Biological classification


Physical characteristics
Average height
  • 5'6"-5'11" (female)
  • 6'-6'10" (male)
Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Sociocultural characteristics
  • Galactic Basic
  • Telepathy
"We are the top predators of food chain because we got tired of being the prey…and I have to say we are very good at being the predators"
―Tendra to a Kamino.

Faberians were a group of Human Force-sensitives native to the planet Faber, in the Faberian sector. Faberian females were often used as slaves or dancers because of their beauty. They were tall and slender, and possessed exceptional flexibility. All were Force-sensitive, and they were regarded as having a natural shrewdness about them. They upheld a code of honor and a respect for the martial arts.   


"We're not like other Force-sensitives, there is no teaching us how to be calm so don't take us lightly."
―Jira to a Trandoshan Bounty Hunter.

Faberians like all the women and the few men Faberians from the Faberian Sector were all Force-sensitive. All Faberians have very good night vision; their nights are extremely dark because of the dense forests that cover Faber. They were also gifted with impressive physical abilities that made them natural athletes, included being capable of running great distances at great speeds for long periods of time, and being able to jump vast distances, comparable to the Force-enhanced jumps employed by members of the Jedi Order, they only used this when fighting against non-Force-sensitives though if insulted in any way about them holding back because of that then Faberians are known to unleash their full power of their opponents in order to teach them a lesson in manners and appreciation.It was revealed that the Empress Regnants were stronger in the Force than the rest of their family and species. And that was how the line of recession between the former and latter Regnant went, especially if the former Empress Regnant had more than one daughter so if one of her daughters were stronger than her sisters than she was the next heir to the throne, which is the case between T'lana and her sister's. T'lana was stronger in the Force than her sisters. The only time that a Faberian was stronger or around the same level of the Empress Regnant is when they have been experimented on which is the case with T'lana's Handmaidens. Apparently Faberians don't react while to experimentations and weird things happen to them. 

Biology and appearanceEdit

Davaronian Bounty Hunter: "Pretty Faberian."
Kestra Hett: "Ugly Devaronian."
―Kestra Hett to Devaronian Bounty Hunter.
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Faberian female

Faberian women have been considered especially attractive and have a slender and fairly muscular build, which made them favorite subjects for slavery, gladiator fights and entertainment. The beauty of female Faberians was well known throughout the galaxy, and as a result many young girls were sold into slavery, becoming dancers, gladiators or status symbols, though not many people would know that they have a Faberian slave since they are human and do not look at all different to other human women. Faberian women are average or tall in height, ranging from 5'6 to 5'11". Faberian Empress Regnants have long dark brown hair that has been pulled back into a long braid; she wore a delicate royal diadem. While other female Faberians have long hair that has been pulled back into a long braid that they can wrap around their necks like a scarf. All Faberians are dark brown haired and brown eyed, it doesn't matter if the mother or the father was a Faberian or not, the dark brown haired and brown eyed gene is always the strongest.  

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Faberian male and female

Faberian men have been considered especially handsome and muscular, which made them favorite subjects for gladiator fights. The strength of male Faberians was well known throughout the galaxy, and as a result many young male Faberians were sold into slavery, becoming bodyguards or gladiators. Faberian men tower over their female counterparts, they are tall in height, ranging from 6' to 6'10" with the few 7’ males but that’s mainly if they have Pureblood genes in them. All Faberian men have a military style haircut. Faberian children have wavy dark brown hair which straightens as they get older. Both genders have shoulder length hair until they turn thirteen were the female allows her hair to grow longer and pulls back into a braid  and the male gets his hair cut into a military style haircut.

Nyma’s Old Faberians and Marrika’s New Faberians were easy to tell apart because the Old Faberians had a black rectangle tattooed on their bottom lip, a small one on their chin and their top lip is tattooed black while the New Faberians had no such markings. 


"Faberians are a proud warrior race, we were dragged into the Great Sith War when the Sith tried to invade us but don't worry we kick their butts all the back to where they came from. So I advise you not to mess with me, pal."
Kestra, new Empress Regnant, to StarKiller.

Faberians got into many wars over the centuries, but they were almost wiped out completely when the Sith invaded Faber during the Great Sith War and that took many years of fighting and in the end, the Faberians won but the damage had been already done to their planet.

