Darth Valerian
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Imperial Palace, Nogatan

Place of Birth

Taral V

Date of Birth

3,662 BBY

Physical Description






Hair Color


Eye Color

Red/ Blue

Skin Color



Two pure metal finger-tips

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


True Empire

  • Medical Superintendent (3,642 BBY - 3,641 BBY)
  • Academy Instructor (3,641 BBY - 3,640 BBY)
  • Kaar of Discipline (3,640 BBY - ?)
Known Masters

Lord Aeryes

Known Apprentices
  • Voska Khacha
  • Sobek Te'Kaar
Family Information

Lord Stryfe

Skills and Abilities
  • Ancient Sith
  • Galactic Basic
Miscellaneous Information

Curved Lightsaber

"One question my lord... What stops you from going to the heights you wish reach?"
Wraythos Vi'garion

Darth Valerian (also known as Denael Turrin and Lucian Eidolon) is a Sith Lord which rose to power within the True Empire in 3,640 BBY after the Rakatan Invasion of Nogatan. He started out within the Empire in the year 3,642 BBY as a common recruit, brainwashed into believing he had lived a full life on the streets of Nar Shaddaa. Oblivious to his true past, as the son of a cult leader whom had large ambitions of galactic domination, Denael overcame there challenges to become Lucian Eidolon - a chosen name as he became the apprentice of a Legion Vizier, Nakiya Bre'tak.

Somehow through the events of 3,640 BBY, Lucian was selected by the newly crowned Emperor of the True Empire, Darth Cideon, to sit on the Dark Council as one of its Kaars. Selected as the Kaar of Discipline, he was in charge of the Academy and recruitment efforts within the Empire. Though his career was not an overly sucessful one - the Academy was destroyed in 3,637 BBY and he was reassigned to the Bastion Project. He went missing, presumed dead soon after arriving at the planet, returning six months later to witness the death of Darth Kraigor, and cede control of the Academy formally to Alistair Skye.

Darth Valerian was riddled, right from his first memories, with a disorder which required him to drink blood constantly in order to keep his body from shutting down.


True Beginnings

"They called themselves the Hidden."
―Lucian to Lord Verrin[[src]]

He was born in 30 BBD to a Sith Lord by the name of Lord Stryfe, the second-in-command of a Sith Sect different from many of the others that existed in the galaxy at the time. Known as the Hidden they were created in 300 BBD to observe and record information about various Sith Orders that have existed through the course of history. This included such regimes as Vitiate’s Sith Empire and the Black Empire when it first came into existence on the otherwise unknown planet of Nogatan, in direct opposition of the other Sith of the time. The purpose of the sect was to record the dealings and failures that other more prominent Sith Orders faced, to one day learn from them and create the perfect Sith Order that could rise from the shadows and extinguish the light. Lord Stryfe had a son as a means of carrying on the bloodline, rather than as an object of love or affection, opting to train the boy from the youngest age in the teachings of the Hidden, and philosophies of the Sith.

At the age of two, barely able to speak, the child was given a name which had henceforth been denied to him by the rights of their Order. Named Atrumcavus, Lord Stryfe intended him to eventually take over the mantle of the Hidden and continue on the legacy. By 25 BBD, Atrumcavus was being trained, albeit with little competency, in how to use and access the Force, along with his basic education in language and grammar. At the age of ten, the young Sith was sufficiently competent with a training saber in fairly basic skills. He trained at the same time as another young Sith whom was known as Sephira. Adopted by the Hidden as a means of keeping their numbers strong, Sephira worked alongside Atrumcavus in most of his training, often spending days if not weeks constantly by one another’s side.

By 15 BBD the pair began to grow romantically involved, an act that was forbidden by the Sith Master, a mysterious figure that dictated the main commandments of the Hidden, and worked in secret. Lord Stryfe was the only one to have ever met the Sith Master, whom was rumoured to be entrenched in intelligence on a confidential planet somewhere in the galaxy in a position of power. These rumours were never substantiated. It wasn’t until the age of nineteen in 11 BBD that Sephira and Atrumcavus were finally donned the title of Lord by ancient ceremony on Taral V’s surface. They were both then assigned on a joint mission to Nar Shaddaa to infiltrate a known hoarder of Sith Artefacts that they had never been able to access. The mission itself was mostly a success, a few valuable Sith scrolls were recovered, and the rest burned in inferno. It was however, on this mission, that Sephira fell pregnant to Atrumcavus’ child. Atrumcavus was never informed of the child, noting only that Sephira was assigned elsewhere for almost a year on a confidential assignment, where she would deliver and give up the child on Lord Stryfe’s edict.

