Alais Valara
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Jedi Sentinel

Biographical information
  • Arkania (former)
  • Tython (former)
  • Vornu (current)



25 Years BBD

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Family information

Oriane Valara


Tuvient Valara

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The Old Republic


Jedi Order

Known masters

Rosemary Cosgrove

Alais Valara is a Arkanian Jedi Sentinel currently under the tutelage of Rosemary Cosgrove. 


Alais is a 5'9" Arkanian. She has white hair, white eyes and tan skin. As for what she wears, Alais is practical. She normally wears grey Jedi Knight robes, with sturdy field boots made of nerf hide and ridged soles. She also wears civilian clothes to blend in the crowd and for working on her non-Force related skills. 


Alais was born in 3,667 on her homeworld Arkania. She travelled abroad as a child with her parents and never once stood foot in her home world after she was born due to her parent’s disgust with the typical Arkanian arrogance.  Her parents were academics and had Alais not been found by the Jedi Order she would have probably have grown up to be another academic as well.  She was only a child, young enough to be trained and old enough to remember her parents when she was taken away. The Jedi Knight, who discovered her, Sorrel, was particularly fond of her dry wit, intelligence and love for books remarking that the Order had another Consular on their hands.


Life as a Jedi

However as Alais grew up, in the warm reception of the Jedi Order, the path of the Jedi Consular did not speak to her as it should. She was passionate and wanted to make a difference in the world away from the stuffy halls of the Jedi Temple in Tython.

She studied under three Masters there: Nerana, Massiel and Artemy. Alais found them strict and intense, qualities she suffered under. However after becoming a Jedi Knight she reflected that perhaps their methods were good for her after all.

Her Force abilities were not as great as other members in the order.  Something which she felt was needed to follow the path of a Jedi Consular, a path that everyone was encouraging her to do. She needed to be helpful and although she was quite good at combat it wasn’t enough. As a young adult she decided to experiment, teaching herself how to use a computer, navigate a security system in ease, repair work and so on and so on.  It wasn’t too long until she mastered these skills, and is still trying to learn new tricks every day. And like her own species she knows cybernetics as well, she has enhanced her body that it can cope with planets with younger, hotter suns. This is due to her infrared vision, a distinction which exists in all Arkanians.

When the time came to pick her path Alais happily chose to become a Jedi Sentinel, with no regrets. She holds her yellow lightsaber with pride. Alais graduated from the Tython temple as a Jedi Knight in 3,615. 

She can also speak several languages, a must for the scouting missions she undertakes for the Jedi.


Alais is currently under the instruction of Rosemary Cosgrove at the Vornu Enclave. 
Rosemary 250 sml

Rosemary Cosgrove


Alais is loyal to her companions. She is also kind, passionate, incredibly smart (as all Arkanians are) and reasonable. However she can be cynical, blunt and also arrogant at times because of this she can be quite intimating to strangers. Her friends just brush it off.


Although she dosen't necessarily keep in touch anymore Alais is very close to her parents Tuvient and Oriane Valara. She keeps close her father's diary (about her as a child) and a hologram of her parents saying goodbye. One day she wishes to visit them. She knows they are currently on Coruscant writing a research paper.