1st Duel on Yavin 4
Events Before: None Events Concurrent: None Events After: Duel on Manaan Results: Chris & Je'ka wounded and forced to retreat
Vital statistics
Participants Christopher Algethii, Je'ka Cuyot, Julius Crassus Algethii III
Date 19 ATC
Location Crassus' Temple on Yavin 4
The first duel of Yavin 4 was a confrontation between  Julius Crassus Algethii III and his grandson Christopher, the latter of whom came with an ally named Je'ka Cuyot. Christopher had come with a desire to avenge his mother who had been killed by Crassus on Taris and the Mandalorian called Je'ka volunteered to help him in his quest for vengeance. They chased the older man down to his temple at Yavin 4 and fought him along with several battle droids there before Crassus forced the younger men on the retreat with relative ease. Chris and Je'ka would part ways on good terms despite this and the former man would continue fighting Crassus until he destroyed him.

Crassus' Temple

Though more ancient than Crassus himself, this temple would become his residence until he found a better place in the Hapes Cluster

The Events Before And The FightEdit

The Sith and the Republic had repelled the Rakata Invasion that threatened to tear the galaxy apart and Christopher had been relaxing on a bar in Nogatan when he crossed paths with an old comrade named Je'ka Cuyot. The Mandalorian had also desired to relax and enjoy a burger, encouraging discussion between himself and Christopher as he did so but it wasn't long before Christopher had received a message from the police on Taris. They informed him that his mother had been brutally murdered by someone wielding a lightsaber and he knew immediately who it was. 

After confirming that it was a ligthsaber, Chris deduced that Crassus was hiding at his temple on Yavin 4 and thus, he proceeded there with Je'ka to face his hated enemy. After an exchange of words with Crassus, the younger men fought off several of his droid soldiers before marching on his temple. Here, they fought more droids before Crassus ordered them to back down and took them on himself. Wounding Je'ka in the thigh and electrocuting Chris with Force Lightning, Crassus successfully forced them on the run but he ordered his droids not to pursue: he stated there would be another time to kill his hated enemy.


The Mandalorian warrior Je'ka and Christopher would part ways after the duel but they ended very much on good terms. Christopher would go to Manaan to try and find a way to defeat Crassus though he would end up meeting Mathes Colunga there and fighting Crassus yet again. Though Christopher had very much hoped to bump into Je'ka again before he defeated Crassus and settled down with his newlywed wife Claudia, he did not. However, he never forgot the Mandalorian's assistance to him and hoped that he would survive the harsh world of the Sith to old age.