Claudia Elesion
Claudia Elesion-Algethii
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Vornu (Former), Nar Shaddaa (Former), Algethiius (At death)

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3,659 BBY

Date of Death

3,568 BBY

Physical Description







Likely 150 lbs

Hair Color

Moderate-dark red

Eye Color

Crystal Light-Blue


Unknown (From Nar Shaddaa

Skin Color

Fair white

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


Vornu branch of Republic (Former)


Republic Agent (Former)

Family Information

Unknown Republic Soldier


Unknown Republic Agent


Christopher Algethii


Four unknown boys (Eventually)


Four unknown girls (Eventually)


An uncle who trained her in the arts.


Many Republic officials who died in battle


Connor Talos (In-law descendant from Dantius)

Relationship Information

Valek Rayden (VERY briefly)

Romantic Interests

Christopher Algethii


Yilaou Ari


Mathes Colunga, Commander Cassis, & Arek


Valek Rayden, Felony Serano


Isabelle Rieva (Dubbed Claudia a traitor)


Julius Crassus Algethii III (Eventually)

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Teras Kasi, Stava, & Echani (Hand-to-Hand). Vibrospear (Blade)





Other Skills

Piloting, Rifle, Pistol, & Sniper-related abilities. Great First-aid.


Practicing martial arts, working on her weapons.

Miscellaneous Information

Two pistols with a suitcase of collapsible equipment for rifle or Sniper. Also sometimes uses a rocket launcher


Born into a family with distinguished military history in the Republic, Claudia spent the first six months of her life on Coruscant where her parents stayed. The reason for this was that they were still on active duty when Claudia's mother became pregnant with her and could not leave even with maternity leave just yet. But it was before the sixth month of her life had ended that Claudia was spirited away from Coruscant with two pistols that each had been wielded by one of her parents. They died a standard week or so after that when they went Sith hunting and a tower fell on them while they were fighting Sith soldiers. Claudia would then be raised by her uncle on Nar Shaddaa, who like his brother and sister-in-law, served in the Republic military but lost an arm and both legs after an illustrious career. Nonetheless, using compensatory benefits, her uncle had her undergo training in Terras Kasi, Stava, and Echani while also training her in many of the skills she would eventually inherit for her career in the Republic military. During this time, she met a young boy named Christopher Algethii whom she befriended and started dating at age 14 and became engaged to him at age 18. But soon Republic law enforcement had him on the run for a crime he didn't commit but before he left he had her make a promise: if he did not return for her in two years, she was to start looking for him and if she had not found him in another two years, she was to assume he was either dead or incapable of returning to her, move on to another man, and/or retire from the Republic military. 

She entered service shortly after the Rakata Crisis, when Vornu was rebuilt and restored, and was assigned her first mission by Isabelle Rieva , who requested she undo a pirate blockade on Ord Mantell. 

Claudia Elesion

Many would describe Claudia as always searching and not fully in the present moment from some of her expressions.

Early LifeEdit

Claudia was born to two Republic soldiers who met during a security check on Coruscant. For the first six months of her life, she was born and raised there and to this day, she still wishes to go back and see where her parents died. Before the end of the sixth month of her existence, Claudia was spirited away from Coruscant in a delivery pod that included a pistol from each of her parents who then stood and fought against the Sith during the Sacking of Coruscant. While she went to Nar Shaddaa to be raised by her uncle who also served the Republic until he lost an arm and both legs, her parents were killed when a tower was brought down on them by Sith soldiers.

When she was able to walk, talk, and no longer relied on diapers, Claudia was immediately trained in three martial arts forms whenever she wasn't in regular school with the other children. She was also trained how to use pistols, rifles, snipers, rocket launchers, and thermal detonators as well as how to pilot ships and many other skills she would use later. During an errand she was running as part of her training, she met a young boy named Christopher Algethii who, like her, was a little down on his luck in the way of money. Together, they completed the errand her uncle had given her and she even introduced the two of them, Christopher striking her uncle as the kind of man he would want her to be with almost instantly. 