Society and politicsEdit


Faberians have no accents, though they can adopt, or mimic another person’s accent quickly and blend in with the natives on whatever planet they are on. The reason why the Faberians lack accents is because they have no spoken language they communicate using the Force. Though the Faberians do speak Mando’a but only when they are with Mandalorians, which is very rare seeing that Faberians do not like Mandalorians. 


Faberians have a Matriarchy Hereditary government, they were originally were a democratic government but had overthrown and executed their male ruler when the Sith had almost killed off their entire species. They are known to the natives and outsiders as the Faberian Empire

Military Edit

"The Faberian Military: well-organized and deadly."

Because of its centuries-long history the Faberian Empire’s Military had evolved into a fully integrated and effect combat force. It was after the first Regnant Empress had taken the throne that things changed. Suddenly, the creation of a reliable and unified Military became a top priority for the Faberian Empire. This led to the formation of a cohesive, efficient, and professional Faberian navy and army. It was divided when Marrika and her mother went to war, throwing Faber into a bloody and brutal civil war. Half of the army and navy went to Marrika the other half went to Marrika and the other half went to her mother, which had pitted family members against family members. In the end, it was Marrika and her side who had won the war. Marrika had united the army and navy once again, there hasn’t been another civil war on Faber since.

As with any military organization, the Faberian armed forces rely on a strictly regimented chain of command to ensure that units are organized and authority is clear. Ultimately, all military forces under the command of the Regnant Empress in day-to-day strategic decision-making. These decisions are almost always made with the recommendations and input of the Regnant Empress, the highest ranking military official in the Faberian Empire. Once a plan is made, it is the Regnant Empress’s responsibility to see that it is implemented. Orders are passed to the top generals of the army and the admirals of the navy, who then use the various forces under their command to carry out those orders as best they can…though it’s better if they carried out the orders 100% since the navy has suck a vast territory to protect and patrol, so one’s best will not be tolerated.It is mandatory that service members of the Faberian armed forces show respect for their superiors whenever addressing them, always calling them by rank or the honorific “ma’am.” The policy of using “ma’am” is because every superior officer is a woman, given the fact that Faber is a woman governed planet, though during and after Marrika’s rule, men have been allowed into the army and navy. 


The main functions of the Faberian Navy were to keep outsiders from entering the Faberian Sector and to defend the Faberian Sector in times of war. Any unauthorized persons who attempted to enter the Faberian Sector without permission were dealt with in a swift and brutal manner. Other functions of the Navy were as escorts of the royal family when they left Faber. Maintaining peace and security over a vast territory requires constant vigilance from a staggering number of warships and support craft. In outsider conversation, this vast group of vessels is known collectively as the Faberian fleet. In reality, it is composed of hundreds of fleets, flotillas, and starfighter squadrons serving in different area and carrying out a wide variety of missions. The Faberian navy generally organizes these forces by location and subdivides them by ship type, though the current number of warships in service is strictly classified.  

The Faberian Fleet were created by the Faberian Space Vessel Engineering Corps, or FSVEC, and like all Faberian vessels the Fleet was made with very rare black chromium, like the normal chromium the black chromium deflected rays of light and made the ships gleam. The chromium was used to deflect rays from Faber's moon and sun, and all starships were fitted with it. The FSVEC also creates Armored Transports and Assault Crafts, as well as many other things,

Valor-class Corvette 

Crew Complement: 300

Troop Capacity: 200

Starfighter Capacity: 14

Additional Craft: 3 Bombers, 4 shuttles.

Standard Armament: Twin mounted turbolaser cannons, concussion missile launchers.  

The Valor-class Corvette was the workhorse of the Faberian Navy, being produced in large numbers to help protect the Faberian borders. The Valor-class Corvette possessed two main heavy dual turbolasers mounted in the forward position and numerous turbolasers and missile launchers throughout its hull, making it deadly to enemy ships and allowing it to inflict major amount of damage. The armament of this ship's class was powerful enough for it to match other ship’s its size but to take down a larger ship, the Corvette had to be in groups of three or four.

