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"Honor in victory, nothing else."

Byager (meaning "Victory" in Dosh) is a Trandoshan Bounty Hunter hailing from Trandosha. He currently holds the title of Arbiter in the secret organization Pravus Axiom.

Growing up on Trandosha, Byager participated in the Wookiee hunts where he made a name for himself with aid from his tracking skills. After coming of age, he left the planet, joining the Blue Flare Syndicate. There he worked as a slaver transporting slaves from the Outer Rim to the Inner Rim with help from his copilot Silo Terek. These slaves, bought by upper class citizens and businesses as labor and servants, earned both Silo and Byager a small wanted fee due to Republic Regulations.

While carrying a small transport of Wookiee slaves to Corvanni IV, their ship was intercepted by a Republic Customs ship and shot down, crashing onto the planet. On planet, Byager wished to pursue the now free, escaping Wookiees while Silo wished to escape possible capture. The two parted ways, Byager chasing down the wookiees and running into the Republic forces, leading to his capture. After being imprisoned in a Republic holding cell and awaiting transfer to Coruscant, Byager was rescued when Silo infiltrated the jail as one of the guards. Once out, the two disagreed on their next course of action and for the last time parted ways, Byager heading back to the Blue Flare Headquarters on Shownar and Silo disappearing to avoid punishment.

Byager, upon returning to Shownar, was contacted by the Syndicate and flanked by two escorts to face trial. Realizing his mistake, Byager steered his ship around, and escaped the pursiung ships to the Corellia system. There he learned of a secret organization and signed on as a hired muscle to avoid detection and gain protection. There he would work his way up the ladder with intimidation and a facade of loyalty.


Early LifeEdit

File:Young Byager.png
"Trandosha nice, but stuck in past. Scorekeeper see bigger prizes on horizon."

-Byager, Commenting on his Past

Born on the Night of Akoshissss during the moon celebrations, Byager was given the name "Victory" as prospect for his future. He grew up in a small hunting village, seperated from the large cities of Trandosha and situated in a more primal lifestlye. As a child, he would always watch the hunters leave planet to go on the hunt in jealousy, seeking to do the same. At age thirteen, standard for trandoshan, he was invited to his first Wookiee hunt. While on this hunt, he would skin his first wookiee, making a name for himself and sparking his collection of Jagganath Points in the name of the Scorekeeper. At age sixteen, upon reaching adulthood, he crafted his Ceremonial Sword out of Chalon and, though urged to stay on-planet, refused as he saw no future for him there. With his decision set in stone, he travelled with childhood friend Miziss to Hsskhor to seek transport off planet and possibly work. There he would meet a representative from the Blue Flare Syndicate searching for hired muscle, and signed on for five years of work. Saying goodbye to Miziss, he would leave planet on the first outbound ship, never looking back.

The Blue Flare SyndicateEdit

"Syndicate not nicest place sure, but they give us everything we have now!"

-Byager, Persuading Silo to stay with the Syndicate

Arriving at Shownar, Byager was amazed at the differences between it and Trandosha. While departing the ship, he ran into a protocol droid, the first he had seen. Confused, he attempted to ignore it however, out of shock, destroyed it when it began trying to confiscate his sword. Thus began his dislike for droids and all things electronic. Arriving in the main headquarters of the Syndicate, he signed on as a slaver, and was given a room and ship to report to. Finding the ship in the hangar, he met his coworker and copilot Silo Terek. The two set off on their first cargo mission, which consisted of taking a transport of Gizka to a particulary hungry Hutt on Telerath. The mission went smoothly, and the initial caution Byager took towards Silo was now gone.

Together the two would work for the next ten years transporting slaves from the Outer Rim to high bidders in the Inner Rim. At one point, the Syndicate attempted a transfer of Silo to Coruscant to work as an inside agent, introducing new buyers to their underground market. Besides insistance from both Byager and the Syndicate, he refused and continued to be Byager's copilot.

While on a cargo haul to Coruscant, the two ran into trouble with a local Hutt, and Silo was captured. Byager, hiring several mercernaries, was able to break into the Hutt owned cantina and kill the slug. This caught the eye of the Coruscant police and, with Silo, the two managed to get off planet. Back on Shownar, the two were forced to face trial by the Syndicate leaders for their actions on Coruscant. While close to being deemed guilty, they were found innocent after the death of the Hutt caused slave prices to skyrocket. While Silo's faith in the Syndicate began to break down, Byager remained insistant that they would have been found innocent even if the prices had not risen.

Mission to Corvanni IVEdit

"I not give them up! I do and I lose reputation, and that all I have!"

-Byager, Commenting on the Escaped Wookiees


The Drobal Sky

At age twenty-five, Byager and Silo were hauling a shipment of Wookiees to a Stimulant Company based on Corvanni IV. Soon after hyperspacing in, the ship was intercepted by a Republic Customs ship looking for illegal goods entering the system. After ignoring the transmissions, Byager and Silo's ship, the Drobal Sky, was shot down and crashed onto the planet outside the city of Alimar. The Wookiee slaves managed to escape the crash, and Byager, not wishing to lose the cargo as well as driven by his imbred hatred of wookiees, wished to pursue them. Silo urged him not to, as it would risk capture by the Republic forces on planet. Byager ignored him and the two parted ways, Silo leaving towards the Alimar and Byager chasing after the slaves.