Whenever she was not training or in school, she spent more time with Christopher which was something her uncle didn't mind since he did want her hanging around with more people. He even went as far as to say she and Chris were a better sight than a "cripple with his niece". After three years of friendship, Chris and Claudia began to date and when she was 18, he proposed to her and began their present engagement. The happiness of the occasion was short-lived as Christopher was soon framed for a crime he didn't commit by his father and he was forced to run.

Before he left, he made her promise that if he hadn't returned by the time two years were over, she was to start looking for him and join the Republic military to do so. If he wasn't found in yet another two years, she was to move on, find another man and marry him, and/or retire from the military. Two years came and went with no sign of him even during the Rakata Crisis. So she joined the Republic military and began her search as she had promised. Since it has begun, she has successfully completed her first mission with the promise of an illustrious career like her family along the way. 

Beating a BlockadeEdit

Shortly after joining the Republic military, thus following in the footsteps of her parents and uncle, Claudia was awarded with the honor of meeting Isabelle Rieva in her Spire called 'Patience'. After a cross examination where Claudia revealed many of her capabilities, including her martial arts combat knowledge,

Isabelle was the one woman who awarded Claudia with her first mission on behalf of the Republic.

the Battlemaster came to a decision. Recent reports had come in of a pirate blockade orbiting Ord Mantell, a planetary hub of criminal activity that attracted many of the worst people as Nar Shaddaa did. Claudia's mission was to find a way to disperse the blockade and/or run supplies down to the people who would surely be starving, thirsty, and in need of other goods.

She was immediately privileged with a Muse Squad ship that, to her surprise, had a cloaking device on it. With these tools at her disposal, she outsmarted the pirate blockade and got supplies down to the locals of Ord Mantell. After that, she separated from the team since they were running a mission independent of her goal to bring down the blockade and would likely be shot down without her. But not before catching a local named Rachelle around the town and persuading her to take Claudia to a place where she could stay and track down one of the pirate leaders. 

After some hard bargaining, Rachelle revealed that a Weequay named Mitsuhide could be found in the Hotel Grand, gambling and boozing his credits away with women. And since she was on a mission to end the blockade, the employers at the hotel were lenient to her and told her where Mitsuhide could be found in their property. Thanking them, Claudia made her way to meet him and persuade him to reveal who his superior was. 

He even was generous as to give her a ride up to his ship floating in the center of the blockade. The Weequay man was more hideous than even Mitsuhide at his worst and Claudia almost vomitted at the initial sight of him. Menelaus, the superior's name, was so fat he had to be bed-ridden everywhere which also meant he had no clothes on. A goiter hung from his throat, giving him the appearance of a massive frog-like man, and his eyes and teeth were yellow and decayed from years of drinking and eating gluttonously without thought of hygiene.

But Claudia ignored this long enough to steal a chip filled with scandalous information about all the pirate leaders from Mitsuhide and turn the Blockade on itself. She escaped and returned to Ord Mantell long enough to see Mitsuhide and Menelaus arrested by local authorities without possibility of seeing them again. And before leaving, she put in a granted request that Rachelle stay in the room Claudia had made residence in as a reservation and so she had a roof over her head for once in many years.

Cold Science on Ando PrimeEdit

Shortly after completing her mission for Isabelle, Claudia then headed for the quarters of Jedi Master Slaine Drucker. Here, she was charged with the escortation of an Initiate named Yilaou Ari on her mission to Ando Prime and protect her should the use of weapons be required. Upon first arriving, she established diplomatic ties with a local who came to greet them and also told them that their best hope for warmth on the cold planet was their ship's heaters. Working on customizations while Yilaou rested, Claudia began to find herself thinking about Christopher again and at first, resisted.

However, she could not resist after she had a nightmare of him fighting two shadowy figures, one of which lost its arm to him while the other threw him against a wall. She knew that she wasn't Force-sensitive but she also knew it wasn't uncommon for those not attuned to the Force to have visions of those Force-sensitives that are in their lives. It wouldn't have been a problem if she hadn't screamed out Christopher's name just as she was waking up, triggering Yilaou's curiosity. Upon securing Yil's word that she would not tell anyone else, Claudia revealed her true reasons for association with the Republic: finding Christopher again.