In 8 BBD Atrumcavus is granted permission by Lord Stryfe to purchase a Manor on Nogatan on the outskirts of Novus Vires as an attempt to learn more about the Sith Empire that had formed there. The Sith Lord’s ambitions for this project however were not sincere. Though he wished access to the Pravus Axiom store of information, he desired a place hidden away from the watching eyes of the Sith Sect that he could begin to experiment on his own alchemic creations that he discovered in forgotten Sith Tomes that the Hidden had procured. Atrumcavus was cursed with an ailment of his own though that he sought little study into, a cellular malfunction that lead to a physical lust for blood (human or alien) that required him to drink of the fluid every so often to keep himself alive. It was the study of this that brought him onto creating a creature that would later be known by the populace of Novus Vires, as Eris.

He tried to understand why his body required him to drink blood to survive However, this line of inquiry started a deeper fascination. What if he could create something that lusted for blood, yet could feed on its victims far more efficiently. Reading through old Sith Tomes, he eventually found a recipe, a ritual that he could enact to create such a creation. A feat that had perhaps only been done once before. Atrumcavus was unstable, often visiting Dathomir where he found a natural rift in the Force, a hallow bursting with power, and attempted to drain, unsuccessfully for he did not have the means, the power from the planet. He wanted power beyond all else, the power to create his loyal subject.

He began to experiment, failing time and time again for five years to create a creature even remotely close to what the designs had. He performed the ancient rituals again and again, trying to find what was desired, finding nothing but death and disappointment there. By 6 BBD Atrumcavus began to see visions of his own death, and his final death beyond. He began to make preparations for it. To prepare himself for when it did happen - so his legacy could live on. He began to set up schemes so that he would live longer, or more powerfully. It was in his last attempt to create the creature in 5 BBD, after spending months collecting all of the materials as specified on the recipe, that it finally came to life. The creature, born out of hate and destruction, was born. He left the Manor, never seeing the beast again, but to which would be unleashed ever Halloween.

In 1 BBD Atrumcavus travelled to Dathomir, trying once again to destroy the planet and gain its ultimate power using the Force Nexus he had discovered there deep in the jungle. Before he had been able to even attempt this feat, the hands of the Hidden descended upon the planet and captured him, taking him back to Taral V where they tortured him and finally removed his soul from his body.

They didn't simply kill him, for the body was of more use to them. They had to make use of what they had. Instead they decided to create a sleeper agent; a man that wouldn't know who he was, until it was too late. They implanted false memories, false stories, even got a woman to play his fiancee to add to the tension. To this man, the life they created was real. They gave him a new name, and sent him on his most important assignment. So in the year of the Battle of Dathomir, the man with the name of Denael Turrin descended upon Nogatan unknowing of the plans that were being made around him.

On The Road To Nogatan

"Be on your guard Denael, this is not Nar Shaddaa. These people don't work by the same rules that we do. You thought that the Ulwan there were bad. They are small compared to what you have to encounter out here."
―Sephira/ Brae Yorgeld to Denael during his first mission.[[src]]

Filled with false memories of a life he had not truly lived, Denael Turrin was placed on a Nogatan alley where he would wake, smelling of the sewer. With fresh memories of his travel from Nar Shaddaa on his mind and the life that he had left behind on that smugglers moon, he had only on him what he needed, his clothes, and his small razor, which the Hidden were kind enough to leave him with. In his mind he had always been Denael Turrin, adopted son of a small street gang that had been kind enough to take him up. Though he didn’t know these memories were lies, he was entangled in the

Pravus Axiom

Upon his arrival at Nogatan however, his eyes were opened to the wonder that the galaxy had instore for him outside of little old Nar Shaddaa. He found himself within the Academy Recruitment Centre, a building designed for those who wished to become part of Pravus Axiom in an official manner. He was sent out soon on his first mission by Instructor Trase Scarden.

