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Alistair Skye
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c. 3701 BBY

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"There is a luxury in self-reproach. When we blame ourselves, we feel that no one else has a right to blame us. It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution."
―Oscar Wilde[[src]]


Alistair is 5'8" and 180lbs, most of which is muscle. He is a human male with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has no visible scars when his clothing is on, but his back is scorched and scared from various punishments during his time as student under his former Master. He usually wears dark black armor with a black cape attached, and carries a double bladed green and black lightsaber.


c. 3701 BBY - Alistair is born on Dromund Kass a slave and seperated from any parents or siblings he might have had. His owner did not approve of familial bonds within his community of slaves, and, in Alistair's case, he was sold as a test subject to the Empire and subjected to grueling experiments to bring out force sensitivity where none should have existed.

As it was, Alistair's earliest memories were screaming in pain as the scientists injected something into his arm that made his insides feel like they were liquifying.

Over the course of the next few years, the only weapon Alistair had was defiance, but the only way to do that was to rob his torturers of the pleasure of hearing him scream. He often failed, but tried none the less. It was because of this that Alistair swore to never give anyone the pleasure of hearing him scream in pain again.

The experiments were often torturous and there was little rest or exercise between sessions. The tests destroyed many other children who had been the subjects of experimentation, their bodies distorted and horribly deformed before death finally overtook them. The nanites never created force sensitivity and in Alistair's case, he was only saved from death because he had limited sensitivity to begin with.

c. 3683 BBY - An accident with the nanites destroyes the facility where Alistair is being held. The nanites, free of their containment, began to devour the facility, the personnel stationed there, and the moon itself. Alistair, deemed the only success of the project, is smuggled off the moon by Lord Beltralix, the lead researcher. 

Following an investigation by the Empire, Nanotech research is banned on penalty of death.

Deeming Alistair too valuable to destroy, Lord Beltralix begins teaching Alistair how to pass for a Sith. Beltralix planned to resume his project one day and Alistair was the only link to starting where he left off. Beltralix teaching was often quite brutal and became more of an experiment on what Alistair's nanites could do than actual teaching. On one occasion Beltralix severed Alistair's apendeges with his lightsaber to see if the nanties would regenerate the lost limbs.

c. 3680 - Lord Beltralix begins using Alistair as his personal Assassin. He becames a tool to dispose of every trace of the experiments that created him, including data and personnel. After several successfull missions, Beltralix begins sending Alistair after his personal enemies. Alistair is given a ship for this task and a minimal amount of freedom, but Beltralix manages to keep him under his thumb through Alistair's feer of being exposed and destroyed.

Durring this period, Alistair began a relationship with a Rutian Twi'lek servent named Salina who had been purchased by his Master to see to household matters. Beltralix quickly discovers this transgerssion and forces Alistair to kill the girl or be killed himself. Unable to stand against his Master, he carries out the order and falls deper towards the Dark Side.

c. 3673 BBY - Through some digging and a good bit of intimidation, Alistair learns the location of the moon where he was held as a young adult. He returns there to find nothing but a crater where the base used to be. Shortly after his Furry Class Transport begans malfunctioning, leaving him stranded in space for close to a week. Alistair learns that his ship has been infected by nanites that had somehow survived on the moon. Due to his own modifications, and the nanites consumption of the ships entire data store, he is able to communicate with the nanite cluster and learns that it beleives itself to be sentient. The nanite cluster names itself Vedra and the two begin a friendship.

c.  3669 BBY - Alistair is sent to kill Jedi Master Palamar on Belsavis. The Jedi introduces Alistair to the Light Side of the force and the concept of free will. This causes Alistair to begin doubting his true purpose. He still kills the Jedi, fearing his Master more than the Jedi, but the seed had been planted.       

c. 3667 BBY - Alistair kills Lord Beltralix and claims his Master's property and title for his own. Alistair takes the title of Lord Toclafane and offers his kills as an Assassin for hire.

c. 3659 BBY - Due to his noteriety as an assassin, Alistair is offered a place within the leadership structure of Fractis Vinculis by a member of the Empire's Dark Council. Alistair oversees the shadier sides of the business and has a direct hand in the choosing and training the new blood brought in to fill the ranks of this paramilitary organization

c. 3641 BBY - The Dark Council Member overseeing Fractis Vinculis is overthrown by his apprentice. The new Dark Council Member sees his Master's former power structure as a threat and sends a fleet to destroy the FV base of operations and Assassins to kill all known FV Members. Alistair learns of the attack when he is confronted by an assassin while on a recruting mission to Belsavis. 

