Druckenwell Wasteland
Empire of Nova
Political Information
Type of Government


Head of State
  • Moff Council
Head of Government
  • Grand Moff
  • Moff of Military Affairs
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Official Language

Galactic Basic

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Historical Information
Formed From
  • 25 ABY
Date of Establishment
  • 30 ABY
Date of Reorganization
  • 130 ABY
  • 139 ABY


"Okay good. So, where to begin…right. Druckenwell, also known as the middle of bumkriff nowhere."
―Alec Dral documenting the history of the Empire of Nova

Druckenwell, was an industrial powerhouse even before the Vong arrived in 26 ABY or 1 ABH [after the battle of Helska, marking the beginning of the Vong invasion era]. To prove this, we took samples of the liquid from what used to be the wetlands that were seemingly untouched by the populace prior to the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong turned out to not be as untouched as previously believed.

Vong terraforming and industrial waste didn’t agree with each other and ended up desolating the planet, killing roughly 2.5 billion of the population before the rest were evacuated into stations above the planet. This, however, was a temporary solution as immediately the population went about working on a superstation while the military began to research older, still reliable technologies thanks to several findings made by scouting teams.


In 35 ABY, the station was finally completed, however additions continue to this day. In the span of a decade, conditions had, in economic terms at least, reached the point where they were better off than they had been before the Vong invasion.  Blastech and Incom had both set up shop in the station as well, though they began to speak with the military and soon enough, factories had been set up on the surface of the planet despite its toxic atmosphere. A platoon of EVO troopers and combat droids were sent to the surface to defend the facilities from any…unpleasant creatures on the ground.

By 40 ABY, the Empire of the Nova is formed officially, though it is not known throughout the galaxy. Primarily, its income is from the ships that it raids for raw materials and such.

By 45 ABY, the EoN spreads through the entire Druckenwell system to dominate a total of twelve planets, wiping out the native populations on at least 3 of the planets with total disregard to the effects. Predominantly, these planets and the surrounding asteroids are used as mines to supply the raw materials that the ships used to supply.

By 55 ABY, someone finally comes up with a way to create a botanical garden section of the space station and construction begins.</p>

Due to Ssi Ruuk intervention in 120 ABY, information from 55 ABY to this date is not accessible as it was not protected during the invasion of the system.

In 125 ABY, five years after the Ssi Ruuk invasion of the Druckenwell system, the system was once again running smoothly, like a well-oiled machine. The station around the planet of Druckenwell was now large enough that it rivaled the shipyard ring around Kuat. It included living quarters, a shipyard, mechanical areas, and a separate area specifically for the botanical gardens and cloning for various animals for food.

By 130 ABY, Darth Krayt’s Galactic Empire is formed and, fearing destruction of their Empire, the Empire of the Nova disbands temporarily to reform as the Free Traders Union to appear as a less inviting target.

In 135 ABY, Grand Moff Holen of the Imperial council travels to Muunlist in an attempt to restart talks of financial aide to the system. This, however, triggered a message to Bastion, causing Holen to return to Druckenwell and shut down all mention of the Union or the Empire to anyone outside of Incom or Blastech.

With the fall of Darth Krayt in 138, the EoN’s Imperial Council was split on their next course of action…join forces with this Triumvirate on the side of the Fel Empire…or continue to reside in peace with the occasional border skirmish. In 140 ABY, it was decided that the Fel Empire, which now also contained the remnants of Krayt’s Imperial forces…was of no concern to the Nova forces and that they would continue to grow and defend their holdings, finally managing to secure financial ties with Muunlist now that the Triumvirate had effectively ended their association with the planet.

Nothing of real interest happened over the fourty years until now…well..other than the election of the first non-human Grand Moff, A Chiss by the name of  Syrin Darkstar. And of course, the Nova continue to thrive while keeping an eye on the Jensaarai, who seem to be attempting to make contact with the Mandalorians.