When the night was over and the women had both managed to get their sleep, they followed the trail  had spoken with. local that Claudia had spoken with. Claudia found a clue when she used her scope to find a cave and the remains of small fires within. Following this trail, they found the team of lost scientists that Yilaou was asked to find only they were neither captive nor dead as Master Drucker had suspected. Instead, they were surrounded by Imperial soldiers to whom they intended to defect. 

Claudia then accidentally killed the Imperials when they aimed their blasters at the two women which cemented the decision of the team to defect. But one decided he wanted to come back with them and even though Yilaou and Claudia separated on good terms, Drucker lectured Claudia on putting Yilaou in danger when in actuality, Yilaou had ducked behind a boulder while Claudia did the work. Nonetheless, Claudia did not let the lecture faze her too much, even standing up for herself against him when Yilaou tried to do it for her, though it did make her question her methods for a brief time. So she headed to the Spire of Master Ellina Kast in hopes of acquiring a mission that would take her mind off it and fortunately, she did. 

Date with Chris on VornuEdit

Shortly after completing her missions, Claudia returned to the dormitories to relax and just as she unpacked her weapons, she received a call on the emergency channel. When she answered, the hologram of a Jedi named Mathes Colunga formed and he revealed that he carried a wounded Christopher on his ship. Immediately, she ran down to meet them in the infirmary, unable to believe that Chris was coming to Vornu. When she saw that he had indeed arrived as Mathes said, she couldn't help but contain her excitement at seeing him again.

The two made amends for their separation and soon, Chris forged his first lightsaber as testament to his growing Force abilities. After that, Claudia helped him walk to her room where they made love for the first time in two years and Chris recuperated in time to leave for Nogatan. He vowed to first go to Naboo where he would make his annual custom to pray before the Elesion shrine there then head back. Then he also promised that he would return for her once he was finished with his time amongst the Sith and learning what he had to learn in order to destroy Crassus. 

And since they had been reunited before, she knew that he would keep this vow and make it back again when he was finished. She also found herself feeling much more peaceful now that she had been reunited with him than she had ever had since he left. 

Independent Work with the RepublicEdit

It was not long after reuniting with Christopher that Claudia was rewarded with the honor of being allowed to conduct independent work in the name of the Republic and the Jedi Order. While she would go on several missions, her ultimate test came when a new power arose in the galaxy calling itself the Triumvirate of Vengeance. This might not have been one of her greatest tests if one of the members of this new organization just so happened to want Christopher's head in order to secure his own immortality: Lord Crassus himself. She had known about the legends surrounding him and knew that Christopher was destined by prophecy to destroy him. 

And when Christopher reported a safe return to Nogatan as well as his concerns about Crassus' future plans, she would relate as much to their mutual friend: Mathes Colunga. His reaction was a little unsettlingly but probably not a surprising one considering the magnitude of Crassus' possible desires. Her independent status in the Republic also meant that she could go wherever she pleased so long as she didn't walk into Sith space without license to do so. Taking advantage of this, she decided to investigate the attack on Onderon for which Arecio had been responsible and see what she could find.

What she found was a shocking accumulation of mercenaries, pirates, and bandits all working for Lord Antipas and were critical in overthrowing the monarchy that had previously ruled the planet. The Queen was trapped in the dungeons and the guard Claudia killed to gain access to the Palace was, conincidentally enough, assigned to transfer the prisoner to the Town Square for execution. Fortunately for the Queen, Claudia was not about to obey orders despite coming very close to doing so as part of her plan of escape. They made it back onto the transport Claudia had taken and since Arecio's forces were forbidden from firing upon transports such as Claudia, she and the Queen were allowed to escape.