Knowing that he is a marked man, Alistair flees from the Empire to find somewhere safe from the Assassins on his tail. Alistair learns of Nogatan and journeys there to seek asylum. 

c. 3640 BBY

  • Alistair is hired by Darth Cideon to Oversee the final construction of Ebonfire Station. Once completed, Alistair is appointed as Station Overseer and tasked with inprocessing all recruits to the Academy.
  • Alistair meets Voska Khacha durring a tour of his ship. Alistair offers to train Kacha and the two end up sleeping together. Alistair vows to prepare Kacha for graduation and durring the course of her training the two begin a commited relationship. 
  • Voska graduates, but is taken as an apprentice by Lucian Eidelon who attempts to turn her to the darkside. Part of his training seems geared towards Voska throwing away her attachment towards Alistair. Due to this, Alistair develops a deep hatred for Lucian.
  • Alistair meets Lia Ciobanu who, due to her unique force power, is able to sense Alistair's nanites. Alistair shares his past with her, deciding that he needs her help, and killing her would just create more problems. Lia is also able to commune with Vedra. Together, the two of them develop a system to shield Vedra's emissions by filtering the radiation being emitted from the Ion propulsion drive. 
  • Alistair and T'lanna Harran fly to Coruscant to buy Voska a gift for their six month anniversary and run into Kenshin Takeda while browsing the bazaar. The three are kidnapped by people looking to exact vengence on Takeda. The three manage to escape from their cell but Kenshin realizes that Alistair and T'lanna are Sith and attempts to kill them and those involved in the kidnapping by blowing up the facilitiy. Alistair and T'lanna escape by stealing their kidnapper's personal shuttle, which Alistair referbishes and presents to Voska as a gift.
  • Alistair and Voska go out on the town for a night of balroom dancing. The two are challenged to a dance off and end the night by buying the club and using the managers officer for a different type of dancing. 
  • Durring his free time on Ebonfire, Alistair Develops a suit of powered ablative armor utilizing nanotech. The suit is capable of suriving an orbital drop from outside a planets atmosphere. Alistair attempts to market the suit to NCR in return for the materials to build more of them. Nakiya Bre'tak agrees after seeing a demonstration.
  • Alistair is summoned by Lord Verrin to deal with a potential threat to the Empire. Alistair is introduced to Eris, who reads Alistair's mind and takes over Voska's body in an effort to destroy both him and Lucian. Eris stabs Lucian and almost succeeds in killing Alistair, but Hollows Eve ends before she can complete her goal. Against his better judgement, Alistair saves Lucian's life by cauterizing his wound with his lightsaber until medics arrive. 
  • Alistair begins to work with Chen Karnak , another Academy Recruit. The two become close and Alistair considers taking her as an apprentice once she graduates. Alistair even creates a virtual armor for her and teachers her how to perform an orbital drop.
  • Alistair and Markos Vassinni fight in the vault under the Temple after Alistair learns that Markos almost got Voska killed. The two fall into a sealed crypt and accidently activate an ancience Sith device that holds the essence of Darth Vertai. Vertai attempts to trick one of them into becoming his vessel. The two are forced to confront their anger towards each other and fight together to stop the enemy. The two manage to escape, but not before Markos discovers Alistair's secret concerning his nanites. The man keeps his secret and Alistair vows to help him in the future in whatever way he needs.
  • Utilizing the first shipment of material from NCR, Alistair creates a suit of drop armor for Voska.
  • Ebonfire Station is attacked by the Rakatta, who take control of the facility. Most of the crew are killed and Chen looses an eye to a Rakatta Trooper. Alistair renounces the name of Toclafane and assumes his original name. Chen, Alistair, and Voska escape with the help of a special forces unit. They all perform a space walk to reach the escape pods while Alistair and Voska escape using their drop armor suits. The group arrives on the grounds of the Academy where Mandalorian troops have breached the facility. They attack from the rear as the group inside the Academy pushes back, killing all of the invading troops.
  • NCR is is blasted from Orbit, creating a toxic no mans land and robbing Alistair of any future funding for his armor project.
  • Alistair is given command of a unit going to Achosyx in an effort to bring the battle to the Rakatta. He is forced to work with a team of Jedi. The team never makes it further than their initial landing. The head of the Rakata Empire decides to make Achosyx his base of command and shows up just as the team is making their push against Rakata forces. Voska is seriously injured and Alistair is impaled by a Rakata pole arm. Three others are killed including Muriel Yar's apprentice, Caleb Hunt. Alistair manages to drag Voska and two of the Jedi to an extraction shuttle where the team is extracted to Darth Feralis' Command Ship. Darth Feralis orders the planet to be glassed from Orbit, and the Rakata Invasion is crushed.
  • After his recovery, Alistair is promoted to the role of Academy Commander, alongside Lord Tyberius. in the newly formed Dominion of Discipline . Alistair is initially assigned all of the non-force sensitives, but due to the few number that apply to the Academy, he agrees to split the training of all recruits with Lord Tyberius.

