Asya K'tani
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Professional programmer

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46 Years BBD

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Black (greying)

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Sanguinar Serano


Felony Serano


Thorn Serano (deceased)

  • Tertius K'tani (deceased)
  • Clive K'tani
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The Old Republic

Asya K'tani, formerly Asya Serano, was a civillian woman who worked as a professional programmer. She bore the child of Mathes Colunga, Felony Serano.


K'tani was a kind, gentle woman who believed in always telling the truth. She would never take nonsense from anyone. She had a sharp tongue, but verbal banter would always be lighthearted unless severely provoked. She would never physically fight with anyone and lacked the strength to do so anyway.


Early Life

K'tani was a child of three, Tertius and Clive K'tani being her two brothers. The K'tanis were close with the Russo family who lived nearby, and their daughter, Alicia, was Asya's best friend. Clive decided early on he wished to be part of the army. Tertius and Asya, however, became interested in computers. Tertius went on to create and run his own company, specialising in programming.

A Sucessful Career

Asya came to be a freelance programmer, taking work where it was offered and gaining a good reputation. The fruits of her labour came in the form of credits, and lots of them. She bought shares in her brother's firm, even though she was never on-campus to help manage it.

But tragedy struck the family as Tertius died suddenly. Asya was named in his will as the new owner-operator.

Meeting Colunga

It was during this time that K'tani met the love of her life, Mathes Colunga. For her, it was perfect - a form of escaping the stress of running the business; someone to love and care for her. Soon, she became pregnant with their daughter, Felony. 

Commission asyasanguinar by zephyrhant-d4p53io

Asya and Sanguinar.

Marriage to Serano

The death of Sanguinar's wife had left an empty space in his life, and he began to search for a significant other. In K'tani, he saw a beautiful, successful woman. 

Even after their marriage, K'tani continued to see Colunga whenever she could. When Serano threatened the Jedi, she begged him to leave for the sake of their child. Before he left, she gave him the Serano family pendant to remember her by.

Fall of the K'tani Firm

For a while, Tertuis' company ran smoothly, but K'tani's lack of management skills and experience would have soon brought the business' downfall. She and Serano pooled all their resources and put all her earnings into keeping it afloat. 

Eventually, Serano sold the company. What little money they did make was used to buy themselves a modest home (with a little pilfering along the way) and all the best few credits could afford their children; Thorn, a boy of two from Serano's previous marriage, and Felony who had just been born.

K'tani would have fallen into a state of depression at the loss of her love if it weren't for her two children. Serano didn't abuse her, but cetainly kept a strict household with firm rules. If she ever mentioned Colunga, he would threaten her or threaten the children, but only ever followed through with this once.

Fleeing Corellia

Three years later, K'tani broke. She had reached the end of her tether. For the first time, she raised her voice in pure anger and retaliation, telling Serano that she loved Colunga with all her heart. He told her to move on from the past, and that Felony was no longer her child. He punished her with a burst of Force lightning, rendering her permanently blind, and told her to leave by morning.

She fled the planet for fear that Thorn and Felony would be punised for her disobedience. Before she left, she gave Alicia Russo, who had been employed as the children's tutor, instructions to look after them when she had gone. 

Vision Implant

K'tani settled down on Onderon, where she had been with Colunga multiple times. She changed back to her maiden name of K'tani, even though still legally married to Serano. She took work here and there, but her heart was no longer in it. She learnt how to operate without her vision, creating an implant for herself that combined electric echolocation and a system that allowed her to download maps of places directly to the visual center of her brain. It consumed the last of her funds, and it became more important than ever to find work.
Hadley russo

Hadley Russo.

The Russo Family

The Russos were a middle-lower class Imperial family.  Hadley was the first child, who went on to study law. Jericho was the second, who joined the Imperial army. Tanith was the youngest, who fled the Russo home to train at the Enclave on Vornu two years after Felony began. Hadley followed his sister to keep her safe, and became a defence attorney in the Republic.

Fifteen years after K'tani moved to Onderon, an unexpected visitor arrived; Jericho, then twenty years old and finished his service in the army. He had chosen to find the woman who had been Alicia's closest friend. He found her on hard times, and he vowed to help her in any way he could. He helped her find work and keep the money flowing. K'tani treated Jericho
Jericho russo

Jericho Russo.

as an aunt would her nephew, calling him 'Jery'.

Battle of Onderon

Inside the Serano pendant she had placed a tracker so she would be able to find her lover. The device was always out of range for her to pinpoint a location or even know if it still existed or if Colunga had discarded it.

Soon though, there was a blip on the tracker, indicating it had come back within range. Jericho flew her to the palace, even though he opposed to the idea because he said it was 'false hope' and the device was 'faulty'. She convinced him on the premise there would be work for her at the Defence Station as the government had sent a message to the best coders on the planet to help with the war effort.

They arrived, only to find that the position had been filled by none other than her daughter, Felony, who had become an accomplished programmer and hacker in her own right. K'tani reunited with her long-lost lover and her now grown daughter.


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"I am nothing. Nothing to you. Your china doll. The only reason you keep me is to fufil your fantasy that you can be loved. I don't know who could love you, Sanguinar, but it's not me."
―Asya to Sanguinar
"I can't believe, after all this time, we're together again. As it always should have been."
―Asya on their reunion


  • The name 'Asya' means time of grief in Swahili.
  • 'K'tani' is a take on the Japanese katana.
  • Asya's personality is losely based off Terry Pratchett's Lady Sybil Vimes.