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Savolent Charging into Battle.

Main BioEdit

Current Name: Gon-vi "Deavolent" Ibis

Original Name: Anubis "Savolent" Grim

Class: Sith Warrior AC: Marauder

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Cyborg

Height: 6'5

Weight: ~200 lb's without enhancements, so his current weight is ~265 lb's.

Hair color: Short spiked dark brown hair Eye color: Yellow/Red (Darkside Sith)

Skin Tone: Pale (white)

Apparel: He wears a seemingly rare ancient armor that he acquired when he stole Gon-vi's identity. Possessions: He never lets his Light-sabers leave his side, one of which belonged to his deceased master, Lord Creel, even tho it has been visually modified since then.

Gon'vi's Biography: (under cons.) Their aren't any good pictures of him before Anubis took his name, he is wanted on at least 2 planets, he owns a few property's across the galaxy but has been off the grid for years with rumors spiking up on occasion that he was running a mid-scale smuggling ring and/or a small time crime syndicate but no hard evidence ever really got out. It's rumored that he was responsible for the assassination of a republic senator some years back,

Since Anubis assumed his name and stole his ship he found quite a few business papers and deeds and that lead him to Nar-Shaddaa where he started living in a small apartment complex on the lower levels that was being used as a smuggler's den a couple of years back and never sold, some people had taken to living in it (rent free, since the owner was gone and the place was pretty self sufficient) and as the "owner" Anubis's first order of business was get some cash out of the free loaders and make a messy example of the ones who acted up. He made no effort to hide his affinity for the force and he made it quite obvious he was rather powerful, at one point a small gang tried to extort him for money so they sent 3 people to try to pressure him, he cut the one who was leading's head off on the spot and force choked the other 2 members, leaving one half alive on his doorstep, and since than noone really messed with him and word got around.

Anubis's Biography: Anubis Grim was born to the Grim family, a family of Force Sensitives that lived on Alderaan and were loyal to the Republic, during an attack by the Empire a sith called Lord Creel found the Grim family's home and slaughtered them. Sensing the baby was Force Sensitive he spared the boy and took him back to Korriban to train to be a sith, knowing the child would go far he left the family's fortune in the vault and stored all the valuable information in a Holotape to be given to the child (no matter what) at age 16 if he was still alive.

Anubis did as he was told as a youth and did his very best to impress Lord Creel who he considered his Father. His best friend was a boy by the name of Ryen who was the son of Lord Creel but was not Force Sensitive. Ryen only wanted his fathers approval and was very jealous of Anubis but they played together daily, and were able to look past the fact they were not related, as far as they were concerned they were brothers. Lord Creel was very harsh and demanding of Anubis, beating him if he failed, but was really understanding of Ryen and helped him in any way he could, Ryen wanted to make his father proud so he was working towards joining the Imperial Army.

on Anubis's 16 birthday Lord Creel gave him the Holotape talking about how he massacred his family and left the small fortune for him to claim... after the initial feeling of anger subsided Anubis went to Creel and asked if he could go to Alderaan, see his family home, and claim the Treasure, Lord Creel agreed. When they touched down on Alderaan Anubis thought it was beautiful, Ryen had insisted on going with him, and they were glad to be out of the desert. Upon arrival at the ruins of what was once the Grim Family home Anubis Grim (who up until this time did not know his last name) was overcome with emotion (Ryen opted to wait outside stating that this was something special for Anubis). The body's of his parents were never moved and there decayed remains were still laying on the ground where Lord Creel had left them all those years ago, you could even see the Crib that Anubis had been snatched from, covered in his mothers blood. When Anubis Entered the Vault and saw the small fortune that was left his mind wandered to how things could have been different if he had been left alone, and he stared at Lord Creel with a sense of Betrayal that he had never felt before, so much anger he could barely contain it, and looking around the vault a silver glimmer caught his eye amongst the credits and valuables... a small Grim Family Heirloom resting on a pedestal.