Valor-class Corvettes hold two hangars on the port and starboard sides of the ship allowing it hold 24 Vengeance-class Faberian starfighters. This class also held a number of boarding pods that would punch through would punch through the hull of enemy ships as well as a number of shuttles. These hangers were located on either side of the vessel; to protect the hanger and the personnel against the vacuum of space, a shield is activated over the opening. It is also suspected that during space battles this opening can be sealed off to prevent boarding.

These ships carried an entire battalion of Faberian troopers and if needed a team of Prophets as well as transports for reinforcements.

The Valor-class Corvette is powered by a type-4 Hypermatter annihilator located directly within the bowels of the ship, with power running through it to destroy itself and half of a fleet if the restraints keeping it stable are released.

For sublight propulsion, the Valor-class relied on an array of four banks of two sublight ion engines while having two hyperspace ion engines for additional thrust in emergency situations.

Victory-class Cruiser

Crew Complement: 1,900

Troop Capacity:  5, 000

Starfighter Capacity: 110

Additional Craft: 40 Bombers, 25 shuttles.

Standard Armament: turbolaser cannons, quad laser turrets, ions cannons, proton torpedoes tubes, concussion missile launchers.  

The ship design had a bulbous center section, with gun batteries covering the front, sides and stern, seven thrusters located on a ventral tower and a command tower on the dorsal side. Lining the sides of each ship were several hangars. In addition, at least one hangar was located on the dorsal hull, facing the "valley" in the middle of the craft. The Capital Ship followed the Faberian Empire color scheme with red stripes on black, shiny hulls.

The ship class served as the heaviest and most powerful warship in the Faberian fleet, allowing it match the Harrower Dreadnaught in terms of size and firepower but since it's only armored where its needed allowing it to be faster and more agile than the Harrower. 

Peace-class light Corvette

Classification: Light corvette

Dimensions: 71x94x29m (232x308x95ft)

Armament: Twin laser cannons, missiles.

Features: Meditation chamber, diplomatic amenities.

The Peace-class light corvette was specifically designed by the FSVEC for use by the Prophets. The Prophets imagined the new vessel to be a mobile base of operations that was fast, maneuverable, and well-armed. FSVEC based the Peace's exterior design on a consumer model corvette, which itself was based on the Faberian Navy's Valor-class corvette, but the ship underwent considerable upgrades and retrofits that distanced itself from the civilian model. FSVEC specifically designed the vessel's color scheme of red and black to create a vessel that would inspire fear in the Faberian Empire's enemies and instantly announce the presence of a Prophet on battlefields across the galaxy.

Measuring 79 meters wide and 94 meters long, the Peace was 29 meters tall when resting on its four landing gear. The frontal hull of the corvette was curved at an angle that deflected enemy laser fire easily, and two sets of twin laser cannons were situated at either end of the bow while the corvette's bridge was located in the center between the ship's main running lights. The main body of the ship was roughly in the shape of an hourglass, with the rear of the ship sporting two access hatches on both sides and the corvette's twin thrusters situated at the end of the vessel. The access hatches were situated on either side of the main conference room, with the Peace's sensor array and communications dish located on the exterior of the vessel above the conference room. The primary boarding ramp was located in the center of the corvette's lower hull and opened out beneath the ship's bridge. The Peace-class corvette was equipped with high-powered deflector shields for defense, while the ship's missile launchers allowed it to take on enemy vessels of far greater size and strength.

Intended as a mobile operations center for the members of the Prophets, the Peace-class corvette's interior was laid out in two decks. The upper level contained the ship's bridge, the primary conference room, a smaller secondary conference room, and living accommodations for the ship's crew as well as an escape pod. The bridge could be manned by a maximum of five crew members or a minimum of one, and the ship's holographic navicomputer was situated in the center of the bridge for easy access and visibility. The smaller conference room and the living chambers were located on either side of the bridge, and the central chamber provided access to the lower level, escape pod, and the other rooms of the upper level. The conference room itself was equipped with the ship's primary holocomm system, the centerpiece of the spacious room. The second level was laid out in four rooms: a medical bay, a cargo hold, engine room, and a central access chamber. 

Vengeance-class Starfighter

Crew Complement: 1

Max. Mission Time: 37 hours.

Max. Life Support Time: 150 hours.

