Defense at Manaan
Events Before: Negotiation at Serenno, Events Concurrent: Fall of the Hapes Cluster, Events After: 2nd Duel on Yavin 4 Results: Triumvirate forces defeated, Tenebrosi retreats, & Christopher sends Selkath forces for Deplhi system rendevzous
Vital statistics
Participants Christopher Algethii, Tenebrosi Santuarium, Captain Lani Escora (perished), Fleet Admiral Okeer, eight Shadow Wraiths (perished)
Date 2 ABD
Location Manaan 

The Defense of Manaan was the second military engagement of the Triumvirate of Vengeance (the first taking place at Onderon) whose intent it was to secure all kolto in and out of the planet for the purposes of the organization. While Crassus took the rest of his forces out of Yavin 4 and to the Hapes Cluster, overthrowing the matriarchy there in the process. Captain Lani Escora commanded the Titan, Crassus's personal cruiser, to this battle but was supervised by Lord Sanctuarium who had come from Serenno to secure the planet for the Triumvirate. However, Christopher was there to stop the forces of his grandfather from taking over the planet and eventually led them to victory.

However, it wasn't without its cost: Tenebrosi escaped from the ship, the Titan crashed into the seas, and Lani Escora died with it and the crew on board. Christopher himself barely managed to make it out alive before the ship claimed the lives of the others and he battled one of his grandfather's Shadow Wraiths when he returned. Despite that, Christopher was celebrated as a savior and the Admiral vowed to do whatever it was that he wished them to do. So Chris persuaded him to meet the allied forces of Mathes, Cassis, Queen Tela, and Claudia at the Delphi system. 

Manaan Capital City

Cities like this were the staging grounds during the Defense at Manaan, which saw Chris help the Selkath repel Triumvirate forces by himself.

From there, they would combine their strengths with the remnants of the Onderon Fleet and some Republic forces to save the planet. Meanwhile, Christopher continued on his own, doing what he could to help the struggle against the Triumvirate on his end.