Upon his return to Korriban he had a new goal, to Kill Lord Creel, and he would work as hard as he had could to accomplish it. Anubis trained for years to be a powerful sith, and Ryen joined the Imperial army and was an Imperial Trooper. Ryen meet a beautiful sniper named Rosam while serving the empire and brought her to meet Anubis, the three of them became good friends hanging out and going on "missions" together. Anubis was not yet a Sith, but he was an Acolyte and certainly had enough Force and sword training to stand his own with Ryen and Rosam... the three of them were inseparable, whenever the two would go off world Anubis would train all day everyday just so he could show them what he had learned, noone else mattered to Anubis, not his teachers or Lord Creel. One day he got a report than Ryen was in the hospital recovering an attack, he would need extensive cybernetic implants to survive and Lord Creel decided that Ryen was a failure and not worth it, abandoning him to die. Anubis spent a chunk of his fortune (He had mostly spent it on clothing and entertainment up until then) getting Ryen the help that he needed and when he finally Recovered it was discovered that Rosam was behind the attack, she was a traitor. In the months to pass Anubis would notice that Ryen was faster then him, smarter then him, and stronger then him because of the upgrades and jealousy began to set in. He has always been better then ryen and refused to be passed up, and so he spent most of what was left of his fortune getting experimental upgrade's for himself, everything ryen had plus even more... Ryen never discovered the real reason Anubis got his upgrades but it didn't matter, they were best friends and were always there for each other, Anubis confided in him about his hate for Lord Creel and the two of them devised a plan to kill him, but before it could be enacted Ryen's commander told him that they had tracked down Rosam's strike team and that he was to be deployed to kill her.... Ryen returned in a Casket.... Anubis was given his effects and he saved them (along with the Grim family necklace) in a safe spot.

When Anubis went and got his experimental upgrades at an undisclosed location he subjected himself to a lot of testing and experimenting for a company. This company actually created the upgrades themselves, they created and tested droid and cybernetics for the empire, and there were doing a lot of manufacturing and testing at this time. Anubis devoted hismelf to there experiments, some of his enhancements may or may not be due to mishaps during this time period, he added and removed enhancements over time but did not dedicate as much time to testing before Ryen's death as compared to after, at that point most of Anubis's time was spent training to use the Force with his new upgrades and just getting used to them, it is also at this point that Anubis acquired Two-Cee (2CA1-HK-GE4) who was originally going to be scrapped. Two-Cee is a protocol-like droid, who was based on the Czerka corporation's GE3 series with some aspects from the HK series of droids, as a prototype design that was never fully realized and put into production with only a handful being created before the design was scrapped. Two-Cee had signs of sentience and began to question why he was doing the work he was doing and his owners decided that he going to be scrapped as well as part of a failed idea. Anubis's intervention saved Two-cee and overtime Anubis even had him upgraded a bit before his funds ran low, the two share a common bond (figuratively and literally) and could work together in perfect cohesion if needed... although Two-Cee is not really cut-out for combat situation's despite having the programing for it.

on Anubis's 18th Birthday he was deemed worthy of truly becoming a Sith and he was given his first Lightsaber. His master was none other then Lord Creel who sensed the hatred brewing within the young sith and used to to his advantage, sending Anubis on missions that relied on his brute force. After a successful suicide mission Anubis went to his secret place and he wore his family's Heirloom that made him feel even more powerful then ever before (the gems brought out the Force within him, it was an ancient sith artifact used to bring out power but with some sort of defect) and he put on Ryen's Imperial Trooper uniform and he went to his masters Bed chambers, haveing Two-Cee stand watch outside the room, and surprised him... lord Creel was already surprised to see him alive but when Anubis unsheathed his lightsaber he surprised him even more... by chopping off his right arm. Lord Creel fell backwards in pain and caught Anubis off guard with Force Choke, if it wasn't for his enhancements he might have been killed but robotic lungs do wonders against the force. Anubis managed to Chop Lord Creel in half, and right before the life left his eyes Anubis looked at him, smiled, and said "thank you for the power." right before kicking his head clean off his torso. Anubis claimed Lord Creels Lightsaber and left Korribban on a Mission to Hunt down and destroy Rosam.

