2nd Duel on Yavin 4
Events Before: Defense at Manaan, Fall of the Hapes Cluster Events Concurrent: None, Events After: Salvation of Onderon
Vital statistics
Participants Christopher Algethii & Mitsunarius Maximus
Date 19 ATC
Location Crassus' Temple on Yavin 4
The 2nd Duel on Yavin 4 was a violent engagement between Christopher Algethii and Mitsunarius Maximus in the Temple of the latter's apprentice. Both men came from different corners of the galaxy to try and track down Crassus with the intent to destroy him though Chris would have been content with simply finding clues leading to him. However, Mitsunarius and Christopher met each other in the throne room of the temple where they engaged in a lightsaber duel that was always imbued with many different Force powers as well.



Defeated eons before by his old apprentice, Mitsunarius lived only for revenge and was not willing to let Chris be the one to take his chance at glory away from him.

Centuries before, Crassus and Mitsunarius fought each other in single combat with Mitsunarius ending up bisected and deprived of his arms. For two hundred and sixty years, he lived in isolation in the caverns and forests of Mantiev until several Jedi forced him to leave and renew his quest for vengeance. Despite failing to recruit two expert assassins, Mitsunarius proceeded on with his mission and tracked Crassus' aura all the way to Yavin 4 and his temple there.

What he didn't know, unfortunately, was someone else had also followed that same aura and had similar intents to Mitsunarius himself. That someone just so happened to be related to Crassus and destined by prophecy to kill him in combat.

The Duel and the AftermathEdit

Meeting at the Throne Room of Crassus' temple, Mitsunarius was initially surprised to hear that his archnemesis had produced offspring that had had children of their own as well. However, when Christopher tried to be diplomatic and persuade Mitsunarius to ally with him on the count of having a mutual enemy, the Zabrak refused. The duel started then and eventually took them out of the throne room and unto a small balcony where it ended for them. Chris tried one last time to persuade Mitsunarius to join him but once again, the ancient Zabrak refused, saying that it was too late for him to return from the Dark Side.

Christopher would be the one to kill Mitsunarius in single combat. But before dying, Mitsunarius would reveal the child's true destiny to heal all wounds from Algethiius.

Then the young man slashed him through the heart, killing him within minutes. But not before Mitsunarius revealed that Christopher was meant to be the rebirth of Algethiius and Crassus the rebirth of his brother. Chris was also destined to heal the rift that Crassus and Mitsunarius created with their fighting all those years ago by killing them. Then he passed away, having lived a longer life than most and accepting of the fact that there was someone else more suited to kill his old apprentice than he ever could be.