Duel on Manaan
Events Before: 1st Duel of Yavin 4 Events Concurrent: None Events After: Skirmish on Naboo Results: Chris wounded, Mathes issues a retreat
Vital statistics
Participants Christopher Algethii, Julius Crassus Algethii III, Mathes Colunga
Date 19 ATC
Location Manaan
After failing to take his vengeance out on Crassus at Yavin 4, Christopher went to a bar on Manaan to try and see if he could gather allies that were more indispensable than Je'ka was. After some effort, he began to give up since no one had been willing to join his cause and he turned to the drink. However, he encountered a Jedi Knight named Mathes Colunga and after a brief exchange, the two of them realized that they had similarities in their principles. Unfortunately though, Crassus had also come to Manaan to the same purpose and he too would come to the bar where Christopher was parked at, causing him to jump and demanded that Mathes leave with him. 

But Crassus caught them before they could and the three of them exchanged blows after Crassus used illusions to duplicate himself for the fight against him. When he showed that they hadn't even been fighting the real Sith Lord who proved all too powerful for the two of them, persuading Chris to order a retreat. He was wounded severely in the process of stalling Crassus until Mathes' ship was ready for their departure and was taken to the Vornu infirmary where he reunited with Claudia for the first time in two years. His departure marked the end of the reunion and the continuation of the quest to destroy Crassus, fullfilling the prophecy surrounding his illegitmate birth.

The Events AfterEdit

The Duel on Manaan would be the second to final duel before the formation of the Triumvirate of Vengeance, the members desiring revenge against a personal nemesis whilst conquering the galaxy. It would also be the last duel before the attempted conquest of the planet by Crassus' forces. 

Manaan Capital City

Manaan's capital city was the place of the duel and would also be the base from which the local military would defend their planet from the vengeful Triumvirate forces later on.