He was instructed to deal with a weapons dealer in the city, who was supplying weapons to an organization by the name of Trinity. After stalking the building for an extensive amount of time, Brae Yorgeld, one of his old family members, found him and told him how badly he was faring. After a short talk Denael tried to make himself more conspicuous. He traced down and killed a guard, stealing their code cylinder so he could access the fortress that the weapons dealer, Nerox, was hiding like a coward inside.

He accessed the facility, and finally made his way to the room that Nerox was hiding. After a confrontation Denael killed Nerox, not before exposing himself to a possibly fatal attack. That was when one of the guards, a man who Denael had not caught the face of, told him to forget that the man was there, and return to the Academy. Remembering only killing the dealer, he returned to the Academy, somewhat hazy on what happened.

Then he was quickly shuffled off onto the Academy Commander's Chambers, Darth Cideon He was forced to confront Trask, a Chiss Recruit who had joined on the same day as he. He was humiliatingly defeated by the Chiss. The Commander then shot both with Force Lightning, and he was sent to the infirmary.


"The truth awaits you. Come. Learn the truth."
―Lord Atrumcavus[[src]]

Upon graduation, Denael found himself recruited to the Rising Phoenix Squadron. Though it was only a few days until he was quickly sent out on a mission, where he would once again have to stand before Academy Commander Cideon once more. Sent to the planet of Dathomir to deal with an experiment that had gone painfully wrong. Teamed with Instructor Scarden and others, they made their way down to the planet in an Axiom Shuttle, where they were ambushed by a tribe of indigenous people. However, Denael began to feel something. The Dark Energies that surrounded the planet awakened something within him. A voice called out to him, and tried to subconsciously pull him deep into the jungle, for some insidious purpose. Finally, in the midst of battle, the voice took over, using the power of the Dark Side to defeat the enemies, then forcing him deep into the Dathomir jungle.

Denael Eyes

Lord Atrumcavus

Soon he was dragged into a dense area of foliage, which had been cleared by someone unknown, Denael was then released from the control of the other, whom introduced himself as Lord Atrumcavus, the true owner of Denael's body, though Denael would not know this. Then pinned against the wall with the being's power, and forced to become Atrumcavus' apprentice. The first act of apprenticeship was to traverse a mountain with the Force, leaving most of his possessions behind, including his vibrorapier. Once he reached the top he found a small cave, in which he found a small crystal. With it in hand, he ran back towards the group.

Soon he made it off Dathomir with Atrumcavus tagging along.

Nar Shaddaa

"Welcome, Ambassador, to Nar Shaddaa"
―General of the Black Widow[src]

Denael, soon after returning from Dathomir headed down to the local cantina, known affectionately by the Axiom as Serocco 34. He ordered a drink and noted upon a Mandalorian upon the name of Jesck who was acting out of the ordinary. Noting that the man was headed for Korriban, Lord Atrumcavus made a note to find this gentleman later. When he was more sane, that was.

He had enough to keep him preoccupied though, as a strange transmission came through. Denael was sent on a mission with Vitar'ii Sylas to head back to Denael's home planet of Nar Shaddaa to negotiate with a criminal organization known as the Black Widow, so that the Axiom could monitor the Black Widow communications in the future. Denael, unwittingly taking a name that Atrumcavus had once used in transactions with the Black Widow before, upon arriving on the planet, quickly established himself as a person that had purchased from them before, slightly increasing the trust levels.

While Vitar'ii went about briefing the General on matters of communication, Denael slipped out, headed to his father figures residence, where he had hoped to find the man surprised to see him. However upon arrival he found nothing, only an old bearded man who told him that nobody had ever lived here. Confused about what he truly remembered, Denael ran, leaving the bearded man to be killed by a Sith known as Lord Thiess. He arrived back at the facility where Vitar'ii was informed that she'd be remaining on the planet to deal with the security upgrades, Denael was returned to Nogatan and was debriefed by Darth Feralis soon after.

Making Friends and Having Influence

"Doctoring isn't just a simple skill - it's not like HuttBall, where anyone can do it to an extent, but only the best 'go pro'. Being a true medical technician requires lots of discipline, practice, and study. There's so much to know. I could teach you the basics of first aid, and perhaps how to perform some simple tests. But if you ever wanted to become more - a surgeon for example - you'd need a lot more training."
―Lord Verrin to Denael[[src]]

Denael upon his return to the Capital of the Axiom made his way to the Library where he met Verrin, a well known and respected member of the Axiom, whom he asked for lessons in the Medical Arts, dealing with the scientific and Force related perspectives of this. With some assistance, Verrin gave Denael some papers to read, telling him to come back afterwards, when he was ready to be taught some more hands on things.

