"We are a united and strong Empire! We will never submit or kneel to any other Empire other than our own! We will last for a thousand of year!” -Empress Regnant Zyn Conor

Faberian Flag

The Faberian Empire Flag

The Faberian Empire was the government established by newly crowned Empress Regnant Zyn Conor in 3,996 BBY. The Faberian Empire consists of the entire Sednain Rift in the Faberian sector.


“Unlike the Galactic Empire, our Empire has been around for a very long time” – Kestra Hett.

The Faberian Empire was created way before the Great Sith War but it had become became what it is well known for after the end of the Great Sith War and that is it became a Monarchy Government.  

Prehistory c. 13,000,000,000 -c.25,096 BBYEdit

Faber and the Faberian Empire are starting to form; human Force-sensitive colonists arrive on Faber, Saber and Taber and made it their home. They tamed the wild Jha’durs and started a long bond that would last for centuries between the Faberians and hunting animals. The Vernius Family became the Royal Family after a long fight with their rivals. Faber becomes the capitol of the Faberian sector.  The first Outbreak of the Red Orchid happens and before the outbreak could spread to the other planets, the Faberian Empire orders all the infected people to be burned so that they couldn't spread the infection to the health.

The Old Republic era c. 25,053 BBY- c.1,000 BBYEdit

The Faberian Empire starts colonizing other planets in their system and Faber becomes the capital planet of the Faberian sector.

During the First Great Sith War, the Jedi and Sith brought the war to Faber and nearly wiped the Faberians into extinction. After the Great Sith War, Faber was badly damaged and had gone into a deep trance to heal its wound, though the Faberians were not affected by this but they too were trying to heal the injuries that they had received as well. Faber became a Matriarchy Hereditary government after the daughter of the Emperor killed her father and crowned herself Empress Regnant.  

During the Mandalorian Wars, Faber was invaded by Mandalorian Empire and was almost driven to its knees and using guerrilla tactics, the Faberians were able to drive the Mandalorian Empire from their sector.

Marrika Nerys was born 3,699 BBY

During the Second Great Galactic War, Faber was in turmoil because of the First Faberian Civil War between a mother and her daughter. Also during this time, Marrika had to lock down a sector because of an outbreak of the Faberian Orchid on a colonist planet.

After killing her mother, Marrika became the new Empress Regnant and then had turned around and drove the Sith Empire out of the Faberian Sector when the Sith Empire tried to invade during the Faberian Empire's weakest moment in their history. During this time, Faber was in a civil war, the Faberians were divided by those loyal to the current Empress Regnant and those loyal to the future Empress Regnant.

Natasi Nerys was born 3,665 BBY.

During the Cold War (Post-Great Galactic War), Light battles between the Sith Empire and the Faberian Empire were happening during the Cold War as the Sith Empire tried to make Faber submit to Sith rule which was led by Marrika’s daughter and the new Empress Regnant Natasi Nerys after her mother was killed by Imperial agents.

During the New Sith Wars, Faber was dragged into the New Sith Wars when a Sith fleet lead by Lord Kaan appeared outside their system and tried to invade Faber but was driven back by the Faberian guerrilla army. 

Natasi met and formed a mating bond with T’vian representative in the Jedi Order, Caed’Eras. Four years after their union, Natasi gives birth to two T’vian/Faberian hybrids, Aurek and Ashyra. Seven or eight years later, the Second Faberian Civil War erupted which erupted when Caed’Eras was framed for the attempted assassination of his mate, which had forced him to go into hiding while Natasi tried to stop a second civil war from happening. But when her children were kidnapped, Natasi then went searching for her mate and the Second Faberian Civil War started.

Fall of the Republic/Rise of the Empire era c. 1,000 BBY- 1 BBYEdit

Empress Regnant Katianna meets Darth Bane and soon gives birth to a daughter that she had named Kestra, Kestra becomes the youngest Empress Regnant when her mother was assassinated when Kestra was 9.