Standard Armament: Laser cannons, concussion missile launcher.

The Vengeance-class Starfighter served as the primary defense against the Mk VII and Mk VI Imperial interceptors employed by the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War and the Cold War.

Like other starfighter and smaller transport designs of the era and afterwards, the Vengeance-class did have hyperdrive engines. 

F-70F Shadow

Classification: Prototype covert operations craft.

Dimensions: 80x94x18m (262x308x59 ft)

Standard Armament: Heavy laser cannons, missiles

Features: Stealth hull plating, high-power sensor array, capacity for limited use cloaking device.

F-70F Shadow was so technologically advanced they were never mass-produced. Instead they were elite vessels bestowed upon only the most trusted intelligence agents for the most vital missions to the Faberian Empire during the Great Galactic War. The ships were coated with a sensor-resistant exterior and equipped with the most sophisticated equipment and weapons.

F5-Jha’dur Patrol Craft

Classification: Patrol craft.

Dimensions: 68x74x58m (223x243x190ft)

Standard Armament: Three retractable, independently powered weapon foils.  

Special Features: Compact frame, force cage, long-range capacity.

The Jha’dur was meant to meet the demands of much larger ships such as Victory-class cruisers. It also could safely use ammunition meant for larger ships. Its engineers also made extensive use of vertical space and small bulkheads to provide large, open areas and improve the ease of maintenance.

FT-7 Rapid Assault Craft

Classification: Rapid Assault/ development craft.

Dimensions: 96x61x80m (315x200x262 ft)

Standard Ammunition: Heavy Laser cannons, missiles

Special Features: Command briefing room, onboard armory, and medical bay.

The FT-7 was state of the art for its era, the armor plating, heavy laser cannons and modular shield systems were the best available. The hull was also shaped to help deflect laser bolts in case of shield failure. It had lodgings for several troops and contained a command center, a briefing room, a very spacious cargo bay, a medical bay and an armory. There was also room for recreational activities.


The soldiers of the Faberian army represent one of the largest fighting forces in the history of the galaxy. Millions of troops battle across thousands of planets with weapons, vehicles, and supplies beyond counting, all with constant support and reinforcement from a logistical network of staggering size and complexity. That all this has continued to function though the decade of constant use is amazing. The Faberian Army enlists more new recruits per year than most of the other branches of the armed forces combined with the overwhelming majority serving in infantry units. Basic training for new recruits is a grueling 18-week barrage of drills, tests and exercises, with additional training programs that can last up to 12 months depending on the recruit’s assigned specialization. Graduates are then organized into new units under the command of experienced officers or divided and assigned to fill gaps in existing units as required.

Percentage-wise, infantry units do the bulk of the fighting on the front lines. The Faberian Army’s Special Forces Division, is wholly different from any other military organization. The rest of the military operates on a grand scale, deploying massive forces of troops, armored walked, and starships to fight conventional battles. Special Forces does the opposite: small teams of elite soldiers outmaneuver the enemy to strike where they are most vulnerable, inflicting damage and spreading chaos far out of proportion to their size. With their advanced equipment, extensive training, and high degree of operational flexibility, even a single special Force soldier is to be reckoned with. The Special Forces consist of men only and are the only all-male military organization of the Faberian military. Only the strongest and most skilled Faberian troopers are selected from thousands of potential candidates to undertake the grueling training and relentless tests of the Faberian Army Special Forces Academy. Their training focuses on small-unit tactics and fosters greater independence than standard military training. It is often said that trainees are expected to perform tasks alone that would normally require an entire platoon.Trainees who meet the Academy’s high expectations are placed into Special Forces squads and usually sent immediately into combat. Those who excel above and beyond all others even have a chance at a spot on the most illustrious infantry team in the entire Faberian Empire: Rogue Squad.

Faberian Special Forces troops like those in Rogue Squad employ an incredible array of equipment and technologies to accomplish their critical objectives. The most advanced weaponry and armor in the galaxy are standard-issue for these elite warriors, and they invariably personalize their gear with custom modifications or special purchases to suit their unique skills and preferences. Regardless of the environment, obstacle, or enemy, a Faberian Trooper is always equipped with the right tool or weapon for the job. 