Denael took this and began to research - but Atrumcavus had other ideas for him. He sent a memo to Jesck who was back from Korriban, to meet him at a location. With no more information implied, the Mandalorian warrior arrived. Denael merely suggested that his Master, who he left unnamed, thought that they should spar together, to hone his skills as an apprentice. Jesck complied and soon they were in combat.

Atrumcavus soon took over however, introducing himself to Jesck and probing him about the other thing that he felt inside of Jesck. After what amounted to torture, Atrumcavus managed to free Lord Azek, an apprentice of Darth Chronis, free from his prison. They fought for a while before Lord Azek withdrew back into Jesck and the fight was ended.

Denael went back to Verrin sometime after, having read the books and finding himself in need of further tutalage. Verrin took him the Temple Medical Wing and taught him the technique of Dark Transfer, which he used to take the wound of Daela Bana onto himself. Soon after he got a message from Nakiya Bre'Tak.

Vires Lake and Consequences

"Are you ready Mandalorian?"
―Lord Atrum,cavus to Jesck Ke'Saan[[src]]
Office 2

Denael's Office

He found himself quickly growing through the ranks of the newly established Medical Facility, finding himself leagues above the others. Within the period of a few weeks, he managed to procure himself what amounted to a broom closet office, with potential for that to grow in the future.

Denael was still studying hard, every day, and he travelled to and from the Notagan Temple Library on almost a daily basis for simply a quiet place to read. However one such day, he recieved a message from Nakiya Bre'Tek, the apprentice of the formidable Darth Feralis. He went, meeting Jesck there as well, to find out that Nakiya wanted Denael to bring the Lord Azek out once more, for whatever reason. Denael, somewhat confused was unwilling to comply. Atrumcavus, however, was more than willing to give his assistance on the matter. He quickly brought the Sith Lord out of Jesck, where Nakiya tried to capture him. Atrumcavus merely withdrew back into Denael and he sustained massive injuries where he was forced to be a patient at his own medical facility.

They rushed around as Jesck and Denael needed to be dealt with. Denael was unconscious with a massive wound to his shoulder, but inside a war between Atrumcavus and Denael was erupting. His fiancee Brae Yorgeld made her way to the bay just in time for Denael to resume consciousness. But it wasn't Denael, but Atrumcavus who had taken control. After a brief skirmish with Nakiya, Atrumcavus and Brae left, headed back to the planet this all started at.


Dathomir, Again

"I've had it with you, and this lie. You promised me power, knowledge but all you've given me is pain. You've destroyed everything. This is your fault. I killed her. I killed her because of this Atrumcavus. And you are next."
―Denael Turrin to Atrumcavus[[src]]

Atrumcavus and Brae Yorgeld, known to Atrumcavus was Lady Sephira, travelled to Dathomir with Jesck and Nakiya close in tail. They crash landed on the planet, walking kilometres to the Temple that Atrumcavus had first dragged Denael to upon his first visit. The vibrorapier that Denael had left was still in the same place. Denael finally rebelled, and Atrumcavus began to tell him the truth about his life. About how Denael was just a consciousness created when Atrumcavus was forced from Denael's body, which was actually Atrumcavus'. He showed him that everything in Denael's life was a lie, and exposed it for what it was.

Then Jesck and Nakiya arrived, along with the members of the Sith Order known as the Hidden, which Lord Atrumcavus had been a member of until he was thrown from his body. Atrumcavus went into Jesck's mind, unleashing Lord Azek once more while Denael began to go into a deep rage. He killed all of the members of the Order, even killing his fiancée because she had known about these lies the entire relationship.

Atrumcavus taunted Denael once more, but for the last time. Nakiya stabbed Denael with the vibrorapier Denael had left here originally. It was imbued with some strange Force power because of its proximity to the Force Nexus. Atrumcavus exploded in a ball of light, making the entire place neutralized of the Nexus.

Nakiya ordered Denael to take one of her fighters back to the Aeries Star which orbitted the planet above. After destroying the Temple and setting in motion an inferno that would engulf a large area of the planet. He arrived on the Aeries Star where Nakiya offered him an apprenticeship once hers with Feralis was over. He accepted.