c 3639 BBY

  • Lucian Eidelon reveals himself as the Kaar of Discipline with the new name Darth Valerian . Valerian shows his disdain for Alistair and informs him that he only received the appointment due to the fact that he once saved Valerian's life.  
  • Chen dissapeares after a training exercise, without saying a word to Alistair and seeks and apprenticeship with Lord Verrin, going against everything he taught her.
  • Markos Vassinni defects to the Republic and Alistair and Voska are approached by an agent of Imperial Intelligence and tasked with hunting down and killing Markos in order to prove that they are not in league with the traitor. Alistair kills the Agent after she threatens Voska's life and the pair track Markos to Alderaan. Pretending to be Sith from the False Empire, Alistair and Voska convince the troops stationed there that they have been sent by the Dark Council to find and capture Markos. They track the man to a rental property on the outskirts of town. In a moment of Darkness, Alistair orders Voska to kill the Imperial Troops. At the behest of Markos, Alistair makes it look like Markos killed the troops and escaped. Alistair and Voska help Markos reach the meeting point where his Republic contacts are to pick him up and say their goodbyes. 

c. 3638 BBY

  • Alistair takes Skalm as an apprentice after he graduates from the Academy. The two go off on a mission to Alderaan where Alistair is recognized by Lord Varon, an agent in the False Emperor's Imperial Guard. The man marks Alistair as a Sith in the Axiom and Alistair and his apprentice are forced to escape the Imperial controlled city. The two head for Republic territory, thinking that Varon will not follow them. They run head first into Jedi Grand Master Rieva and Mathes Colunga who capture them. Varon, however, threatens to destroy the city if Alistair and his apprentice are not handed over. To turn the tables, the Jedi agree to work with the pair in repelling the Imperial forces. In return, the Jedi allow Alistair to leave. The route is a success, but Varon escapes. Skalm runs off following the battle and Alistair leaves him behind.
  • The Academy is attacked by victims of the nanophage plague who have come under control of a hive mind. Alistair is exploring the undercroft at the time of the initial attack, and the three floors above come crashing down. Alistair manages to survive, thanks to his own nanites, but is trapped in a tiny crevice and rendered unconscious after expending too much energy. Alistair is dug out hours later by nanophage drones and imprissoned to await inspection from their master. Before that can happen, Alistair is rescued/kidnapped by a special strike team from the Citadel.
  • Alistair is held by the Citadel as the Academy is destroyed. Watcher 18 is assigned to interrogate Alistair concerning the fact that his nanite concentration was off their scanners. Alistair tells the watcher his secret after being shown footage of the devistation wrought by the Nanophage. He agrees to undergo certain tests to determine if he can help fight the nanophage. Alistair is able briefly control a nanophage infected drone, but the unit self destructs. Watcher 18 thanks Alistair for his time and drops him off at a taxi terminal saying they will be in touch.
  • The Citadel is later destroyed by the Nanophage before they can set into motion any plans they might have made.