As Silo predicted, Byager soon found himself captured by Republic forces and headed back towards Alimar to be transferred to Coruscant. Now imprisoned in the on-planet holding cell, Byager awaited the ship which would seal his fate to land, however in the meantime Silo had heard of Byager's capture and was infiltrating the building. Setting Byager free, the two worked together to escape the jail and get to safety on the outskirts of the city.

While deciding their next course of action, Silo insisted that after their previous loss, which the Syndicate did not look kindly upon, that this loss would end up in either their imprisonment or death. Byager, once again sided with the Blue Flares and claimed that due trial would take place and if innocent they would be forgiven. After much urging from Silo to stay, Byager rented a ship off-planet and headed back to Shownar.

Arriving at Shownar, Byager was flanked by two escort ships and told to report to the Syndicate administrator's office at once. Silo's words sunk deep and, realizing his mistake, Byager quickly shook off the escorts, destroying one before hyperspacing to the ship's last plotted route, Corellia.

Joining the EmpireEdit

"I'm not sure how he got involved, but I'll bet ya' that it wasn't by choice. And if not by choice, how'd he get involved, eh?"

-Silo, responding to a question about Byager's involvement in The Black Empire

Crashing on Corellia, Byager climbed out of the downed ship and watched as a recon group scanned it, hiding in the distance. He was discovered and captured after killing one of the group. Brought to their base, he was given an invitation to sign on with a group of mercernaries from a secret organization on-world. Now a recruit of The Black Empire, Byager began training among the peers of his class of recruits, some of which included Vakar Sadarii, Zeerah Morgain, and Arali t'Arcrovi. Upon entering the Empire, he left his past life behind. Silo, the Blue Flare Syndicate, and his life as a Slaver were but memories.

While in the Academy of the Empire, Byager was instructed by Academy Master Broninkai. There he was put through rigorous training to prepare for his future career. Eventually, the class was given their first mission which involved dispatching Jedi on the distant planet of Lehon in the Tempered Wastes. Climbing on board, little did Byager know that the trip would bring upon future events which would not only change the course of his own life, but the future of the Empire itself.

Mission to LehonEdit

"A lifedebt from an idiot....Jackpot."

-Vakar Sadarii, commenting on Byager's ghrakhowsk

Under the command of Academy Instructor Pollux Troy, Byager and his fellow classmates were sent on a mission to eradicate imperial defects holding valuable information which was confidential to the empire. The two iridonian force-users, Kasii and Vornu, were taking refuge with a well armed militant force team in a temple located on-planet. After disbanding from their dropship, the group made their way into the dense jungles towards the temple. As he observed the group, Byager noticed that a certain member had already taken command and, hoping to make a powerful ally for the time, he and Vakar Sadarii made their first steps towards rewriting the Empire's history.

As they made progress through the jungle, after killing a young rancor the group was forced to face the mother, bring it down through blaster fire and blade strikes. Continuing on, they found themselves in a nest of Purella Spiders. There, while fighting the beasts, Byager was saved by Vakar after being trapped in their foul webbing. Byager pledged a life debt, or ghrakhowsk, to Vakar for saving him.

Escaping the nest, they arrived at the temple, seperated by a channel of water. Wishing to avoid swimming as the others did, Byager made way across a crashed Interdictor-Class Cruiser, using it as a makeshift bridge. The age of the ship caused it to give way, and Byager fell into its inner chambers. There he discovered among the wreckage a holocron, however was unaware of what it was due to his lack of sith knowledge. Making his way out of the ship, he met up with the others and the fighting began. Working in small groups, the group was able to defeat the militant forces, finally facing off against the traitorous force-users. In the midst of battle, Vakar lost both arms before the two were defeated, Byager taking one of their lightsabers as a personal trophy. The mission to Lehon was a success, yet more lie in store for Byager than the simple tasks he signed up for.

Return to TrandoshaEdit

On way back to Corellia, Vakar spoke with Byager about a possible way to pay off his ghrakhowsk. Vakar's arms, having been lost in the battle, would require replacement. Together the two set off with Zeerah Morgain and Arali t'Arcrovi to Trandosha, where Byager held connections to attain the heavy metal Chalon.Arriving on planet, the group was met by a greeting party who Byager convinced stand aside. In town, Byager met with old friend Miziss, who now worked as trade regulator in the small trade village. Working a deal with him, they obtained the Chalon ore, however due to Vakar's request they needed cortisis as well to weave into the arms, making them resistant to future attack. They met with a toydarian trader who sold them the cortosis weave for a reasonable price before heading back to have the arms crafted by a visiting Quarren.

The quarren removed what remained of Vakar's old arms, and replaced what was lost with the new arms. The Chalon claws were top craft, however the quarren demanded more for his work. Vakar struck him down, causing the market guards as well as the quarren's gammorean bodyguards to take interest.The four managed to kill them and left planet, ending Byager's lifedebt with Vakar after turning over the holocron for an unnamed favor to be collected later.

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