"I am Lucian Eidolon. The first name means light, something that I could never truly have. And the second, Eidolon, is a spectre of phantom. It is reflective of my past, the phantoms of your history that I will never shake. Phantoms that I now have to live with. I will carry it with my name."
―Lucian upon accepting his new name[[src]]

When he arrived back on Nogatan he disappeared from Nakiya's view, since she was busy with Jesck and took his own shuttle back to Dathomir. The forest fire was more than over, and Denael found himself kneeling in the ashes of the Temple. A Jedi soon arrived, Bell'aria who began to talk to him. They talked as equals, even though they were Jedi and Sith. A moment of cease fire on a planet covered with the Dark Side.

Bell'aria helped Denael discover his new name. He threw away the painful memories of Denael Turrin and became... Lucian.

Upon his arrival back on Nogatan again, he went straight to Darth Feralis' Spire to announce that he would be quitting his position as Medical Superintendent. He submitted Kimerie's name as a replacement - one that went down easily, and quickly was dealt with.

Lucian went to Dagan, as everyone in the Axiom did to watch the fight in the new Arena that Jesck had built. He watched as his wound-be Master fought, eventually finding herself at the mercy of the Emperor. The Emperor had her executed and revived her - an emotional rollercoaster for all involved. Finally, he might have a Master that wouldn't leave him.

Soon after his Master's ressurection - she summoned him and Mer'eth'skul to a training room where they duelled, and Nakiya began to teach Lucian the fundimentals of Form II. Lucian would spent the next while training on Form II, eventually ending up in a duel with a recruit Mathias that would sever the tops of his pinky and index finger on his right hand.

Serrocco Nightmare

"You did this to me. You cut my fingers off with a lightsaber! But its alright. I forgive you. If I had a lightsaber, I'd have cut off my fingers too!"
―Drunk Lucian to Mathias[[src]]

Lucian arrived at the Serrocco, feeling spritely and with a new sense of vigor that came from having a new identity and a new Master. He was confident, which was one of the most important factors of the night, In the course of the night he not only felt the rear of Instructor Jesck Ke'Saan, gave a bouncer sexual favours, had sexual intercourse with several people over the night, including a slight intimate moment with a large brawly man that he would there-after know as Bob.

He caught up with Mathias, albeit absolutely out of his mind at the time, and after finally recognising him thinking that perhaps that they had slept together during the course of the night, beratted the recruit for his severed fingers, before staggering home in what could only have been a long winded adventure of drunken stupidity.


"Isn't she grand!"
―Silas Valks to Lucian on the Manor[[src]]

The next day, Lucian was forced to attend a Fire Team Meeting, for the Banshee Team. With the worse hangover that he could ever imagine, Lucian found himself loathing every second.

He went and spoke to Verrin once more, bringing his vibrorapier with him, informing the Librarian about his new lease on life, and asking him about the nature of the vibrorapier, that was different after its tenature in the Force Nexus. Verrin was understanding, and helpful, suggesting to encase the potential Sith Spirit in holocron that they could create. Sending Lucian on a mission to find said mateirals necessary to create a holocron of this type. He was ushered out however as Lady Abraxas arrived - and Verrin, not wanting to keep her waiting, quickly ended the meeting.

A few days later a man would arrive at the door of his barracks, giving him a look over. H

The creature

e was a lawyer from a client that he called Mr Atrum Cavus, or known to Lucian as Atrumcavus. He had apparently inherited a house on Notagan, and they traveled there, Lucian soon learning of the long reach of Atrumcavus' plans. He went for a tour of the house, before finding himself before a creature that called him Master. After a tragic tail of destruction, Lucian unwittingly released the creature. Struggling to figure out what it was, Lucian went to the Library, where Verrin healed all his wounds and told him the tale of Eris. Helping Verirn, he would attempt to destroy Eris and end this nightmare.

Pain in the form of kindness

"You have a lot to learn Lucian..."
―Nakiya Bre’Tak to Lucian[[src]]

Nakiya summoned him once more to her presence, dispensing upon him a lightsaber that she had been given from Darth Cideon during her time at the Academy. Then she set the SABR droid at him, making him fight the droid with his new lightsaber. He eventually destroyed it, making the expensive droid explode after he cut it into pieces. Nakiya, however, was not finished. She set two droid dog things after him, making him climb to the forth floor, and in her words "not die". He did that, destroying the droids, landing before her thinking he had completed the assignment.

