Ahashra Vitriarius
Axiom Information
Biographical information


Physical description

Arkanian / Sith pureblood




5 ft 9 inch

Hair color

Raven black

Eye color


Skin color

Pale ivory



Chronological and political information

Old Republic


The Temple (Nogatan Sith)

Known masters

Darth Siren

Known apprentices

Shava Vessker

Ahashra Vitriarius (pronounciation: Ah-hash-ra Vitri-ari-us; 18 BBD - 2 ABD), also known as Darth Abraxas, was the fifth Temple Lord of the Nogatan Temple, dignified Jen'ari and a member of the Dark Council under Emperor Trajan. She was also known throughout the Sith Empire as a 'War Hero', having served at the battles of Novare, Voidstar and Alderaan. 

Born the eldest daughter to Celina and Aurelia Vitriarius, she also had a younger sister, Sofiya Vitriarius, with whome she had a conflicting relationship with during her younger life. Shortly after graduating from the Nogatan Academy she became the sole apprentice to Darth Siren, starting a lineage that could be traced back to the fourth Temple Lord. Vitriarius then progressed to act as an agent for Darth Siren by serving as an Academy Instructor, spying on the dealings of Darth Cideon, the then Accademy Commander. Ultimately Ahashra learned that Darth Siren plotted to unleash her knowledge of Sith Alchemy on the Temple in an attempt to seize control of Nogatan. In the struggle that followed Darth Siren was defeated and incarsicrated by Vitriarius, upon which she declaired herself Temple Lord and took the name Darth Abraxas. 

After Vitriarius' death during Opperation: Dead Air the legacy of the fourth Temple Lord passed to Ahashra's sole apprentice, Shava Vessker.  Darth Abraxas' dark determination to exist at the point of death denied her to become one with the force. Hence she returned to the famililar Temple grounds as a force ghost, only to witness the blunder of it being destroyed. For the rest of her known existence she dwelled within the ruins of the Temple's underbelly, picking on weak Sith who could be easily overpowered or dominated. With the destruction of the Temple the whereabouts of Darth Siren worried Darth Abraxas, so much so that she sent her apprentice to recover the Black Lotus, only to never hear from her again. Isolated further, the former Jen'ari turned to prying on new victims, one of which was Nagh Khadath. A talented artificer, Nagh was on the path to creating two of the finest lightsabers ever to have existed... until she met Ahashra, that is. With promises of help and power Darth Abraxas lured the newcomer into her lair under the ruined Temple. Willing to risk everything for the ultimate prize, Nagh willingly accepting Vitriarius' spirit into her body under the promise that she would aid her. Unfortunetly for Nagh the process was unsucessful, and Vitriarius' spirit broke the lightsaber instructor's mind. Ahashra gained a body and Nagh's conciousness was eradicated, but the mind and soul failed to grasp one another, causing Ahashra to become a mindless husk until she was rediscovered by Sith society.

Appearance after taking the body of Nagh Khadath

Species: Arkanian offshoot (human hybird) and Sith purebloods. 

Height: 5 feet 9 inches.

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hair: Pure white (Arkanian) dyed black

Eyes: Pale, bright, yellow (Arkanian / Sith pureblood)

Skin: Pale ivory (Arkanian offshoot)

Hands: Five fingers (Arkanian offshoot)

Teeth: Sharp and pointed (Sith pureblood)

Face: High cheekbones (Sith pureblood)

Arms: Slight protruding of bones from skin at elbows (Sith pureblood)