Azure is a small desolate world near the sun and due to that proximity was considered a useless rock until Emmett Atresides under took a terraforming process. Now the planet is now almost entirly hollowed out and turned into a factory with large terraformed regions protected by domes to protect the regions from the suns rays. 

Culturally very similar to Velmor the planets population are spilt between Employees and Tourists. Employees as the name suggests are perminints residents of the world who spend the majority of the their time at their base of work, with sceduled time to the many recrational zones on Azure. Residents must past gruelling difficult tests to prove not only intelligence but creativity and there are regular checks to make sure standards arent falling. Employees are allowed to form families and relationships but under the agreement that they may have no more then one child, and that if productivity drops then their family will as one be fired.  Of course the primary punishment of Azure is to be fired from the company and sent away from the world. Employees dont even get to retire at Azure, they are free to retire but they will be forced to leave and take up residence somewhere else. 

Tourists are exactly what they sound like, Azure has many terraformed zones ranging from clear sandy beaches to hilly snow covered areas and also thriving sin citys where people from all over can come and enjoy. Secruity is of course tight and regulated and Tourists only have a limited time they can spend on the planet before being forced away as they are not residents. 

Azure IncEdit

The company is mainly focused on R&D in the fields of weapons armor vechiles and ships. Of course the company is looking to expand into other fields. The structure is as such.

Azure: The factory in which nearly all the products developed from the research teams are massed produced in giant sub terrian facilities. The constuction of said materials is handled 98% by droids with the final two percent being handled by certain foremens who check the records for faulty droids or flaws to report. 

Research is split amoung the three moons of orbiting the planet.

Isonoe: The smallest of the moons the base deployed on it is the largets compared to the rest of the bases as it covers nearly the entire moon. The primary functions of this moon is the development of weapons ranging from missles launchers to personal blasters as well as all armor types and of course a very compentent team developing new droid models many of which are used by Azure itself.

Kalyke: The middle moon of the trio and with this larger size larger projects are developed, here many tanks skiffs and walkers are designed tested and developed before being mass produced down at the planet and shipped out to the many buyers. This is also the only moon that has been truly hollowed out to create room under the surface to test prototypes 

Chaldene: The largest moon, barely smaller then the planet it orbits and thus ends up being labeled a moon. While the largests of moons it contains the smallest of bases as the majority of it is a large construction yard for starships of all sizes. Its the only one of the 3 where its products is built on site rather then on the planet but the labor is still mostly handled by droids. 

Azure'n SkysEdit

The Tourist element of Azure is a secondary source of income and also an important publicity move as it creates a safe family friendly face to an galatic arms corporation and the borders are always open to those who wish to vacation there, at a price of course. Tourist housing is avaible at all zones.

Sin City: The first and largest of all the zones, a thriving city loaded with casinos and other forms of recreation for tourists and employees who seek a bit of fun while on vaction. All the places accept credits or tokens the employees are given and can be used to access any of the fun locations available. 

Protected Beach: A terraformed region to create a large body of water to similate a beach with a wave machine creating the tug and pull of the waves. Of course many other fun activites are available here and during the day cycle its one of the zones that provides a real view of the powerful sun being held back by the dome. 

Artic wonder: Many snow generators are deployed along the roof of the dome in this region coating the entire area in a fine snow, many activites are open to the public here but employees are allowed very limited time here due to the risks of developing a sickness from the cold.

Paradise: A pure calming zone designed to provide employees and tourists a lovely place to relax and unwind, it provides many scenic views, museams art and other high culture activities. Azure towers is located here which is the home of Emmett Atreides. 

Outer Rim Rides: The newest addition to the terraformed zones this region was designed with kids in mind first as it provides a playground of rides and games for children of tourists, employeee children are encouraged only to go here as a reward after their work rather then waste time there. Of course there are a few wild roller coasters for the older patrons as well. 

In Defense Edit

Of course a weapons manufaction planet makes enemies and competetors so the planet has many defenes to fight off invaders. 

First and foremost is the Laser Web Grid, an increadble field of high powered beams that create a dangerous field between the planet and moons. The Grid can only be fully shut down if all three moons are disabled, the web will have less and less laser branches as each are shut down but will only fully vanish if all are shut down. 

The second layer of defenses are the overabudnace of combat droids, from automated ships to battle droids the entire planet will construct more droids to fight off the threat as long as there are materials to use. 

The finaly defense is the close ties to Velmor and Emmett is not above requesting aid from his old home should they need help from foregin invaders, usually offering them speical deals on certain weapons if they help.