Vicious-class Armored Transport

Crew Complement: 1 driver, 1-3 gunners.

Passenger Capacity: 16

Weight: 108 tones

Max. Speed: 52 k/h (32 miles/h)

The Vicious-class Armored Transport, also known as VAT, was a model of armored walkers in use by Marrika’s rebels during the Faberian Civil War. VAT had a quadrupedal walker with a central body and a cockpit section attached by a neck-like passageway.

FR-16 Heavy Cannon Battery

Main Cannon Range: 27 km (16.7 miles)

Secondary Cannon Range: 8 km (5 miles)

Standard Ammunition: Superheated plasma.

Crew: 1-4, depending on beam settings.

Faberian Intelligence Bureau 

The Faberian Intelligence Bureau is the Faberian Empire’s espionage and intelligence agency. FIB agents focus on “pure” and sometimes not so pure intelligence work, such as gathering accurate data, spreading misinformation, and uncovering enemy plots. When direct intervention is unavoidable, the organization employs trained agents to carry out sabotages, abductions, or any other action required. It is usually preferable to have the Faberian military or the Handmaidens act on any intelligence gathered, however, rather than risking covert agents in the field.

Recruitment for the FIB is tightly controlled, but has few set prerequisites. The application process is extensive, though sometimes shortened with an active agent’s recommendation. Once credentials and loyalty to the Faberian Empire are proven, the local bureau chief must give final approval before an offer is made.FIB fieldwork requires extreme secrecy and delicacy. To this end, agents employ the most advanced technology available. Top Faberian scientists work tirelessly to develop sophisticated equipment and weaponry to give FIB agents every possible advantage. Most of these developments are based on existing, proven technologies but some apply radical new discoveries that remain unknown to civilian and even military industries.Of course, advanced equipment is not accessible to untrained hands. New agents learn the most basic techniques in the safety of hidden practice facilities, but the process is brief. The majority of a new agent’s training is carried out “on the job” with senior agents as field trainers and mentors. There is no “graduation” for an FIB agent: They must continue learning throughout their careers in order to stay on top of the latest advances in equipment and weaponry.  

There were also ground-based military units, such as members of the Royal Guard. Members of the royal guard wore black, and were usually handpicked for their posts. It was considered a great honor to serve the royal family. They were also trained in Guerilla Warfare. 

Culture and SocietyEdit

"Divided we will perish…but in unity we will live."
―Faberian Empress Regnant, T'lana.

The Faberians mentioned below are Marrika’s New Faberians while her mother’s Nyma’s were called the Old Faberians and were just like the Hapans though they were more of a warrior race though only the females were allowed to fight. Though Faberian bounty hunters, assassins and smugglers were spread across the galaxy, their culture did have an isolationist streak. This isolationism also made Faber well-known as being a rebel world, rising up against every government or seeking independence from those governments.

The Faberians were spirited and dedicated people with physical excellence, tireless, and elite fighters. Their main weapon is an electro sword, but they were also great fighters in unarmed combat.The Faberians have their own martial arts which consists more of acrobatic moves and techniques that involves the legs. Marrika Nerys was the one that introduced Teräs Käsi to the Faberians, though they did have their own martial arts.

As a warrior society, the Faberians trained daily in the art of war, and used both their muscles and the Force to aid them in combat. They were generally regarded as a naturally bright and shrewd people, they are also mistrusting of any outsiders because to them it equals pain and death. Faberians have a deep sated fear of Sith, mostly likely what had happened during the Great Sith War and have a deep sated dislike of Jedi again probably due to what had happened to them during the war. Faberians were driven by a strong sense of personal honor, tempered by their own individualities. They feared nothing aside from losing their freedom and had little concerns for individuals outside of their own families, only aiding others when bound by honor or seeking personal gain.Faberians are all strong in the Force and had received the proper training to tap into that power, expect for Ne'tra Verd, Kestra Hett and Marrika Nerys who preferred blaster rifles over their Force power. They use Force sight when their regular vision is blinded, for example by bright light. Because of the Faberians continuous training with the Force, Faberians didn't have to concentrate like the Jedi or Sith on whatever they focusing on and they are able defend themselves at the same time. That was probably why many people are afraid of Faberians, because their control over the Force was both amazing and scary.