He hadn't. Nakiya kicked him square in the chest, sending him flying down the balcony in a display of raw power and abuse. She wanted to make him hurt, to torture him in order to teach him some new technique, something called Deadly Sight. In her torturous attack, she brought him to the point of almost death, before taking him to the Vires Lake Medical so that he could recover in torturous pain. Kimerie however had other plans. As Lucian recovered, he swam in Lake Vires, before Nakiya wisked him away to begin teaching him Deadly Sight. He used the pain she inflicted on him to send pain into the minds of wolves, an excersise that was discontinued when he was found to be slightly ill of mind.

Mer'eth'skul left in the silence of the night some time later - but the Notagan authorities were onto him. Him, along with is accomplice, Sera left Nogatan attempting to run away with the Republic. Though they were found on Nar Shaddaa, and his memory eventually wiped of the important NCR information. Gil-ch confronted Lucian for a duel, and in a moment not to be proud of, Lucian tactically withdrew, Nakiya finally coming with him.

Closer To The End

"There is very little I have left to teach you apprentice. You have taken my lessons, learned from them and become strong…"
―Nakiya Bre’Tak to Lucian[[src]]

Lucian was summoned once more by Nakiya to travel to Illum with a supposed Temple representative - Tyia Nevarr, Nakiya's secret apprentice. He was taken by her, and her beauty, originally being taken to the battlefield, but Nakiya changed her mind, sending Lucian into the crystal cave with Tyia. The travel went fairly badly, after the encountered Jedi in the tunnel and were forced to fight them in order to escape. They found the crystals that they wanted, and returned to Nakiya's shuttle where they left the planet for good.

This lead to another training session with Nakiya where Lucian learned how to use sheilding. Lucian was forced then to fight the Jedi tratior by the name of Zekail. He defeated the opponent with Deadly Stare, before being allowed to torture the Jedi as he saw fit.

Darth Cideon opened up his Laboratory for a tour which lead Lucian there to look at the facilities which he might find useful in future endevours. It was in this tour that Lucian learned of a position available in the Imperial Academy, and when he was formally appointed to the role. Thus began a new era away from Legion, and into the Imperial Academy as an Instructor.

Academy Instructor

"Whomever you thought that slave to be, she wasn't. She just pulled the blade straight out of your hands, and left you with a cheap glass shrine."
―Instructor Eidolon to Voska and Markos upon the failure of their mission[[src]]

Lucian had only just established himself in the Academy when he received his first two recruits. He quickly sent them off to retrieve a weapon that had been left in the Temple on Taral V, the Headquarters of the Hidden Order Lucian had destroyed so long ago. They returned, but without a false blade, the real one having been taken by a refugee that Markos had helped, and left on Drummond Kaas. Lucian tested them both by cutting the palm of their hand, and dismissing them.

Lucian had a number of recruits in this time period, which was considerable growth in the strength and power of the Axiom. In honour of that achievement, Emperor Trajan invited the highest members of Imperial society to attend a Ball in the Empires name. Such a ball was prestigeous, and while Lucian courted the Emperor's sister for the night, it left no impression in his mind. The act of preparing with Jesck the week before had been of more excitement to him than the actual event.


"You are incapable of love, you will learn that as you get accustomed to that little... vice."
―Tyia Navarr to Lucian[[src]]

Lucian finally decided to make the best of his relaxed schedule, to invite Tyia to get a crystal for Verrin that he had promised some time ago. Going to Dantooine to get the crystals for the holocron, Lucian and Tyia awkwardly travelled to the planet with a number of sexual tension devices which were the source of much humour between them. It wasn't until they entered the cave, into the darkest parts of the cave, that Lucian and Tyia were overtaken by some great power, and began to go into a deep sexual congress while they feasted from each others blood. Lucian, unbewitting to him, was infecting himself with a secondary virus which would amplify his own. After they ceased this activity, where Tyia finally told Lucian that her Master was the same as his, Lucian went nuts. He dismissed Tyia in his mind, took the crystals he needed and travelled back to Nogatan to confront his master.

