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Shem-Rah Boo

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Drackonis was a Sith Lord, and held the title Temple Lord in the secrative organization known as Pravus Axiom. A powerful Sith Inquisitor, Drackonis was a master of the Force and charged with the training of some of the most powerful Sith in the galaxy.


Drackonis grew up a slave on the planet Hutta, where he killed his traitorous Hutt master and traitorous father to gain his freedom. Leaving Hutta, Drackonis used his fathers ship to reach Nar’Shadaa. An attempted surgury on himself to remove a bomb nearly killed Drackonis. However, once he arrived at Nar Shadaa, Drackonis was saved by a young Jedi Knight named Annabel. She would take him as her apprentice and eventually fall in love with him.

A group of bounty hunters tracking Drackonis would lead to Annabel’s death, which would be blamed on Drackonis by her former Jedi Master. Jedi Master Ritok would come to Nar’Shadaa seeking his apprentice and find her lying dead in the arms of Drackonis who he believed to be a Sith. The battle would lead to Ritok’s death and the birth of a hatred for the Jedi inside Drackonis.

This hatred would lead Drackonis into the arms of Pravus Axiom at the time known as The Black Empire.

Drackonis took quickly too the force, having used it his entire life without knowledge of its existance and from his short time training with Annabel. Drackonis would rise through the ranks, gaining knowledge from his Masters until eventually taking his place as Temple Lord.

Drackonis urge for more power would not be quenched with his new position, seeing an oppurtunity arrise, Drackonis aided the Emperor’s Hand Sadarii in an assassination of the current Emperor Lydeck. Though the overthrow was successful, Lydeck was not defeated and later returned to take his vengeance. Lydeck challenged Sadarii for rule and not only reclaimed his title but killed Sadarii in the process.

Drackonis now possessing the power of prophecy, foresaw a different outcome in the battle between Lydeck and Sadarii, seeing his future to be stronger under the banner of Lydeck, Drackonis had challened Sadarii just before Lydeck, though he lost the fight, he accomplished his goal of weakening the usurper. Now Drackonis sat back, watching things unfold from his chambers in the Temple, awaiting the oppurtunity to claim the title of Emperor for himself.

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"Knowledge is not only power, it is a weapon and I intend to be well armed."
―Drackonis speaking to his apprentice.

Drackonis is a man of knowledge; he is always seeking books, relics and any object that will grant him knowledge.

Besides his desire for knowledge, Drackonis’ emotions are fed by his hatred of the Jedi. Believing the Jedi and their code to be the reason he lost his beloved Annabel, Drackonis seeks vengeance and will do all in his power to see the end of the Jedi.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Drackonis is of a humanoid race known as the Lorrdians. He stands two meters tall, and has large squared shoulders from his time working as a slave. His auburn hair has grown long and is usually held back in a pony-tail. His eyes are the deepest of greens, challenging the color of the most perfect emerald. His jaw is square and strong. Along the back of his right arm in Sith writing is In umbris protestas est “in the shadows there is power.” Other Sith tattoo’s adorn his chest and left arm.

Drackonis usually wears light dark armor, allowing him more flexibility. Cortosis weave is imbedded through the armor giving him a greater defense against lightsaber’s. The armor is made up of a black undershirt and a hooded overcoat that is crimson red. The pants are crimson red as well with black detailing. A black belt crosses Drackonis stomach, with three hooks for each of his electrum detailed lightsaber’s. Black leather boots and gloves finish the outfit.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Dracks saber

Electrum detailed Lightsaber

Drackonis learned much of his knowledge in fighting and lightsaber combat from holocrons he would secrety watch when he was a slave on Hutta. His master Dagon the Hutt had an extensive library of books and even jedi holocrons he had acquired over the years. Through these books and holocrons Drackonis was able to learn and even master some of the Jedi lightsaber combat techniques. Drackonis was a master of the Niman style and well versed in Ataru and Mikashi. It was not until later when he learned to control the force at will that he was able to Master Ataru.

As well as learning skills from books and holocron's Drackonis also learned a technique from his mother. It was a race trait known only to those of Lorrdian blood known as Kinetic Communication. It allowed Drackonis and his mother to speak to each other using body language and movements. A side effect of the training was that it allowed its user to sense an enemies movements instantly. They could read individual muscle movements allowing them to respond quicker and at a level equal to precognition.

After the descruction of his twin silver lightsabers at the hand of his apprentice Bain Noronel, Drackonis created three new blades to match his new fighting style. Using Kinetic Combat, Drackonis was able to control three lightsaber's simultaneously. After countless hours of gathering the required supplies and tools, Drackonis crafted three elegant lightsaber’s. Each was crafted from a nearly indestructible alloy known as Phrik and each having a flat emitter made of Aurodium. Each hilt was then finished with a highly polished electrum casing. The three hilts each had a Kaiburr crystal shard imbedded in it, giving the blade a dark crimson red color.

Force PowersEdit

Having spent much of his life learning, practicing and creating different uses for the force. Drackonis has become one of the strongest force users in the galaxy. A master of froce lightning, Drackonis has used its power to strike fear into his enemies, having once turned its power into a storm of lightning and destroyed a group of thirty Nogotan’s during the invasion of Nogotan’s moon by Pravus Axiom. Though force lightning may be Drackonis favorite attack, it is by no means his only. Drackonis is a expert at using force shield and Negate Energy. Recently Drackonis has become more focused on mind based attacks, destroying his enemies’ minds before they even have a chance to attack.

List of Force Powers:

Force Lightning, Force Storm, Mind Trick, Kinetic Combat, Wound, Phase, Memory Walk, Force Shield, Shatterpoint, Negate Energy, Force Slam, Mind Shard, Force Whirlwind, Ionize, Farseeing, Hatred, Rebuke, Fear, Drain Energy, Master of telekinesis.


"There is no standard for torture, to be good at inflicting pain at such a level as to make one break promises, bonds and even their morale’s takes imagination."
―By Drackonis Principles of Torture

While a slave to Dagon the Hutt on the planet Hutta, Drackonis was often given the task of cleaning his Hutt master’s private collection. During this time, Drackonis would study and learn from the artifacts the Hutt had collected over the years. One such book gave a detailed description in the art of torture. This reading capture Drackonis’ attention, claiming many hours of his mind as he learned each of the books secrets to giving pain. As a result, Drackonis developed a hunger to create pain in his enemies, often through the art of torture. A technique known as “the net” was created by Drackonis during his studies. A technique that requires 1x1 squares to be cut into the flesh of the victim only to have each torn from the body. The technique requires medical aid to keep the subject alive long enough to finish and a perfectly sharpened blade. Drackonis always kept a dagger with him to use on his enemies. The Temple Lord even wrote a detailed description of his ideas on torture, titled “Principles of Torture.”