She would return to Onderon with Mathes Colunga, Felony Serano , and Onderonian Commander Cassis whose knowledge of Onderon's strategic capabilities and defenses was critical in reclaiming it for the Queen. When Mathes went to confront Arecio with aid from Felony in the Defense Station, Claudia went on to the ground. There, she liberated the Palace and the people on the surface before returning to the Defense Station to find Mathes crossing blades with his own daughter though Arecio had been redeemed to the Light and renamed Arek.

Fearing what could happen, Claudia ambushed Felony and knocked her into a Stava-induced trance just after she had returned to normal. Her role in the events of the Triumvirate story, however, would not end there: she was the pilot of the transport that took Chris and the Jedi in and out of the Hapes Cluster for the duel with Crassus there. But it came to a close when they returned to Onderon and Christopher decided to begin the life that he and Claudia had long awaited: the married life. 

Marriage to Chris and Starting a Life Without The RepublicEdit

After Chris awoke from his coma caused by Crassus' attempt at Essence Transfer, he declared that the time had come for him and Claudia to marry. The wedding was immediately arranged and despite the hastiness, was excellently done and even saw to the proposal of Commander Cassis to the Queen soon after the proclamation of Claudia's own marriage to Christopher. However, the happiness of this marriage was not slated to go without a taint that would nearly destroy it. Chris and Claudia both decided they would go and meet Valek Rayden on Vornu and not only thank him for the transport he had provided Claudia but also offer him a position helping Algethiius' restoration.

But when they arrived, they found him having recovered from a severe intoxication as well as a night out with a random woman who had reminded him of Claudia. It was a loose end that Christopher didn't fail to notice nor take into account when he was meeting Valek for the first time. But things escalated when Valek lashed out at Claudia and Christopher turned his blade on the Initiate in his anger, provoking the wrath of his Master Ellina Kast and her Headmaster Rieva. Christopher surrendered immediately after regretting what he had done but Claudia, unbelieving that the love of her life and the chance to be with him was being taken from her, attacked Kast only to be repelled by Rieva.

It was after this that Rieva declared Claudia a traitor and let her and Chris leave due to her Code preventing her from killing them outright like she wanted to. There was also the priority of having Valek, who Claudia had kissed to earn forgiveness, tended to since Chris lopped off his arm and delivered several slashes to him. Soon after, they boarded their ship and went straight to Algethiius with the result being that they crashlanded on the planet due to lack of fuel. Here, Claudia and Christopher debated about the stupidity of their deeds with Christopher gaining the upperhand when he pointed out that Claudia had kissed Valek even if for the right reasons.

Her respect for Algethiius customs was great enough that she understood what it meant for her: being punished by her husband. But Chris was not violent and only spanked the skin of her buttocks as the punishment for her act of marital infidelity against him. The spanking itself had not been all that bad and was over quickly though it hurt Claudia more severely than most things she had encountered before. However, Claudia soon forgave Christopher for it and was forgiven in turn for her own offenses and even asked him a question about the war and whether or not it'd end.

His explanation satisfied her and after a night in the crashed shuttle, they immediately reunited the remainder of their people and began the restoration of Algethiius. For the next 71 years of her life, Claudia would devote herself to this act and dying just months before the completion of the restoration. Over the next four years, her death with the additional loss of three of her eight children before would combine to drive Chris to death at 94 years of age. He died sad and alone though both of them would be remembered as the ultimate heroes of Algethiius for all time.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Despite having known only poverty and Republic handouts her whole life, Claudia has a mind only for protecting those in greater need than herself. Though she would undergo training in Stava, Terras Kasi, and the Echani martial arts styles as per her uncles wishes, she tried using it for the best intentions wherever possible. She also was very faithful in any relationship she started to the point of violence against those who would attempt to have it violated. This was especially so after she met Christopher and became engaged to marry him though the date remained unannounced for two years. She also beared a sense of right and wrong that, while wise for someone like her, tended come into conflict with staunch obeyers of the Jedi Code such as Master Slaine Drucker who ushered her out of his quarters after lecturing her about endangering his Initiate Yilaou Ari. Whether this stubborn flexibility in her Code of Honor was inspired by Christopher or not remains unknown.