Faber was brought into the Clone Wars after the failed kidnapping of the Empress Regnant T’lana's two sons, Jaster and Sharad Hett. Though Faber didn't join either side, it remained neutral and fought against Separatist.  Faber sort of withdraw from the rest of the galaxy with a declaration of war when Emperor Palpatine had the Faberian Empress Regnant T'lana assassinated and put an outsider on the throne of Faber, the Faberians retaliated by sending the heart of the false ruler back to Emperor Palpatine. Unbeknownst to Emperor Palpatine, the new heir to the throne was born on Mandalore and was being raised there instead. Also the rest of the Faberian Royal Family was hunted down and killed in order to draw out the Handmaidens that protect the new Empress Regnant. 

The Rebellion era 0 BBY- 4 ABYEdit

Faber, despite the death of the Empress Regnant, is still neutral during this point. The Faberians were hostile towards the Galactic Empire because of the assassination of their beloved Empress Regnant but had sent a message to Emperor Palpatine that Faber has a new Empress Regnant, Kestra Hett. When Kestra Hett got older, she declared war on the Galactic Empire and formed an alliance with the Rebellion. 

The New Republic era 4 ABY- 24 ABYEdit

Faber is not a part of the Republic or what is left of the Empire, Faber is still a neutral planet as it always had been and is not interested in forming any allegiance to any planet.  

The New Jedi Order era 25 – 36 ABY– The Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

Faber is still not a part of the Galactic Alliance and the Empress Regnant was more active with her duties on Faber.

Faber was brought into the Yuuzhan Vong war because of the force-sensitive natives that lived on it. Empress Regnant Kestra Hett gave birth to her and Venku Skirata’s daughter, Etain Skirata.

Faber was brought into the Swarm war because the Faberians feared that Faber was going to be invaded once again so in order to make sure that it didn't happen again they joined this war. 

The Legacy era 40 ABY – 104 ABY Second Galactic Civil WarEdit

Faber was brought into the Second Galactic Civil War because of the close ties that the Empress Regnant Kestra has with the Skywalkers and Solos. 

127 ABY – 138 ABY The Sith–Imperial WarEdit

Faber at this time was dealing with its own problems; pirates were trying to invade Faber. And The New Sith Empire had ordered an genocide against the Faberians, ordering that they were all to be killed. Kyr Vernius was the Empress Regnant of this time, she is the mother of Shae Vernius, the grandmother of Tria Vernius and great grandmother of Katra Vernius.

138 ABY Second Outbreak of the Red Orchid-180 ABY- Third Faberian Civil WarEdit

• Faber and Mandalore have a strained alliance, the Mandalore had realized that the Faberian Empire make better allies than enemies, treaty was formed during the end of Empress Regnant Shae Vernius's rule who felt that it was for the best of Faber.

During the Second Outbreak of the Red Orchid, newly crowned Empress Regnant Tria Vernius, the daughter of Kyr Vernius, is struggling to keep the outbreak from leaving the sector so she orders a lock down while she and her army tries to beat back the infected and try to find out who had broke into the Dead Planet and brought an infected into their sector.

During the Third Faberian Civil War, Katra Vernius is the new Empress Regnant and she fighting against a splinter group of her peopel who no longer want men and women to be equal.

Government and politicsEdit

Rulers of the Empire

“The Empress Regnant is trained since birth to always put the needs of her people before her own.” – Marrika Nerys.

An Empress Regnant or Regnant Empress is a female monarch who reigns in her own right over an empire. The Empress Regnants was formed after the Great Sith War, after the first Empress Regnant killed her father and made the Faberian Empire into a matriarchy hereditary government. The Empress Regnant rule had last since far longer than anyone had expected them to. The Empress Regnant of the Faberian Empire is always taught to put the needs of her people before her own. Empress Regnants are always a stern yet compassionate woman and ruler, though she does keep whatever personality that she had before she became ruler.   The title of Empress Regnant was passed down from mother to daughter, in order to make sure that it was kept within the bloodline of the first Empress Regnant. Vernius is the actual surname of the Royal Family and it is rarely used outside the sector, instead they use the surname of whoever their father was.

