Fall of the Hapes Cluster
Events Before: Negotiation at Serenno, Events Concurrent: Defense at Manaan, Events After: 2nd Duel on Yavin 4 Result: Matriarchy completely overthrown, Crassus becomes new ruler with little to challenge him if anything.
Vital statistics
Participants Julius Crassus Algethii III, Hapes Cluster Matriarchy
Date 2 ABD
Location Entire Hapes Cluster

The Fall of the Hapes Cluster is the name given to the third military engagement of the Triumvirate against its enemies both personal and political. It saw the overthrow of the dominant matriarchy on the planet as well as the enslavement of the women to the men they once ruled in a cruel perversion of what they had been. Though he struck with Battle Meditation from afar and fleet forces that did the dirty work, Crassus had been laying the foundations for years. He started by first making the royal families battle each other over their own ideals, something that weakened them.

Then he waited until the right time came and he would strike at the place, vowing to rule it as his own one way or the other. What he didn't realize was that that time would come relatively soon and he could begin work immediately.

Military EngagementEdit

Hapes Cluster

Every single world worth taking in the entirety of this Cluster fell to Crassus' strength within hours of his arrival due to internal conflicts driving its forces apart.

Forseeing his stay on Yavin 4 wearing out its welcome to the Vitiate Empire, Crassus vacated his Temple and headed for the Hapes Cluster, where he had sowed the seeds of discord years ago. In a cunning strategical fashion, he sent one of his Wraiths to signal to the men of all the Royal Family's homeworlds and the Houses that their time had come. While riots and rebellions arose everywhere, Crassus snuck in with his military and began waging war on the Hapes Cluster in the guise of offering support to the male rebellions on all the systems. In all actuality, Crassus intended to discard the rebels as soon as he had taken the planet for himself though he kept some as servants.

And that was exactly what he did: first, he secured that the systems would be his after mere hours of military naval engagement then he went to the systems themselves and had the rebels swear fealty to him. In exchange, they would be allowed to enslave the females that had previously held them hostage due to their own gender. As a result, the members of the old matriarchy were enslaved by their own men and put into work camps immediately, intent being to create tribute for him.


Crassus would see to it that the slaves he had made of both men and women would create new monuments in his honor. He kept some of the men around as servants but mostly had his guards and soldiers insure order and stability in the worlds that he ruled. The result was an astoundingly swift and graceful drift in power, in favor of the Dark Lord who had once ruled Algethiius in much a similar fashion. However, almost as quickly as the new regime had been created, it would soon fall apart at the hands of his enemies and even one of his allies.