Name: Arkanus Serren (Arkan-us) 

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Race: Human

Homeworld: Mandalore

Height: 6ft

Eye colour: Blue

Era: Second Great Galactic War

Affiliation: Puris Axiom

Rank: Jedi Master, Muse Squadron Leader

Masters: Isabelle Rieva, Gil-ch 'Fallenstar' Giauc

Apprentices: Ellina Hart Kast

Family: Flint Serren (father), Criosis Serren (brother) and Mathias Tygin (nephew, Criosis' son) 

Arkanus was born and raised on Mandalore for fourteen years. His mother was a Jedi and his father a Mandalorian ex-smuggler named Flint. When his mother discovered Ark's ability to weild the Force she decided to hide this fact and train him in secret. That was until he was ten and demonstrated his abilities in front of his father, taking down three Mandalorian guards who took an interest in one of Ark's female teachers. To keep Arkanus safe from a Sith lord who wanted to take him away, his parents put him into the clan's commando training for four years. His training was brutal as he was tested to the same degree if not harder than the much older troopers who all had full combat experience. 

On his first mission to take over a small Jedi settlement outside Dantooine his team ran into complications as the Jedi were already tipped off to their impending arrival and had set a trap for them. There Arkanus fought and killed three Jedi, all by showing some of his ability in the Force. Surprised by a foureen year old's ability to command the Force to a high degree, one of the masters who had been apart of the trap had seen that Arkanus had no quarrel with them, also that he had no desire to shed their blood. So the master decided to not kill the boy but instead ask him to join their order. Arkanus’ team was already dead and so they could sway his choice with peer pressure.

Arkanus joined the Order. He felt the transition from commando to Jedi impossible, the rules and the code meant nothing to him. Even though his mother had taught him the basic tendencies of the Order he still preferred the freedoms that came with being outside of it. The Sith tried to capture Ark again, he sent Criosis; Ark's brother, to hunt down Ark's now dead lover; Ariana. This was to bring Ark to his brother to capture him in a trap. The bounty hunter was foolish however, instead of using the woman to bargin with he instead slit her throat. Arkanus became enraged and moved to destroy his brother, burning his face and taking one of his arms off with the Force before realising it was not the Jedi way. He let his brother live and hoped it was the last he would see of him. He went back to his studies as a Jedi.

However, the war against the Sith didn't leave Arkanus long as in the first two years of his joining; Arkanus was thrown into the heat of combat as he battled against the Sith empire to save Dantooine. The battle overall was won on most of the fronts, but the academy was decimated and Ark's master; Ore'stal was killed in front of Ark. Ark butchered the Sith lord in a fit of rage and anger. He had lost two people he cared about and this time, the person responsible was going to pay. As a result of his fury he had taken a significant injury to his back and because of this ailement, he was captured by the Sith.

He was tortured for six months before the sacking of coruscant, lightning scars along his chest still show to this day. He was broken after the sixth month and feigned to plead for death by combat. To die as a warrior.  The Sith who tortured him was only an acolyte and foolishly believed him; a mistake he soon quickly understood as he was returned the favour of electricution. Ark however was not so merciful as he killed the wretch. He had fallen, if only by a little.  The Sith saw him as a potential apprentice and so in seeing this allowed him to fight at the Sacking of Coruscant at the Jedi temple.

By this point he saw the Republic as weak and a quick end to the war was to fight by the Sith's side. He was mandalorian and so it was his duty anyway so there was no harm, right? How wrong he was. Whilst in the temple Arkanus killed off over fifty Jedi before he intercepted some of the Sith before killing a young girl, a child. A child he would later discover was Xaja. Fighting off the Sith after regaining some of his morality back, he went to go and save as many younglings and padawans as he could. He was captured in the works by the Order and as punishment was sent out to the borders of the Republic to fight in skirmishes.




From that point Arkanus had taken place in key conflicts in the war, Corellia, Alderaan, Kashyyyk etc. His skills honed themselves through countless struggles as he learnt on duty with little room for reprieve. He wasn't one to follow the code of the Jedi to its fullest and he had nearly turned on several occasions in his task to defeat the enemy. It was this determination and drive to do the job, then the willingness for redemption that earned Arkanus the military ranking of general.He was soon ordered back to Tython after his allowed capture where he was judged and put under probation. During this time he was told to travel to Vornu for further training in Diplomacy. Also as an escape from the constant conflict this had pained him so long.

Whilst on Vornu, he progressed quickly through his training with Master Isabelle Rieva and became a member of Muse Squadron. A squadron dedicated to the Order on Vornu to maintain diplomatic ties and protect and serve the Republic while fighting when necessary.  This has become the norm of the squad as Ark now, after much deliberation by the council, made him the leader of the squadron.

Arkanus' allies are extensive but his ideals have been frowned upon by Isabelle Rieva. Arkanus' headstrong and reckless attitude and hero complex have gotten him into more trouble than it is worth, so Arkanus has found the transition from the General to Jedi difficult. For example during a fateful mission to Dathomir to destroy a Sith outpost, unfortunately Muse squadron was unaware of the Sith Legion's presence and foolishly fought and defeated Nakiya Bre'tak, one of Feralis' apprentices.  Arkanus then went inside to destroy the facility with Rebeth Sunwatcher while Slaine Drucker watched their prisoner.  He lost his hands due to Ark's decision to leave him alone with Nakiya as the prisoner had faked her capture and set a trap for them, as a result Slaine was captured.  Arkanus and Rebeth went after Slaine to try and rescue him when Ark spotted a Darth. Darth Feralis had been waiting for them and Arkanus jumped into the fray to try and make a distraction so Slaine could escape.  He was out of his depths and overpowered by Feralis but kept fighting till he sacrificed himself to save Muse Squadron from Feralis' wrath.  He became a prisoner of war.