All Faberians can use force ability that they had called "Ghosting". It was when Faberians immediately use the force to hide their presence completely from other force-sensitives, though Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan, had once told them that it felt like they "died" when using that ability hence why is was called "Ghosting".Faberians can pick and choose who they 'force imprint', which means that Faberians can let any outsider force-sensitive be able to sense them by imprinting their force 'print' to theirs while any other force sensitive that is not imprinted can't sense a Faberian until the Faberian is standing in front of them. The Faberian race was almost wiped out into extinction after the Great Sith War and had to do what they had thought was right in order to make sure they survived in the centuries that followed after the war. And that was leaving their system and finding men that met the requirement that they needed to breed strong Faberian babies, the reason why they had to this was because Faberian men were rare and if one was born he wouldn't live to reach adulthood. Luckily for them, the Faberian gene was always the dominate gene so the baby was always born a Faberian, this is where the term "Breeders" came to be. People had started to call Faberians "Force Breeders" because it was revealed that while the force can appear randomly in some species, in Faberians it's a part of their DNA and their offspring is always force-sensitive.Despite what many people believe, Faberians are very loyal to the men that they consider their 'life mates' and when they lose a life mate, it's like losing a part of their very soul and heart. Though after losing a life mate some Faberians do 'remarry' but don't have that strong and close bond that they had with their first life mate. Faberians can become very territorial around their life mates or their future life mates but not to the extent that Faberians will stop their partners from doing anything, Faberians have great respect for personal space, freedom, independence and equality. 

Despite their warlike society, Faberians are well-educated, artistic and cautious when dealing with outsiders. Outsiders had the general impression that the Faberians were very polite and highly civilized species. Their reputation meant that they were both respected and, in some cases, feared.Faberians are also very loyal to their friends; as they are even willing to risk their life help them. Faberians were driven by a strong sense of honor, and have been known to have a dislike anyone who has insulted their honor. Also to be noted: Faberians may not be trusting to outsiders but if an outsider had proven to them to be very trusting than the Faberians will trust that person but if that person proves themselves to be in fact untrusting them the Faberians will no longer trust that person (for example, if the person lied to them about anything) and it extremely rare for Faberians to give any one that had broken their trust a second chance. And when Faberians do give a person a second chance it is to be treated as valuable and rare as it really is.

All Faberians considers the only honorable battles to be those that are fought one-on-one. Even the threat of death is not a reason to ignore this fact, as they believe that the winner is only to be determined when the other dies. Faberians attack only when provoked or attacked first, many planets under Faberian rule were invaded by them because they had attacked the Faberians first and the Faberians had retaliated by invading and taking control of their planet and government. Sometimes Faberians take a sign of weapons activated and pointed towards them as an act of aggression when in fact it was only to scare them off but that shows just how dangerous and lethal Faberians are. Faberians don't take every kindly at being herded, in fact they will lash out when they feel like someone is trying to control them. Faberians also don't take too kindly to betrayal; in fact betrayal of any kind has led to many declarations of war against the betrayer and their home planet, though in Marrika's case she declared war on her mother which brought Faber into its first civil war. And Faberians don't take kindly to any outsider sitting on the Empress Regnant's throne, as shown when the Faberians had killed the Empress Regnant that Emperor Palpatine had placed on the Faberian throne in order to control them and as a warning they had sent the false Empress Regnant's heart back to him.

Faberians didn’t disapprove of illegals per se, but they do take poorly at being shot at in fact they tend to shoot first and ask questions later if someone someone shoots at them.

In direct opposition to their infamy as a ruthless enemy, Faberians cherish family and shower affection upon those they love and care for. In Faberian society, marriage is expected to be life-long and usually takes place shortly after a Faberian turns sixteen-years-old. Family was held in high respect on Faber. It was considered most dishonorable to involve innocent family members in a quarrel held with one family member. Also if a Faber was to kill another family member or another Faber, they were to be immediately exiled until they were 'cleansed' as Faberians, though they don't believe in the 'dark' side and 'light' side of the Force, believe that killing ones family is like killing their Empress Regnant.

