Daela Bana was a Sith Acolyte of Pravus Axiom.


Born to a Jedi and a Sith, you'd think that she would have enough turmoil to fill a ocean, or at least a lake. While this may be true, it's for entirely different reasons.

Her mother, Zahara Luxi (said Jedi) was captured by the Sith acolyte Ninos Bana. A human of only under-average force potential, if above-average looks, he was mostly ignored by their general population. Angry at being sent on what amounted to a sucide mission, he easily agreed to vanish despite his sucess near the border of the territory.

They fell in love, married, and spawned quickly thereafter.

Unfortunately, their fairy-tale ending wasn't destined to be a happy one. A passing aquantance, Isholde, turned out to have more than a passing


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