Christopher AlgethiiEdit


Shortly after being betrayed by Republic law enforcement and his father, Christopher was forced to leave Claudia but she never lost faith in him.

Christopher was Claudia's first and only lasting relationship besides the bond she had with her uncle before he died from complications related to the loss of an arm and both legs. Both would oftentimes run errands for her uncle and his mother in exchange for time to be together alone. But as they got older, they came to accept that they had feelings for each other that went beyond friendship and while Claudia's uncle approved, Chris' parents never did. They would not only have a relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend but they would also become bride and groom when Christopher asked for Claudia's hand in marriage with her uncle's blessing. 

Unfortunately, he was forced to leave but not before he made her promise that if he did not return in two years, she would search for him. She keeps this promise and does indeed decide to start searching for him when two years are up. Eventually, they would marry and retire from both of their respective factions and live peacefully as neutrals that wanted nothing to do with the war between the Republic and the Sith.

Julius Crassus Algethii IIIEdit


Claudia never knew Crassus but after her rendezvous with Chris on Vornu, she knew better than not to fear him.

Though Claudia has only met Crassus once (only long enough to escape a fight with him in the Hapes Cluster) Claudia knew the stories surrounding his life from Christopher's mother telling the two of them as children. Like Christopher, she found many of these stories hard to believe but after the duel on Manaan, Christopher proved these true to her. Since he had no reason to lie, she believed him and fought against Crassus when he formed the Triumvirate of Vengeance alongside Arecio Antipas and Tenebrosi Santuarium until Christopher fulfilled the prophecy, killed Crassus, and married her before heading into retirement. It was an example she followed, knowing her duty to their engagement and the Republic were both complete as his duties to the Sith were. 
Master Colunga

Mathes was a maverick of the Jedi Code and as such, he was not bothered by the fact that Claudia and Christopher were on opposite ends whilst still engaged to wed.

Mathes ColungaEdit

Claudia might never have met Mathes were it not for the fact that Christopher had saved his life from Crassus on Manaan. He contacted her to let her know that Christopher was with him and when she confirmed that he wasn't bluffing, she became immediately thankful for his help. After Chris left Vornu, Claudia would act on her friendship with Mathes and strengthen it to a point where he trusted her just as much as any other. When Commander Cassis of Onderon arrived to inform Mathes that the Queen had disappeared and a dark force had led mercenaries to take over the planet from them, she was there to find out.

When these details were gathered along with Christopher's own suspicions of a connection between Crassus and whoever attacked Onderon, Claudia headed there alone to rescue the Queen. After she returned with the Queen in tow, Mathes was very grateful and allowed her to take part in the Salvation of Onderon from the Sith Lord revealed to be Lord Arec Antipas, an old enemy of Mathes from centuries before. He was eventually invited to Claudia's wedding to Christopher as the latter's best man which was an honor very few were given after the Triumvirate was defeated. 

Chris and Claudia would both incorporate Mathes into their memoirs that they would create soon after they retired from both of their respective factions. He would go on to serve the Republic until the day he died whilst they wondered when they might see him again and if they would see him again.

Felony SeranoEdit

Because of her personality, Felony's relationship with Claudia was rocky like her relationship with Slaine Drucker had been (ironically, Drucker was felled by Felony not too long after the events of Onderon). A single discussion revealed that even though the two of them would collaborate, Felony had no intention of becoming friends with Claudia nor succumbing to her efforts to change it. And knowing the stubborness of her father Mathes, Claudia determined it best not to push the matter and instigate a rivalry between the two of them when one would have been deadly. 


Though a relationship with Felony was not as strongly formed as one with her father had been, Claudia was nonetheless content to know Felony and to have gotten along with her all the same.

She was the only one of their allies who did not have strong mentions in Claudia's memoirs but she too was honored with this. Claudia wondered what she could've done, for instance, to help Felony become less naturally aggressive and more trusting of other people. She didn't know much about Felony's past but she did speculate and suspect that it must have been rough and wanted to help her. 