He stormed the Legion Complex, and yelled out for Nakiya in tones of anger. A fight between Jesck and Lucian occurred, which Lucian bit Jesck. Lucian threw his lightsaber at Nakiya, calling her a failure and refusing to take anything she had given him. With that, the apprenticeship was over, and Lucian was free to take his own. An opportunity he would fulfil soon enough.

Delirious With Hunger

"Voska, are you willing to become my apprentice, in all of the roles that may design of you? You would have to sacrifice a lot, but you shall be rewarded. I can teach you about the finer nature of the Force, I can teach you how to wield the most sacred of all Sith tools - the lightsaber."
―Lucian to Voska upon asking her to become his apprentice.[[src]]

Lucian invited Voska to his shuttle to speak to her about something. While she was there, Lucian entertained the notion of teaching Voska a few things. However, the need to feed rose within him, and he quickly began to deteriorate before Voska, aging horribly as his cells ate themselves. Voska opened a wound and let Lucian feed off her, before agreeing to not let his secret go.

Soon after this, the first bunch of recruits whom had studied and survived under him graduated, Voska amongst them. After her graduation Lucian invited her to his new shuttle, the Crimson Envy where he formally asked her to become his apprentice, and learn what he had to teach her. When she accepted, they travelled to the planet of Dathomir, where they spent some time living on the planet’s surface, before Lucian finally decided that the training had been enough. It was here that Lucian discovered and took the skull of his former fiancée Brae, a skull that would remain within his possession.

Dark Callings

The Rakata Invasion

In 2 ABY, the Rakata, a species once thought extinct in the Galaxy, began their attack on the homeworld of the Empire - Nogatan. Though their attack was focused on the military structures, it wasn't long before the battle brought the armies of the Mandalorians under the Rakata control, into the view of the Academy. Darth Cideon, Academy Commander of the Imperial Academy, forcibly awoke Lucian in the midst of the attack - using him to help protect the Academy and all that it stood for. Using the security systems in place, Cideon locked down the Academy and created a front line in the entrance to the building - a vanguard of an army that did not exist. The Mandalorian's appeared soon thereafter, and Lucian fought Mandalorians best he could, with the few recruits that had not disappeared alongside him. With both Trase and Muriel seemingly absent, it was left up to the combined power of Lucian, and Cideon to ensure the Academy did not fall.

Mid way through the battle, Cideon suddenly left without a word - though not before the main onslaught had been broken. Trase and his apprentice arrived soon thereafter, and word from the Ebonfire was grim - though it seemed Toclafane and Voska survived the onslaught. As the battle came to an end - the bodies of the deceased laid amongst the Academy structure, Lucian traveled to the Palace - where a meeting of sorts was occuring. Darth Feralis, the Iridonian Grand Vizier gave their orders - Lucian was to head a team going to Sernamir.

Headed to Sernamir, with a small bunch of Imperial travelers, they took a discarded old freighter barely capable of lightspeed. Using it as a projectile - the Imperial team docked with the ship forcibly, and took control of the Rakata vessel - bring the Republic team that they were temporarily allied with, into the fold. Using Rakatan codes, they gained access to the ground levels of Sernamir - where they made an assault against the main structure of Sernamir. Lucian defeated the Predor, Ili'dan, and was forced to retreat, their vengence all but taken.

The Naming of Valerian

It was not long after his arrival back on Nogatan, that he heard of the change of Emperor. Pollux Troy, who had lead the True Empire for a number of years, had disappeared, or so rumors had it. Others rumors had that Cideon killed him in his pursuit for power - though Lucian cared little either way. He recieved a summons from the Emperor, from his new Sovereign Guard, to attend him in the Convocation Chambers in the Imperial Palace. As he arrived, so did others, Darth Avaris and Darth Feralis, along with Trase Scarden being the ones he knew. Emperor Cideon granted Lucian the control of the Academy, as the first Kaar of Discipline. With this, he granted Lucian a new name and title. Darth Valerian.

Continued Failure

This victory and elevation however, did not go unpunished. Valerian selected Toclafane, now known as Alistair Skye and his former Vizier during his time in Legion, Symoria, now known as Lord Tyberius, to take the head positions within the Academy. Granted Academy Commander, and Academy Overseer respectively, he gave them the full control over the Academy - leaving him more time to tend to his other duties with the Council, and offworld. Though his time in the Academy proper grew slim - Darth Valerian was still not powerful enough to be a Dark Councillor, in his opinion. He trained hard, studied when he could, acting via hologram wherever he could afford it. It wasn't until he sensed something underneath the old Temple complex, a signature that he did not recognize, that he went to investigate. Upon arrival he found that Wraythos Vig'arion, his former student was laid unconscious at the entrance of a strange pool of Dark Energies. Though Valerian did not venture inside, he took Vi'garion into his own chambers, to help and heal him.