Empress RegnantsEdit

The Empress Regnant is always a compassionate ruler, always considering other people before herself, and she stood firm in what she believed in. She was also a persuasive and extremely empathetic speaker. She is regal and austere; she is also calm, cool, and collected. Though the Empress Regnant do keep whatever personality that she had before she became ruler but she only shows it when she is with her most trusted companions or with her husband (Emperor Consorts). Marrika Nerys is the only Empress Regnant that would show her true personality whenever she is greatly annoyed or angered by something and later Kestra Hett, the Empress Regnant during the time of the New Republic, shows her true personality when angered or annoyed as well.

Zyn Conor was the first Empress Regnant during the Great Sith War and Katra Vernius is the current Empress Regnant during the Second Faberian Civil War.

Here is a list of some well known Empress Regnants:

Zyn Conor (3,996 BBY-?)

Kiara Sorche (3,976 BBY-?)

Marrika Nerys (3,681 BBY-?)

Natasi Nerys

Marika Nerys 

Katianna Harkonnen (1,010 BBY- ?)

Keshara Niska (60 BBY-22 BBY)

T'lana Sheridan (22 BBY–19 BBY)

Kestra Hett- (2 BBY- ?)

Etain Skirata

Kyr Vernius

Shae Vernius

Tria Vernius

Katra Vernius- (? BBY- )


The Faberian Empire had a very complex and diverse economy. Following the Great Sith Wars, the Faberian Empire started a process of stabilization and expansion of the economy.

Society and cultureEdit

The culture of the Faberian Empire was a mix of many beliefs of the planets that were under the Faberian Empire. The Faberian people are well-known than some of the other races in the Faberian Empire because they leave the sector to form trade routes with other planets in the Unknown Regions


There are many religions in the Faberian Empire, though those religions were only found on the planets that were in the Faberian Empire, like for example tha Faberian religion was found only on Faber, though Saber and Taber believe in the same goddess as Faber but they call her by different names.


“The Faberian Military: well-organized and deadly.”

Because of its centuries-long history the Faberian Empire’s Military had evolved into a fully integrated and effect combat force. It was after the first Regnant Empress had taken the throne that things changed. Suddenly, the creation of a reliable and unified Military became a top priority for the Faberian Empire. This led to the formation of a cohesive, efficient, and professional Faberian navy and army.

As with any military organization, the Faberian armed forces rely on a strictly regimented chain of command to ensure that units are organized and authority is clear. Ultimately, all military forces under the command of the Regnant Empress in day-to-day strategic decision-making. These decisions are almost always made with the recommendations and input of the Regnant Empress, the highest ranking military official in the Faberian Empire. Once a plan is made, it is the Regnant Empress’s responsibility to see that it is implemented. Orders are passed to the top generals of the army and the admirals of the navy, who then use the various forces under their command to carry out those orders as best they can…though it’s better if they carried out the orders 100% since the navy has suck a vast territory to protect and patrol, so one’s best will not be tolerated.

It is mandatory that service members of the Faberian armed forces show respect for their superiors whenever addressing them, always calling them by rank or the honorific “ma’am.” The policy of using “ma’am” is because every superior officer is a woman, given the fact that Faber is a woman governed planet, though during and after Marrika’s rule, men have been allowed into the army and navy. The main functions of the Faberian Navy were to keep outsiders from entering the Faberian Sector and to defend the Faberian Sector in times of war. Any unauthorized persons who attempted to enter the Faberian Sector without permission were dealt with in a swift and brutal manner. Other functions of the Navy were as escorts of the royal family when they left Faber.Maintaining peace and security over a vast territory requires constant vigilance from a staggering number of warships and support craft. In outsider conversation, this vast group of vessels is known collectively as the Faberian fleet. In reality, it is composed of hundreds of fleets, flotillas, and starfighter squadrons serving in different area and carrying out a wide variety of missions.

The Faberian navy generally organizes these forces by location and subdivides them by ship type, though the current number of warships in service is strictly classified.    There were also ground-based military units, such as members of the Royal Guard. Members of the royal guard wore black, and were usually handpicked for their posts. It was considered a great honor to serve the Royal Family.


"The Empire has only one overall goal: stability and unity."

The Faberian Empire's territory at its peak consisted of some one and a half million member worlds, stretching from the borders of the Faberian Sector. 

The capital world of the Faberian Empire is Faber