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Axiom Information

Jedi Knight

Biographical information

22 Years BBD

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color

Dark blue

Skin color

Light tan

Chronological and political information

The Old Republic


Galactic Republic

Known masters
  • Mathes Armand Colunga

Early LifeEdit

Coming at an undefined date

Biographical InformationEdit

Name: Arek (Once known as, Arecio Antipas)

Age: 25

Species: Mandalorian

Height: 6'0

Weight: 165 lb

Hair color: Brown (wavy)

Eye color: Dark Blue

Skin tone: Light tan

Class: Jedi Guardian

Armor: Silver, Mandalorian Beskar

Attire: Silver, helmet and occasionally wear a brown Jedi robe over his armor

Lightsaber: Twin lightsabers (Emerald)

Homeworld: Unknown
Origin: Unknown

Once known as the feared Sith and member of the Triumvirate, Arecio Antipas (though only Mathes and company are aware of this history) that lead assualts across the galaxy, Arek has now turned around for the better. Having been brought back to his once known state so long ago, Arek had allied himself with Mathes and his companions to fight against the Empire on Vornu. His only wish is to be able to serve the galaxy as he once did and along the side of the man who was once his true friend and brother in arms. He continually struggles to accept forgiveness by Mathes and others, who have tried to make him aware that the past is the past, but despite their attempts he just can't seem to let go of the evil he had done.

*The Once named Sith, Arecio* (Past Bio) The demonic Mandalorian warrior known as Arecio, has come from an unknown location. His presence has caused a growth in darkness to spread across the galaxy.The host is possessed by a force ghost of a long long dead Sith Lord known as, Arek. Refusing to pass on and join the force, Arek remained in the galaxy awaiting for his oppurtunity to control the body of one worthy of himself. For centuries he roamed the dark regions of the galaxy, awaiting the day he could repay his sworn enemy and killer, Mathes. During his time of roaming he knew that Mathes had not yet joined the force. He knew not how the Jedi had remained alive for so long, but his force aura still remained, death had not yet claimed Arek's foe. 340 years passed until Arek discovered that his long time enemy was once more traveling about the galaxy, aiding and defending the Republic from the newly arrived Sith Empire. Find that the moment had at last come to repay the Jedi, he found a host that was more then suitable, a Mandalorian mercenary by the name Tipa. Taking over the body of the Mandalorian, the force ghost took on a new name to combine both himself and his host, Arecio Antipas. First arriving on the moon of Dxun, the neighboring moon of the planet, Onderon. There he brought the end to an enitre camp of Mandalorians, who were loyal to the teachings and ways of Clan Ordo. The reason for the death of so many at the hands of the Sith, remains a mystery....there are no files on any database as to where this horrific being came from. Those who have come near him, say to have experienced unamed horros envelop their minds...they see the end of all things...even the end of the force.

Collision with Mathes ColungaEdit

Coming at an undefined date

Fall to the Dark SideEdit

Coming at an undefined date

First Death & ReturnEdit

Coming at an undefinred date

Triumvirate, Onderon, & RedemptionEdit


Arek after his return to the light side.

Coming at an undefined date

Hapes Cluster & Career BeyondEdit

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Possessions & Thread HistoryEdit


-Lightsaber (Twin sabers)


Arek's Custom Saber

-amulet (green, opposite of what Mathes wears around his neck)

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Arek's amulet

-Mandalorian armor (silver)


Vornu (In order)


*An Echo... (Introduction)*


A Little Lovin' (Love Birds)


Second Wave (Post-Onderon)

-The New Ally (Rise of a Hero)

-Plan B (Formulating a plan of action)


Fort ShadowStorm (In Order)


Commander Kuti's Office (Enlisting on Vornu)


Jungle Fever (incomplete)



Offworld (In order)


*Paving the way for conquest (Taking Onderon) *


*The Sanctum of the Destroyer (Forging anf alliance)*


*Beginning of the End (Acquiring an ancient power)*


*The Last Straw Has Been Pulled (A sketchy alliance)*



-Planning the Next Move (New Alliance)

-The Circle Closes, The End Begins (Final Conflict)

  -Arek's struggle


End of a Wonderful Friendship, Beginning of Marriage


What once was, but is no more(Recollection of the past)


Opening day(Gathering assets for Military)


I don't have to be careful, I've got a blaster.. (Sith Hunt)


The Second Wave (Post-Onderon)

-Scene of the crime (It begins)

-Picking Up The Trial(Investigation)

-The Favor for a Scumbag(First conflict)

-Freedom At Last(Rise of the Villain)

-Knowing the Unknown(Team Briefing)

 1)Taking to the Skies (Space battle)


-A Call For Help (Next Stage)

-A Sketchy Trust (Negotiating for Hyperion)

-A Trap or a Call to Arms (Naboo investigation)

-The Cavalry Has Arrived

-Cavalry Has Arrived: Making a New Enemy (Arek vs. Seth)

-A Friend In Need