Soon thereafter, an emissary by the name of Sobek Te'Kaar was found deeper in the pool of Sith energies, dubbed the Maw by those who ventured in. Sobek somehow knew Valerian's first name, of Denael, which alarmed the Kaar. He forced the emissary to go deep into the Maw, promising him the place of his apprentice if they succeeded. Inside the Maw, Valerian left the vibrorapier that had contained the spirit of Atrumcavus, as he met the many incarnations of himself inside the Dark Side construct. Forced to retreat, Valerian knew that Sobek was far more important. He would never have the time to train him properly however.

Valerian's failure came suddenly - and without warning. Ninety nine percent of Nogatan's surface had been destroyed during the Rakatan Invasion, leaving a large and somewaht radioactive environment outside of the borders of Novus Vires. Somehow, a splinter cell of nanophage infested creatures managed to invade the Academy from beneath - his former Master at one stage taken by these creatures. The attack on the Academy was quick and sudden - and gave the Dark Lord no time to truly eradicate the vermin. Though the threat was contained, a secondary charge left by the invaders, detonated, and brought down the Imperial Academy into rubble. The Kaar of Discipline, head of the Academy, had failed in his duty.


Darth Cideon arrived on the scene about an hour after its destruction, where Academy recruits were creating temporary shelters outside the ruined areas. Cideon demanded an explanation - and instead of reprimanding the man there, gave Valerian a new charge. Nogatan was failing them - and it was imperitive that the work on their new world of Bastion be completed. Given the assignment to oversee the new Capitals construction, Valerian left the final construction of the Tribulation, a large Spacecraft which he had been planning for some time, to be completed immediately, so that the Academy might have a home. Leaving it to Lord Kraigor, Lord Tyberius and Alistair Skye.

In his one month there, he found that construction was finally going smoothly. Yet he could feel a disturbance in the Force. Somewhere in space, there was something amiss. During his communication with the Dark Council, Darth Valerian arrived at this disturbance, and then disappeared. Lord Kraigor would return later, and remark that he had seen the spirit of Valerian screaming and conclude that he had died.


There And Back Again


Personality and Traits

Lucian has over the period of his existence developed a number of traits that are specific to his character. These I will outline here.

Force Abilities

Over his time in the Axiom he has learned a number of Force related abilities, all of which have helped him at some point during his career.

Dark Transfer

An ability which allows Lucian to transfer the wound or injury of another into himself. It was transfered unto him by Lord Verrin when he was originally studying medicine. He has a fairly good understanding of the medical sciences, as well. Dark Transfer however, he is loathe to use because of its consequences. He never learned the second half of the technique, which would have allowed himself to heal himself of the injuries that he took from another.

There was another side to Dark Transfer that Lucian has been working on learning - after doing research into the techinque. However he has not mastered or successfully enacted that part of the technique yet.


Lucian has never been much of a fighter, or a warrior for that matter but he has over the time learned how to use a weapon to save his life, and kill others when required - though he takes little to no enjoyment from it. He studied Form II with Nakiya to some efficiency.


The Vibrorapier he is normally in possession of was left in a Force Nexus for some time, then taken by Nakiya Bre'Tak to stab Lucian, then destroying a Sith Spirit that resided within him. Though he wasn't sure of why this worked - Verrin explained that the blade was possibly a host to another Sith Spirit.


He was given a Lightsaber by Nakiya Bre'Tak during his apprenticeship, but during the end of the apprenticeship when Lucian rejected Nakiya's teachings, he threw it back to her in disgust, refusing to carry his former Master's blade.


Though this weapon is possibly less conventional - he keeps the small weapon on him at all times, in case of the special emergencies. It is kept in a small case with a sanitizer cloth to keep the blade clean after each use, and to prevent it from growing dull. The scalpel is almost part of his blood ritual now - he would probably be lost without it.



Epic IV

Denael (Legion)

Lucian (Apprenticeship)

Lucian (Post-Apprenticeship)