Commander CassisEdit

Cassis met Claudia after the redhead rescued Onderonian Queen Tela from Mathes' old Sith enemy Arec Antipas. He was thankful for her deed and even voiced as much though he was not exactly glad he wasn't notified. But he gave up on this when he realized that it was probably for the better that Claudia had notified only Mathes that she was going. He was a brilliant master of strategy and was even able to think of something better to do in the restoration of Onderon than Claudia ever could. 

Commander Cassis

Commander Cassis was critical to the salvation of Onderon with his strategic brilliance and his skills in combat. By the end of their relationship, he and Claudia had become good friends.

Together with Mathes and Felony, Cassis and Claudia journeyed back to Onderon and liberated the planet after days of struggle to help the rebels who had risen up after Arec had taken rule. He would aid Felony in the retake of the Defense Station which allowed Claudia and Mathes time to head down to the planet's surface and begin work there until Arec was defeated and Onderon liberated. 

In her memoirs, she wrote that if he and her uncle had ever met, they would have had excellent chats and probably exchanged excellent war stories. Despite the fact that that sadly could never come, she did wonder what would've happened if it did. 

Yilaou AariEdit

Yilaou Ari

Yilaou was one of Claudia's best friends and one of the few who knew Claudia's secret. She never told a soul about her engagement to Christopher and was remembered for it.

Yilaou was one of Claudia's first and best friends whilst she spent time in the Republic. Having first met the young Togruta on the mission of Ando Prime, she was initially professional. However, after a night with the Initiate, she trusted the woman enough to reveal the secret of her engagement to Christopher with the promise that she wouldn't tell anyone unless Claudia said otherwise. Yilaou would encounter Claudia after the mission more than once, even meeting Christopher when he stayed on Vornu for medical treatment. She would also trust Claudia enough with her training for the redhead to give her lessons in Terras Kasi which she would later use to complete her training. 

After Claudia left with Christopher, she made it a point to mention Yilaou in her memoirs and thank her for all her loyalty and courage. It would be something she would never forget for as long as she lived her life with Christopher after retiring from the Republic.

Slaine DruckerEdit

A loyalist of the Jedi Code, Slaine Drucker was one of the harshest Instructors that Claudia had met.

Slaine Drucker

Slaine was the second Master to assign Claudia a mission and one of the more harsh ones about the results she and Yilaou brought to them.

He criticized her methods of dealing with the Imperials shortly after the mission on Ando Prime, which he sent her as an escort on. Though Claudia bears no hatred for him (she hardly knew him as a person enough to do so) she was annoyed with his strictness over agressive negotiations such as Claudia had used to protect Slaine's initiate Yilaou. She never saw him again after what happened with the Ando Prime affair though she did wonder how he got as tight as he did and what about it made it so. 

Isabelle RievaEdit

Battlemaster Rieva was the first person Claudia met when she came to the Enclave and the first one to send her on a mission. The mission was to overcome a blockade created by pirates on Ord Mantell and when she succeeded, she reported everything to Isabelle. She would encounter the battlemaster several times during the course of her stay, including a couple of times in the Gala when she came with two other men. But the final conversation they had would end on a sour note as Claudia had experienced a moment of uncertainty in where her loyalties lied.


Isabelle was one of Claudia's best friends upon her arrival into the Republic even after a bad final encounter that the two of them had. So much so that Claudia would eventually write about how much she regretted it in her memoirs and how much she wished she had apologized to the Master before leaving.

The reason for this was because Isabelle immediately assumed that Christopher was just like the Sith she had faced before and asked what would happen if they faced each other in battle. Because of this woman's politeness and her reluctance to pose the question, Claudia did not unleash her anger on her. But she did ask the Battlemaster to think about pitying people like Christopher and warned her that so long as people like her assumed that people like Chris were lost, the Order would be doomed whether in the next day or the next millennium. 