Feralis had him under watchful eye during his time in captivity. Nakiya Bre'tak was his warden for the time, her mocking and strategic prodding with Trase' mental imagery causing the Jedi's mind to become scattered and confused.  He had began to lose himself again as the darkside became more and more appealing as time progressed.  He had to escape.  Feralis sent him off with one of his agents to infiltrate a republic base; using this to his advantage Ark commandeered the vessel and made it take him to Ord Mantell instead.  Once there he contacted Muse to pick him up, under his own nature he allowed himself to be taken into custody and processed to see if the council could trust him again. Happily they accepted him back and he tried to return to his normal self, that was if he could to begin with.  During this time, he re-connected with his old Allies, he led missions for Muse, got back together with his lover; Neeva Yar. A relationship that did not last long after Ark's apprenticeship with Gil-ch.




His apprenticeship was brutal.  Gil-ch had made Arkanus fight his inner demons and then constantly sparring with Gil till he shown some amount of control and improvement.  The Mandalorian grew in strenght, both in the Force and in his saber techniques.  Even though he could not beat Gil-ch without assistance he still gained some respect from the man he would of thought. Soon his training came to a halt and he started teaching others in saber combat as he unofficially took over Ethane's old position of Weapons' Master.  He occassionally  looks after and unofficially protects the sparring chambers as he spent most of his time there. 

Ark after a few months went down to the lower districts of Vornu's capital where thugs left and right of him were beaten down as he went slightly vigilanty to protect the citizens of the downtown sector.  It also got him lower fairs at the bar where most of the thugs hung around.  That was when he met a young beautiful woman named Ellina Kast.  Who he agreed to train once her time in the Enclave was finished

however Ark's training with Ellina had been cut short for a brief period after a horrible accident during a mission. The Jedi knight had went along with a close ally, Ardan'na. To answer a distress call from Yavin IV which was an elaberate ruse as two bounty hunters awaited them. ardan'na was captured and in ark's recklessness had stepped on a proximity mine and his leg was blown off from the left knee down as he tried to flee the blast which failed.  So because of this, Ark's training with Ellina had been slightly more in the use of the Force rather than in the use of a saber.


Ellina actress

Their apprenticeship was much like Gil's one was for him. Mainly fighting one another and honing one another's skills. A good portion of their time was spent in training with the Force and also on the blade work.  She progressed through Ataru (due to her adept ability for acrobatics due to her past) and gotten the hang of the force with general ease even if the level she could control was dangerously powerful.  

Friendship to lovers

After she had graduated, Ark had dropped the title of general to try and get back to his real task of being a Jedi, to the most part that was.  Arkanus had begun training her in the ways of the Force, the pair of them becoming incredibly close in the process. They had near misses time after time during excursions to the bar and during their training excersises. They had formed an instant bond after meeting one another which confused both as Ark was unused to forming such a fast bond with another Jedi.  This connection allowed the other to feel what the other felt and in defiance of the code devoted themselves to each other as a couple. They stay under the council's radar as stating they are merely Jedi partners with only Xaja (Ark's sort of adopted Sister) knowing the true extent of their relationship.

Her family and Ark's

However, just as Ark's family is twisted due to the civil war in his clan; Ellina's mother, The'rosia, had came for her during Ark's final task for Ellina to create her lightsaber. During that encounter, Ark had ran into his newly announced nephew, Mathias Tygin. A boy tormented by his father's mistakes against his uncle and now had wanted Ark's head on a platter. Arkanus told the mother that she was never getting her hands on Ellina, that he would protect her with his life; so The'rosia decided to try and take it and force ellina to come with her by setting Mathias against her.  Mathias had grown strong during his dealings with The'rosia, breaking through the barrier that caused him to not control the Force to it's full extent and injured Ellina painfully. Causing lightsaber wound through her shoulder and lightning scars along her stomach. Arkanus then in anger at his nephew threw him from the building balcony to Illum's cold icy floor. The boy lived only due to the Force. The'rosia left knowing that her cover was blown and more Jedi were coming up to meet them.After beating back the duo once, Ark treated Ellina's wounds as well as his own. He believed he had seen the last of them.

That was until he received a communication months later telling him to bring Elli to The'rosia on Tatooine, trying to prevent her from getting her hands on her daughter, ark tried to travel alone to Tatooine to stop her. Only to catch two stowaways, unfortunately being the two girls The'rosia was after to begin with, Solei and Ellina. In the battle with The'rosia, Ark accumulated another wound through his chest as he tried to protect the girls and was put into extreme recovery till they reached Vornu where he could receive proper treatment.  Solei then learned of her sister's attachment to Ark and began to dislike the man for taking her sister from her to some extent. Also that the Jedi are not meant to have such an attachment.


Arkanus is reckless, headstrong and has a major hero complex most of the time. However he is a great sort of person to have by your side. Kind, generous and normally has a warm smile on his face as he enjoys teaching and learning more about the galaxy.  However when enraged it is best to stand out of the way, he doesn't hold back when angry and will even if it is by accident, hurt someone else should tehy get in the way of his onslaught. It is a rare occurance but one that is easily noticed.