He has been truly alone since then, never truly making friends, his only social contact really being with Two-Cee, and has not yet been able to locate Rosam but has killed a lot of Republic forces while searching. Since his name was irrelevant he started going by Savolent on korriban to keep a low profile and he began to use it elsewhere as well so it worked out in the end... the name he choose has no meaning for him but neither does his real name really...

When he heard about an organization of like minded individuals operating semi-independent from the Empire he wanted to join them, to prove himself and maybe... to find a place that he can fit in. Excelling at the academy process to some extent Anubis feels like he found that place, that place to fit in. Now a full member of PA, Anubis is eager to see where it takes him.

Since Joining the AxiomEdit

As a RecruitEdit

When Anubis was a recruit he had to leave behind his ship, and Two-Cee, as per the docking orders... he had his first contact with the axiom when there was a small confrontation with the receptionist... after his display of brute force in harming the receptionist he was punished slightly severely by his instructor Lady Shemei and then sent out on a mission.
With his punishment fresh on his mind he went immediately into formulating a plot for revenge that he thought would win him some respect, but in fact had the exact opposite effect in the long run, and so he did as he was told.

The mission was straight forward enough, he was teamed up with another recruit who arrived slightly before him named Koruthos, all they had to do was travel to Nar Shaddaa and infiltrate a Republic base and download some information, although Anubis downlaoded a little more then was required, and then the two got out of there as fast as they could as soldiers flooded the room. The two of them worked together rather effectively, even saving each other once or twice, but in the end they did what they had to and went there separate ways... Anubis sometimes wonders what happened to the man he worked with, who he got along with rather well, but he will never forget him due to some technology he scanned that came from his Republic Issue trooper helmet.

After his mission he made a small detour into the Academy Med-Bay to enact stage one of the plan that he had been brewing for awhile now, he needed minor medical attention so it worked out rather well for him overall, when he was approached by the droid  whom, he himself didn't know anything was special about it but, in fact it was once used as an assassin droid and had been re-programed by Darth Cideon himself to perform it's medical duty's. The droid was not reluctant to uplink with the cyborg to receive bio-metric information but when it did something else happened that was not anticipated by the droid... it was infected by a Virus of sorts written specifically by Anubis to re-program the droid. The new protocol was simple, when a pre-set criteria was met the droid would then change into threat-detection mode and register a certain person as hostile and then it would be required to exterminate the target, since the droid was once an assassin droid it was sure to know what to do.

He went off to his next instructors chambers, Trase Sacrden, and he was again paired up with another recruit, named Symoria, but this time his partner was someone he for some reason or other did not think to kindly of at first glance but as they escorted Trase to the mission something strange happened and the man came under heavy fire and was seemingly killed, Anubis was scanned the place when all of this happened and was caught by surprise, and the two recruits were forced to fight off the thugs in order to survive. The fight it's self was surprisingly easy because the thugs were weak and scattered and the two made short work of them but as they approached the leader something strange happened, Trase was sitting in the chair and the crime lord was dead where Trase's body had been moments ago, it was all an elaborate ruse but the fight it's self had been real enough.

After GraduationEdit

After the second mission he was deemed worthy of becoming a full member of the Axiom and graduated from the academy. This landmark event served two purpose's, He was now a full-fledged member of the Axiom AND The med-bay droid would now enact it's programming, and so he got on his ship and was re-united with Two-Cee as he headed towards Nogaton to settle in. At the academy however things were not going so smoothly... The droid had done as it was programmed and murdered the Receptionist in cold blood, She hadn't expected it because droids march in all of the time to collect recruits, but Darth Cideon happened to be walking by as the Receptionist was murdered and rushed in to see what was going on and, much to Anubis's Future dismay, did not take to kindly to his property being turned into a weapon to kill something else that was also his property... Back on Nogaton Anubis was settling down and learning about his new role's in the Axiom with no idea about the repercussion's of his hasty actions while a recruit.