Faberians are also able to distinguish between the light and dark sides of the Force, in addition to the ability to detect its presence. Some could say that Faberians have a sort of a Hive mind but with the Force and it had deadly and dangerous twist: they need stay in contact with each other otherwise they'll lose their sanity. And an insane Faberian is much more dangerous than a sane Faberian.

The title of Empress Regnant was hereditary, passed down from mother to daughter. The Empress Regnant had the final say on everything, and her word was considered law. The Royal Family are held in the highest of regards, though the Empress Regnant was held in the most highest of regards, and it's always the youngest daughter that becomes heir to the throne but that's only if there are four daughters, Tendra, Jira, Qatai and T'lana any other time there's only one child but that's really rare. When a Faberian woman is pregnant then a huge party is thrown, it doesn't matter to them if a Royal Family member or one of the other women is pregnant they will celebrate. Children are probably held in the same regard as the Royal Family; children to them are precious and innocent and are not allowed to leave the protection of the Faberian sector until they turn 13.  The Empress Regnant is always seen in the company of her handmaidens, bodyguards and Royal Guard. The only time that she is without that her companions is when she is in exile or hasn’t been born and raised on Faber, as is the case with Marrika Nerys, Ne'tra Verd and Kestra Hett. Both Ne'tra Verd and Kestra Hett were born on Mandalore but unlike Ne'tra Verd, Kestra actually had her mother's handmaidens raising her in the traditions of the Faberians as her uncle raised in the traditions of the Mandalorians. In Marrika's case she was exiled because her mother had become corrupted and has exiled her daughter in order to keep the throne but Marrika retaliated in true Faberian fashion and lead an anrmy of people who believed in her cause and had killed her mother in a dual between the two Empress Regnants.

The Dual of the Empress Regnants is a dual between the former Empress Regnant and the present Empress Regnant and it always leads to the death of one of them, and it's always the present Empress Regnant since she's younger than the former. The Dual of the Empress Regnants rarely ever happens and there's only been one dual in the Faberian history and that was between Empress Regnant Nyma and Empress Regnant Marrika Nerys, her daughter. 

The Faberian Rite of Passage is to let Faberian teens go through the Dark Forest, the only place in Faber that is made engulfed by the Dark side of the force and if they come out unaffected then they become adults and wears the markings of the adults Faberians. The Rite of Passage used to be going out to kill Jedi hence the nickname for Faberians "Jedi Killers".  

Great courage was seen as highly honorable to the Faberian, deserving of outward recognition through traditions such as a black ribbon tied around their neck. Gender had no meaning for the Faberians; in fact both Faberian men and women were expected to fight. They started training at an early age so that they can defend themselves if their mother dies. Despite the fact that gender had no meaning for the Faberians, there can be no male ruler as the Faberians view men weak and easily deceived by outsider women that had caused many wars and had almost wiped the race to extinction.

As is Faberian custom, none of the Faberians know their birth fathers especially if the child's birth father is an outsider and is either another force-sensitive or a non-force-sensitive. Many people think this is because Faberians have a deep seated fear and suspicions of men that were not born on Faber, thanks to what had happened to them whenever they did have a male ruler.

One of the rarest Faberian traditions was the life debt. When a Faberians life was saved by someone else, even an outsider, they would frequently devote themselves to a lifetime of service to their savior and their family. But if that person that they owe that life debt to betrays and tries to kill them, Faberians will strike back and kill that person without any hesitation or remorse.

Faberians have taken to celebrating mainly the events of the life cycle such as birth, a coming of age, marriage, and death. Faberians were commonly buried in caves in a stone coffin, while the Empress Regnant was buried in the old Royal Palace. It was also Faberian custom to recite the names of loved ones and friends who have passed each night before sleep as a means of keeping their memory alive. The uncertainty of life meant that all Faberians celebrated the time they had at every opportunity, taking part in communal singing, drinking, and enjoying time with family.  


"The Cloaked One made us in her image. And she is our only deity."
―Marrika Nerys

The Faberian religion was very important to the Faberians. They were devout and had only one goddess which the call the Cloaked One. The Cloaked One wears a black full length cloak that covers her entire body and part of her head; the part that her cloak's hood doesn't cover is her lower face which reveals a very beautiful. All Faberians carry a small statue in her likeness and worship her before going on any journey since she is believed to protect all her children, the Faberians including the ones that have been exiled which are called the Fallen Ones.

