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Alomund Vestro
Axiom Information

Doctor, Legionary.

Biographical information

Dromund Kaas

Physical description






Hair color

Black (graying)

Eye color


Skin color

Pale white

Chronological and political information

"Morality derives from survival instinct. Moral behavior is survival above the individual level, and correct morality can only be derived from what man is — not from what do-gooders and well-meaning warrior monks would like him to be." -Alomund Vestro, ENS. Ret.


An Imperial Navy veteran, founding member of the Independent Supply Convoys and Pravus Axiom Legionary, Vestro is a skilled Engineer but poor theorician and ever worse as a fighter, forcing him to improvise interesting solutions to problems on the field.

His tendency to use smarts instead of violence has resulted in the belief that he is inept in a fight, which he, himself, seems to be convinced of, but as a former military man and seeing his extensive experience of life threatening situations, it is more than likely Vestro is capable of defending himself should the need arise.


==Born on Dromund Kaas from a merchant family, owners of Vestro Robotics and Cybertech, Alomund was always considered the strange kid of the neighborhood and grew up with few friends, all of them, as it turned out, were gifted in the force.

Vestro grew up poor, spending his time around complex mechanical devices and maintenance droid, building his own toys with junk and scrap metal while helping his parents with the shop.

When they came of age, he and his group of friends took the tests to be sent on Korriban and become Siths, but only one in the group turned out to be powerful enough and the rest carried on with their lives.

Tour of DutyEdit

At age twenty-five, Alomund graduated from an insignificant academy with an Engineering degree, as well as qualification certificates in applied physics and arts. He then enlisted in the Imperial Navy and served on a supply ship for five years before receiving an honorable discharge when his ship was decommissioned and a new posting could not be found.

Civilian LifeEdit

==Vestro then spent three years teaching at a small school in Kaas city as well as helping his parents with their store. He was quite liked as a teacher, reputed for limiting paperwork to a bare minimum and giving tangible, and sometimes comical, real life situations to his students. This situation ended when his father died of natural cause. His mother died a few months later during a slave uprising in the construction site she worked on.

The following four years of his life were spent fixing droids, weapons, ships and other complicated items for the Mandalorian enclave and Imperial Intelligence, his non-linear thinking and discretion greatly appreciated in the Imperial underworld.

After the recent conflict with the Republic, many applications for Sith training were re-opened and the decision to reject him as a candidate revoked. Vestro was serving on a supply ship ran by volunteers and commissioned by Imperial Intelligence at the time, so he could not be contacted before nearly three years.

Despite attempts on his part to escape drafting, followed by fruitless calls to underworld contacts, Alomund finally gave in and boarded the shuttle to the Academy on his own accord.==