fi city ruins post apocalyptic picture image digital art

New Oridin City

New Oridin City: built within the ruins of the city that had been bombed out by the Anakin Solo, New Oridin City was predominantly an industrial complex…albeit a primitive one by galactic standards.

However, below the surface, the Tunnels became the largest city, spanning nearly the entire planet. This gave rise to the largest faction in the history of post-collapse Fondor.

By 175 ABY, civil war had again broken out between the surface and tunnel dwellers while the Hunters had all but gone extinct. Five years of war later…and the surface is once more barren while many of the tunnels are now filled with Hunters in addition to the usual dwellers below the surface.