Technology Edit

Faberians have very high-tech technology, they created the Faberian energy shield gauntlet, these ovoid frames projected a defensive screen of shield energy capable of deflecting blaster bolts back at the shooter and were similar to riot shields used on other systems. The shield was about one and a half meters long and is carried either on the wrist or held in one hand. When not in use the energy shield goes back into the gauntlet with a press of a button. Faberians make top of the art blasters, an example of one such blaster is Marrika's small, black blaster pistols made from rare black dallorian alloy, which is only found on Faber. The Faberian longsword is a curved blade with spiked protrusions and handholds along the middle of the blade's back. The Faberian knife has three blades: a main blade with a cutout in the center, and two smaller blades on either side. In some models, these side blades are spring-loaded and can pop out into position and close up for storage. In other models, the blades are fixed. It also features a pommel studded with blunt spikes. The Faberian short sword consists of a short, thick, curved blade with a metal guard extending back parallel with the grip to protect the hand. They have curved single-edged knives with serrated edges typically used in tandem which she keeps strapped to her lower back. These "swingblades" are capable of slicing and stabbing positions, and are designed to complement the natural motions of a person's arms and hands in close combat. 

Well-Known FaberiansEdit

These are the Faberians that have made history in the Faberian culture.


Marrika Nerys

Marrika Nerys

Marrika is the future Regnant Empress of Faber, her mother had exiled her for reasons unknown but Marrika remained on Faber to fight her mother. She hadn't shown her races hatred towards the Sith though she had shown the common hatred towards the Jedi. When she was younger, Marrika was a slave because of her races beauty which is considered second only to the Twi'leks but she had managed to escape by using her shrewdness and killed the slavers so that they won't make another young child a slave. 


Namari Nerys

Namari Nerys

Namari Kapec is actually the older twin sister of Marrika Nerys. Namari was given to a Coruscanti man named Navir Kapec when she was young by her wet nurse, the reasons for this woman doing so is unknown but from what Marrika claims it could have been to protect the baby girl from their abusive mother. He had adopted Namari as his own daughter; she refers to him as her father since she never knew her actual birth father. When she was 7 years old, Navir decided his student had progressed far enough for him to test Namari's abilities in the real world, and took her to kill a businessman. At the time, Namari had no idea what she was doing and believed it was only a game. After striking a deathblow, she saw the target as he died, and saw death as he saw it. In addition to scarring her emotionally, she scared her mentally as well. At the age of 13, Namari was sent to Nogatan after her master was killed by a rival assassin. She had a Fiancé once but she had to kill him. She had found out that he was sealing information about the Sith military to the Republic and thus was ordered by her superior officers to kill him which she did but it left mental and emotional scars on her.

Kiara Nerys

Kiara is the daughter of Melyp Nerys and the cousin of Marrika and Namari Nerys, like her father and uncle she is a Follower of Palawa. Kiara’s mother was an unnamed Faberian female.


Natasi Nerys

Natasi Nerys

Natasi Nerys is the daughter of Marrika Nerys and Jak Shar; she was born sometime during the Great Galactic War and lived during the Cold War.

Sorche starka by mandogirl22-d6f9fme

Sorche Starska

Sorche Starka (Faberian hybrid)

Sorche was actually raised by a Corellian smuggler named Kyr Starkar until it was revealed that she was Force-sensitive and sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant were she was trained how to use the Force. Sorche later joins the Prophets, a Faberian group of Force-sensitives. She is the offspring of a Miraluka male and a Faberian female and because she is an alien hybrid, Sorche is considered to be way lower than the women who fathers were human but weren’t Faberian.


Katra Vernius

Katra Vernius

Katra was born and raised on Faber, she was born into the Royal Family and like all women born into that family she was taught how to fight when she turned eight standards years old. She was 18 when the Second Faberian Civil War broke out and instead of doing what so many of her ancestors did when they fought in wars, Katra enlisted in the Faberian Military to fight for her people.    

Raina Picard

Raina Picard was born and raised on Faber; she was born into a long line of Navy officers and was the youngest female to rise to the rank of Grand Admiral in history.