c 3637 BBY

  • Alistair, Lord Kraigor , and Lord Tyberius are summoned by Darth Valerian to his Star Destroyer. Darth Valerian informs those assembled that he has been assigned by Darth Cideon to oversee construction of a new Capital on Bastion. Darth Kraigor is asked to oversee things until Valerian's return. The trio are also informed of the Tribulation project, a massive starship that is to serve as a replacement for the destroyed Academy. Alistair and Lord Tyberius are tasked with getting it operational as fast as possible.
  • Tribulation is completed, however some areas are completely shut down and exposed to vacuum. Alistair moves Vedra's main body aboard in order to accomplish even that much
  • Darth Kraigor names himself the Kaar of Discipline and takes Valerian's seat on the Dark Council. 
  • Alistair requests the help of Lord Eratos and her apprentice Otham Craig to complete a mission that will secure a supply chain which he can use to build the armor Alistair once promissed Eratos. The trio head to Tirngire to steal data on Sith Genetics from Universal Omnitech. The job turns into a double cross and the trio are forced to double deal with Czerka Corporation in order to clear their names and escape the planet. Alistair offers the agent (Samantha Ferguson), who set up the entire operation, a choice, to work for him as an intelligence asset, or to be left behind for her former employeer to catch up with her. She agrees and begins gathering information against Darth Kraigor. Following the mission, Otham Craig disappears.
  • Voska surprises Alistair in his office and suggests they have dinner together. Voska cooks a lovely pasta dish and the two discuss what's been happening with their lives. Voska tells Alistair that she is leaving on a mission with Darth Valerian and Alistair proposes to Voska. She accepts. 
  • Alistair changes the format of the Academy to give Recruits only a single chance to pass or fail and makes Wraythos Vi'garion his Field Commander.
  • Alistair and Wraythos meet in a cafe in Novus Vires to discuss the removal of Darth Kraigor. The two come up with a plan to dispose of the man durring his wedding.
  • Voska returns from her mission and Alistair rushes to meet her at the Institute's Atrium. Voska confesses that something happened on the mission with her Master. Alistair tells her that he doesn't care and proposes again. She accepts again and the two get glomped by an ecstatic T'lanna.
  • Voska joins Alistair on recruit Myrcella Romaniski 's Academy Trial, and durring their flight to Rior Voska informs Alistair that she is pregnant. Durring the mission, Alistair uncovers a secret room within the ruins of one of the ancient temples. He retreives a book with strange markings. Myrcella is also successfull in her mission and returns with a prototype power unit that Alistair needs for his armor designs.
  • Voska and Alistair visit Markos Vassinni on Manaan and get married with Markos as witness.
    Comical1 by comical1-d79on9p

    Alistair and Voska's Wedding

  • Alistair carries out the attack on Darth Karigor during the dark lord's wedding. The Attack includes Wraythos and T'lanna. The tree fight their way to the chamber where the Wedding is taking place and attack Kraigor's guards, but the Dark Lord uses a Dark Force Wave and escapes. Wraythos persues the man, and as Alistair lay's bleeding on the floor, Voska goes into labor.
  • Following his recovery and the birth of his son, Alistair is summoned to the Kaar of Discipline. Alistair fears Kraigor is still alive, but instead finds Darth Valerian, Wraythos, Lady Kraigor, and the dead body of the usurper formerly known as Darth Kraigor. Valerian informs Alistair that he is washing his hands of the Academy and gives complete control to Alistair. Valerian also instructs Alistiar to deliver Lady Kraigor to Lord Verrin at the Institute.
  • Eris returns and takes Alistair's child. She is rescued by Jer'ana'Kolar , a Chiss Agent. 

c 3636 BBY

  • Alistair visits the newly minted Darth Tyberius in her quarters at the Imperial Palace. The two discuss plans to utilize the leftovers of the Academy to make a new organization. This brings about the birth of the Shadow Guard under the direction and financing of the military.  Tyberius also asks Alistair to start a cloning project and gives him the goal of creating a viable clone of Je'ka Cuyot .
  •  Alistair asks Voska KhachaMyrcella Romaniski and Jer'ana'Kolar to join him as founding members of the Shadow Guard, both accept.
  • With the help of Vedra and a young scientist named Elice Wilcom, Alistair manages to successfully clone Je'ka, but the clone is only given a month to live.
  • Alistair decides to meet with Reila Valenidine-Nolvi to discuss having the science division run the labs on the Shadow. Alistair is also interested in rumors that an expedition to the Citadel might be happening.
  • Alistair is summoned to meet with Darth Tyberius , where she orders him to take T'lanna Harran into custody for crimes against the Empire. Alistair complies and proceeds to interrogate his long time friend for fear that if he does not then they might decide to put him in the cell next to T'lanna.
  • Alistair is made Grand Admiral and Executor of Darth Tyberius' Armada and given the task of carying out an assault on Korriban.