Conquest of Onderon
Events Before:1st Duel of Yavin 4, Duel on Manaan, Events Concurrent: Skirmish on Naboo, Events After: Truce at Yavin 4 Results: Near-complete domination by Arecio's forces
Vital statistics
Participants Arecio Antipas, Commander Cassis, Queen Tela
Date 2 ABD
Location Onderon
Three hundred years before, Arecio Antipas and Mathes Colunga had been friends and members of the Republic military as well as the Jedi Order. However, Arecio took the call of the Dark Side and became so ensnared that Mathes was forced to kill him, a feat that he practically succeeded in. Unfortunately, Arecio would survive through the years via the power of the Dark Side, his soul never truly departing into the netherworld of the Force. When Mathes also returned to serve the Republic, Arecio took a different calling, gathering an army of mercenaries and bounty hunters.

He would begin his revenge by striking in a place very personal to Mathes, especially since a friend of his ruled over it. His attack would begin on Onderon, where Queen Tela resided with a kind and even hand amongst her people. 

Conquest and AftermathEdit

Onderon Iziz Palace

Iziz Palace was where Queen Tela ruled before her overthrow and the place where Arecio would make his headquarters during his stay on Onderon.

Arecio's armies would attack with near-complete stealth, surprising the forces assigned to the

guardianship of  Onderon and even taking over the Defense Station assigned there. Commander Cassis of the Onderon Fleet would retreat to find Mathes and thus, get help to free his planet whilst Queen Tela was captured by Arecio's forces. Despite Arecio's intentions for her, a spy would come and rescue Tela from her prison right under his nose and bring her to Vornu. Though his intentions for the Queen could not be carried out, Arecio would continue to tighten his grip on Onderon whilst also going to Yavin 4 to obtain souvenirs he had left there.

However, he was unaware that there was already another Sith Lord living there and one who intended to expand from his base into control of the galaxy. Intentions that very much resembled Arecio's own desire for glory and vengeance against Mathes and the Republic. The fall of Onderon was the final event before the formation of the Triumvirate of Vengeance though it's return back would not occur very long afterwards.