The first thing Anubis did was attend a Squad meeting, where all he really did was piss of his squad leader, and as he meditated somewhere where he felt a connection to the darkside he received an Emergency Transmission from a council member, Darth Feralis, and without really thinking about it he choose to answer the call. As he boarded his ship to leave he was re-united with Two-Cee for the first time since he became a recruit and together they immediately headed towards the coordinates. As they approached the planet the Ship Mal-functioned and he was forced to eject, his ship actually landed rather safely but he still ejected, and when he woke up he was groggy and due to the human part of his brain and the Cybernetic part of his brain being severed abruptly and he was massively confused and not sure what to do. Making sure to save Two-Cee he pressed forwards as much as a could using his Sith Artifact to drive him but slowly loseing touch with reality and eventually giving into his loss of energy and basically passed out on the ground with Two-Cee on his back... While he was out he was approached by a fellow sith, Syphax, and Anubis was basically a hollow shell trying to survive... He had a strange out of body type experience that asked Syphax to save his life but other than that he was really pretty much useless. After finding shelter and settling down in a cave Anubis could feel somewhere far away from them, something very large, being released and going crazy from the freedom. Anubis was in major pain but functional but then all of the suddenly his AI kicked back on, Two-Cee woke up, and everything was somewhat better... Now cognitively functional he decided to press on, despite both Two-Cee and Syphax declaring it as a bad idea, and Anubis came basically face to face with the beast as he tried to process what was happening around him and then, without really thinking about, rushed into combat and began to help his fellow sith fight the beast to the best of his ability. The beast seemed unflinching but Anubis knew it could at least feel what was going on... although it seemed to be approaching Feralis who for one reason or another was brimming with power and then all of the sudden there was a scream, Anubis fell to the ground and then was thrown away from the beast, right before the Beast SPOKE and called a truce. Anubis was obviously heavly confused by what had just happened but he was indulged by Darth Feralis and let him in on the events that had transpired behind the scene's. The beast called for a volunteer and, although Anubis had no idea what he was volunteering for, he stepped forward to assume the responsibility and Feralis told the beast it was to guide him not control him, although he had no idea he was going to be controlled, and he got his orders and did as was instructed, making sure to taunt the beast at every waking moment, and he opened the door he was told to open that lead to a long hallway. Feralis stepped out ahead of him and he followed closely behind with the beast directly behind him, he made sure to taunt it some more because he's an asshole, the two entered a room with scattered Blue-prints... Anubis noticed that Feralis was collecting them and he helped him out, but not before scanning a few for himself for future use, before boarding the ship with the Darth and leaving the planet.

After the events with Darth Feralis he was given extensive repairs at Pravus Axiom's expense, but all they really did was fix what he already had and didn't really change anything, and given permission to salvage his ship, The axiom even payed for the ship's repair's to get it back in working order, and Anubis returned to Nogaton to calm down a bit from the whole ordeal.

(To be caught up eventually, pretty far behind)

Physical Description of Deavolent (Under cons.)Edit

He tends to have a re-breather clipped to his belt that he sometimes equips in "dangerous situations" but he usually leaves it off. He has short brown hair that he usually has spiked up and his face would be considered "handsome" by most and "trustworthy" by some (it was made to be this way). He has a tattoo on his face... His skin is rather pale, like any sith would have, and his human eye is actually mostly the same as when he was Anubis... obviously his other eye is robotic.

Comprehensive list of his Upgrades and their capabilitiesEdit


  • Both Arms (Shoulder, and all)*
  • Both Lower Legs*
  • Re-Breather.
  • Right eye is Robotic.

*More details farther down.


  • Two Robotic Lungs that encompass the area of one human lung, can be used as a rudimentary re-breather. (Still have 1 human lung)
  • Robot heart as a backup in case his heart fails (if his human heart stops it will kick on).
  • Reinforced Windpipe connecting to lungs.
  • A small Medical Enhancement that can inject him with painkillers/Kolto when needed but cannot be used when adrenaline is pumping makeing it useless dureing battle. (it can rupture and cause minor issues)
  • Metal Bones make up most of his bones from the waist down and under his ribcage their is a metal plate as added protection, the Arms connect into Robotic Shoulder blades, and only thing that he can physically do with his arms that normal people cannot is rotate them 360 degrees more easily [if out of armor, the armor constricts movement].
  • Lots of things to do with his brain, all and all about half of his brain is roboticly enhanced.