When she returned with Christopher to do business with Valek, the matter escalated to violence with the intervention of Rieva and Kast bringing it to a climax. Christopher complied with Rieva and Kast's order to surrender but Claudia attacked the Masters outright to save Christopher. Rieva spared them both but branded Claudia a traitor and told her that she was only doing so because of her Code. Then the half-Zeltron Jedi Master vowed to have nothing to do with Claudia after that and felt her love for Chris breached her trust.

Even though Isabelle had branded her a traitor in anger, Claudia wrote down in her journal about how she missed Isabelle and wished she could apologize for what had happened. However, because of the Master's stubborness, she highly doubted that she would get it if she tried.

Valek RaydenEdit

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Valek was the only Jedi to ever fall in love with Claudia. Though their paths didn't cross again, she would come to play a significant emotional role for him in subsequent years.

While sparring with several demo droids in the Sparring Chambers of the Enclave, Claudia's path became intetwined with a man named Valek Rayden, one of at least two clones made of a mysterious man with the other being Vorro. When they met, Claudia wasn't surprised to find that her natural beauty helped charm him to her. However, she was quick to make sure that he understood that she would tolerate no sexual advances oremained in eyond friendship so long as she remained engaged to Christopher. Lucky for both of them, he chose to keep his distance at that but admitted his feelings for her the night before she left for Onderon.

However, she acknowledged his feelings positively by cutting a piece of her hair as per the customs of Algethiius so he had something to remember her by in case they never saw her again. In exchange, he gave her a doll for which he didn't remember how he came by it or why but it was valuable to him and as a result, he would appreciate her having it. Though she would write about not knowing how he survived without her after they left for Algethius and they didn't directly cross paths again, she did guess that she would play a very significant role for him emotionally.

So much so that when she returned, she found him having just returned from being drunk and having a night of sex with a woman that reminded him of her. The conversation escalated from there to Valek lashing out at Claudia which provoked Christopher's wrath. In return, his Master Kast and her Master Rieva nearly took revenge against her and Christopher after she had kissed him to obtain an apology from him. She was branded a traitor and they were forced to retreat while Valek was medically revived; this encounter would keep him on the Light Side for time to come.

Abilities & SkillsEdit

Martial Arts Claudia was gifted in the three most powerful forms of martial arts: Terras Kasi, Stava, and the Echani. She was also capable of choosing when it was appropriate to use one, all, or none of these styles to her advantage. As if that wasn't good enough, she also managed to train Christopher in Terras Kasi and saw as he improved in it far beyond her own ability. But as a result of knowing these styles, she always likes to wear dress and clothes that allow for flexibility when faced with an enemy on any occasion.

This was especially true when she was at her first Republic Gala and she brought a pink dress that made her look beautiful without sacrificing any of her flexibility. Though she ultimately didn't need it all that much, she did make sure to keep a vigilance that melted away when the night progressed.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Aside from Martial Arts, Claudia was gifted in a multitude of abilities that proved beneficial to both herself and those around her. She trained Yilaou Ari in some of the basics of how to pilot which helped her become a master in the field as well. Claudia also knew how to make survival gear and adapt to the worst of any environment for full benefit from scorching deserts to freezing ice fields. As a result, she also took the time to develop skills in the use of a spear that allowed her to be a little more on par with lightsaber wielding warriors without indulging her martial arts. 

However, Claudia was well-rounded and could also heal those who were wounded to greater extent than most, always carrying a suitcase with a first aid kit as often as she could. And since this suitcase was identical to the one where she stored the parts for her sniper and regular rifle, many people had trouble assorting which was which. It was something Claudia was fond of doing whenever possible as it was fun to confuse people in her mind except for Chris. 


Claudia's appearance is a respect to Scarlett Johanssen's character Black Widow from Iron Man 2 The Avengers. Scarlett will return to the role for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and will most likely return for the sequel to The Avengers.

Claudia's ability to fight and her versatility with weapons is also a reference to the assassin Black Widow's own deadly ability.

Elesion, her last name, is an accidental misspelling of the Latin word 'eleison' which means 'mercy'. The phrase 'Kyrie Eleison' means 'Lord have mercy'.