Extra InformationEdit


  • Have a outer shell made of a layer of Mandalorian Iron, if you are not familiar it is resistant to lightsabers and blasters, He can actually grab a lightsaber for a limited amount of time before it breaks through the thin layer and damages the soft parts of the arm's electronics. He can also use his arms to block blaster bullets but multiple shots to the same area would likely break the layer in that spot. gaps in the beskar do exist to allow fluid movement and a well placed strike could cut the arm off with ease.
  • Repulser technology attached to his wrist can simulate a "Force Push"

Lower LegsEdit

  • Repulser Technology attached to his ankles can Simulate a "Force Jump".
  • Made of Reinforced Durasteel, allowing him to land on them at relatively high speeds/force and be relatively unscathed. (Note: Its used in conjunction with the Repulser's so even without the force he can Jump & Land.)
  • Connect into his metal bones to allow him to withstand high falls without breaking his thigh bone's or hip bones.

Character SheetEdit

Force PowersEdit

  • Telekinesis- Novice (1)
  • Constrict- Lv1: Force Wound (1)
  • Lv2: Force Choke (1)
  • Endure- Lv1:Force Body (1)

--- Subtotal Points (Powers): 4 ---


  • Cybernetic Proficiency (7)
  • Form V: Shien - Novice (1)
  • Lightsaber Proficiency (1)
  • Two-Handed Proficiency (1)
  • Medium Armor Proficiency (1)
  • Piloting, Expert (2)

--- Subtotal Points (Skills): 13 --- Total Points Spent: 17 --- Base Rank Points: 15 Bonus Points (Posts): 0 Bonus Points (Membership): 1 Bonus Points (Accolades): 1 Bonus Points (Competitions): 0 Bonus Points (Referrals): 0 Total Points Earned: 17


  • Power - 9
  • Agility - 3
  • Will - 6


  1. Wealthy
  2. Fearless
  3. Intelligent
  4. Witty
  1. Infamous
  2. Reckless
  3. Traumatized
  4. Deadened Sense (smell)


  • Beat up Armor (Medium Armor)
  • Black/Grey/Red Combat suit (Medium Armor)
  • Dual Red Lightsabers, One from a deceased "Master" of his past and the other made to look like the first.
  • Unique, custom created, Datapad.
  • Sentient Droid named Two-Cee.
  • Sleek Black Personal Speeder (Purchased)
  • Small Luxury class transport ship.

NOTE about my character sheet: The 7 points in Cybernetic Proficiency apply to these abilities.

  1. Repulsor Upgrade's that are located near his ankles in both feet (when in use they pop out and then fire, giving a visual effect similar to some forms of mounted rocket boots) that allow him to do something much akin to a Novice Rank (both vertical/horizontal) Force Jump. This is coupled with reinforced metal bones in his lower body that allow him to land safely from greater heights and relatively safely from what could be considered extreme heights.
  2. Repulsor Upgrade's that are located inside the wrist of both arm's (when in use they pop up and then fire, giving a similar visual effect to some forms of wrist mounted flamethrower) that allow Anubis to use an attack that is very much akin to a Beginner Rank Force Push.
  3. Cybernetic enhanced Right Eye that allows Anubis to Scan area's, see farther, and do other (logical) stuff.
  4. AI that is implanted in head, it has its purpose, including (but not limited to) commenting on situations, running analysis's, and computing information.
  5. Beskar coated Arms that allow him to Block Lightsabers and blaster bolts with his cybernetic arms.
  6. Cybernetic heart to kick in if his human heart is somehow destroyed, it can also be used to jump-start his heart if needed and can aid in directing blood flow.
  7. Cybernetic lungs that allow Anubis to breath even if his human lung collapses, it is coupled with the reinforced windpipe. An added bonus of the Cybernetic Lungs is that they also act like a rudimentary Re-breather allowing him to hold his breath for upwards of half an hour before needing to inhale again.